Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 44.3: He is my wife!!!

Chapter 44 Part 3

He walked to the original location of the Mausoleum where it was bare and not a shadow of the palace could be seen. Standing on a wasteland, Xi Jia called for Ziying. The current Ziying was also anxious.

“I looked around the Mausoleum again and couldn’t find Father Emperor. I have exhausted all of my strength to break into the fifth layer, but I truly cannot go down to the sixth layer. Without Father Emperor leading, I am unable to enter the Palace of Eternal Life. However, Father Emperor is definitely no longer in the Mausoleum. If not, even if he is asleep, he could control everything in the Mausoleum and know my movements.”

Xi Jia said, “Just how did the First Emperor get out? Isn’t it said that Ling Xiao doesn’t allow the First Emperor to leave?”

How would Ziying know?

After four months, Ziying once again let go of all sorts of books, placed all his heart onto his Father Emperor, and became the one who originally brags about his papa.

Ziying tried many times but couldn’t leave the Mausoleum. In the end, he had to split a part of his soul and endure the pain to send this soul out of the Mausoleum and handed it over into the hands of Xi Jia.

“Xi Jia, I do not know why Father would want to leave the Mausoleum or how he could leave. However, if you see him and he is not willing to return or if he wants to reestablish Da Qin, you must let him see this portion of my soul so I can talk to him. I will persuade Father Emperor to return!”

Xi Jia didn’t know about the pain of splitting the soul or the harm it would cause to the ghost. He took Ziying’s remnant soul and proceeded towards the urban district of Chang’an. Before he came, he had already sent a WeChat to Master Ye, and Master Ye anxiously told him not to come. After he knew that it was Qin Shi Huang who had escaped, he was even more unwilling to let Xi Jia come over and had even bought a plane ticket for Xi Jia.

However, Xi Jia said, “This is a task that Ziying has entrusted to me, I have to come. Also, Master Ye, you’re still there, how could I leave.”

In order to say the latter sentence, Brother Jia had thickened his face and done mental preparation for a long time before saying it out loud.

However, Ye Jingzhi was so worried at this time, how could he detect the words of love that was nearly a confession in the last sentence? Master Ye had to stand on the large array and act as the crux. He couldn’t just leave. He could only helplessly watch his wife come to Chang’an.

Xi Jia waited for a long time for Ye Jingzhi to say where he was but didn’t get it. Instead, he got a sentence from Ye Jingzhi, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Xi Jia was somewhat disappointed, but he didn’t know that Ye Jingzhi had already made enough preparations at present. Even if he had to sacrifice himself, he must protect wife and couldn’t let anything happen to wife.

After leaving the Mausoleum, Xi Jia took the bus to Chang’an’s urban district.

Along the way, he saw a lot of people leaving the city. When he opened his phone to take a look, it turned out that the higher-ups had sent a notification. The Earthquake Administration indicated that there’s a yellow earthquake warning for Chang’an and asked for the city residents to avoid high-rise buildings and prepare rations and water.

After half an hour, the higher-ups raised the yellow warning to orange level.

After an hour, it directly rose to a red warning. Furthermore, they arranged for the police to clear the crowd.

This kind of step by step gave the people the mindset of preparation and made the residents of the Chang’an City very calm, effectively preventing crowd congestion and panic. Many residents who had left Chang’an didn’t take the warning seriously but were evacuated by the police, “Nowadays, earthquakes can even have a warning? Who knows what the higher-ups are doing.”

When Xi Jia rode the bus and reached the outskirts of Chang’an, he was blocked and wasn’t allowed to enter. Xi Jia could only get off and walk 10 kilometers to Chang’an City. The police blocked him. Coincidentally, a Celestial Master passed by and looked at him in shock, “Ghost King Xi!”

Xi Jia, “……”

Finally, he followed this Celestial Master into the city.

This was the first time Brother Jia had seen such a huge commotion. Clearly, after the higher-ups had heard that Qin Shi Huang had come out, they were also prepared and waiting for the enemy. No matter what the First Emperor wanted to do this time, the news within the country and abroad would definitely cover this matter.

After entering the urban area, the entire Chang’an City was silent. It was completely different from four months ago.

The sky slowly darkened. Xi Jia knew that Ye Jingzhi was near the Bell Tower so he went towards it.

At this moment on top of the Bell Tower, a group of Celestial masters were sullen. They each had a worried frown, just nearly about to cry.

Zhufeng-zhenren said, “Junior Brother, why haven’t you left yet?! Quickly leave Huaxia!”

Zhuzhao-zhenren raised his chin, “If Senior Brother is not leaving, then why should I leave? Not going, not going, I’m not going!”

Master Buxing prodded the prayer beads in his hands. His round face was lacking sorrow and joy like a hermit master. Until his cell phone rang, he opened it to take a look and answered the phone. Then, his merciful face immediately changed to horror, “……Why did you come? Quickly leave! How could you handle Qin Shi Huang, quickly leave!”

A Celestial Master of Longhu Mountain laughed, “Buxing, your little disciple, Muyu, came? The courage is not small. A wise man submits to circumstances, why come to court death……Shit! Hu Die, scram back for this old man!!!”

Hu Die who had reached the bottom the Bell Tower, “Not going, I’m here to earn points.”

Not far away, Nan Yi walked over, grasping his sword, “Fellow Daoist Hu.”

Hu Die coldly humphed, ignoring him.

Nan Yi saluted to Cengxiu-zhenjun in the air, “Master, disciple is here.”

Cengxiu-zhenjun, “……”

Every great master, “A group of bad disciples ah!!!”

In the city of Chang’an, it was absolutely empty. Brother Jia saw the Bell Tower in the distance. However, after turning and turning, he kept on running into a fork in the road and couldn’t go over no matter what. In the end, he might as well open Gaode Map and follow it. However, he had only walked halfway when the cell phone signal started to become unstable.

Xi Jia slightly wrinkled his brows, standing on Chang’an’s South Street, he raised his phone everywhere to find a signal.

Midnight had arrived. Above the Bell Tower, the great masters who had just been scolding their disciples stopped their voices in succession. Their expression became grim as they looked at the ends of the four main streets. Underneath the Bell Tower, there were Nan Yi, Hu Die, Muyu……The top ten of the Modou Rankings of the younger generation were waiting for the grand Hundred Ghost Parade with nine people standing here and Hell King Ye standing above.

Xi Jia went everywhere to find a signal. In one moment, he walked to the west. In another, he headed east. Just as he found a signal with great difficulty, he had just laughed in pleasant surprise when his body suddenly stiffened. Slowly, he turned around and looked at the end of South Street that was ten meters away from him.

The terrifyingly dense black yin energy crawled up from the ground before finally changing into a wild ghost with frightening looks. There were at least thousands of ghosts standing before Xi Jia. It was as if they couldn’t see Xi Jia. Once midnight struck, they followed a wild ghost with 500 years of cultivation that was standing at the forefront. Slowly, they moved forward.

Xi Jia stood straight, put away his phone, and coldly looked at the thousands of ghosts heading towards him.

He had already prepared everything, tightening his fist. As long as these ghosts dared to attack him, he would show no mercy.

However, just as these ghosts arrived in front of him and with Brother Jia’s hand still tightly clenched into a fist, this group of ghosts turned a blind eye to him. They all passed through him one by one and walked ahead.

Xi Jia’s eyes slightly widened. He turned his head to look at the direction the ghosts were heading. The ancient Bell Tower that had withstood the changes of time stood at the other end of the main street. Xi Jia calmly watched these ghosts walk towards the Bell Tower. In the end, he followed these ghosts to their final destination and headed there together.

All deities make a detour, the Hundred Ghost Night Parade.

The mighty army of numerous ghosts passed through the North, South, East, and West Streets, heading towards the Bell Tower at the center. Brother Jia calmly followed this group of ghosts to the Bell Tower. Once he raised his head, he saw Ye Jingzhi high above and yelled out, “Master Ye.” But he was being surrounded by countless ghosts, and Ye Jingzhi didn’t notice.

Two wild ghosts with 500 years of cultivation went up the Bell Tower and lifted the wooden hammers that were placed on both sides.


The large bronze bell was suddenly knocked against and rang.

Today, the residents of Chang’an had already evacuated. There was no one on the main streets. As a result, Cengxiu-zhenjun and Ye Jingzhi didn’t lay down a formation to block the various ghosts and the bell sound.

The resonating bell toll was like a clap of thunder spreading through Chang’an. The two wild ghosts spared no effort to ring the bell. Xi Jia stood beneath the Bell Tower and looked up into the distance, faintly feeling that something was very wrong. At last, the two ghosts finished hitting for the twelfth time, and they emotionally kneeled down, making three bows and nine kowtows.1

Then, Xi Jia watched the innumerable wild ghosts around him also kneeling down and starting to kowtow excitedly.

With this kneel, it made Brother Jia, who was not kneeling down among the various ghosts, stick out like a crane in a flock of chicken.

Ye Jingzhi swept his gaze and suddenly saw Xi Jia. He quickly yelled out in surprise, “Xi Jia!”

Xi Jia looked up and said aloud, “Master Ye.”

Ye Jingzhi rushed to leave the formation crux, but Master Buxing held him back and said, “The golden dragon has yet to appear. Young Daoist Ye, we cannot leave for the time being.”

Ye Jingzhi could only stay.

Xi Jia also knew that Master Ye was busy. He stood amongst the crowd and glanced to the side. He suddenly saw Nan Yi, Hu Die, and others hiding in the shadows of the Bell Tower. Under these circumstances, of course it was important to find a group. Nan Yi nodded at Xi Jia, and Brother Jia stepped towards them.


The twelfth bell toll stopped. A giant golden dragon suddenly leap out of the large bronze bell and quickly flew towards Chang’an’s ancient city walls. However, just as the dragon flew out of the Bell Tower, it suddenly stopped and looked at Xi Jia standing among numerous ghosts.

Meanwhile, in some corner of downtown Chang’an, a black clothed man, who was bored and flipping through a middle school literature book, suddenly stood up. With sword-like eyebrows and thin lips, his eyes were like a torch. He turned to look at the direction of the Bell Tower and chided in anger, “Unfilial son!”

This bellow resonated through all of Chang’an City, causing thunder to sound in response.

Above the Bell Tower, all the great masters raised their head in horror and looked at the tiny unremarkable corner that no one had paid any attention to before.

Underneath the Bell Tower, Brother Jia’s father had passed away for six years. This “unfilial son” was definitely not calling for Brother Jia. So, Brother Jia continued to walk forward with a clear conscience.

But, Xi Jia suddenly noticed that Nan Yi’s gaze was filled with terror and looking behind him in disbelief. Even Hu Die who was always fooling around during work was staring behind him in horror with wide eyes. Brother Jia curiously turned around. Just as he turned, he saw a slap heading towards his face.

He didn’t know who it was that had no manners, throwing a slap to a person upon meeting. Brother Jia reflexively ducked his head and dodged. He hadn’t had the time to yell at the other person when his arm was suddenly pulled. He was being carried, flying away into the distance.

On top of the Bell Tower, Ye Jingzhi widened his eyes and immediately left the formation and wanted to give chase. Cengxiu-zhenjun rushed to stop him and said, “Young Daoist Ye, Qin Shi Huang has actually appeared. We cannot be frantic and must think of a countermeasure before going to save people. We must slowly plan.”

Ye Jingzhi shook off Cengxiu-zhenjun’s hand.

Cengxiu-zhenjun, “Young Daoist Ye, Young Daoist Xi’s body is very unique. You do not need to be too worried. He has a relationship with Qin San Shi, and Qin Shi Huang will certainly not do anything to him. You need to consider the big picture, do not disregard the overall situation for a friend!”

Ye Jingzhi suddenly turned his head around.

Cengxiu-zhenjun, Master Buxing……The great masters above the Bell Tower had never seen Ye Jingzhi so angry before. He was so worried that his eyes were red as he said loudly, “He is not my friend, he is my wife!!!”

The Author has something to say:
Mirror: It’s not your wife who has been caught, of course you are calm. Rage rage rage rage, my wife was taken away right under my eyes, so angry ah!!!
C+: A slap right after approaching, is there even any manners!

Translator’s Notes:
1三拜九叩 Three bows and nine kowtows – This is usually done when requesting an audience with the Emperor. Now, it’s done when paying tributes and respects to Buddhist or Daoist deities. The procedure starts in a standing position, bowing over, kneeling down, kowtowing 3 times, and getting up. Repeat 3 times to get 3 bows and 9 kowtows.

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