Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 44 Mount Gui (NPC) Part 1

Here’s a list of names, in case someone couldn’t remember them:

Level 8 team
张章 Zhang Zhang (leader)
富春 Fu Chun (chef) - dead
尤星 You Xing (young girl)
杜凤 Du Feng (older sister)
杜军 Du Jun (younger brother)

Han Yu (Real estate agent)
Jiang Yiran (college young man)
Qi Shan (young girl)

In the dark cave, only Qin Tan, the leader, turned on the flashlight. Their speed is very fast and the light of the flashlight flickered here and there. Finally, Qin Tan slowed down after running through 5 forked holes.

Chen Shuyang gasped while supporting himself on his knees. Looking back into the depths of the darkness, he said, "It seems that nothing is following us."

Wen Lang's stamina is even worse than Chen Shuyang's. He is already resting against the wall, and he kept complaining, "I say! The Level 8 team is really... sigh, I don't know what happened to them. It was Qitong just now, right? That’s so scary. I saw the snakes under his feet, they were humongous. Fortunately, we escaped fast."

When Qitong appeared, a group of snakes can be seen surrounding his feet. Those snakes seem to be way bigger than the 3 snakes they killed. If they do come across snakes of that size… that will be a tough fight. At this moment, their team didn't know that the Level 8 team that was separated from them had lost a member.

Speaking of which, Lou Fan's warning was too timely. Wen Lang spoke out in awe, "My word, Brother Lou, your forecasting function is too good. If it weren't for you, we would have had quite some trouble."

Lou Fan touched the fur ball in his chest pocket and took it out. A small ball of snow-white furs, like a snowball in his palm.

"This time, you have to thank Furball. It was the one who reminded me." At that time he felt that something is wrong, but if Furball didn't make a sound, he wouldn't react so quickly.

Being stared at by everyone's curious eyes, Furball blinked its mung bean eyes and turned to look at Lou Fan. Seeing him smiling and nodding, it chirped twice at everyone.

Chen Shuyang used to have a teacup teddy at home and was very affectionate with it. Hence, seeing the fluffy Furball now, he likes it very much. "Brother Lou, what animal is this? I don't seem to have seen it before."

Lou Fan: "I also want to know what it is. Even you don't know, so why do you think I might know? Besides, where are we right now? In this kind of place, it's not strange for undocumented creatures to appear."

That sounds right. Chen Shuyang nodded and suddenly asked again, "Brother Lou, are you going to bring it back to Lazuli?"

This question caught Lou Fan off guard. He looked at Jiang Dong inquiringly. When it came to collecting data, he knew the most at this moment.

Jiang Dong thought for a while before saying, "I haven't paid special attention to this kind of information, but I don't seem to have heard of anyone bringing other creatures to Lazuli."

After Jiang Dong said this, Lou Fan realized that they really hadn't seen anything like any other animal in Lazuli. He sighed, "Let's talk about it later, I quite like Furball."

Seemingly feeling that Lou Fan’s mood suddenly became low, Furball stretched out its small paw to scratch his palm and chirped at him twice. Lou Fan poked its furry body with his fingers and tucked it back into his chest pocket.

"Now, where are we going and what's the next plan?" Lou Fan asked Qin Tan.

Qin Tan didn't even think about it and said, "You lead the way and follow your feelings. We don't know what's going on at Zhang Zhang's side, and we can't go back to find them. Even if they managed to escape, we don't know when we will meet them. Just let it be. We’ll try to find Longjing grass to complete our task first."

"If Chang snakes out, can the 5 of us fight it?"

Qin Tan laughed, "If to fight with all our might, we can win, barely."

After all, their melee and long-range attacks are all good, but they lack a powerful weapon. For example, Zhang Zhang's chainsaw. Qin Tan's Tang sword is generally good, but going against such large monsters, they still need heavy-duty weapons.

At this moment, it is already over 6 in the morning. But no sunlight can shine into the cave so their path is completely illuminated by torchlight. Because their task is to look for Longjing grass, the team turned on their torchlights. They are not in a hurry, so they nibbled on their breakfast biscuits as they walked, looking leisurely.


Heavy footsteps sounded one after another in the black hole. You Xing's face is full of tears. She raised her arm and wiped it but the tears that had just disappeared rolled down again. Since she came into this strange world, she met Fu Chun first before meeting Zhang Zhang and the Du siblings. Speaking of which, she is more familiar with Fu Chun. But now, the simple and chubby big brother is gone and she knows that there is almost no possibility of surviving for him.

Zhang Zhang had a sullen face. The big man with a northeastern accent who always laughed in the past had only regret and guilt on his face. He shouldn't be too careless. Qin Tan and the others have already reminded him, but he still put safety issues aside for the sake of his immediate interests, ignoring the safety of his team members.

It's his fault.

The Du siblings also looked solemn. Originally, the five of them already struggled to deal with a Chang snake but now they have a member lesser, Fu Chun. What's worse is they got separated from the junior team.

"Team leader, what should we do now?" After hesitating for a while, Du Feng still asked.

Zhang Zhang slowed down and finally stopped. He glanced over his teammates and sighed, "I'm sorry, Fu Chun's matter is my fault." He wanted to apologize to Fu Chun, but he is not here anymore.

You Xing wiped away her tears and said firmly, "Team leader, Brother Fu Chun will definitely not blame you. Let's discuss what to do next."

Seeing that Zhang Zhang is still immersed in regret and self-blame, You Xing continued, "We sprinkled fluorescent powder on the way we came, but the junior team didn't know, they might not be able to find a way out. But now we have also gone astray from the original path. It’s impossible to find that path anymore.” They were busy running for their lives, so when they meet a fork in the road, they have no choice but to run into it. It is impossible to return to the previous cave now.

But that doesn't stop them from using this as a bargaining chip.

"Team leader, I'm afraid we still have to find Team leader Qin and the others and ask them to help."

Du Feng nodded in agreement, "Give them some benefits too. Otherwise, I'm afraid they won't do their best."

Perhaps because of bad things they encountered in the previous mission worlds, Du Feng felt that most people would not help for no reason. Who would do things that are not beneficial? It’s not like they are benevolent saints coming to rescue the suffering people.

Zhang Zhang actually had a relatively good impression of Qin Tan and the others. But still, he nodded and said, "Okay, just do as you said. I'll prepare the things, so we just need to find them."

Chen Shuyang squeezed in to walk at Lou Fan's side. He took a chocolate bean to tease the fur ball. Then, as if he suddenly remembered something, he asked, "Brother Lou, we are walking around randomly like this, how will we get out then? Can we still find the hole we came down from?"

It happened that the five of them just passed by a hole. Lou Fan raised his head and stared at the little white dot above his head, "With so many holes connected, we can definitely get out. I think there are other exits."

Hearing Lou Fan said this, Chen Shuyang felt relieved immediately, and he continued to tease the fur ball without care. However, Lou Fan is not as big-hearted as Chen Shuyang. He only said those words to stabilize everyone's hearts. Qitong can appear anywhere so it seems that there is no need for such things as entrances and exits. Can they really find the exit after completing the task?

As if sensing Lou Fan’s worry, Qin Tan took his hand and squeezed it. He comforted, "Don't worry, there must be a way. Didn’t Jiang Dong say that there is no inevitable death situation? There will be a way to survive."

Wen Lang stared at the linked hands of the two people in front of him. Opening his mouth, he almost cried out in shock, but Jiang Dong covered his mouth.

"Th, th, they..." Wen Lang turned to Jiang Dong stiffly, hoping to find some comfort in him.

But Jiang Dong looked calm and raised his eyebrows at Wen Lang, "It’s exactly what you think. Also, what's with your expression like you caught someone in the scene of adultery?"

"You already knew?!"

Jiang Dong nodded, "Not too long ago."

Wen Lang covered his little heart and felt a little breathless. That’s why he always had a feeling that something felt strange between the two. How can they develop so fast? And they are together? Although it felt a little too fast, but now that he knew it, Wen Lang felt that Qin Tan and Lou Fan is meant to be together.

Turning his head to see Chen Shuyang walking beside the two, Wen Lang looked sympathetically at him. There is someone stupider than him, and suddenly he felt comforted. Wen Lang nudged Jiang Dong with his elbow and scolded angrily, "Hey, you're not being a good brother. You should have told me earlier so that I could be mentally prepared."

"What's there to prepare for?" Jiang Dong felt helpless.

Wen Lang: "Anyway, they are 2 guys. Besides, both of them are the objects of my admiration, so can't you say it in advance and let me prepare myself?"

The 2 idols he admired have been taken, his mentality has collapsed, a’ight?[1]

Furball is successfully lured by Chen Shuyang's chocolate beans onto his palm. The more he looked at Furball, the more he liked it.

"Brother Lou, I know!" As Chen Shuyang looked at Furball, his eyes suddenly lit up, and he shouted happily. "Will Furball be able to help us find the Longjing grass? Didn’t Brother Lou say that Furball is the one who plucked the 2nd Longjing grass before this?" That time, they almost faced a double-pronged attack by 2 snakes.

"It's a good idea, let’s try it." Lou Fan grabbed Furball and looked into its mung bean-sized eyes, "Furball, do you remember the Longjing grass? The one you gave me just now? Can you take us there?"

After Lou Fan finished speaking, he looked at Furball expectantly.

The other members also gathered around, and the ‘weak and helpless’ Furball has once again become the brightest spotlight in the crowd. It immediately chirped twice before burying itself in Lou Fan's palm.

Is Furball embarrassed?

Lou Fan stretched out his finger and poked it, "Don't play dead, what’s there to be shy of?"

Chen Shuyang stopped Lou Fan and said doubtfully, "Hmm, that's not what Jiang Yiran told me. He said that any cute pet can help to find treasures or guide the way, etc."

Lou Fan almost couldn’t catch his breath and he slapped Chen Shuyang's head hard, "That guy Jiang Yiran is already poisoned by the novels he read. Why didn’t you learn good things but remember useless things like this?"

Chen Shuyang touched his head aggrievedly, "He is the one who pulled me to say those things."

"What else did he say?"

"He also said that we can try taking something and give the ‘pet’ a sniff at it. Then maybe it’ll be able to find something."

Lou Fan: "Isn't that for dogs?"

Well, it doesn't matter now whether the subject is a dog or not, Lou Fan took the Longjing grass out of his bag and put the grass in front of the Furball. Then he said with a smile, "Furball, come. This is the grass, can you take us to find it? I'll give you butter beans later, okay?"

Furball raised its head. Blinking with its small mung bean-like eyes, it chirped twice. Then it jumped from Lou Fan's palm to the ground, and before everyone could react, it swiftly zoomed away.

Lou Fan: !!!

"Furball! Come back!" Lou Fan shouted in a hurry.

Can it give him a buffer time? Simply running away like this, who can keep up with its speed?! Lou Fan felt anxious, what would he do if it got lost?

Raw word count: 6092 (whole chapter)


[1] Not sure how to explain this but Wen Lang is not in love with Qin Tan or Lou Fan.

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