Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 44 Mount Gui (NPC) Part 2

[Banana - Take note, this chapter ends at a cliff~]

Here’s a list of names, in case someone couldn’t remember them:

Level 8 team
张章 Zhang Zhang (leader)
富春 Fu Chun (chef) - dead
尤星 You Xing (young girl)
杜凤 Du Feng (older sister)
杜军 Du Jun (younger brother)

Han Yu (Real estate agent)
Jiang Yiran (college young man)
Qi Shan (young girl)

The next moment, the little white ball immediately returned to Lou Fan. It jumped on top of him a few times before jumping back to the palm of his hand. Lou Fan picked it up by the ‘neck’. "Who told you to run so fast? At least, wait for us to follow. What if we lose sight of you? Do you still want to eat butter beans then?!"

After Lou Fan finished scolding, he heard Furball chirp aggrievedly.

Qin Tan couldn't bear it and said to Lou Fan, "Don't bully it."

Lou Fan's eyes widened, and suddenly he felt reluctant, "You reprimand me?" What's with this feeling of falling out of favor?!

Qin Tan laughed, "Don’t waste time."

Alright, he just cares about the mission.

Wen Lang: I refuse to eat this dog food!

Lou Fan asked everyone to get ready before putting Furball on the ground again, "Okay, let's go but please slow down."

This time the Furball is obedient. It moved very fast, but it will stop once in a while. This scene is actually quite funny so Lou Fan is in a good mood. He decided to give a few more butter beans as a reward.

Even if Furball slowed down, the team still have to run very fast to keep up. After about 10 minutes, Chen Shuyang felt that he had run for several kilometers. He is so tired that he could hardly breathe. When he finally stopped running, he immediately saw the Longjing grass not far away.

That Longjing grass is much bigger than what they saw previously.

Jiang Dong walked over cautiously and carefully observed it at a distance of half a meter from the Longjing grass, for fear that someone accidentally bumped into the Longjing grass and led out the Chang snake. This Longjing grass is darker in color, and compared to the previous grass that looked like a jiao - a dragon without feet, this one can vaguely see claws similar to feet. It is said to be grass, but it is as lifelike as a dragon that really wants to fly up the clouds.

The situation doesn't look good.

Jiang Dong retracted his gaze with a solemn expression, "It's a Longjing grass, but it looks more mature. I'm afraid the Chang snake behind it is not easy to deal with."

Lou Fan glanced helplessly at the fluffy ball in his hand that is happily eating butter beans. It helped to find a grass alright, but such a powerful one… do they pick it or not?

"What to do, to pick or not to pick?"

High risk means high profit, but here comes the problem. Their mission only requires 10 Longjing grass, and it didn't say what quality is required. Besides, they don't know if the mission item can be brought back to Lazuli in the end. It will be a huge loss if it disappears the moment they left the world.

At the time of these two difficult choices, Furball has finished eating the butter beans. It looked up at everyone and found that none of them responded, the Longjing grass is still in place - it swooshed to it...

Lou Fan only had time to glare at the hairball before putting the Longjing grass into the bag, where the Chang snake had already appeared the next moment. ‘Gritting his teeth’ is no longer enough to describe his mood. At this moment, he only thinks about how to get rid of the Chang snake quickly, but unfortunately, the Level 8 team is not there. Otherwise, there will be 1 more task progress for them.

This snake is much bigger than usual, as Jiang Dong expected. Its thickness is about 3 people hugging around it combined. The thick scales all over its body are glowing, and they looked very tough at first glance. The bloody mouth the size of a basin opened widely and the snake hissed. Its eyes exuded a faint green light.

"Be careful! All spread out!" Qin Tan shouted.

Pushing Lou Fan away, Qin Tan pulled out his sword and rolled to the side. The Chang snake's head hit the stone wall. The stone wall is hard but the snake’s head seems to be harder, as a large crack appeared on the stone wall.

Wen Lang and Jiang Dong had long escaped to the side. One threw out the chain whip while the other threw out the bandage. It's a pity that Wen Lang's chain whip is too short to deal with this Chang snake, so it couldn't wrap around it. The Chang snake suddenly turned its head towards him so Wen Lang immediately rolled down and passed through the snake's belly. Good thing he is not bitten.

"Think of a way! The whip can’t wrap around it!"

Wen Lang shouted while running and Jiang Dong immediately said, "Come to me."

Wen Lang ran over immediately and the Chang snake behind him got distracted by Lou Fan and Qin Tan. The snake is too big to get close. While Lou Fan is shooting arrows to attract its attention, Qin Tan took the opportunity to attack the snake's belly, but the snake's belly is as hard as a stone.

Jiang Dong cut off the bandage in his hand (which the end is tied around the snake’s tail) and handed it to Wen Lang. Wen Lang took the bandage and immediately wrapped it in a circle in his hand. Next, Jiang Dong swiftly ran to the snake's head and flung out a strip of bandage, wrapping around the head. Fortunately, Jiang Dong's spirit weapon is the bandage. If ordinary people threw out a strip of bandage, it will only fall down limply, how would it move to wrap around the target object? Only the spirit weapon can have this effect. It could act like a rope and also automatically wrapped around the target, which is very convenient for them.

Jiang Dong pulled at the snake's head only to realize that the snake's head is not as easy as pulling the snake's tail. The head of the snake moves violently, and he has to be careful not to be caught and bitten by the snake. If it goes east, he has to go west. If it turned around, he has to run to the other side very quickly. But Wen Lang never said that, and Lou Fan is the one who helped to pull when he almost lost his strength back then.

The way they restrained the snake is still the same operation, but the effect is greatly reduced. Qin Tan's Tang sword cannot cut through the snake’s skin. Lou Fan had to keep shooting phoenix feather arrows to attract the Chang snake's attention because he is afraid that the Chang snake would hurt Qin Tan.

"What should I do?" Chen Shuyang's dagger is completely useless at the moment. He hid at the entrance of the hole and shuffled back and forth anxiously.

Gritting his teeth, Chen Shuyang raised his dagger and rushed forward. Even if the Chang snake couldn't be hurt, he still had to attract attention and give Brother Qin a chance. Otherwise, the longer it took, the worse it would be for them.

The nature of creatures is probably to bully the weak and fear the strong. Since it can't hurt those it is currently fighting with, Chen Shuyang's arrival gave Chang snake a chance. It immediately gave up fighting with Qin Tan, turned around, and pounced towards Chen Shuyang.

The bloody mouth gave off a strong stench, and Chen Shuyang is stunned. At that moment, he seemed to have been struck by an immobilizing spell, and he couldn't move. Lou Fan pulled out the short sword from his waist and ran forward. The immobilizing amulet is ready in his left hand, ready to be crushed at any time.

"Lou Fan!" Qin Tan's terrified voice sounded.

A blur of white shadow flashed out from Lou Fan’s chest pocket and rushed straight to the Chang snake.

Time seemed to freeze at that moment, and Lou Fan hadn't even regained his senses. The next moment, the Chang snake fell heavily to the ground with a BANG, and the surrounding space shook momentarily.

"Furball!" Lou Fan shouted, and ran to the Chang snake to find the fur ball.

Then, Furball came out of nowhere, and the white fur on its body is stained with blood. It ran to Lou Fan's feet and shook its body. Miraculously, the blood on its body is immediately shaken off, like one shaking the rain on an umbrella, and its fur returned to snow white again. Holding a dark red bead on its small paw, it proudly handed the bead to Lou Fan.

Qin Tan, Wen Lang, and Jiang Dong came over from the other side of the snake.

Wen Lang: "Brother Lou, what have you done? Why did the snake die so suddenly?"

Qin Tan looked at Lou Fan up and down to make sure he didn't see any wounds. But still, he asked worriedly, "Are you not injured?"

Lou Fan shook his head, "I’m fine. I didn't even do anything yet and it died. It should be Furball’s doing."

Furball once again refreshed everyone's understanding of its offensive ability.

On the other hand, Chen Shuyang got so frightened by the snake that his hands and feet are frozen stiff, thinking he is doomed. Now that the danger has passed, he slipped from the stone wall and fell to the ground, exhaling a long breath. His back is covered in sweat and his clothes are soaking wet. But his gaze looking at Furball has become fiery.

Chen Shuyang has decided that in the future, he will not do things like being a hero again. He’ll just be a beautiful vase/person quietly waiting by the side. After all, his function in the team is an encyclopedia, and he only needs to use his brainpower. Fighting and whatnots are illusions, and it's not as important as pleasing Furball.

Qin Tan is not fooled by the distraction. He frowned and said solemnly, "Next time, you are not allowed to do such a dangerous thing again." Seeing that Lou Fan opened his mouth to quibble, Qin Tan added, "You have other ways of solving the problem without putting yourself in danger. Items are the tool that helps us stay alive. If it’s used up, we can find more again."

Lou Fan also knew that he is a little reckless this time. He just wanted to wait until the last minute to use the talisman. After all, things like these are hard to come by. But now? Forget it, life is more important. Lou Fan is also afraid that he would not survive just now. He had just found himself a boyfriend, and he still hasn’t done a single thing that should have done together. If he died like this, it would be a great loss for him!

To change the subject, Lou Fan squeezed the bead and asked Furball, "What is this?"

Furball raised its little paw to point at the Chang snake.

It’s from inside the snake?

"I don't think snake gut looks like this?" Lou Fan turned his head and asked Jiang Dong. He is a doctor, right?

Jiang Dong smiled helplessly, "I'm a surgeon, not a veterinarian. But snake gallbladders really don't look like this."

Furball pulled out a butter bean from its fluffy fur and pointed to the bead. Then it put the butter bean in its mouth and ate it.

The bead is for eating?

Lou Fan looked at Qin Tan and then at the bead in his hand. Knowing that it was in the snake's body previously, he felt a little reluctant to eat it.

Qin Tan took the bead with a frown. Then he stuffed it into his mouth and swallowed it.

"Ehh?? How could you just eat it just like this?" Lou Fan nervously opened Qin Tan's mouth and peeked inside on tiptoes. "You swallowed it? Can you still vomit it out? Are you stupid?!"

Qin Tan looked down at Lou Fan and pulled him into his arms, "En? Am I stupid or are you stupid? Don’t think I don’t know that you wanted to swallow it yourself. What if something went wrong?"

Lou Fan slapped Qin Tan away, "Then what if something happened to you?"

"Don't worry, I won't let you live as a widow."

Lou Fan: …

Though Wen Lang already knew the relationship between the two, but at this moment he still felt that his heart as a single dog is severely attacked. He thinks he needs to call 120 for help (China number for ambulance).

Chen Shuyang is stunned by the situation. He couldn’t understand how things had reversed dramatically. What happened? How did it jump to the topic of being a widow, and who is the one below (shou)?

Just as Qin Tan finished speaking, his expression suddenly changed and his arm muscles tensed up. Lou Fan immediately sensed something is wrong with him and quickly grabbed his arm.

"Qin Tan! Qin Tan, what's wrong with you? Don't scare me!"

Qin Tan’s face is the color of pig liver (deep red) and Lou Fan helped him to sit at the side. Then Lou Fan picked up Furball and roared, "What the hell is that bead?! Is it actually edible?!"

On the side, Jiang Dong immediately began to check Qin Tan's status, while Wen Lang and Chen Shuyang helped to relieve Qin Tan of his backpack and weapon.

Because Lou Fan is in a panicking state at the moment, he has completely forgotten that Furball can't speak. His roar frightened Furball causing the fur all over its body to stand up like spikes, but the place where Lou Fan is holding it is still a soft and fluffy spot.

Raw word count: 6092 (whole chapter)


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