Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 44 - Reward

Chapter 44 - Reward

When Su Yu returned to Yexiao Palace, he saw people from the Imperial Kitchen carrying things into his small kitchen.

He suddenly remembered that because he was in a hurry to return to the Palace, he forgot to go back to Xianmantang to get the silver.

“Niangniang, please take a look.” This time, there was not only the eunuch who often came to deliver the ingredients but also several new faces.

They were very respectful when they saw Su Yu and rushed out to let him check the seafood.

A pot of fresh large crabs, a pot of live shrimps, a plump sea bass, one mandarin fish, five small yellow croakers, twenty scallops, twenty oysters…

Su Yu looked at the dazzling array of seafood and swallowed his saliva. The quality of these ingredients was very good, and he also wanted to buy them to make delicious food for the Emperor, but the problem was… He didn’t know whether the Imperial Kitchen would allow him to buy on credit.

“Please take a look, if there’s no problem, we’ll take our leave.” The little eunuch smiled ingratiatingly.

“Wait a minute.” Su Yu quickly stopped him.

What a joke, he won’t have anything to eat this month if he bought these things.

“You haven’t said how much they cost.”

“Niangniang is joking, how could we dare ask for money, ah.” The little eunuch said quickly.

“These are the Emperor’s share for today.”

Su Yu’s eyes widened, the Emperor’s…portion…

“The Empress Dowager has issued a decree, in the future, the Emperor’s monthly expenses shall be merged with yours. If you are short of any ingredients, just ask for the Imperial Kitchen to deliver them.” The little eunuch glanced at Su Yu’s expression and saw that it changed from astonishment to pleasantly surprised then to chagrin and at last, his complexion became ashen. He couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

Su Yu walked around the pile of seafood and angrily pinched a big crab, the trussed-up crab struggled to wave its pincers at him and tried to pinch his nose.

No wonder the price of seafood in the palace was so outrageous, it turns out that most of the seafood was originally reserved for the Emperor.

Because of the priority of supplying the Emperor, there was not much seafood left, so naturally, the price was high. Compared with the Imperial Concubines’ daily share of one fish a day, the Emperor’s share was so abundant that could make one’s hair stand on end.

How could he not have thought that the Emperor eats three meals a day at his place, he could have asked for the Emperor’s share. Be it here or there, it was all for the Emperor to eat!

What’s more hateful was that a few days ago the Emperor threw away all the food made in the imperial kitchen in order to eat the food made by him, and those precious ingredients were wasted for nothing!

Su Yu’s heart ached when he thought of it, just how much money he has wasted, ah!

In the imperial study, His Royal Highness King Zhao, who was finally recovered, stood honestly in the middle of the study.

Glancing at his elder brother’s displeased expression, he spilled the beans and recounted what happened today.

“I was originally having a horse race with Duke Lu’s Shizi in the hunting grounds. His Qingcong horse is really awesome, I’ll ask later Thirteenth Uncle to also get one for me…”

An Hongche narrowed his eyes and the imperial writing brush in his hand snapped into two sections with a ‘Kacha’.

His Royal Highness King Zhao shrank his neck and suddenly spoke faster. “Several assassins suddenly appeared, killing and hacking without discrimination, and we both ran away. That guy Gao Peng is not loyal to his friends at all, he relied on his Qingcong horse to run fast and soon disappeared. My horse stumbled, throwing me into my beast shape, I could only run to our old place, I didn’t mean to disturb your love affair… Ow!”

Even if he was so brief, King Zhao was still hit on the head by the broken brush.

“Did you catch sight of that thing?” His Majesty took a deep breath and reminded himself to not fall to the same level as his stupid younger brother.

“I saw.” King Zhao’s chubby face wrinkled into a frown, and looked piteously at his elder brother, trying to get a little sympathy.

“Fortunately I hid myself well, escaping the disaster by hiding in the dog’s tail grass.”

“You still have the nerve to say that!” An Hongche couldn’t stand it anymore.

He got up and walked over, picking up his younger brother by his back collar.

“From today onward, you shall go to the fifth floor with Zhen to practice martial arts for two hours every day.”

“I’m not going!” King Zhao immediately struggled.


Half an hour later, in the Anguo Tower.

The State Teacher leaned on a soft couch, supporting his chin with one hand, he looked up at the tearful little chubby ball held in the Emperor’s hand.

“What’s the matter?”

“Hongyi is getting fat again, it must be because he hasn’t practiced martial arts recently. Zhen wishes for him to come here for two hours every day.” His Majesty mercilessly threw his younger brother onto the soft couch of the State Teacher.

“Oh?” The State Teacher raised his eyebrows. He stretched out his slender fingers and unhurriedly pinned down the tail of the little furball that was trying to escape.

“What about your Majesty?”

An Hongche snorted coldly. “Zhen will naturally come too.”

The State Teacher nodded slightly, slowly caressing the kitten in his hand. His movements were gentle, full of love and pity.

“Did Your Majesty see that thing in the hunting ground today?”

“Killed one and two ran away.” An Hongche said coldly. “There is also some back news, Qingyu has appeared in the river.”

The State Teacher gently stroked his nephew in his hand, and a cold light flashed in his clear eyes.

“We must catch them as soon as possible.”

”Zhen naturally knows.” An Hongche got up, too lazy to look at his stupid younger brother who started licking the State Teacher’s fingers, he only looked at the State Teacher whose eyes were lightly closed.

“Is there anything else?”

The State Teacher picked up the furball in his hand and threw it to the Emperor. Obviously, he did not intend to let King Zhao spend the night at Anguo Tower.


Because the Emperor suffered an assassinating attempt on the hunting grounds, the Xiaoji Battalion gathered in an emergency muster and Su Qinwang personally led the troops to strictly search the hunting grounds. At the same time, the inner palace was under martial law.

“Cairen, please stop.” On the palace road, the imperial guards stopped Marquis Changchun’s Xiaojie.

“Today, we are under martial law. No one can step into the palace road without a writ.”

“Our master is going to Yexiao Palace to send something to Xian Fei Niangniang, please show some accommodation, ba.” The palace maid next to Cen Xiaojie quickly stepped forward to say some good things.

The palace guard looked at the arrogant Cen Cairen and sneered.

“It’s even more impossible to go to Yexiao Palace.”

“There are many people who want to send things to Yexiao Palace, it’s better for Cairen to save your breath, ba.” Another palace guard beside him couldn’t help interjecting.

The two palace guards looked at each other, and at the same time curled their lips. These concubines knew that the Emperor would go to Yexiao Palace in the evening, so they would find any reason to gather there, and they even try to use Xian Fei’s name. Do they think they, the imperial guards, are stupid?

“You…” Cen Xiaojie’s pretty face became white with anger.

The little palace maid hurriedly pulled her own master and smiled apologetically to the palace guards. “We will leave at once.”

Soon after, a purple sandalwood box was delivered to Su Yu.

“Niangniang, this is a return gift given by Cen Cairen.” Yang Gonggong opened the box, and a refreshing fragrance burst out.

“What is this?” Su Yu looked curiously.

“If there is no mistake, it should be high-quality incense.” Yang Gonggong said with a smile.

When Su Yu gave back the 1000 silver taels to Cen Cairen, she was very happy. As a result, this matter was soon known by the Marquis Changchun’s Shizi.

The Young Master was very angry and ordered his sister to return the money to Su Yu, if not, she had to give a decent gift in return. Even though Cen Xiaojie felt reluctant in her heart, she still listened to her brother.

Su Yu frowned. He didn’t need incense, and Yexiao Palace rarely ordered it. Even if it was a very light pine incense, it was not easy to return it if someone sent it.

“Leave it be and sell it later, ba.” It’s said that this agarwood incense was quite expensive, somehow comforting him after he lost a wealth of a thousand silver taels.

At dinner time, the Emperor did not arrive at Yexiao Palace but instead came a bestowal.

“His Majesty has decreed, Xian Fei accompanied Zhen on an outing today and so shall receive a special reward of a hundred taels of gold and thousand taels of silver.” Wang Gonggong calmly read a short imperial edict and then asked someone to carry out a chest of gold and silver.

One hundred taels of gold, one thousand taels of silver…

Shouldn’t the Emperor reward his concubines with silk, pearls, and jewels? No one directly bestows a pile of gold and silver, furthermore, “Accompanied Zhen on an outing.”, what kind of reason to confer a reward is this?

You are short of money, why didn’t you tell Zhen…

You are Zhen’s, and it is only right and proper for Zhen to support you…

How can you not like Zhen, Zhen, Zhen likes you so much…

Those cold, somewhat prideful, somewhat awkward, twisted words that concealed his tenderness and concern appeared in his mind one after another.

Su Yu stared blankly at the shiny gold and silver in the chest, slowly reached out, grabbed a gold ingot, then took a bite. There are tooth marks, it’s real gold!


Qingyu -> shaped like a silver carp with swine fur, sounds like a pig squealing. When it’s seen, it’s accompanied by a great drought in the land under the heavens.

Xiaoji -> Valiant Cavalry

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