Helping with Adventurer Party Management

Chapter 44: The Price of a Companion

After a while Sarah came down from the room on the second floor with  sleepy eyes.


“Good morning, you are early.”


“I am normal, you are late, this is normal habits for adventurers.”


“Because it’s been a long time since I drunk Aaru ale… “


Well, if you are a woman adventurer, there are many things to watch out for.

The opportunity to drink with confidence in both sides of the city and safety is precious.


Even when I get in my stayed room, at least my valuables are not stolen

To the extent that I think that it is also great that my pocket can been trusted as a safe place.


“Oh, tea!”


As Sarah is willing to ask, I say to people in the hotel and have the cup put hot water.

Talk with Sara while drinking tea.


“So, did you decide what to do with the kenkiba corps offer?”


“Oh, I decided not to accept it.”


Sarah nodded gladly when she heard the answer.


“I do not join, but I received a request.

While they are in this town, I will support them.

For about two more years, they will also be based in this city.

Meanwhile, I have to make another connection. “


I intended to do business in this town and make a business declaration.


“I don’t know much about it, but is it okay if you decide?”


I sent a reasonable reply whether Sarah trusts me or not.


“First of all, put on shoes making a priority. I’m going to visit leather district for a moment, you can come with me.

Anyway, I have not received a request today, did you? I will give you breakfast. “


“Er … going to leather district… … It smells over there.

Please pay for my lunch and also for the sauna bath. “


“I understand. I will also pay for the sauna bath, for those guys over there, because they are rough.

The one who the woman is with will be saved. “


“Well, if you say so, why not?


Sara ordered additional ale and wheat gruel immediately.

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