Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 45.1: Stabbing the heart with each word.

Chapter 45 Part 1

A lot of people nearly forgot that Brother Jia had a slight fear of heights.

In order to rush to Chang’an this time with the fastest speed, Brother Jia was carried by Zhufeng-zhenren and flew across the majority of Huaxia. He had silently chanted “Prosperity, Democracy, Civility, and Harmony” the entire journey so he wouldn’t faint.1 It wasn’t easy to reach land. Of course, he should have been liberated. Who would’ve thought that just after a couple hours of freedom, he would get dragged around and flew straight into the sky again.

Xi Jia immediately became angry. However, this person was flying too fast and flew to a height of more than ten meters in a blink of an eye. Once he looked down, Xi Jia was immediately spiritless. After mulling over it for a long time, he threw a punch, but the man dodged to the side effortlessly.

The originally fair and clear face became even more pale due to acrophobia. Xi Jia’s body slightly trembled (physiological tremor caused by acrophobia). He looked up and could only see black embroidered robes. The other’s black long hair was being blown by the wind and kept hitting his face extremely painfully.

It had already been so many years since Brother Jia had felt this sort of grievance.

Ever since Brother Jia had the ability to rip a ghost apart with his hands, he had never been bullied. When fighting with people, his skill was very good and could do one versus ten. Fighting with ghosts was even more simple. With one punch, he could send the ghost’s soul flying and scattering.

The ice-cold wind in high altitudes ruthlessly blew against Xi Jia’s forehead. As calmly as possible, he lowered his head to look down and noticed that the Bell Tower had already become a small black dot on the ground.

Seeing such a high elevation, Xi Jia’s heart strongly throbbed in pain. He calmly looked up again with great difficulty to take a look at the man who’s pulling him. Suddenly, his line of sight stopped at the jade pendant hanging at the other’s waist.

On the blood-red jade pendant was a giant five-clawed dragon with sharp claws and brilliant scales. Each detail was carved perfectly. The dragon’s body coiled on the small surface of the jade. It didn’t feel crowded in the narrow space, but there was a feeling that it could rush towards the Ninth Heaven, powerful, unconstrained, and majestic.2

Xi Jia couldn’t help but look at it for a bit longer. Suddenly, the eyes of the blood dragon on the jade pendant shined. Xi Jia was immediately startled awake from this infatuated state. He raised his head and looked at the man carrying him with shock.

“The First Emperor?!” Xi Jia said in alarm.

The First Emperor’s body stiffened, but he didn’t utter a sound and continued to fly higher.

Xi Jia had already sobered up completely.

He had seen this kind of jade pendant before on Ziying. The jade pendant was created from the He Shi Bi and was from the same vein as Da Qin’s jade seal. Ziying’s blood dragon jade pendant was a size smaller than this one, but that jade pendant could prevent him from reincarnating. Even if there were four senior monks who had achieved the Dao reciting scriptures of rebirth for him, they were also unable to contend against the blood jade.

Being able to wear the He Shi Bi and a He Shi Bi that was bigger than the one Ziying wore, if it wasn’t Qin Shi Huang, who else would it be?

At the same time he realized that this person might be Qin Shi Huang, Xi Jia finally recalled the words that Ziying had once told him four months ago——

『You look a bit like Huhai.』

Xi Jia, “……”

Who would want to look like Huhai, ah!!!

By this time, Xi Jia finally understood that the “unfilial son” that he had just heard was actually directed at him.

The First Emperor had definitely taken him for Huhai!

Xi Jia began to recall the history classes from middle school over ten years ago and what the teacher had lectured on about the history of Da Qin……

Two thousand years ago, Fusu was benevolent and magnanimous. He upheld Confucius doctrines, and his political views differed from the First Emperor. Under the First Emperor’s fury, he was sent to the borders to carefully reflect upon himself. Who would’ve thought that he before he could call his son back, he himself would die. Huhai had been tricked by Zhao Gao and passed on a fake imperial edict to trick Fusu into committing suicide. He had ascended to the throne became the Emperor. Ultimately, he had riled Da Qin until it was in turmoil.

Ziying had only ascended to the throne for 46 days. When he took over, Da Qin was already in shambles. It was simply impossible to reverse. Therefore, Da Qin essentially died in Huhai’s hands and not Ziying’s.

And now, the First Emperor had taken him for Huhai.

Xi Jia immediately said loudly, “First Emperor, you got the wrong person, I am not Huhai!”

The top priority was to quickly say that he had no relationship, and he couldn’t let Qin Shi Huang continue to mistakenly believe him as Huhai by all means.

These words fell, and Xi Jia waited for the First Emperor to figure out the truth. He believed that the First Emperor wouldn’t truly keep on mistaking him. He only looked a bit like Huhai. Even Ziying could recognize that he wasn’t Huhai. The First Emperor really doted on Huhai so he naturally would be able to recognize it. But this time, Xi Jia waited for a few minutes and still didn’t get a response from the First Emperor.

He knitted his brows and loudly repeated, “Your Majesty, I am really not Huhai. Could it be that you cannot tell that I am really not your son?”

Qin Shi Huang who was flying in front and wouldn’t turn around no matter what, “……”

In fact, Xi Jia didn’t know that Qin Shi Huang’s heart was bitter!

Papa First Emperor was insightful. The next moment after he had grabbed Xi Jia and flew away, he had already noticed that this person wasn’t his son.

At midnight, Xi Jia had been standing below the Bell Tower and watched the Hundred Ghost Parade. The numerous ghosts rang the large bronze bell, and a golden dragon soared out from the bronze bell. Once it looked down, it saw Xi Jia who stood out like a sore thumb. The golden dragon was actually another body of the First Emperor. In the middle of the night when the sky was dark, the First Emperor had suddenly saw “Huhai” while borrowing the separate body’s eyes. Naturally, his anger soared as he chided an “unfilial son” and sent a slap towards Xi Jia.

By the time the First Emperor had flew in front of Xi Jia, he finally saw his appearance clearly. He wanted to go back, but he had already grabbed Xi Jia and ran.

……Suddenly letting the person go halfway after capturing them seemed like losing a lot of face.

En, actually it really was losing too much face.

A black-haired man in dragon robes grabbed Xi Jia and continued to fly towards the sky without a change in expression.

Xi Jia repeated that he wasn’t Huhai a few more times, but it was like the First Emperor couldn’t hear him and simply didn’t pay any attention to him. Seeing the altitude getting higher the more he flew, Xi Jia’s heart also jumped faster and faster. If this continued, he would definitely faint immediately, let alone escaping.

Gritting his teeth, Xi Jia clenched his right hand into a fist, and his eyes firmly set on Qin Shi Huang. A trace of blood-colored yin energy started twisting between his fingers and coiling around his knuckles, exuding a cold and frightening aura.

The First Emperor suddenly turned to look at Xi Jia with surprise. In the next moment, Xi Jia struck towards the First Emperor with his fist.

The decisive and fierce fist was overflowing with yin energy, causing the First Emperor’s pupils to tremble. He moved sideways to get out of the way while simultaneously pulling Xi Jia and flying towards the ground. The fist didn’t land on the body and seemed to have failed very ordinarily, but the First Emperor was watching Xi Jia seriously. The two of them quickly flew to an ancient pagoda and stopped to land.

Xi Jia stared and noticed that he had landed on the top floor of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda.

Stepping on the sturdy floor, Xi Jia finally heaved a sigh of relief. He slowly looked up at the founding emperor standing before him. The bright moonlight spilled over the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda and illuminated the two people standing at the top. Xi Jia’s eyes suddenly widened as he stared at the man before him in shock. The First Emperor looked down and swept him a glance before flicking his sleeve and turning around, leaving Brother Jia a cold and imposing view of his back.

Xi Jia, “……”

Xi Jia had never thought that the First Emperor would actually be this young. He appeared to be only in his thirties.

According to history, the First Emperor had passed away at the ripe age of 49. In middle school history textbooks, the First Emperor was always depicted as a middle-aged man with a big beard. However, the First Emperor before his eyes was tall, handsome, and imposing. It couldn’t be said that he was extremely handsome, but the powerful and oppressive aura of an Emperor that could wipe out thousands of troops placed this person on a high pedestal, causing one to be unable to look straight at him.

Xi Jia was totally unable to figure out why the First Emperor would look like this. Where’s the beard? How come the beard was gone? He didn’t inquire and instead calmly said, “Your Majesty the First Emperor, I believe you have the wrong person. I am acquainted with Ziying. He once told me that I look somewhat similar to his younger brother, Huhai, but I am not Huhai.”

The First Emperor flung his large sleeve. As before, his back faced Xi Jia, and he didn’t utter a sound.

Xi Jia wrinkled his brows, not understanding how this First Emperor could be so unreasonable. He thought for a bit and said, “It is only a similar appearance. There are 1.4 billion people in Huaxia. People who look similar are countless. I believe you will not recognize the wrong person.”

Qin Shi Huang who had really mistaken a person but stayed thin-skinned and wouldn’t admit it, “……”

After all, Xi Jia had never seen the First Emperor before so he wouldn’t know the First Emperor’s tsundere temper. If Ziying was here, he would definitely know that this was the time to give his Father Emperor a way out. He couldn’t keep on saying, “I only look similar to Huhai, I believe you definitely will not recognize wrong.” He must say, “Huhai and I truly look too much alike. Let alone you, anyone else would also absolutely recognize wrong.” Like this, the First Emperor would have a way out to everyone’s delight.

However, Brother Jia really couldn’t clearly grasp the First Emperor’s temperament.

He spoke a few more sentences. With hands placed behind himself, the expression of the First Emperor whose back was facing him slowly sank. The moonlight passed through the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda’s roof, shining only on the founding emperor’s thin lips. His face slowly began to be masked by the rich yin energy. It was difficult to see it clearly.

Just as Xi Jia wanted to explain that he really wasn’t Huhai again, the First Emperor suddenly said in a cold voice, “You have a connection of blood with Us!”

Xi Jia was promptly dumbfounded.

He had a blood connection with Qin Shi Huang? What did this mean? He really was a descendent of the First Emperor? Could it be that his father should’ve been surnamed Ying instead of Xi?

Xi Jia was confused by the First Emperor’s sentence. The First Emperor calmly said, “How could We, just because your appearance is somewhat similar, recognize the wrong person? If it is not for you possessing a trace of blood connection with Us, how could We mistaken you……mistaken you for Huhai!”

The First Emperor had found a way out for himself. He was just waiting for Xi Jia to follow up after his words so everyone could quickly end this matter. Who would’ve anticipated that Xi Jia would remain puzzled after much thought. After thinking for quite a while, he suddenly thought, “Could it be because of Ziying?”

The First Emperor was suddenly stunned in place.

Xi Jia immediately thought of the wisp of a soul Ziying had gave him. Before, Ziying had given him the thought transmission. Because Ye Jingzhi’s spell had sealed it, if both sides didn’t get in contact, others wouldn’t be able to detect it. However, Ziying had given him a soul today to persuade the First Emperor. Perhaps the First Emperor had sensed this trace of fluctuation.

Thinking to here, Xi Jia immediately took out the transparent relic from inside his clothes. He didn’t know how harmful it was for a ghost to split their soul, but he felt that it would be better to put Ziying’s remnant soul inside the relic. Therefore, after he took the remnant soul, he placed it inside the relic.

Xi Jia took out the relic. The powerful and gentle Buddhistic righteous energy immediately emanated from this little relic.

The First Emperor stared at the relic in displeasure. Clearly, he didn’t like the gentle righteous energy in the relic. He raised his eyes and looked at the black-haired young man who looked somewhat like his own son. He saw Xi Jia pulling the relic off of his neck. As he took it off, he said, “Actually, this afternoon, I went to the Mausoleum……”

“Xi Jia!”

His voice was suddenly interrupted. Xi Jia raised his head and looked in front of him in shock. Wu Xiang Qing Li transformed into a black shadow and quickly rammed towards the First Emperor. The First Emperor lifted his hand and just grabbed the small bronze die. He didn’t treat Wu Xiang Qing Li with any regard, but at the same time he had grabbed ahold of Wu Xiang Qing Li, endless baleful energy oscillated from the bronze die. The First Emperor slightly widened his eyes and threw Wu Xiang Qing Li away.

The corners of Qin Shi Huang’s lips hooked up, “A little interesting, fight with Us again!”

Wu Xiang Qing Li flew back into Ye Jingzhi’s hand. It made crashing sounds as it fluttered, wanting to rush against the First Emperor in crashing waves as if it was very dissatisfied with the fact that it had been caught with one swipe.

Ye Jingzhi stood on the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, and he turned his head to look at Xi Jia. His anxious gaze was concentrated on Xi Jia. After he had rapidly confirmed that Xi Jia seemed to be completely uninjured, Master Ye looked at the First Emperor to the side with an ice-cold expression. With a palm, he sent out Wu Xiang Qing Li and rushed ahead to begin battling with the First Emperor.

Xi Jia immediately said in shock, “Master Ye, you can’t beat him!”

How could Ye Jingzhi care about these things? At the same time he rushed towards the First Emperor, he said in a hurried voice, “Quick, run away!”

Xi Jia was stunned in place.

Could it be that Master Ye was deliberately fighting against an enemy that he couldn’t possibly defeat so he could run away?

His heart started to tremble violently. Xi Jia widened his eyes and firmly looked at Ye Jingzhi.

Translator’s Addition:
Papa First Emperor: ╭(╯^╰)╮Humph! I’m never wrong!

Translator’s Notes:
1 The words that he’s chanting to are the national values of China’s Core Socialist Values. It’s rather a mouthful in English compared to 8 characters/syllables in Chinese XD.
2 九天 Ninth Heaven – sometimes in Chinese mythology/cosmology/etc., the heavens/skies are divided into nine parts. The Ninth Heaven is the highest of heavens.

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