End of World Businessman

Chapter 45.1: Temporary Stay at Qingmin (Middle) [1]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: HeXie

Chapter 45.1: Temporary Stay at Qingmin (Middle) [1]

Sacrificing one Su Jianbang’s dignity benefited everyone since the hodgepodge stew made with his fire tasted really great. Just with the mushroom and fungus combined with the vermicelli, it already tasted far better than the one sold at the Lan Cheng Base. However, coupled with the luncheon meat, the canned fish and plenty of seasoning, it was absolutely divine.

So, when the fragrance began wafting out, it was no wonder that everyone was praising Yang Li Na for her ability to cook well. And once the food entered their mouths, everyone raised their thumbs, utterly convinced by her skills.

However, Yang Li Na pointedly spoke, giving credit where it was due. “It’s not all my credit. Lao Su’s contribution isn’t that small either. Don’t you all realise that the porridge cooked using the flames from fire ability users tastes better than usual?”

Yang Qi, as someone who knew Yang Li Na’s usual culinary standard best, had the most say in this matter. And he nodded in agreement with Yang Li Na’s words. “Indeed, what Li Na said is the truth. She usually can’t cook a hodgepodge stew as good as this one. Lao Su, thanks for your hard work.”

Su Jianbang was very pleased at hearing their acknowledgement of his contribution. Thus, he was about to return it with his own polite words. However, at that time, his boss spoke. “I see. Then, in the future, you and Yang-jie will be responsible for our meals during any excursion.”

“No problem. Count on us!” Yang Li Na said with a smile.

“…” Su Jianbang: QAQ

However, this meal stimulated Wu Ye’s mind to think more on his decision. Originally, he had planned to make everyone eat the nutrition paste every day, but from the look of it, there was no need for it at all since there is Su Jianbang and Yang Li Na. Furthermore, considering that there were 96 units in this condominium and assuming that the occupancy rate was 100%, there should be something edible in this place.

And the amount found ought to be enough to tide the group over for a few days at the very least. That aside, Wu Ye was glad that there was another solution. After all, he honestly did not want to touch that incredibly sour and tart tasting nutrient paste either.

Ugh, just thinking of the taste of it already makes me want to throw up.

While thinking over that, the meal was soon over, and everyone split into two groups. Gao Jingshu and Xu Dan, the two metal ability users, were grouped with Chen Caosen, Ou Huamao and Bao Jianping, the three ordinary zombie hunters. They went to scavenge along with Peng Zijun, whose special ability lent him monstrous strength beyond normal humans.

Meanwhile, the remaining twelve people all went to the fourth floor to kill the zombies loitering on the street. Without the threat of the giant zombie along with Wu Ye ensuring that there wouldn’t be a lack of ammunition, everyone no longer had much to worry about. So, they went downstairs with their guns, ready to hunt.

Before they went though, Wu Ye bought some low-level zombie repellents from the system and gave them to those going on the hunt. However, the system was still brooding over Wu Ye’s refusal to use the yellow crystals to pay off his debt, so it forced Wu Ye to spend a long time bargaining with it.

After pestering it for some time, it finally relented and allowed its stupid host to take 120 bottles of low-level zombie repellents on credit. However, it was done with great reluctance and even after it gave the goods to Wu Ye, it immediately popped Wu Ye’s bubble of happiness with the truth ten seconds later.

Because it told Wu Ye that for every floor, they would need at least ten bottles of low-level zombie repellents to completely hide their scent. Furthermore, considering the state of the entire condominium with broken windows in many of the houses, the effect of the zombie repellent would dissipate very quickly. So, even if they sprayed enough repellent, it would only work for at most half an hour.

Then, after it finished telling these details to its stupid host, the system went completely silent.

However, the Second Young Master Wu had already been tricked by it to the point he no longer had any temper when that happened again. So, after silently raising his middle fingers at it, he just silently distributed the repellent to everyone. After that was done, he then assigned Peng Zijun and his group a new task. He asked them to think of a way to block the broken windows and do their best to slow down the dissipation of the repellent spray.

Once that was done, everyone finally split up to do their own tasks.

Gao Jingshu and his group directly went from the top floor to the bottom to block up the windows. All the while, they were collecting what goods they managed to find. And every edible stuff they found would be sent to the top floor for their ration while they were in Qingmin. As for the other goods… those would be separated and stored downstairs until they could take them back to Lan Cheng Base and exchanged them for money.

It did not take long for the group to find something. After all, no matter how well-organised a house was… as long as they took care to search carefully, they were bound to find plenty of random stuff that could be sold or eaten.

After all, D Virus didn’t spread in a single day. It had taken quite some time for it to spread throughout the world. From the time the meteorite fell, to the sudden ‘high fever’ symptoms,  to the country’s attempt, to interfere with robotics - it took over half a month before the virus spread throughout the whole world and was recognized as deadly.

Then again, at the beginning of this half month, the high fever that happened was regarded as a new flu virus that had a high mortality rate. Despite this though, all sorts of fake news and rumors were being spread via the internet and TV, causing everyone to panic. As such, a portion of those populations, who were less brave and more easily influenced, had stocked up plenty of foods, medications, and other daily-use items in their homes.

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