Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 45.2: Stabbing the heart with each word.

Chapter 45 Part 2

At the top of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, Wu Xiang Qing Li was like black lightning as it continuously charged at Qin Shi Huang. Qin Shi Huang laughed and eagerly rushed up. The tiny Giant Wild Goose Pagoda was simply not enough for them to utilize. Very quickly, Ye Jingzhi and the First Emperor both flew down from the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda and fiercely fought above the empty Music Square.1

Bang bang bang, the sound of collisions shook the entire sky.

Ye Jingzhi practically exerted all that he got. With a palm, he hit Wu Xiang Qing Li and directly pulled out a golden longsword. He grasped the sword and unceasingly attacked the First Emperor. Wu Xiang Qing Li kept on charging at the First Emperor from every angle. Both worked together to cut off the First Emperor’s final retreat.

But, when Xi Jia turned his head to look at the First Emperor, his heart gave a start.

The tall man in black dragon robes constantly evaded left and right. It seemed like he barely dodged each time, but not one hair of his had been hit by Ye Jingzhi’s or Wu Xiang Qing Li’s attacks. It was as if he was waiting for an opportunity.

While alive, he had unified the Six States and was praised as the first founding emperor. After death, he slept in the Palace of Eternal Life, and by casting frightening magic, the one and only Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor came into being. With these superimposed, the First Emperor’s strength was unfathomably deep. Ziying had said that as long as his Father Emperor left the Mausoleum, he would suffer punishment from Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao would send divine lightning, and his yin energy would also dissipate.

Then, why did the First Emperor appear outside of the Mausoleum in perfect condition, and why did it seem like Ling Xiao couldn’t detect him at all?

Xi Jia quickly ran down the stairs of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. By the time he ran to the third floor, he inadvertently saw a ray of light flash from the First Emperor. Xi Jia immediately stopped and widened his eyes, unable to remove his gaze from Qin Shi Huang.

As expected, when Ye Jingzhi controlled Wu Xiang Qing Li to block the First Emperor’s retreat, the First Emperor suddenly reached out and captured Wu Xiang Qing Li again, but he quickly released the bronze die that was brimming with baleful energy. At the same time, the baleful energy damaged the body, and his body flickered a golden light.


Something seemed to have broke soundlessly.

Xi Jia stood on the third floor of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda and immediately yelled loudly, “There’s something protecting him and not letting Ling Xiao notice him!”

Ye Jingzhi suddenly turned his head to look at Xi Jia. Qin Shi Huang’s expression became cold in a flash. With a tap of his foot, he quickly rushed at Xi Jia while glaring, “We have never feared that child, Ling Xiao!”

Qin Shi Huang grabbed in the air with his right hand. Suddenly, a four-foot-long sword appeared in his hand. He forcefully drew the sword out of the air. While he was drawing out the sword, his footsteps charging towards Xi Jia never slowed. Just as the incomparably sharp Gulu Sword appeared, it pierced through the air, producing a penetrating sword cry.

A top-grade treasured sword had appeared. The world became turbulent and unstable, and black clouds shrouded the earth.

Xi Jia didn’t expect the truth that he had said without thinking would actually make Qin Shi Huang angry. This Qin Shi Huang actually wouldn’t even let a simple truth to be spoken. And, Ye Jingzhi’s eyes trembled as he immediately chased after Qin Shi Huang. But, his speed wasn’t as fast Qin Shi Huang. In a period of two short breaths, he helplessly saw Qin Shi Huang flew in front of Xi Jia and raised the Gulu Sword up high. The body of the sword flashed a cold silver sword glare.

Everything happened in a flash.

The entire world became red.

Ye Jingzhi watched this scene unfold. He was only less than five meters away, but no matter how hard he reached out, he couldn’t touch Qin Shi Huang or Xi Jia. His eyes intently glared, eyes nearly splitting. Piercing blood-red color suddenly erupted from his right eye and covering his entire eye in an instant.

“Xi Jia!!!”

Qin Shi Huang had raised his sword and slashed down. When it had only struck halfway, his anger dissipated by half. He slightly changed directions and only planned on teaching this young man who looked a bit like Huhai a lesson. He didn’t intend to ask for his life. However, the Gulu Sword had yet to strike when he suddenly saw a black shadow rush before him, picking up Xi Jia and moving forward to evade.

The Gulu Sword scratched Ye Jingzhi’s right cheek and left a shallow bloody mark.

Qin Shi Huang was shocked, but he quickly flipped his hand to withdraw the Gulu Sword, warily looking at the person before him who had saved someone right under his eyes.

Ye Jingzhi tightly held Xi Jia, and his fingers trembled slightly. His entire right eye was filled with a terrible blood-red color. Soon, the blood-red color slowly faded, and his pair of eyes returned to its regular black color. He carefully checked to see if anything was wrong with Xi Jia, “Are you okay? Are you injured? Is everything okay? Does it hurt anywhere?”

Xi Jia anxiously looked at the bloody mark on Ye Jingzhi’s right face, “Master Ye, is your face okay?”

Ye Jingzhi shook his head, “It’s fine.”

Xi Jia was very worried, “What about the medicine that you gave me to use before? I’ll help you apply it, you’re bleeding!”

Ye Jingzhi took out Shennong Valley’s ointment from his Qiankun bag, and Xi Jia quickly started to rub it on for him.

To the side, Qin Shi Huang who was watching these male dogs do PDA, “……”

The First Emperor flicked his large sleeve, “You can be exempted from death, but punishment is unavoidable. Who said We are afraid of that child, Ling Xiao. We merely feel disinclined to bother with it. It does not have the ability to interfere with the Palace of Eternal Life, and Our Palace of Eternal Life is excellent. Why should We have a fondness for the mortal world that it possesses. You ignorant child, to have the impertinence to say that We would not dare let Ling Xiao notice, in that case, We will tell you that We dare to fight with Ling Xiao!”

After Xi Jia confirmed that the wound on Ye Jingzhi’s face healed, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. He slowly turned to face Qin Shi Huang. The founding emperor underneath the moonlight was still exuding a tyrannical aura, and with the Gulu Sword as an accompaniment, it was vast and boundless like he really had the remarkable boldness to dare to battle with Ling Xiao.

However at this moment, Xi Jia’s expression was like ice as he coldly stared at the unreasonable Qin Shi Huang.

Xi Jia was really angry this time.

When the First Emperor left the Mausoleum this time, the commotion it caused was much larger than the one that Ziying had caused.

Back then when Ziying had left the Mausoleum, the most he did was cause a bit of a commotion at the movie city. He had gotten angry and made a move because that crew had actually made the eunuchs wear black colored clothes. Even so, he kindheartedly paid attention so no one was hurt each time. But, what about the First Emperor? He had created a Hundred Ghost Parade the moment he had stepped out!

Taking a look at it now, the Hundred Ghost Parade didn’t seem to have caused any real accidents and no one was hurt. But in reality, if it weren’t for the Celestial masters of the Xuanxue world using a large array to protect the mortals, then when the tens of thousands of wild ghosts marched through the streets, they might run into a human and cause them to suffer yin energy that they couldn’t bear.

With so many ghosts, if ordinary people were to get hit by them, perhaps their life would be in danger.

As for Xi Jia, he was even more wronged.

He didn’t do anything. He only wanted to find Ye Jingzhi and kindly help Ziying pass on a message. What about Papa First Emperor? He gave a slap the moment he had approached. He had grabbed the wrong person and didn’t even apologize. Encountering Ye Jingzhi with great strength, he even wanted to battle. In the end, he had caused everything up to this point. Wouldn’t you be angry?

Xi Jia coldly looked at Qin Shi Huang. He suddenly felt that if he really was his dad, he would definitely learn from Fusu and keep away from this overbearing tyrant of a stupid dad.

Before the First Emperor had slept for 2,000 years, he was already tyrannical while he was alive, and no one dared to disobey him even after death. But for some unknown reason when he looked at Xi Jia’s indifferent expression, he inexplicably felt……a bit guilty.

But he also didn’t do anything wrong!

Papa First Emperor still felt he was in the right.

Xi Jia coldly stared at the First Emperor, and the First Emperor awkwardly looked away.

Xi Jia no longer wanted to waste words this time. He immediately took the relic out and said in a cold voice, “Ziying has something to say to you.”

The First Emperor slightly frowned and looked at the relic as if he didn’t understand Xi Jia’s meaning. But in the next moment, his eyes widened into circles, and he reprimanded angrily, “Unfilial son!”

Xi Jia got angry and still thought that the First Emperor was talking about himself. But once he looked up, he noticed that the First Emperor was angrily looking at the remnant soul on the relic. The tiny Ziying was sitting on the relic. He somewhat weakly looked up at his father with a smile. He stood up with difficulty, gave a salute, and respectfully called out, “Father Emperor.”

The First Emperor was angry to the point that he had nothing to say. He went back and forth for two laps without looking at Ziying.

Ziying’s remnant soul was very small and only the size of a finger. Using the relic as a surface, he kept kneeling in prostration and salutation.

Xi Jia didn’t understand, so Ye Jingzhi softly said beside him, “Ordinary lonely souls and wild ghosts wouldn’t split their souls. That is because soul splitting can be considered as scattering the soul. Apart from special circumstances such as cutting flesh to bind a soul to make the soul stay, only wild ghosts with cultivations over 300 years could split their souls. However, soul splitting is like cutting the heart. It is very harmful to the form. In order to make the soul leave the Mausoleum and the one hundred enchantments outside, it has cost Qin San Shi at least a thousand years of magic power.”

Xi Jia didn’t know that Ziying had actually abandoned 1,000 years of magic power and even suffered the pain akin to cutting flesh, all in order to make his dad go home. If he had known Ziying would sacrifice so much, he would never allow Ziying to do it. Furthermore……just for this overbearing tyrant of a father, was it really worth it!?

The First Emperor angrily paced back and forth and walked two laps. Once he turned to look at his son’s remnant soul, he became angry again and continued to walk.

Ziying continued to kneel. With Xi Jia holding the relic, he kneeled on the relic, and his figure was illusory and unstable.

In the end, the First Emperor went to his son, looked down, and coldly said, “Since you do not cherish yourself, two thousand years ago, when that eunuch had carried your dead body into the Mausoleum, We should have struck you to death with a palm in order to prevent you from wasting the path of longevity left for your elder brother.”

Ziying’s body shook.

At first, Xi Jia didn’t understand what he had heard. He listened as Qin Shi Huang continued to say, “1,050 years of magic power, you just threw it away like that. Now, voluntarily accept your punishment, go and reside in the first level for a hundred years.”

Ziying quietly answered with a “yes.”

Only now did Xi Jia realize what the First Emperor had meant. He looked at this heartless father in disbelief and asked, emphasizing each word, “Is he your son?!”

Qin Shi Huang wrinkled his brows as he looked at Xi Jia.

Xi Jia used his face that was somewhat similar to Huhai and asked again with a wry smile, “Is he still your son or not!? Could it be that you only have Fusu and Huhai as your sons? What about the others? What about Ziying? He is the one that has accompanied you in the Mausoleum for 2,000 years! Once he knew that you left the Mausoleum, he is the one that has been worried that you would get punished by Ling Xiao! In the end, he willingly severed his soul so he could ask you to go back!”

Xi Jia had once heard Ziying say that the entire Mausoleum used the Palace of Eternal Life on the seventh level as the core. The Palace of Eternal Life was a top-quality underground mausoleum designed by Xu Fu after exhausting all of his meticulous care. There was a ten li long river of mercury within.2 The yin energy in the Mausoleum was weaker the closer it was to the outer levels. Although the yin energy in the first level of the Mausoleum was enough to make many Celestial Masters who require yin energy to refine treasures to be envious, it was the place of cultivation of the lowest grade in the Mausoleum.

In the entire Mausoleum, only the ghost soldiers of the lowest rank lived in the first level. Ziying had been ignored by Qin Shi Huang for an entire two thousand years. He could only stay on the first floor. Four months ago, after he was taken back by the First Emperor, he was able to go to the fourth level, and he lived on the third floor. Now that Ziying was gravely injured, could it be that he shouldn’t be allowed to go to the river of mercury on the seventh level to recover and instead make him suffer on the first level?

“Could it be that you’re really not afraid of Ziying’s soul scattering!?”

Qin Shi Huang glared at Xi Jia. He sent a slap but was blocked by Ye Jingzhi, “You dare curse Our son!”

Xi Jia was hardly scared. He was only angry for Ziying. So angry that if he was Ziying, he would absolutely break the father and son relationship with this dad.

Translator’s Addition:
C+ and Mirror: 【unknowingly scatters dog food everywhere】

Translator’s Notes:
1 The Music Square is most likely the music fountains by the pagoda.

2 10 li/Chinese mile is about 5 km.

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