Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 45.3: Stabbing the heart with each word.

Chapter 45 Part 3

What Xi Jia thought in his heart, his mouth also said, “Ziying, everyone says, ‘Our bodies, to every hair and bit of skin, are received by us from our parents.’1 You’ve already died for so many years. What should be paid has already been paid. You just wait in the first level of the Mausoleum, I’ll visit you when I’m free. Whenever you’re able to go out, I’ll take you to see the great scenery outside and show you even more physics experiments and books. What are you doing still wanting this dad for? Let him have his long life by himself.”

When he said this, Qin Shi Huang became extremely furious. He drew his sword and was nearly about to hack this scoundrel who dared to incite his son to sever their father and son relationship. Naturally, Ye Jingzhi blocked in front. Xi Jia was also hardly scared as he clenched his fist. He looked at Qin Shi Huang with complete disregard and prepared for direct confrontation, “I am Ziying’s friend. I can’t stand by and watch. Speaking fairly, if you want to kill, then kill. I’m not scared of you. Since you think Ziying has wasted the path left for Fusu and feel that you should’ve struck him till his soul scatters, then why should he still follow you? You feel annoyed when you see him, isn’t that right?”

“We will kill you!!!”

Qin Shi Huang’s anger soared, but Ziying blocked in front of him. He looked at Ziying in shock. Without his permission, he actually stood up. Yet, Ziying was only looking at him seriously. After a moment, he gave a salute and gently said, “Father Emperor, although the child, Ling Xiao, is inadequate, there is no need for you to brother with it. The outside world is truly vapid, and the Palace of Eternal Life is the best location of yin energy.”

Qin Shi Huang, “……”

Xi Jia, “……”

Why did these words seem so familiar? Wasn’t this the excuse that Papa First Emperor had found so he could get out of an embarrassing situation before……

Ziying really knew his father too well. He kept his salute and remained kneeling as he said, “Father Emperor, elder brother and younger brother has already entered reincarnation. If you wish to search for them, it is not too late to search after we thoroughly understand the outside world. By that time, this child and subject will accompany you out and search for Fusu and Huhai together. Now is not the time.”

Qin Shi Huang was somewhat blushing in shame, “When……when did We want to look for them?”

Ziying was silent for a moment before saying, “Then, why did Father Emperor want to leave the Mausoleum? What you wish to do, this child and subject will accompany you.”

Qin Shi Huang, “……”

Ziying, “Father Emperor?”

Qin Shi Huang, “We did not wish to leave. But on that day, We went to the fourth level and suddenly heard clamorous noises. We did not expect that this much noise disturbs you everyday. The Celestial Masters outside were utterly raucous. They seemed to want to merge one hundred enchantments together so they used the same formation crux. Although it is a good idea, in one way, the formation crux is too easy to find, and an enemy would only need one glance to see it. That formation crux just so happened to appear right before Us on that day. We did not want those Celestial Masters to bother you……No, it is noisy! Right, We do not want them to be noisy like that again so We broke the formation crux in passing. We did not expect the one hundred enchantments to transfer onto Our body and obstruct Ling Xiao’s perception of Us. We wondered if We could leave the Mausoleum so We took a step out. Then, We were not careful……stepped a bit too far, and somewhat cannot find the way back.”

Ziying, “……”

Xi Jia, “……”

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

Xi Jia couldn’t get angry anymore.

Who said that Qin Shi Huang was an overbearing tyrant? Take a look at what he had done! Couldn’t find the way home? You’re Qin Shi Huang, and you can’t find the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor! If this was submitted to “Ghosts Know,” someone would say that there’s something wrong with Brother Jia’s brain again!

Facing such a First Emperor, Brother Jia felt disinclined to bother with him.

Xi Jia speechlessly cursed in his mind, and he naturally didn’t notice some things in the First Emperor’s words.

The First Emperor stayed in the Palace of Eternal Life all day. The noise from the Xuanxue world’s construction team that passed down to his level seemed like light music. There was barely any sound, but like this, he already felt that it was very annoying. Ziying was at the third level, and the sound was basically like firecrackers. The First Emperor sort of felt sorry for his son so he planned on teaching these vicious construction Celestial Masters a lesson.

But could these words be said?


Papa First Emperor was rather tsundere. He wouldn’t even acknowledge that he couldn’t beat Daddy Ling Xiao and must have a way out of an embarrassing situation.

Ziying remained on the ground in a kowtow. Just now, even Xi Jia didn’t notice. When the First Emperor said those heart-piercing words, Xi Jia was angry for his friend. Ziying was disheartened as if his heart was gouged out or his bones broke. He naturally knew that he couldn’t compare with his elder brother in wisdom or benevolence, and couldn’t compare with his younger brother in beauty or cleverness. However, he had accompanied his father for two thousand years. “If We had known earlier, We should have struck you until your soul scattered.” These kind of words stabbed the heart with each word. Each word ruthlessly stomped his heart into mud, breaking it into pieces.

His father had never really seen him as a son and had never treated him as a person.

But now, he suddenly realized that he still had a place in his father’s heart.

Perhaps that place was not as good as Fusu’s or comparable to Huhai’s, but it was still a place left for him, a dispensable son.

This was enough.

At least Father Emperor was willing to help him teach those Celestial Masters a lesson and felt sorry for him for being disturbed by the noise everyday.

Qin Shi Huang noticed that his son was still kneeling so he allowed Ziying to rise. Ziying gently smiled and respectfully said, “It was this child and subject that did not pay attention to Father Emperor these past few days and actually did not sense Father Emperor leaving the Mausoleum. Requesting Father Emperor to deliver a punishment.”

Qin Shi Huang was somewhat embarrassed and waved his hand, “Go back then talk, go back then talk.”

Ziying nodded, “This child and subject will guide Father Emperor.”

Xi Jia held the relic, and Ziying stood on the relic with his unstable figure. Step by step, they led the way for the First Emperor.

They headed towards the Mausoleum.

Along the way, Ziying kept saying things to the First Emperor that seemed like nonsense. In one moment, he would say, “If the Palace of Eternal Life did not have Father Emperor, it would certainly be in disarray.” In another, he would say, “If Father Emperor continues to stay in the outside world, Ling Xiao would certainly be afraid of the consequences. It will cause many pointless trifles.”

Ziying had spoken too much. Xi Jia also started to have a bit of an understanding: Is this giving the First Emperor a way out?

As the First Emperor listened, his expression gradually improved. The more Ziying said that the “Mausoleum is inseparable from Father Emperor” and “Ling Xiao is simply not Father Emperor’s match,” the pace in which Qin Shi Huang’s headed towards the Mausoleum increased.

When they reached the outskirts, they could see the black shadows of Mt. Li in the distance. The First Emperor casually said, “We originally planned on letting you live on the sixth level in a few years time. Your strength when you were alive was too weak and could not stay for long in the Palace of Eternal Life. You would get a backlash from the yin energy there. Now this is just great, your magic power has lessened by a thousand years. If you truly live on the sixth floor, your soul would be scattered in a few days.”

Ziying and Xi Jia were simultaneously stunned in place.

Xi Jia turned his head to look at Ye Jingzhi. Master Ye kept his guard up against the mood-swinging Qin Shi Huang the entire way. Seeing that Xi Jia was looking at him, he shook his head and said, “I’ve also never heard of the theory of ghosts getting a backlash from too much yin energy.”

The First Emperor coldly said, “You are of the younger generation, naturally you would not know. No matter if they are a mortal or a ghost, they could only handle a certain amount of yin energy. The stronger your body is, the more yin energy it could handle.”

Xi Jia, “……” Then, what would he count as? He could handle so much yin energy, was he also very powerful?

Ziying knew Father Emperor was actually doing this for his own good so he sent him to the first level for punishment. His heart was moved. Seeing his Father Emperor, he forgot about his friend. How could he still think of Xi Jia and bother to ask for Xi Jia, “Why is Xi Jia still fine with such strong yin energy?”

When they walked and arrived at the ruins of the fake Terracotta Army Museum, the First Emperor said in disgust, “These ugly things, how are they Our Terracotta Army. Laughable!”

Xi Jia suddenly recalled the interview he had read on “Ghosts Know.”

So it turned out that the fake Terracotta Museum was personally destroyed by the First Emperor?

It must have been hard for Papa First Emperor to see so many shoddily made counterfeit figures of the Terracotta Army, burning his eyes.

When they were about to arrive at the Mausoleum, Ziying finally breathed a sigh of relief and no longer flattered Papa First Emperor or belittled Daddy Ling Xiao. Qin Shi Huang seemed to be in a good mood. He looked at his son who became silent and casually spoke, “You no longer need to go to the first level. Or else, it would truly take you a thousand years to recover your current strength. When We return, We will heal you and bring you to the Palace of Eternal Life. Without needing a month, you will be able to recover to normal.”

Ziying was overwhelmed from the favor, “Father Emperor!”

The First Emperor waved his hand, “You unfilial son, once We return, We will break your legs for wasting your elder brother’s opportunity for a long life.”

When the First Emperor said these kinds of words again, Ziying didn’t feel that bad anymore. All these years, he long saw through that Father Emperor favored his elder brother the most and doted on his younger brother the most. These were all facts, and he couldn’t change them. However, Father Emperor was also his Father Emperor. He also loved him. If he didn’t have this son in his heart, then why would he awaken from his deep slumber and waste his power to open the door to the Mausoleum for him and take him back? Now, why would he waste his power to heal him?

His Father Emperor was merely acting tsundere for a moment and couldn’t put down his face. He needed to find an excuse in order to heal his wound. Father Emperor didn’t purposely say these words to hurt him. Rather, he was just used to using this kind of method to interact with him.

En, my father is truly the best father in the world!

To the side, Xi Jia who had sensed Ziying’s change in mood, “……”

It’s because you’re so easily satisfied that you spoil your Papa First Emperor to the point he’s out of control, Ziying!

Can you not spoil him? You have to scold him and be cold to him a bit. By all means, you can’t brag about your dad everyday like before, ah!

Xi Jia was endlessly anxious. He had already made preparations. Later, after the First Emperor went back, he must burn a few books on the “Thick Black Theory” for Ziying so he could properly handle the First Emperor and not spoil him again.

Along the way, the four of them each had their own matters in their minds.

Papa First Emperor was thinking about Xi Jia’s scolding just now and started to reflect on whether or not he was a bit too heartless towards his son.

Ziying was immersed in the state of “Turns out dad still loves me.” Gradually, he headed towards the large path of bragging about dad with no return.

Xi Jia hated iron for not becoming steel. He really wanted to stand up for his good friend and throw a slap at this unreasonable father.

Ye Jingzhi was the simplest: Must protect wife properly, must protect wife properly, must protect wife properly. Important things must be said three times!

By the time they reached the Mausoleum, it was only three in the morning. The moonlight was like water, and the night was quiet. Qin Shi Huang only had ten-some layers of enchantments left on his body. Ling Xiao had already begun to gradually notice him. There was no time to lose.

However, just as the four of them returned to the Mausoleum, Xi Jia had just stepped into the range of the Mausoleum, and Qin Shi Huang hadn’t summoned his mausoleum palace, they heard an excited voice sound in the distance, “Hey! Let this old man capture you! Young Daoist Ye, Young Daoist Xi, quickly come over here. This old man’s Ling Xiao Imprisoning Dragons Array is precisely waiting for him, Qin Shi Huang. Qin Shi Huang, hand over your life!”

The voice fell. A blue dragon rose from the ground in a spiral, sealing the entire space.

Xi Jia dumbfoundedly watched Qishan-daoren come out from who knows where. Qin Shi Huang sneered and stomped his foot.


A clear and resonating dragon’s roar sounded from his body. In the next moment, a mighty and magnificent giant golden dragon flew out from the First Emperor’s body with a roar, rushing towards the small earthworm-like blue dragon. The blue dragon was so frightened that it turned around to flee. The golden dragon swatted it to death in one swipe. It lazily puffed a dragon’s breath through its nose before returning to the First Emperor’s body.

Qishan-daoren, “……”

Xi Jia, “……”

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

Ziying, “……”

The First Emperor, “Haha.” Playing with dragons in Our presence?

Qishan-daoren, “Well, I’ll be leaving first. Young Daoist Ye, Young Daoist Xi, this old man is a bit hungry and will go back home to eat. If there’s a chance, we’ll talk again. If there’s a chance, we’ll talk again……” After he finished talking, he broke into a run but was caught by the First Emperor.

The Author has something to say:
C+: Your Xuanxue world has never been reliable before!!! 【Except for Master Ye】
The Xuanxue world: We absolute won’t stand in for Qishan-daoren and carry the blame!!!

Translator’s Notes:
1 身体发肤授之父母。Our bodies – to every hair and bit of skin – are received by us from our parents. – part of a larger quote 身体发肤,受之父母,不敢毁伤,孝之始也 that adds on “we must not presume to injure or wound them.” This is from the Classics of Filial Piety.

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