End of World Businessman

Chapter 45.4: Temporary Stay at Qingmin (Middle) [4]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: HeXie

Chapter 45.4: Temporary Stay at Qingmin (Middle) [4]

Wu Ye, Qin Wuhua, and the rest were ready for them. The two of them had a sniper gun that was already aimed at the third-level zombies to kill them. However, the third-level zombies’ skins were thick, and they were really fast. Without the boost provided by special abilities, the bullet could only penetrate their skulls once they reached within 80 meters.

Yet. In this county, there were plenty of third-level zombies everywhere. So, before long, the two of them had taken out more than ten of them in spite of the short time.

In the meantime, Qian Xin, Yang Li Na, and Du Bangan, these three people were in charge of the heavy machine gun given to them. Since their aims were good, they were responsible for shooting at the zombies that were further away. All the while, affixing their abilities to the ammunition so that it would be effective against those zombies, and easing up the pressure on the others.

As for everyone else… well, all of them, except for Ji Yun, were holding onto their rifles and were sniping down the zombies that were gathering downstairs. These people were someone that Qin Wuhua had specifically picked out of everyone who applied. There was no doubt about their ability to handle guns. It was definitely top-notch. As such, they could almost make every shot count.

In Ji Yun’s case, he was sitting in the living room. However, he was not idle either as he was responsible for controlling the Craniotomy robot. He navigated it through the rain of bullets to collect the crystals.

When one just looked at it from the screen, it looked very similar to some racing games out there. Easy and fun. However, it was not. It really was not something easy at all. After all, not only did he have to avoid stray bullets, he also had to avoid the zombies that were trying to snatch the crystals as well. So, Ji Yun’s hands had almost turned into streaks of light while he was operating the robot.

He was comparable to the professional gamers who played games as their career before the apocalypse descended on them. In fact, even professional gamers might not be able to do better than what he did right now. Yet, even with the level of skill he had shown, the Craniotomy robot still had taken a few hits. Fortunately for them, nothing vital was hit, and the robot managed to stay on the battlefield to gather the spoil. If it was the Second Young Master Wu who was behind the wheel so to say, the Craniotomy robot would turn into a sieve within minutes.

Still, it had only been less than an hour since the battle started, but already more than two thousand or so bullets were used up. Noticing this, Qin Wuhua gestured to the others to stop attacking. Despite that order, though, everyone still kept their guns with them, ready to use them again at a moments notice.

But Qin Wuhua’s following order made it clear that they were done for the moment. So, they complied with his order and started to busy themselves with their tasks. Some of them were responsible for dragging the Craniotomy robot up for the sixth time, while the others were responsible for spraying the zombie repellent. After spraying that, everyone hid themselves inside the sealed enclosed room they had chosen as their attack point.

Tension slightly loosening, Wu Ye began to count the number of crystals they earned this time and found they had 58 orange crystals, 212 red crystals, 324 crimson crystals, 428 pink crystals, and 569 transparent crystals. Altogether, it totaled up to 1591 crystals, which equaled that of 22.340 transparent crystals.

And considering their harvest, it could be estimated that there were around 85% of zombies that dropped low-level crystals nuclei. It was much higher than the 65% ‘drop rate’ at the hunting zone. However, for red crystals, crimson crystals, and pink crystals, the number of those they obtained had exceeded the amount generally gained at the hunting zones. It was especially the case for the red crystals.

The number of red crystals they got during this one hour or so had definitely exceeded those who hunted at the hunting zone. Altogether, their earnings for this less than one hour battle was out of Qin Wuhua’s anticipation and everyone’s expectation by a far margin.

Even if they split it evenly, Qin Wuhua was sure that the twelve of them had earned more than 1800 transparent crystals per person in just one hour. It was almost the same as the amount they would earn when they went to the hunting zones and hunted for days and hours. Furthermore, they remembered the big boss’s promise of rewards, so everyone was in an extremely happy mood.

Wu Ye then said, “Ji Yun, you first record the numbers of these crystals. After that, give it to me. I’ll temporarily keep them for now. Once we return to Lan Cheng Base, I’ll then divide them out accordingly. And if anyone wants to practice your abilities, tell me in advance, so I can give you your portion in advance. Of course, what you can get in advance is going to consist of crystals that are lower-level than the red crystals.”

Currently, Wu Ye was at a point where he was lacking orange crystals. So, no matter how generous his personality was, he was still reluctant to share them with others. Then again, for ability users in their group, whose ability had only reached second-order, the lower-level crimson crystals were enough. As such no one had any objections.

Wu Ye then ordered for a half an hour break before giving some of the hunters, who had wanted to advance, the crystals they needed. And using the pretext that they had to discuss something in private, he and Qin Wuhua went to the airtight room in the next unit.

There he began to discuss their current predicament with Wuhua. Wu Ye told him that even after giving all 58 orange crystals they earned this time to the system, he had still owed it a total of 28 orange crystals.

Furthermore, the price of ammunition that was sold by the system would only be more expensive than the ones sold in Lan Cheng Base. The fake AK47 machine gun bullets cost 100 points and 50 transparent crystals for 100 rounds. And so was the cost for the heavy machine gun’s ammunition. Meanwhile, the price for the sniper’s bullet was 200 points and 10 crimson crystals for 200 rounds. The price was four times than that of the standard round from the black market of this world. Honestly, it shouldn’t surprise Wu Ye so much especially since he knew how fraudulent it was.

Despite knowing that he had to give the yellow crystals to the system, Wu Ye was still highly reluctant to give it a lowered price. But in the end, he gritted his teeth, and vowed to pay his debt to the system. Knowing that only through hunting would he be able to erase his debt, he set his sight on the 200 sniper bullets and bargained with the system for quite a while.

Finally, the system relented and lowered the price to only twice as expensive as the one in the black market. Even though it was already discounted, Wu Ye still gritted his teeth even as he bought 200 sniper bullets. Then, while the others rested, he and Qin Wuhua went up together against the third-level zombies with only guns as their equipment.

Twenty minutes later, they had finally accumulated enough orange crystals to pay off Wu Ye’s debt, and he jumped up in excitement.

It’s so nice to be debt free! Anyway, let’s see whether that damned system would dare to get shifty with me in the future!

Suddenly, a hand reached forward and rubbed Wu Ye’s cheek. Taken aback, Wu Ye raised his pretty peach blossom eyes and stared blankly at Qin Wuhua, waiting to hear his reason. However, he only heard Qin Wuhua softly saying: “You’ve something dirty on your cheeks.”

At this, Second Young Master Wu’s face, that was thicker than the city’s wall, inexplicably turned red without reason. Not only that, he also felt that the place where Qin Wuhua’s fingertips touched burnt redder than the others.

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