Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 45 - Shy

Chapter 45 - Shy

“Hehehe, thanking His Majesty for the reward.” Su Yu couldn’t help grinning while holding the golf ingot.

Wang Gonggong lips twitched.

When the Emperor said that he would reward Xian Fei with gold and silver, he tried to change his mind, thinking that it was too unsophisticated and that it was hard for ordinary concubines to accept it.

Now it seems that… these two were really a match made in heaven.

“His Majesty is busy today, so he won’t come over for dinner. Niangniang please help taking care of the divine cat. ” Wang Gonggong put a basket on the table.

In the small basket weaved out of fine cane, there was a thick bright yellow cushion, and on it sat a golden kitten with its chin up, beside him also lay a chubby white and yellow kitten.

“Sauce!” Su Yu was a little disappointed when he heard that the Emperor was not coming.

Since he fell in love with that person, he naturally wanted to see him all the time, but when he saw the kitten, he immediately forgot everything.

Throwing the gold ingot back into the chest, he picked up the golden kitten and kissed it on its slightly raised furry chin.

“I haven’t seen you in days!”

An Hongche pursed his ears, then raised his paw and pushed Su Yu’s mouth away. Zhen knows you like me very much, but there are too many people here, it’s really indecent.

He turned his head and glared at Wang Gonggong who was still standing there. The latter immediately understood and quickly asked to be excused.

“What do you want to eat for dinner? From now on the Emperor’s share will be under my control. Haha, we can have whatever we want to eat, today we have hairy crabs and sea shrimp, which one should we eat?” Su Yu held the cat in his arms and was ready to take him to cook.

“Meow…”Hearing that there was something delicious to eat, the little furball in the basket couldn’t help crying out.

“Little fatty!” Su Yu’s eyes lit up.

He was talking to Sauce but he didn’t notice that there was still a cat in the basket. The Emperor is really kind, he also kept the little wild cat he found today to raise.

“Then you two can play first, I’ll cook some delicious food for you.” Su Yu thought for a moment and put the kitten in his arms back.

His Sauce is highly spiritual and never makes trouble in the kitchen, but if other cats go they might make a mess.

As soon as the golden kitten was put into the basket, it bit the little chubby cat’s ear, and the little chubby kitten immediately meowed.

“Don’t fight, take good care of your younger brother.” Su Yu patted the golden kitten on the head, then looked at the struggling little chubby kitten and muttered.

“Is it a younger brother, ba? If it’s a younger sister, then all the most he can’t bully her, ah.”

“Meow meow meow…”Of course it’s a younger brother! His Royal Highness King Zhao protested while saving his ears. Unfortunately, Su Yu couldn’t understand and went to the kitchen happily.

“I was wrong, I was wrong! I just want to say that I want to eat too, who knew he would put you down!” His Royal Highness King Zhao kicked his short hind legs, trying to push his older brother down.

The golden kitten hugged his younger brother’s round head and took hard two bites, he then kicked him away. Pooh pooh, it spat out two mouthfuls of fur, then it lay on the edge of the basket and sulked.

He shouldn’t have been soft-hearted and brought his younger brother to dinner.

His Royal Highness King Zhao stretched out his paws to tidy up the uneven fur on the top of his head, however, his head was too big and he couldn’t reach the top, so he had to give up. He came up to his elder brother with a “Cockscomb hair-style”.

“Brother, why don’t you turn into a human?” In the hunting grounds today he already said so much, so he should strike while the iron is hot.

“Too much nonsense!” An Hongche gave his younger brother a slap with his paw and his ears twitched.

Hmph, he accidentally said something embarrassing today, he won’t let the stupid slave laugh at him. Wait he forgets today, then, then he will talk again…

His Royal Highness King Zhao stared at his older brother’s furry ears with big round eyes, as if he saw something rare, and suddenly said: “Brother, you are not shy, are you?”

His Majesty slowly turned his head, narrowing his amber eyes as he looked at his younger brother. He slowly raised a furry paw and with a ‘swish’ five shiny blades appeared.

When Su Yu came back from cooking, he saw the golden kitten squatting at the table leisurely licking its paws, while the chubby kitten was lying listlessly beside the overturned basket.

“Not fighting, ba?” Su Yu put down the hairy crab with a smile.

“Come and eat crabs.”

Hairy crabs were delicious and were best eaten steamed. At noon, those fragrant swimming crabs aroused Su Yu’s appetite, so he couldn’t help cooking steamed hairy crabs.

The steamed crabs showed an attractive orange-red color, knocking open the crab tongs revealed a piece of white crab meat the size of one’s fingers. The Emperor was not there, so there was no need to be fussy.

Su Yu directly picked up the crab meat with his hands, dipped it in some crab vinegar, and filled his mouth. The tender texture, tasty meat flavor, and his special crab vinegar made a delicious and long aftertaste.

The four cat eyes on the table followed Su Yu’s movements one by one, the two furry heads shook left and right with his white fingers and watched him use the tip of one crab leg to scoop out the thin meat in the other.

“Meow--” The golden kitten stepped forward, squatting in front of Su Yu, then he scratched Su Yu’s arm with a meat pad without his claws extended.

Su Yu looked down, and the furry kitten looked up. It was obviously begging but its face was still full of pride as if to say. “Stupid slave, what are you waiting for, hurry up and make an offering!” The little chubby cat at the side was not so polite, directly hugging a hairy crab and gnawing it.

He smiled and handed over the crab leg meat that he had prepared for the cat, but the golden kitten turned his head in disgust and used his tail to point at the dish with crab vinegar.

Su Yu was helpless and could only give him a little less sauce. Sauce always liked to eat things with a strong taste, he was really worried that this guy would damage his body.

“Meow!” When the little chubby cat saw it, he dropped the crab that couldn’t be chewed. He wanted to eat that too.

“Niangniang, please permit this slave to do it, ba.” The head palace maid behind him came forward and picked up the tools for cracking crabs on the table.

Su Yu was overwhelmed by the two kittens, so he nodded when he heard that and handed over the task of cracking open the crabs to the head palace maid. He concentrated on dipping the crab meat in vinegar and divided it equally between the two small plates.

The palace maid was very skillful in handling crabs, she pried open the crab shell, took out the small plates that couldn’t be eaten, dug out the crab meat with a small spoon, then cracked open the crab tongs and pushed open the crab leg, quickly picking out all the edible meat and placing it neatly on the plate.

Su Yu couldn’t help glancing at the palace maid, the head palace maid Ye Yuan, who usually managed the arrangements of the furnishings of Yexiao Palace. Unexpectedly, she can handle ingredients very well, it seems that she can be asked to help in the kitchen in the future.

After having dinner, Su Yu put the two kittens on the bed and pounced after them himself, but the little chubby kitten struggled to get out of bed and got back into his basket in two to three steps, vowing not to go to the bed.

What a joke, if he sleeps in his older brother’s concubine’s bed, he will definitely become a ‘younger sister’ tomorrow.

Su Yu looked regretfully at the chubby furball that had shrunk into a ball, thinking that fleshy texture must feel very good to the touch, but it was a pity that the kitten was shy with strangers and never let him touch it.

A forcefully picked melon is not sweet, so Su Yu stopped caring about the little chubby cat and blissfully buried his face in the golden fur.

“Sauce, let me tell you something big.” Su Yu nudged his warm little paw with his nose and showed a foolish smile.

“Today, the Emperor confessed to me!”

Confessed? His Majesty lifted his eyelids and glanced at him. What nonsense is this stupid slave talking about, what do you mean by confessed?

“He said, Zhen likes you so much, hehehe…” The corners of Su Yu’s mouth couldn’t help but rise.

When he was in school, some girls also confessed to him. At that time he only felt a little proud, but it didn’t make him feel as excited as he does today. Thinking of the majestic Emperor, who looked cold and irritable, but was actually awkward and shy, he couldn’t help but want to roll on the bed.

Shut up! The fur on the golden kitten’s tail suddenly exploded, and he raised his paw to shut Su Yu’s chattering mouth. Su Yu immediately kissed the small meat pad, but he unexpectedly got a slap, falling to the ground in a smooth motion.

“Hehehe, how can there be such a good thing? I like him and he just happens to like me, hehehe…”

His Majesty, who had just started to bare his teeth, paused and used his hind paw to scratch his ears. Stupid slave, what did you just say?

Su Yu babbled to the golden kitten for a long time, but His Majesty's patience seemed to be particularly good tonight, lying lazily on Su Yu’s chest with his long tail swinging leisurely. Listening in a cheerful mood with the white furry tip of his tail swaying slightly.

“Sauce, how come I never see you with the Emperor? Come along with him tomorrow.” Su Yu stretched out his hand and held the tip of his tail, then rubbed it against his nose.

Imagining the Emperor’s cold face while holding Sauce, one person and one cat showing the same haughty expression, he suddenly felt his wolf’s blood boiling.

The long tail stiffened for a moment and suddenly pulled out of Su Yu’s hand, so Su Yu went to catch it again.

His Royal Highness King Zhao, who was sleeping in the basket, covered his eyes with his paws.

It’s over, not only did I hear but I also saw so many things that shouldn’t be seen. I don’t think that I can even turn into a ‘younger sister’ tomorrow, my life will be in danger…

He quietly climbed out of the basket, jumped onto the windowsill, and used his short legs to leap over the window edge. I’d better go sleep in the side palace hall, ba.

The night was deep. In a trance, Su Yu felt a pair of cool thin lips pressing against his own, with a faint fragrance of green grass. The dream was gradually tinged with beautiful colors, warm and charming, letting people sink into it gradually, not knowing when would the night end.

The next day, Su Yu opened his eyes and stared at the curtain for a long time. He slowly raised his hand and held his head which was gradually beginning to emit smoke.

He actually had such a dream and the object of his dream… At the last moment, he saw that exquisite and impeccable handsome face, who was it if not the Emperor?

“Sauce, I’m hopeless.” Su Yu looked at the cat on his chest with a sad face. Suddenly, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, for some reason his undergarment was torn open with two holes. The fluffy golden kitten was sleeping soundly inside his inner shirt, a warm meat pad was still covering a pink spot, unconsciously pressing it in his dream.

The author has something to say:

Little Teather:

<There must be a good dream on such a beautiful night>

Little Fish: (X Dream)...ehehehe, hehehehe…

State Teacher: (Sweet Dream)...boiled fish, spicy crab, spicy crabfish…

Younger Brother: (Nightmare)...All the people knelt down and shouted in unison “Paying respects to Princess Zhao”...


Ye Yuan -> Night kite/small hawk

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