Helping with Adventurer Party Management

Chapter 45: The leather street

There is a block where people specializing in leather have workshops.

Normally, places called leather streets are located in 3rd city streets close to the city walls.

They are consolidated and they are joining eaves.


“… After all, it’s hot here.”


“Kora, do not say it loudly, be careful as there are many hard-hearted people here.”


From the workshops, the smell of smoke or chemicals boiling something rises

The rough old men wearing skin gloves got busy standing with work.


“I came for the first time, but he seems to be busy.”


Processing animals’ skin to leather requires complicated steps,

Those specialists, just like the modern world are complex

They are densely interacting with each other’s intermediate products.


“Oh, they are supposed to be unable to work at night.

I guess the leather which is immersed in medicine was turned into it due to the process last night.”


In the range that I know, after peeling off the animal’s skin, scoop the inner meat and fat, boil it with salt, wash with chemicals, tan it with tannin,

And, it is supposed to become leather like the development figure of the animal (skin) called hides.


Drugs used in that process are carcinogenic, so it is difficult to be used.

There are memories of traders in tokyo that were forced to go out of business.


The leathers circulated were overwhelmingly pigs and cows followed after it.


However, there are many points that are not applicable in this world.


“Wow, that skin is huge, is it a huge deer?”


The biggest difference is that there is circulating skin for a monsters material.

The flesh of the demobilized demon is thrown away on the spot, but the skin is different.


Since you get reward when you take it home, most animal type monster skin will be taken to the guild.

It gets sold and comes to the leather district.


I heard that the skin of a human demon is also used in the same way

But I have not seen it before.


There is a rumor that there is a professional dealer that handles every type of monster skin.


The demon wolf and the man-eating giant ogre, the shapes of leather is also different.

The thickness and tanning process will be different. Hence the chemicals used may be different.


In short, if you want to make shoes for an adventurer, leather procurement is important.

As a specialty trader, it’s useless to suppress the party here.


At least, the guild will give some space to see what profits could come to prevent others from disturbing you.

It is necessary to make a relationship.



Even if you become lean to purchase leather via shoe guild,

If you keep the price of raw materials down, you can prevent it from breaking the market.

I guess.

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