End of World Businessman

Chapter 46.1: Temporary Stay at Qingmin (Last) [1]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: HeXie

Chapter 46.1: Temporary Stay at Qingmin (Last) [1]

Seeing Wu Ye’s abruptly reddening face, Qin Wuhua’s heart skipped a beat as a suspicion he did not quite believe began to arise in his heart. While he was still distracted by the surge of hope that burst forth at that thought, Wu Ye dropped a sentence with a flaming face. “I’m going next door to collect the crystals nucleus.”

Then, he immediately left, as if he was escaping from something — something that not even Wu Ye himself was sure about. His face all red-faced and peppered with guilt. And he was gone before Qin Wuhua could process it in his mind.

At this time, in the adjacent room, Yang Qi and the others had already pulled the Craniotomy robot up. But seeing the way Wu Ye and Qin Wuhua hunted and collected so many orange crystals in such a short period of time made everyone envious and wished that they could do it themselves.

When Wu Ye entered the adjacent room the others were in, he ordered them to rest for a while more. He then took the crystals with him and returned back to the room Qin Wuhua was in. Pointedly ignoring Qin Wuhua, Wu Ye focused on communicating with the system.

After clearing up his debt, Wu Ye pondered for a bit before exchanging for 2000 assault rifle ammunitions, 4000 heavy machine gun ammunitions, and 500 sniper rifle ammunitions from the system. In total, it cost around 8000 points, which was equivalent to 4000 transparent crystals.

Once done with the exchange, Wu Ye roughly calculated everything. In the past hour, both he and Qin Wuhua had earned about slightly more than 9200 points in total. And according to the decided shares proportions, he could get about 15000 transparent crystals.

He had brought around 2000 or more ammunitions as a contingency and they were bought from Lan Cheng Base at around 4000 transparent crystals. And if the same amount was exchanged from the system, he believed the cost would be equivalent to 3400 points or around 1700 transparent crystals.

According to this standard he had decided for the group, in one hour of his hunting with Qin Wuhua, he had made a net profit of around 5800 points and 13000 transparent crystals. It looked and sounded like it was a lot. But in reality, just the number of orange crystals, red crystals, and other crystal nuclei that he and Qin Wuhua had hunted alone were worth more than 14000 transparent crystals.

Therefore, the disbursement method he implemented didn’t actually let him earn anything from the other hunters that had joined his team. In fact, Qin Wuhua really lost a lot due to the way he set the disbursement. Because the amount Wu Ye actually earned was basically equivalent to the amount Qin Wuhua would be losing.

“Why do you look so worried as if there’s something heavy weighing on your mind?” Qin Wuhua questioned. His mood souring alongside Wu Ye’s when he saw Wu Ye seemed to have wilted all of a sudden while he was looking at the pile of bullets before him.

“It’s nothing. I’m just thinking that the disbursement plan I had come up with isn’t too good. You’re losing too much from this arrangement.” Wu Ye admitted, feeling disheartened at his realization. Because to him, Qin Wuhua was now one of his best friends and brother, just like Peng Zhi and the others. And that was why, the moment he thought he had done something that only harmed his friend, the Second Young Master Wu began to feel very uncomfortable.

Once he heard the reasoning behind Wu Ye’s sudden downcasted mood, Qin Wuhua’s mood turned great all at once. Because this meant that in Wu Ye’s heart, he was truly different from the rest, and the implication behind this buoyed Qin Wuhua’s heart greatly. And that was why when he recalled Wu Ye’s red face just now, Qin Wuhua’s heart felt as sweet as if he had drank some honey.

Not willing to let Wu Ye stuck in his mood, Qin Wuhua wrote ‘cultivation technique’ on the ground. He then motioned Wu Ye to read it before he wiped it away. Additionally, in case there were eavesdroppers, he also smiled at Wu Ye and said, “Have you forgotten that we are comrades? Maybe someday you might find that you’re the one losing out instead of me.”

After all, compared to crystals nucleus, Qin Wuhua was more concerned about his own abilities. Because as long as he was powerful enough, then wouldn’t he be able to get as many crystals nucleus as he wanted? Besides, no one would be able to keep their wealth without having strength in this apocalypse, no matter how much of it you had.

So, to Qin Wuhua, if Wu Ye could give him a cultivation technique for his thunder ability, it would be worth it. It would be absolutely worth it no matter how long he had to work for nothing for Wu Ye. Of course, that was beside the point because what he loved most was the feeling of being someone Wu Ye cared about, of being someone Wu Ye took into his heart.

When Wu Ye heard Qin Wuhua’s words, his mood brightened up at once. However, despite Qin Wuhua’s assurance, he still did not like causing his friend to lose out. That was why he decided. Once he had earned enough crystals nucleus and points in the future, he would exchange a higher-level cultivation technique for Qin Wuhua.

Qin Wuhua was slightly entranced when he saw that Wu Ye was beginning to smile with his eyebrows curved with two dimples beginning to show on his cheek. He looked really cute and pretty; just like that little tabby cat in his grandfather’s shop. One who would boast and show off to him whenever it caught little mice. As such, once again, Qin Wuhua couldn’t stop himself from reaching out to ruffle the other man’s hair fondly.

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