End of World Businessman

Chapter 46.2: Temporary Stay at Qingmin (Last) [2]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: HeXie

Chapter 46.2: Temporary Stay at Qingmin (Last) [2]

Not willing to what he perceived as being babied, Wu Ye immediately swatted Qin Wuhua’s hand aside and scowled. “Don’t keep ruffling my hair. You’re messing my hairstyle up.”

However, Qin Wuhua took one look at Wu Ye’s hair that resembled a chicken nest and laughed, slowly and with a low voice. “You call that a hairstyle?”

Ever since that accident happened to his family two months ago, Wu Ye hadn’t visited a hairdresser. That was why his originally stylish hairstyle had long since deteriorated. It simply had grown too long without being tended. Furthermore, recently, he was too busy earning crystals nucleus and killing zombies. He simply had no time to take care of it or keep it neat. As such, some of the long part and short part of his hairs got flattened together while the others got stuck up, as if he had just woken up from sleep — it was so messy it was ruining his pretty face.

Unwilling to admit the truth, Wu Ye glared at him angrily and retorted. “How is this not a hairstyle? It was fine just now, but because of you just had to ruffle it! Even though I asked you to stop… you wouldn’t!”

Seeing the way Wu Ye puffed up his cheek, Qin Wuhua calmly retrieved his hand. Privately, he thought that Wu Ye’s hair was fine just as it was. It might be a mess, but it was still smooth and silky. In short, it felt really good to touch.

However, since Wu Ye didn’t want him to mess with his hair, Qin Wuhua decided to stop for the moment. After all, he could always mess with it at night. In any case, when the little guy slept, he always slept like a pig. And he wouldn’t wake up no matter what he did… At this moment, the top of Qin Wuhua’s ears silently turned red even though he was not thinking of anything dirty.

The Second Young Master Wu did not notice Qin Wuhua’s sudden bashfulness. He was still mumbling on, feeling upset. “Can a guy’s head be touched casually?”

It was not odd that Wu Ye was feeling upset. After all, when one just looked at the surface, Wu Ye’s baby face was similar to a doll. One could hardly be intimidated by him. And when he was young, he looked very cute.

At that time, every time he went out with his mother, people would always come to him to pinch his cheeks and ruffle his hair. In Wu Ye’s opinion, it was all those people’s fault that he couldn’t become taller and still had his baby face. It was because they had always ruffled his hair and pinched his cheek! It was because they couldn’t keep their hand to himself that he couldn’t grow into a manly man.

Wu Ye pouted, swimming in indignation.

However, Qin Wuhua merely took the initiative to lean his head down towards Wu Ye and offered, “You can touch my head. I don’t mind.”

Some people said that a real male god was someone who could retain a bald hair style and still looked good. So, when Wu Ye saw Qin Wuhua’s super short hair that didn’t lose out to how Mi Shuai’s own hair was like when he had broken out of jail… combined with the the sexy stubble on his chin and that chiselled, handsome face that didn’t lose out even when it was compared to Mi Shuai’s face… Wu Ye silently teared up in his heart.

He remembered the time when he had gone for a similar caliper hairstyle, and felt even more bitter. Because of this style, his face looked very round with a fuzzy head. And when his mother and father saw him, they had laughed. Furthermore, they even called him a little monk who had just returned to society. Not only his parents, even Ah Li, that heartless little brother of his, laughed to the point he lost his breath.

As for Pang Zhi and the others, those scoundrel friends of his, they were… never mind, the more he said the sadder he would be.

So, shaking the memory away, the Second Young Master Wu hummed and rebuffed the offer away. “Who’s interested in that? Go. Tell them to come and collect their ammunition. I think they’ve taken a long enough break. It’s time for them to work and for me to rest.”

Seeing this, Qin Wuhua forcefully suppressed his laughter and said teasingly, “You really aren’t interested?”

Mullish, the Second Young Master Wu muttered, “I remember that you used to be quite serious and taciturn. You used to dislike talking, so why do you have so many words to say recently?”

At that, Qin Wuhua straightened his body up, feeling slightly guilty as he said, “As old people always said, ‘Those who handle cinnabar are stained red; those who work with ink are stained black’.”

After all… How silly would he be if he kept quiet and said nothing when he was in front of the person he likes?

It was only when Qin Wuhua was already next door that Wu Ye finally got what he was talking about. This guy was ridiculing him for being too talkative! Hmph, you just wait for Lao-zi, see how lao-zi will sort you out!

Though he thought that way, Wu Ye himself was not someone who would stay angry for too long. So, after distributing the ammunition to the others and making some arrangement, he had already completely forgotten what had happened before. Thus, he just tossed two handfuls of crystals nuclei to Qin Wuhua and took some for himself. Then, ignoring everyone, he shut himself in the room to cultivate and recover his stamina.

That day, they had a feeling that they were destined to have a great harvest. And their feeling was proven right, because Wu Ye got really happy when he counted the number of orange crystals they submitted to him when they returned at seven in the evening.

Because there were more than two hundred of orange crystals — enough for him to exchange two gene repair solutions for Ah Li. Furthermore, there might be enough excess crystals for him to exchange for a cultivation method for Qin Wuhua.

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