Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 46.3: I’ll give myself to you, okay……?

Chapter 46 Part 3

After confirming why Qin Shi Huang was able to walk out of the Mausoleum this time, the great masters of the Xuanxue world let out a breath of relief. At this point, they finally had the mind to inquire Xi Jia why would Qin Shi Huang know what a reading machine was and even want Xi Jia to burn a reading machine for him.

Xi Jia had no choice but to tell these Celestial Masters that he had privately burned textbooks and reading machines for Ziying. After listening to him, this group of great masters unexpectedly did not blame him for secretly burning things to give to Qin San Shi and Qin Shi Huang in the Mausoleum. Instead, their eyes shined in excitement.

“Didn’t you just say you want to burn two cell phones over?”

Xi Jia nodded.

“Hurry! This poor daoist doesn’t believe that with a cell phone, how could Qin Shi Huang still have the energy to come out and exterminate the world!”

“Burn 10,000 novels for Qin Shi Huang and Qin San Shi. They would definitely continue reading without stopping.”

“This old man wants to make amends, this old man wants to make amends! This old man has a recommendation of a fun game for the First Emperor and guarantee that after the First Emperor plays, forget about leaving the Mausoleum, he won’t even be able to put down the phone.”

Everyone looked at Qishan-daoren.

Qishan-daoren confidently puffed his chest out, “Kings of Glory!”

Once Xi Jia heard him, he also felt it was very reasonable. He decided to remember to download that game before burning the cell phone.

After everyone heard they could burn things to Qin Shi Huang and Ziying, they each gave out their own ideas excitedly. This time, Xi Jia didn’t have to do it. Cengxiu-zhenjun stated that he would arrange for someone tomorrow to set up the internet at the Mausoleum. He ensured that the Mausoleum would have an above average high speed network tomorrow night and would absolutely let the First Emperor and Qin San Shi to play games without lagging, being able to play games for a whole lifetime.

The more they discussed, the more everyone thought that the First Emperor could really get addicted to games and wouldn’t come out to cause trouble in the future.

Ye Jingzhi didn’t understand these things. He quietly stayed to the side, listening to Xi Jia and these masters talk. Slowly, the sun rose from the east, and a new day had already arrived. Ye Jingzhi looked up at the place where the sun had rose from. The brilliant sunlight shined on his eyes, and the pair of gentle eyes was calm and tranquil.

However, in the right eye, the tiny black mole was already gone.

It was dawn. The discussion that the great masters of the Celestial World were conducting in fervor also came to an end. In high spirits, they assigned everyone a task. They must make Qin Shi Huang and Qin San Shi indulge in pleasure and forget everything else. It would be best if they never go out.

Xi Jia wrote it down on a memo: Need to give the First Emperor Kings of Glory so Ziying didn’t need to download it and prevent Ziying from becoming addicted to games and not learning properly; Also need to download some novels. En, what else……

At this moment, everyone forgot that there seemed to be a game character in the game with Kings in the name, and his name was Ying Zheng.1

When everything was arranged, the great masters suddenly recalled something. Each and every one of them turned their heads and looked at Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi with all smiles. Even Cengxiu-zhenjun, who had always been serious and reliable, also looked at Xi Jia with a strange and satisfactory expression.

Xi Jia rubbed his arms to wipe away the goosebumps.

Cengxiu-zhenjun deeply sighed, and he went forward to say, “Young Daoist Xi, this poor daoist is more than ten years older than Fellow Daoist Yi Lingzi. During my younger years, this poor daoist’s relationship with him wasn’t that great. But, this poor daoist has always admired and revered Fellow Daoist Yi Lingzi. Now, regarding Young Daoist Ye’s marriage, this poor daoist is willing to be his parental proxy at the wedding.”

Xi Jia: EXM? Meow meow meow?2

Master Buxing stepped forward, “Amitabha, Fellow Daoist Chengxiu, this poor monk is not happy with these words of yours. At that time, the Mt. Tai stone that Yi Lingzi gave to his disciple to be used as an engagement token, was something this poor monk had obtained with him after much difficulty. When young, you and Yi Lingzi didn’t get along. How could this matter of being the parental proxy be given to you? Of course, let this poor monk arrange things.”

Xi Jia became even more confused.

Qishan-daoren squeezed in with dissatisfaction, “What nonsense are you all talking about? This old man is actually the most appropriate to be the parental proxy. Thinking of that time, this old man went with Yi Lingzi and several fellow daoists to that old tomb. If it wasn’t for Yi Lingzi, that old rascal, taking down the millennium drought demon with him, this old man would’ve died in there already. Yi Lingzi……Sigh, this old man is the most suitable to be the parental proxy for the wedding of Yi Lingzi’s disciple. If Fellow Daoist Yi Lingzi in the Springs below would know, he would definitely think so.”3

Xi Jia felt really upset in his heart, but he also couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

What did Master Ye’s marriage have to do with him?

Could it be that these Celestial Masters found Master Ye’s future wife?

……found for real?

Xi Jia suddenly became disappointed.

But, even if they found Master Ye’s future wife, why would they talk to him about parental proxies?! This had nothing to do with him!

He watched these Celestial Masters already starting to bicker. Not only Cengxiu-zhenjun, Master Buxing, and Qishan-daoren, the other masters also want to act as parental proxy. They usually didn’t interact much with Ye Jingzhi during normal days, but at this time, they showed concern for Ye Jingzhi. It was precisely because there were these great masters secretly helping out all these years that Ye Jingzhi could grow up smoothly.

Xi Jia became dizzy from these Celestial Masters bickering. He didn’t understand what they’re talking about at all. He thought for a bit and turned his head to look at the person involved. He wanted to ask Master Ye to say a few words, but when his gaze landed on the other person, he suddenly froze.

“Master Ye!” His sharp and urgent voice suddenly sounded.

Hearing this voice, the great masters who were just arguing all stopped one after another and turned their heads to look over.

The scorching sun shined in the sky, and the morning sun was like fire. A young Celestial Master dressed in black stood to the side of the crow and gently raised his head to look towards the gradually rising sun. His face was immersed in the bright and blinding sunlight, but he didn’t feel like it was piercing his eyes. Instead, he kept on looking at the sun quietly as if he was bewitched by something.

Hearing Xi Jia calling his name, Ye Jingzhi slowly turned his head and looked at him.

The moment he turned his head, Cengxiu-zhenjun said in a low voice, “Not good,” and quickly pulled Xi Jia, retreating three steps.

The Celestial Masters of the Xuanxue world reacted within a few breaths. They all retreated several steps and watched the person surrounded in the fire-red sunlight.

Xi Jia widened his eyes and firmly stared at Ye Jingzhi’s scarlet red eyes.

The blood-like color filled his right eye. Slowly, the color spread to his left eye. In a few short seconds, both of Ye Jingzhi’s eyes became blood-red, his brows wrinkling bit by bit. His complexion was pale as if he was suffering from some immense pain. Earnestly looking at Xi Jia, he raised his feet as if he wanted to go in his direction.

Xi Jia anxiously wanted to rush over, but Cengxiu-zhenjun stopped him and wouldn’t let him move forward. At the same time, he laid down an enchantment.

“Jia Jia……” A hoarse male voice quietly sounded.

Xi Jia wasn’t able to rush forward. Cengxiu-zhenjun urgently said to him, “We already knew 21 years ago that Fellow Daoist Yi Lingzi’s seal wouldn’t hold for long. Young Daoist Ye’s Third Fiend would rush out of the seal sooner or later. This poor daoist and Qishan, Buxing……these years, we have been searching for a way to completely seal the Third Fiend, but with no lead. The only one with any ideas was Fellow Daoist Yi Lingzi who had already passed away more than 20 years ago. Before he passed, he didn’t tell us any methods.”

Ye Jingzhi clutched his chest in pain all of a sudden and fell to the ground.

When Xi Jia saw this, how could he still hear Cengxiu-zhenjun’s words. He struggled free from Cengxiu-zhenjun’s hands but was stopped by Master Buxing.

The amiable-looking round-faced monk shook his head and said, “The Body of Three Fiends, the baleful energy is soaring. The Third Fiend, Year Fiend, has been sealed for 21 entire years. Now, it is time for it to completely break out. Young Daoist Xi, you must not go forward at the moment and wait for the baleful energy to finish erupting. Young Daoist Ye will recover soon. If anyone goes up now, even if it was Fellow Daoist Yi Lingzi at that time, perhaps their bodies might explode and die from Young Daoist Ye’s baleful energy.”

Xi Jia looked at Master Buxing in a daze.

All of the Celestial Masters of the Xuanxue world stood five meters away. Looking at Ye Jingzhi painfully kneeling down on one knee, the endless baleful energy erupted from his body, sweeping over the entire vast wasteland of the Mausoleum.

The baleful energy eroded wherever it went, from grasses to scorched earth.

The life force of all living things disappeared without exception.

Master Buxing and Qishan-daoren had the best relationship with Yi Lingzi. They couldn’t bear to look at Ye Jingzhi in pain from the broken seal of the Year Fiend and turned their heads.

At this moment, Ye Jingzhi had already been swallowed up by the immense pain. The baleful energy that had been sealed for 21 full years was the strongest Year Fiend. Now that it suddenly erupted, the pain that he had to endure was no less than the Chamber of Saws. His eyes had long since turned red. He suddenly looked up. From his eyes, tears of blood actually flowed down.

Qishan-daoren moved forwards in a rush. When he was nearly hit by the baleful energy, he helplessly retreated once again, “Why would it be this early? Shouldn’t it erupt at 25 years? It’s actually ahead by four years. Why would it be early by four years!?”

Xi Jia fixed his eyes on Ye Jingzhi five meters away.

This was his first time seeing Ye Jingzhi like this.

Master Ye seemed to always be calm and tranquil as if nothing could pose a problem for him and nothing could bring him down. He would stand in front of you, use his body to block all attacks, and turn around to say to you, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Being together with him, you could be rest assured and let go of the entire world.

But now, he was holding his chest in pain, and blood-red tears slowly flowed down from his eyes. He looked up and blankly looked at Xi Jia in the distance. He reached out as if he wanted to touch him, but the tormenting and terrible pain made him suddenly withdraw his hand again.

“Jia Jia……”

“Jia Jia……Jia……”

Xi Jia’s heart hurt until it was uncontrollable. He suddenly brushed off Master Buxing’s hands, and Cengxiu-zhenjun blocked him again. He abruptly turned around, “How could I watch him suffer alone!”

Cengxiu-zhenjun was startled and seriously said, “Could it be that you want Young Daoist Ye to see you die in front of him after he recovers?”

Xi Jia suddenly froze.

Ye Jingzhi used one hand to prop himself up from the ground while looking up at Xi Jia in the distance with difficulty. He kept on calling “Jia Jia,” but Xi Jia could only stay in place, hide behind the enchantment, and watch him quietly groan in pain. Xi Jia’s eyes were red, and the rims of his eyes were brimming with tears, refusing to fall.

It was like Ye Jingzhi didn’t understand why Xi Jia wouldn’t come over and hold his hand. His reasoning was being overpowered by the baleful energy that suddenly exploded. He exerted himself to reach out, wanting to tightly hold Xi Jia’s hand as before, but he didn’t even have the strength to walk and could only shift over on the ground bit by bit.

Each time he moved forward a step, the masters of the Xuanxue world had no other choice but to maintain the enchantment and move back a step, keeping the distance at five meters.

Ye Jingzhi suddenly stopped. He looked at Xi Jia in the distance. Perhaps because the pain was too great, it had reached the point it of being numb. He quietly asked, “Jia Jia……Even you don’t want me either?…..”

Xi Jia’s nails dug into his palms.

Ye Jingzhi took out his Qiankun bag and pulled out the things inside one by one. He took out a lot of magic treasures, took out the modou, and even took out Wu Xiang Qing Li.

“These are my points, these are my magic treasures.”

“This is Wu Xiang Qing Li. It’s Wu Xiang Mountain’s inherited magic weapon, I can’t give you……”

“But, I can give myself to you, okay……?”

Ye Jingzhi’s eyes slightly trembled. The scarlet red eyes didn’t seem to tremble from the pain anymore. It seemed like he turned into a small child who was trying his hardest to beg others to come back. The first time he begged might probably be his parents before he was abandoned in front of the orphanage. The second time was his master, and later, his master died and left him.

Now, he was begging the last person in his life.

He tried hard to take every magic treasure out from inside his Qiankun bag to let Xi Jia see. The things piled up on the ground and became a small mountain. He looked up using those scarlet red eyes to look at Xi Jia with expectation. The boundless baleful energy rushed from his body, spreading across the entire world.

His voice was hoarse. It was also serious and cautious——

“I’ll give myself to you, okay……?”

His eyes slightly shook as he tried hard to look at Xi Jia as if he was looking at his last strand of hope. In the blood-red eyes, there was only helplessness and despair left. The panic and fear that was once suppressed in the lowest depths completely burst out at this moment.

You also really don’t want me anymore?……

Even you don’t want me too?

“Ye Jingzhi!”

Xi Jia used strength to break free from Cengxiu-zhenjun’s hands. He suddenly rushed into this world surrounded by baleful energy and held the man who was half-kneeling on the ground.

The Author has something to say:
Actually, this part was originally a sweet little part.
Sweet little part: Ghosts Know What I Experienced!
But don’t worry, this is a sweet novel, has to be sweet, the next chapter will continue to give candies =3= Don’t hit me T^T

Translator’s Notes:
1 Reminder, Kings of Glory is Arena of Valor in the international version, and Ying Zheng is Qin Shi Huang/First Emperor’s personal name. Not sure if he’s released yet in the international version b/c I don’t play, but here’s a link if you wanna see his character design.
2 EXM as in excuse me.
3 Springs as in the Yellow Springs aka the afterlife/hell.

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