End of World Businessman

Chapter 46.3: Temporary Stay at Qingmin (Last) [3]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: HeXie

Chapter 46.3: Temporary Stay at Qingmin (Last) [3]

After doing some calculation, they had earned around 120 thousand transparent crystals nuclei that day. And when he deducted all the cost, from the crystals that were used to exchange for the ammunition to the payment that would be given to the others, the Second Young Master Wu was sure that he had earned around 50 thousand transparent crystals.

Not only that, the points on the Second Young Master’s system account had also increased rapidly. From the initial 17000 points he had saved up to a whooping 42000 points, finally breaking his past savings, reaching an all time high for now.

Faced with the rapid increase of his wealth, the Second Young Master Wu got tempted. So, he continued exterminating the zombies for their crystal nuclei. He absorbed the energy from the zombies’ crystal nucleus and practiced the 《Basic Breathing Method》 and 《Highest Grade Water Controlling Technique》in tandem. Due to that, his second level gene enhancement had increased from the initial 5% to 75%.

Thus, he tried harder and made more effort, aiming to unlock his third level gene enhancement by the time he returned to Lan Cheng Base.

Because he had tasted the glory and respect he got from his own power. As such, Wu Ye’s original rejection of training and unlocking his gene chain rapidly diminished. This was especially so after he witnessed how vicious the fourth-level zombies were. Therefore, out of desire to survive and his preening, Wu Ye had become a lot more enthusiastic than ever before about cultivating his power.

Once he was done with that, it was time for dinner. And this time, unlike lunch, dinner was very sumptuous. Although it was still a hodgepodge, with the addition of vegetable oil and a variety of meats usually used for luncheon, such as ham, sausage, canned beef, as well as various vegetables, it tasted even better than before. Thus, everyone ate heartily in huge bites and drank in huge gulps, not leaving even the slightest leftover as the exhaustion from their day’s activities disappeared in the sounds of laughter.

Meanwhile, mountains upon mountains of zombies were burning brightly amidst the dancing flames at the base of the condominium. The group had lit a pyre so bright it almost lit up half of Cao Nan Street. At the same time, in the night winds, an unceasing howl came from the restless zombies.

Soon, the sun faded completely, and night fell. Wu Ye brought a tablet Peng Zijun and the others had gotten from the houses of some families. After getting Ji Yun to unlock it for him, he finally saw his cute little prince once again. The only pity he felt about this tablet was that there wasn’t a single game installed in it. Though, in its place, it had a whole load of movies and TV shows in it.

So, while Qin Wuhua was cultivating his ability to the side, Wu Ye was hugging the tablet close as he laid on the bed with earplugs in. He was ready, finally getting to watch the Wuxia movies that were filmed by the Hua countrymen on this side, and found that it was not any lesser than the Hollywood’s blockbusters films.

Not only were the fight scenes in the movie exciting and wondrous, the plot was also highly logical with appropriate compact and tense moments sprinkled all around the scene. And Wu Ye was thoroughly captivated with it. Combined with the brilliant acting of the casts, all of which were handsome men and pretty ladies, the Second Young Master Wu even held his breath on quite a few scenes.

Thus, after he finished watching the 120 minutes movie, the Second Young Master Wu shed two crocodile tears for the main character’s heroic ending.

“If only the domestic blockbusters movie producer can make such a good film, with such a good special effect, then the national soccer team could definitely win the world champion cup.” Wu Ye complained, his young master persona coming through, before his claws began poking around again. He clicked here and there, trying to find something interesting, when suddenly a video appeared on the screen.

The screen of the tablet brightened up, and soon, the sound of intimate panting that caused one’s heart-rate to increase and face to flushed in second-hand embarrassment came through his ear buds. After the sound, the camera zoomed into two white bodies on a king sized bed that were all wrapped up around each other. The two main characters were kissing passionately. Seeing this scene, the Second Young Master Wu’s face turned as red as a matured, rotten tomato while his mind went ‘hong’ as if a bomb had gone off in it.

The main characters in the film were none other than the two handsome men whose photo was hung on the wall of Wu Ye and Qin Wuhua’s temporary bedroom.

He was not a stranger to carnal relationships as shown in the film. After all, since he had become an adult, the Second Young Master Wu did indeed go wild with his scoundrel friends. However, because at that time his heart only had Lian Yu in it, along with being influenced by his parents' affectionate and loyal relationship with each other, he was absolutely not willing to play the whole ‘You’re willing, I’m willing’ game with others.

Therefore, even until today, he was still very much a ‘small chick’ or in other word, he was still a pure little boy. Just like many other men though, he admired the artistic and virtuous Mr. Cang and appreciated Ozawa-chan who was aesthetically pleasing while at the same time maintaining an air of sexiness as well. He had also watched variety of western movies on high definition discs — however, the only thing he hadn’t ever watched were gay films.

That was why when this film showed up on the tablet’s screen, he was completely caught off guard. And once his brain properly registered that what he saw was indeed the truth, his reaction was very wild. He did not feel repulsed in the slightest by the image and sounds that entered his senses. Instead, he was wondering something that was highly unbecoming of him, but he couldn’t help himself.

Why was that rugged looking guy the one who was the receiver?

Finally, a droplet of bright red blood dripped out of his nose and landed on the tablet’s screen with a light ‘pa-da’ sound.

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