End of World Businessman

Chapter 46.4: Temporary Stay at Qingmin (Last) [4]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: HeXie

Chapter 46.4: Temporary Stay at Qingmin (Last) [4]

“What’s the matter with you?” Qin Wuhua’s voice came through Wu Ye’s ears. He sounded anxious and worried.

At Qin Wuhua’s voice, Wu Ye blanked out for a second before he hurriedly stuffed the tablet under the covers, feeling inexplicable guilt for some reason. However, in his hurry, he must have pressed something wrong because the speaker suddenly turned on. Immediately, the sound of two guys moaning and panting emitted from the tablet, muffled by the blankets. Not only that, the sound of creaking bed from vigorous movement was also transmitted out. Thus, the sound of ‘pa-pa-pa-pa’ filled the otherwise hushed space.

I, fuck, fuck-fuck, fuck-fuck-fuck, fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck.

“I…” The Second Young Master couldn’t finish his words, conflicted with himself over how to explain this situation.

However, Qin Wuhua did not react as he expected, merely handing him a napkin without changing his expression.

“Wipe it.”

How… how shameful! Damn it, I couldn’t ever hold my head up again! Even if I leapt into the yellow river, I couldn’t wash myself clean of this shame! Wu Ye thought as his face reddened in chagrin.

Despite his shame, Wu Ye covered his nose, seemingly wanting to find a crack in the ground he could hide himself in. At that time, Qin Wuhua reached over and dragged the tablet out from under the duvets where Wu Ye had shoved it into. He glanced at it before turning it off, not showing any discernible emotions that Wu Ye could see. Then, while Wu Ye prepared himself for something, Qin Wuhua simply said, “It’s quite late now. Let’s sleep earlier.”

“... Oh.” Wu Ye’s mental preparation turned out to not be needed. However, lying on the bed, the Second Young Master still tried to speak for a long while. And finally, he stammered a weak, “That, what, I, I didn’t mean to look, I don’t like guys.”

Due to Wu Ye’s embarrassment, he was unable to see the corner of Qin Wuhua’s mouth rise up. As such, Qin Wuhua was able to play it cool and asked Wu Ye with voice lowered sexily, “Why do you need to explain that to me?”

Oh, right. Why do I want to explain it to Wuhua? I did nothing wrong… right?

Despite his thought, a strange flash of guilt filled Wu Ye’s heart, making him uncomfortable. So, trying to chase the feeling away, Wu Ye forcefully said, “I was afraid you’d misunderstand.”

“Misunderstand what?” Qin Wuhua questioned. And the less confident Wu Ye looked, the happier Qin Wuhua felt as shown by the way the corner of his lips lifted higher and higher. And that was because Wu Ye’s self-doubting behavior meant that he had a chance. Alas…

“I’m afraid you will mistake me for a pervert who likes guys. I will tell you now, I only like women… nevermind, I’m not talking about this matter to you. I want to sleep, good night.” The Second Young Master exclaimed, trying to hide his flustered state. However, he really only made it more conspicuous when he dragged the blanket over to cover himself up entirely. Because his action was completely different from the past when he would keep talking about how hot it was.

“…” Qin Wuhua’s smile froze on his lips at Wu Ye’s continuous denial. Still, in the end, his lips twitched at Wu Ye’s antics.

Pervert, hehe.

Still, Qin Wuhua did not say anything and let Wu Ye get away with it. However, despite Qin Wuhua’s consideration, Wu Ye’s night was destined to be a sleepless one that night. His dream was plagued with spring dreams starring shadowy figures. And, once he woke up, a few scenes from the dream were still extraordinarily clear.

When he looked up, he saw the other main character staring in his dream still sleeping soundly. He then looked at the wet spot between his legs and blanched, face turning red and white alternatively before he immediately rolled into the bathroom.

Damn, pervert, your sister!

Meanwhile, Qin Wuhua slowly opened his eyes and raised his hand. He was staring at it, acting as if he could still see last night’s enchanting view through it.

In the bathroom, Wu Ye was rashly using his ability to wash himself thoroughly from inside to outside. And it was only after he finished his shower that he realised that his underwear had been completely drenched from his hurried action. Shrugging his shoulders, he immediately used his points and crystals nuclei to exchange for a new pair from the system, not even saying a word of complaint to it because he still felt harried by last night… ‘dream’.

Wu Ye sighed to himself before he returned back to the bedroom. He glanced at Qin Wuhua and exhaled, relieved to find that Qin Wuhua was still sleeping soundly on the bed. He then took a look at the clock on the bedside and found that it was just five o’clock in the morning. And for a long time, he just lingered on the edge of the bed, trying to mentally prepare himself before he finally gritted his teeth and laid back down on the bed.

However, when Wu Ye had just laid down, Qin Wuhua seemed like he had been ‘disturbed’ by Wu Ye’s movement and lightly turned around. His handsome sleeping face was facing Wu Ye’s own as his soft, even breathing huffed onto Wu Ye’s cheeks, causing Wu Ye’s slightly long hair that covered his ears to sway alongside the warm breath.

At that, Wu Ye felt that his ears were heating up. He was sure that his ears had become as red as a lobster, so he hurriedly covered his ear and retreated towards the side.

As soon as he moved aside, though, Qin Wuhua’s hand carelessly landed on Wu Ye’s abdomen. This caused the Second Young Master to immediately froze up and within a second, his face turned into a cooked prawn.

In the past, no matter how much physical contact he had with Qin Wuhua, Wu Ye did not feel anything. However, at this moment, Wu Ye felt that everything was wrong as his mind flashed back to the scene he had dreamt of. And as the scene kept replaying in his mind, Wu Ye soon despaired because his body was beginning to react again; even though he had subjected it to a cold, cold shower.

I, fuck, fuck-fuck, fuck-fuck-fuck, fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck.

The Second Young Master was so ashamed of his reaction that he became angry and threw Qin Wuhua’s arm aside. At that moment, Qin Wuhua ‘innocently’ opened his eyes and looked at Wu Ye with bleary eyes as he asked, “What is it?”

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