Helping with Adventurer Party Management

Chapter 46: Do You Think or Act?

Getting into negotiations right away, my weakness would be taken advantage of.


I started by counting the amount and type of leather entering and leaving the leather district.


Fortunately, since there is only one entrance where large carriages can enter and leave in the leather district

If you monitor it, you will not miss what’s coming in and out.


Sarah and I paid money to the house owners where we can see the entrance and borrowed a seat.

I began to mark the size and number of carriages entering and leaving the street.


“Why are you doing that?”


“It’s easy, to raise my knowledge of good leather.

I’m an amateur to leather. If I go to the craftsmen’s place

It will be overturned, or it is done with it being boring.


At least, I need to estimate rough figures here.


How much skin will be carried in one day, and will it become a raw leather?

What is the skin type that is coming in, and what type is missing?

How much of the chemicals and salt is being consumed?


Besides that, it is better to negotiate with a lot of materials.


Is the economy good or bad?


Are craft workers satisfied with their current treatment or not?


Which craft master is troubled with money, where is a good craftsmen?


I want to face negotiations after holding down a little information. “


” … It looks very troublesome. “


“Ah! I brought you to listen to that troublesome information.


Today, after seeing the whole picture, we will count and see how the leather district is seen,

We will observe it to decide the framework to explore our next situation. “


“What’s a framework?”


Asked Sarah, I point to the carriage that just came in.


Look at that carriage. Normally, a carriage of that size is restricted in town.

However, a transport carriages movement between the adventurer guild and the leather street is different.

A monster’s skin will be on the carriage.

You can see the types and numbers that are in stock there. “


Then I point to another carriage that loaded a barrel.


“Look at the barrel on that carriage, the color is dark, craftsmen handling them wear the leather gloves and cover their mouth. It’s most likely a processing agent.

I carry the medicine I use when processing leather.

When counting the number of barrels, you can see the number of leather being processed roughly.”


Then I point to another carriage that leaves from the street.


“That outgoing chariot is a horse-drawn carriage heading to the 2nd Street Ward,

There is a mark of the workshop.

Judging from its form, is it a devil wolf? Because it should become the packet with three pieces, but is it around 15 pieces? It is probably for making armour.”


Talking about that, I turn to Sarah.


“By doing this, the carriage that gets in or exits and the material it carries, its destination

when I count it and by doing this on a regular basis, I can grasp what is happening in leather district.


If there are many arrivals and fewer shipments, it is not sold or the craftsmen are short.

If there are few arrivals of chemical barrels, it’s decided due to the lack of craftsmen.

If the shipment to a famous workshop is small and it’s not sold, the economy should be bad. “


Sarah got arm in my arms, and after groaning all the way,


“Are you thinking about it too much? I’ll ask them, I will!”


She jumped out and went away.

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