Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 46 Mount Gui (NPC)

Here’s a list of names, in case someone couldn’t remember them:

Level 8 team
张章 Zhang Zhang (leader)
富春 Fu Chun (chef) - dead
尤星 You Xing (young girl)
杜凤 Du Feng (older sister)
杜军 Du Jun (younger brother)

Han Yu (Real estate agent)
Jiang Yiran (college young man)
Qi Shan (young girl)

With Furball's request to kill the snakes, collecting Longjing grass went very smoothly. The moment Lou Fan picked the 10th Longjing grass, the team’s watch made a long beep. Next, the Longjing grass in Lou Fan's hand disappeared. Stunned for a moment, Lou Fan immediately opened his backpack. Sure enough, the Longjing grass inside had disappeared as well.

The task on the watch shows 10/10 - the task has been completed.

Lou Fan turned his head to look at the other team members and said, "The Longjing grass has disappeared. This is the first time I saw the quest item disappear. I haven't encountered it before. Have you guys heard of it?"

In the previous mission world where they adjusted the clocks to the correct time, most of the 250 clocks were brought back to Lazuli. That’s why, Lou Fan thought that this time he should be able to bring the grasses back too, but Longjing Grass disappeared.

This time, even Wen Lang, the king of gossip, and Jiang Dong, a news collector, didn't know about this situation, and they didn't have much news in this regard. Since they don’t know anything about this, there’s nothing much can be done. The quest items are already taken away,  so they can only go back to Lazuli to ask other people.

After Furball killed the snake and ran back, Lou Fan handed it a butter bean, "Okay, the task is complete so there’s no need to look for Longjing grass anymore. Let's start looking for the exit."

Finally, their team has completed the task. Everyone began to eat some food to replenish their physical strength. As Lou Fan is drinking some water, he noticed Furball staring at his water bottle. So he poured out a little bit in the palm of his hand and gestured to Furball. Unexpectedly, it turned away in disgust.

After the team are done eating, Furball suddenly jumped to the ground and started running. Lou Fan called out twice and it stopped. But it only looked back at them and continued to run. Not knowing what Furball wanted to do, Lou Fan could only follow it forward.

After walking around for a long time, Furball stopped and in front of it is a rather large pool. Light shone down from the hole at the top of the pool, reflecting the pool's gleaming water. The water is clear, but one can't see what's underneath. Furball ran to the edge of the pool, walked to the edge of the shallow water, and began to drink water - it turned out to be thirsty.

Lou Fan walked over and tried to take a sip of the water. The water in the pool is clear and delicious, with a hint of sweetness. It is very delicious. "This water is delicious, it’s sweet." He turned his head and said to the other team members.

Chen Shuyang didn't need Lou Fan to say more and ran to the lake to drink. After drinking, he said, "This can’t be the place where Qitong drinks water, right?"

As a doctor, Jiang Dong has a keen feeling about his body, "I think after drinking it, I feel less tired and my thinking is much clearer."

Hearing Jiang Dong’s words, Chen Shuyang also felt it. He felt exhausted just now. He was exhausted all over his body and his mind was chaotic, but now these negative feelings have disappeared.

"These heavenly kinds of stuff are surely different," Wen Lang said. "Hey, I'm going to replace all the water in my bag with this."

Lou Fan stood on the edge of the pool and stared into the water. This time he brought the fish scale suit and little pearls with him. Will there be anything good at the bottom of the water? Driven by curiosity, he decided to go into the water.

"No, what if Qitong comes?" Qin Tan disagreed.

Lou Fan: "I'll be back soon. I’ll just go down and take a look. Just a look, and if there's nothing there, I'll return right away."

Knowing that he can’t win over Lou Fan, Qin Tan could only nod his head and requested Lou Fan to be back in 10 minutes.

Wen Lang cheered at the side, "Brother Lou, good luck. Also, don't hesitate if you see something good." Qin Tan gave Wen Lang a stern look, causing him to immediately hide behind Jiang Dong and didn't dare to speak anymore.

Chen Shuyang and Jiang Dong both told Lou Fan to be careful.

Originally, Qin Tan said he wanted to go down instead. But Lou Fan rejected it saying, "What if there is something good in the water, and ended up nothing when you go down because your hands are black (unlucky hand)?"

Qin Tan: This fact is simply irrefutable.

After changing into a fish scale suit and swallowing a small pearl, Lou Fan slowly went down the water with a headlamp on his head. Furball was originally standing by the water. When Lou Fan went into the water, it threw itself into the water with a plop.

The water is warm and moist, not cold at all, and Lou Fan even felt comfortable soaking in it. Since there are no other creatures in the water, he simply pulled the fish scale suit off and let the water wrap around his body. Then he noticed a white ball swimming to his side, and Furball's little eyes blinked at him.

So Furball can dive? Lou Fan is even more curious about what breed it is now, but with Furball accompanying, Lou Fan felt a lot more at ease. He kept diving, and the water didn't look deep, but at the moment he didn't think it is shallow at all. On the other hand, there is really nothing in the water. Suddenly, he glimpsed a flash of light. Lou Fan accelerated his speed and went downstream, only to find that it is the light emitted by the stones at the bottom of the pool. He swam down and found that they are actually jades like they grew underground. Lou Fan reached out to touch them but realized he couldn't pick them up at all. Looking around, there is nothing else, so Lou Fan can only return without success.

Emerging from the water, the other team members who were standing by the pool immediately surrounded Lou Fan, and Qin Tan pulled him up.

"There is nothing in the water, only some jades at the bottom of the pool, but I can't pick it up." Lou Fan said regretfully.

"Nothing is fine. It would be weird if you could find something good every time." They didn't hold out hope anyway, just letting Lou Fan satisfy his curiosity.

Qin Tan turned to get Lou Fan a towel. At the moment, Chen Shuyang is the one standing closest to Lou Fan. Chen Shuyang raised his glasses and asked, "Brother Lou, what is on your body? Why is it like a layer of mud?"

"Ah?" If Chen Shuyang didn’t ask, Lou Fan wouldn’t realize it yet. He looked down and saw that there is a black layer on his exposed skin. Touching it, Lou Fan asked with a disgusted tone, "What is this? There is nothing in the water, and the water is clean."

Qin Tan rubbed a handful from Lou Fan’s body and sniffed the black thing, which smelled a little stinky. "Go over there, take off the fish scale suit, and then wash it away with the pool water first. The black thing doesn’t have a particular smell. Wash it first and see if there is any discomfort."

Lou Fan nodded. Enduring nausea, he went to wash himself. Taking off his fish scale suit, he realized that he is covered with this kind of black stuff. Lou Fan reached out and touched his face; there’s even on his face. But after he washed it with water, the black thing went away. When he touched his skin with his hands, Lou Fan found that his skin is smooth and it felt quite comfortable.

Lou Fan is just getting dressed when there is a sound of fighting, accompanied by a female scream.

"It's Zhang Zhang and the others." Qin Tan said and immediately went to the voice.

They don't have to think to know that it is them. Zhang Zhang’s team must have encountered a Chang snake. Lou Fan immediately gets Furball to go with Qin Tan. Then he and the other team members followed closely behind.

When they arrived, the battle is already over, but the situation looked rather tragic.

Zhang Zhang is injured all over while Du Feng had a broken arm. She is covered in blood, and her face is pale. Du Jun who is also badly injured is helping to apply some medicine and dressing her wound. You Xing is a little better, compared to the others.

Seeing Qin Tan and the others, Zhang Zhang breathed a long sigh of relief, as if he had seen his relatives, "Finally found you." He looked tired and relieved.

"They look a bit miserable these days." Wen Lang whispered to Jiang Dong.

They are all from the same world after all, so Lou Fan and the others helped to bandage them with medicine.

Zhang Zhang proceed to say what happened to them these few days with a wry smile. After they used the spiderweb, they planned to find Qin Tan and the others, but there were many forks in the cave, and it is really difficult to find someone. They have hardly rested in the past few days, as they wanted to find Qin Tan and the others for help as soon as possible. But in the end, they couldn’t find anyone. At this moment, they are already lesser than 4 days from the end of the mission. There is no way. Zhang Zhang’s team can only start killing snakes. Unexpectedly, they encountered a higher hurdle this time - this snake is bigger than the first one they met. If Qin Tan and Furball hadn't appeared in time, the whole team is really going to be wiped out.

After saying this, Zhang Zhang heaved a breath, and the wound that had been treated with medicine felt much better. He looked at Qin Tan and continued, "Team leader Qin, Fu Chun from our team... sigh Now, there are only 4 of us left, and we are not good at dealing with the Chang snakes. Moreover, the equipment in our hands is not useful except for the spiderweb that has been used. Can I ask you to help us kill the snakes together? Don't worry, when we returned to Lazuli, all of our equipment is up to you to choose from. It just so happens that you also want to collect Longjing grass, right?" Life is more important than equipment.

For the current Qin Tan, it is not difficult at all to help them, not to mention that there is Furball too, but he can't say yes just like that. So Qin Tan said, "Everyone wants to survive. We can help, but you will give us all the Longjing grass we find later." Of course, the reward is also indispensable.

Without needing Qin Tan to say further, Zhang Zhang agreed and breathed a sigh of relief. As long as their team is willing to help, everything else would be easy to talk about. On the contrary, if Qin Tan didn't want anything for repayment, Zhang Zhang would feel not at ease. One can owe anything but favors.

Lou Fan also has the same intention as Qin Tan. It is okay to help, but it won’t be free. They are not selfless Lei Feng who do good deeds without leaving his name.

After resting for a while, Zhang Zhang immediately asked Qin Tan and the others for help. Qin Tan originally wanted them to rest for a while, but Zhang Zhang’s team firmly disagreed. Even Du Feng shook her head and said that there is no need to rest.

"In less than 4 days, we have to go down the mountain to return to the station. We can't afford to waste time."

Since Zhang Zhang said so, Qin Tan agreed with him. But when it is time to leave, Lou Fan pulled Qin Tan to the other side to talk.

"Qin Tan, I think we should let Furball help them instead. Their team came into this world with us and is very familiar with your strength. I want you to hide your strength and use it as our trump card."

Qin Tan thought for a while. He is indeed not very familiar with his own changes now, and since Lou Fan said so, he has no objection.

"Team leader Zhang, Furball will be your main force, so just follow it." Lou Fan put Furball on the ground and pointed to it when he said that to Zhang Zhang. Then, he told Furball to look for Longjing Grass.

Zhang Zhang is a little puzzled, "Furball? Is that the animal you found before?"

Lou Fan nodded, "Yes, it is very good at looking for Longjing grass. As to the snakes... En, it is very good at that too."

Zhang Zhang is skeptical but still followed the fur ball running in front of him. Only then did he realize that the fur ball is moving so fast that they could hardly keep up. It is until Lou Fan calls after it a few times before his team can follow.

Sure enough, they arrived at an area with a Longjing grass soon after. Zhang Zhang and his team members are very nervous. Du Feng's face turned pale again and Du Jun raised a wooden stick in front of her. You Xing looked calm, but her hands trembled slightly. Zhang Zhang took a deep breath and saw Furball swiftly picking up the Longjing grass. Then with a flash, it handed the grass to Lou Fan.

The Chang snake is here! Zhang Zhang clenched the chainsaw in his hand and looked at Qin Tan and the others anxiously—they really didn't make a move and stayed where they were. He felt a chill in his heart, wondering if Qin Tan’s team really didn't intend to help? Next, he saw the fur ball jumping down from Lou Fan’s arms, and had a face-to-face with the Chang snake that came out of the hole. The next moment, the Chang snake fell to the ground with a thud.

Zhang Zhang and his team members: !!!

Raw word count: 3135


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