Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 47.1: Ghosts Know who appeared after repeated calls.

Chapter 47 Part 1

The overflowing baleful energy was like sharp blades. With each slice, the weeds in the wasteland were easily cut in half.

Xi Jia rushed forward so suddenly that he instantly passed through the enchantment and held Ye Jingzhi who was half-kneeling on the ground. Cengxiu-zhenjun wanted to stop him but couldn’t grab onto his hand. The group of masters could only look on helplessly as Xi Jia rushed into the world filled with baleful energy.

The great masters all took out their magic weapons one after another, planning on saving Xi Jia. But before they did anything, they soon saw Xi Jia firmly hold Ye Jingzhi. Ye Jingzhi, who was already hurting to the point of being unable to speak, gently leaned his head on his shoulder, calling out “Jia Jia” again and again.

The baleful energy erupted from Ye Jingzhi’s body. Xi Jia was so close to him and didn’t have the enchantment’s protection. His body should’ve immediately exploded from the baleful energy. However, right when the black baleful energy was nearly about to hit him, it seemed like it hit an invisible wall and flowed around like water.

Currently in the Xuanxue world, only Ye Jingzhi and Xi Jia could directly see the yin energy. Cengxiu-zhenjun’s expression became stern and drew a charm on his eyes to use his Yin Yang Eyes. After completing everything, he once again looked at the two people in the center of the baleful energy and suddenly cried out in surprise.

Upon seeing this, Qishan-daoren, Master Buxing, Zhufeng-zhenren……the great masters of the the Xuanxue world summoned their Yin Yang Eyes in succession to look at Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi. Within the dense black baleful energy, there was a trace of red yin energy slowly spilling out from Xi Jia’s body. The red yin energy turned into a thin barrier. No matter how the baleful energy attacked, it seemed like it was borrowing its strength to deflect its attacks. It wouldn’t let the baleful energy get close.

Cengxiu-zhenjun exclaimed in shock, “The Body of Extreme Yin is surprisingly this miraculous! It can block Young Daoist Ye’s Year Fiend that has been sealed for 21 years. The powerful yin energy is shocking.”

Shennong Valley’s Chequ-daoren stroked his beard and thought for a moment before saying, “My Shennong Valley once recorded someone who had possessed the Body of Extreme Yin. It was over 800 years ago, and that person had only lived to 4 years old before getting devoured by a malicious ghost. After subduing the malicious ghost with much difficulty, only then did our Celestial Masters of the Xuanxue world knew why this malicious ghost had so much strength. It was because it had eaten the child with a Body of Extreme Yin. The Body of Extreme Yin in itself is very powerful, but it was a treasure without a lock. Young Daoist Xi’s physique is too marvelous. It’s not a normal Body of Extreme Yin. Maybe because of this, he can resist the baleful energy.”

Qishan-daoren said, “Fellow daoists, do you remember how ‘Ghosts Know’ introduced Young Daoist Xi two months ago? How Young Daoist Xi became famous overnight?”

Everyone thought for a moment.

Master Buxing said, “Amitabha. It was because Young Daoist Xi used his neck……En, used his neck to break the high-grade yin sword made by Tian Gong Pavilion’s eldest disciple, Measurement, and became famous in one stroke. Since Young Daoist Xi is completely relaxed right now and doesn’t fear the baleful energy, then we also do not need to be too worried. We should patiently wait for the first wave of baleful energy to finish.”

Things could only be done like this.

All of the great masters of the Xuanxue world had great magic power, but no one dared to directly face such powerful baleful energy. They could only hide behind the barrier and anxiously watch.

Xi Jia completely didn’t take note of any of these things.

He tightly held Ye Jingzhi’s body, holding him strongly in his arms.

Ye Jingzhi’s body was frighteningly cold due to the heart wrenching and piercing pain. He kept on trembling uncontrollably. His complexion was deathly pale without any color, and his scarlet red eyes were blankly looking at the ground. There was a pile of countless magic treasures and charms on the ground that he had just taken out in an effort to give to Xi Jia. Xi Jia sat on the ice-cold ground. The only thing that he could do was to firmly hold this person in his arms.

“Jia Jia……”

Xi Jia softly replied, “I’m here.”

Ye Jingzhi was still calling out, “Jia Jia……”

No matter how Xi Jia replied, it didn’t enter his ears. He kept on calling this name over and over as if the other people wouldn’t leave him if he called out like this. Until finally, Xi Jia gently closed his eyes and by his ear, he quietly said that phrase——

“I’m here, don’t be afraid.”

Ye Jingzhi’s voice slowly faded.

The words that Master Ye had said to him countless times before, it was now finally his turn to say it to this person.

Xi Jia hugged Ye Jingzhi, his heart throbbed in pain.

The baleful energy eruption lasted for twelve entire hours. The first two hours were the hardest to bear. Ye Jingzhi was in intolerable pain and groans of pain escaped from his throat. Later, the pain turned into numbness, and in the end, he closed his eyes and fainted. When the sun set, the frightening baleful energy also finally dissipated. The great masters of the Xuanxue world rushed to remove the enchantment and run over.

Shennong Valley’s Chequ-daoren took out an aged book that was both yellowed and worn with a flip of his hand. He rapidly drew two golden runes on the book’s cover and directly hit the book over. The old book floated above Ye Jingzhi’s body, and a gentle golden light illuminated Ye Jingzhi’s face.

Xi Jia held Ye Jingzhi’s hand. When he saw the golden light shine on the Baihui acupoint on Ye Jingzhi’s head, they suddenly lit up like a constellation of stars. Next, the Shenting, Er’men, Fengchi……The old book emitted a dazzling golden light in order to light up the 361 acupoints on Ye Jingzhi’s body.1

Chequ-daoren’s expression was stern as he recited the incantation, his finger tapped on Ye Jingzhi’s Renzhong acupoint, “Countless changes, one qi splits. One changes to three, three qi is complete. Three changes to five, five qi is the spirit lord. The Yellow Emperor doesn’t speak, and cultivates internally instead. Lingshu seeks, Suwen gives directions. Appear!”2

The voice fell, and golden light suddenly erupted from the 361 acupoints. When the light dimmed, Xi Jia was surprised to find that more than half of the acupoints weren’t a golden color light anymore. Instead, they became a rather oppressive black light.

Seeing this scene, Chequ-daoren’s face immediately darkened. He repeated the same spell. Like before, more than half of the light became black amongst the rays of light the old book shined down.

Chequ-daoren sighed heavily and withdrew the old book, “The baleful energy that Young Daoist Ye had accumulated all these years is too powerful. When it broke out just now, only 90% of the baleful energy had dissipated, leaving 10% that is hidden inside 192 out of 361 acupoints on his body. Young Daoist Ye’s magic power is great. He could still restrain the baleful energy momentarily, but it would erupt sooner or later. Moreover, his Year Fiend Seal has been broken. In the future, there will be an unending flow of baleful energy, and that is the bigger problem.”

Cengxiu-zhenjun asked, “Fellow Daoist Chequ, your Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon can’t disperse the baleful energy?”

Chequ-daoren shook his head, “This poor daoist’s Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon is only the Lingshu chapter. 400 years ago, Shennong Valley lost half of the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon and couldn’t find the Suwen chapter. Also, even if it’s the entire Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon, this poor daoist……this poor daoist has no way to treat this Body of Three Fiends.”3

The situation fell into a deadlock once again.

Xi Jia wasn’t a Celestial Master. He didn’t understand these spells or know how to save Ye Jingzhi from this whatever Body of Three Fiends. He could only hold Ye Jingzhi’s hand and seriously listen to these masters discuss. However, regardless of whether it was the number one person in the Xuanxue world, Cengxiu-zhenjun, or Shennong Valley’s sect master, Chequ-daoren, they were all helpless.

Actually thinking about it, Cengxiu-zhenjun had just said that before today, they had always been looking for a way to seal the Body of Three Fiends. After Yi Lingzi had passed away, they hadn’t found anything for 19 years. Now that something suddenly happened, it also wasn’t possible to come up with something on the spot.

After talking it over, they decided to leave it to the formations expert, Qishan-daoren, the Jiang family head, Jiang Liu, and Shennong Valley’s Chequ-daoren to search for a way to deal with the Body of Three Fiends. If they could find a cure, that would be the best. If they couldn’t, then being able to seal it would also be considered fruitful.

Xi Jia tightened his hold on Ye Jingzhi’s ice-cold hand and asked, “Masters, 21 years ago, Senior Yi Lingzi was actually able to seal Master Ye’s Year Fiend. Can’t we try using Senior Yi LIngzi’s method now?”

Master Buxing shook his head and helplessly said, “What Young Daoist Xi has said isn’t without reason. It’s just that you don’t know. Just how Yi Lingzi had seal the Year Fiend, not one of us know. It’s not like Yi Lingzi wasn’t willing to say, but rather there are some parts that even he didn’t understand. And, this method seems to be related to their Wu Xiang Mountain’s way of cultivation. Even if we knew it, we wouldn’t have a way to seal it.”

Xi Jia was very worried, but he also knew that these masters were all really good to Master Ye. They also racked their brains to think of an idea to help and save Master Ye. Xi Jia truly couldn’t help in this situation. He could only worry helplessly to the side.

Thinking to here, Xi Jia looked down at the unconscious Ye Jingzhi.

He reached out, brushed away Ye Jingzhi’s sweat soaked hair from his forehead, and quietly called out, “Master Ye……”

Ye Jingzhi couldn’t hear his voice, and his eyes remained closed.

Seeing this, the other masters of the Xuanxue world all glanced at each other. Master Buxing and Qishan-daoren were Yi Lingzi’s good friends. They nodded their heads in satisfaction. In addition to this worry, there was a hint of relief.

Qishan-daoren: Yi Lingzi, that old guy, found a good wife for his disciple. Look at this wife, how great, so caring.

Master Buxing: But, Young Daoist Xi isn’t a girl……

Qishan-daoren suddenly understood his old friend’s intention. He widened his eyes and directly voiced his answer, “Is it very important if it’s a guy or a girl? If it’s a girl, can she withstand such a powerful baleful energy and be able to kiss, touch, or hug Young Daoist Ye?”

Xi Jia suddenly blushed, “……” Who’s kissing, touching, or hugging! At least, we haven’t kissed, alright?!

Master Buxing cupped his hands together, “Fellow Daoist Qishan is right. Its this poor monk that was muddleheaded. Young Daoist Xi is very good and is this good to Young Daoist Ye. Young Daoist Xi, when you and Young Daoist Ye get married, this poor monk will definitely host your wedding and send you a big gift.”

Xi Jia’s face became even more red, “……”

Facing these old foxes of the Xuanxue world, Brother Jia’s skill was still shallow.

Xi Jia truly didn’t understand his relationship with Master Ye. But today, it was certain. Before, he vaguely sensed that Master Ye might have a favorable impression of him, or else, why would he be so good to him? But he wasn’t sure of this. It wasn’t until today after Master Ye’s baleful energy broke his body and suddenly said all those things to him, Xi Jia couldn’t bear it any longer and rushed out to hold this person all of a sudden.

How could this group of masters start talking about marriage instead when he had just figured out that he wanted to date Master Ye?

What kind of tempo was this?

His and Master Ye’s Bazi was still at the first stroke!4

Xi Jia was still puzzled after much thought. In the end, he could only believe that these masters of the Xuanxue world were thinking clearly. He had just started dating, and they were already thinking about marriage. Seeing these masters arguing who would be the parental proxy and who would plan the wedding again, Xi Jia speechlessly covered his face. He lowered his head and earnestly looked at Master Ye who was still unconscious. His gaze gradually softened.

Master Ye was still the best……

Translator’s Addition:
C+: We haven’t even kissed yet (>_<)

Translator’s Notes:
1 百会 Baihui, 神庭 Shenting, 耳门 Er’men, 风池 Fengchi: These are acupucture points. Translated literally respectively are One Hundred Meetings, Spirit Courtyard, Ear Gate, and Wind Pond. Taken from here.
2 人中 Renzhong: Another acupucture point/acupoint, lit. Middle of the person.
千变万化,一炁而分。一变为三,三炁而成。三化为五,五炁灵君: The incantation before the Yellow Emperor is mentioned is an excerpt from the 祭令咒, offering incantation.  
3 黄帝内经 The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon, 灵枢 Lingshu, 素问 Suwen- Suwen is the main text of the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon, and Lingshu is the second text that’s generally less referred to. More info here.  
4 八字 Bazi: Literally means Eight Characters, but alternately it’s called the Four Pillars of Destiny and more specifically the fortunetelling from it. In previous generations, this is used to determine compatibility with the couple and to arrange marriages. Bazi is still done today. More info here.  

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