End of World Businessman

Chapter 47.2: The Second Young Master's Inner Conflict [2]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: HeXie

While Qin Wuhua was cheerful, Wu Ye’s mood was as complicated as tangled yarn. Though it was not unusual for Qin Wuhua to do this, Wu Ye’s heart was currently shadowed by a guilty conscience. As such, as he ate the food Qin Wuhua gave him, his feelings were a mess. An indescribable complicated mess that he couldn’t hope to untangle in a short time. The only thing he could be sure of was the fact that he wasn’t against Qin Wuhua doing this.

Thus, immersed in his own mind, Wu Ye ate without tasting what he was eating. Hell, he didn’t even have any idea what he was eating, so engrossed he was with his thoughts and speculations. After dinner, Wu Ye showered early and hid in the room, watching movies all the way until eleven o’clock in the evening without stopping even once.

At that time, Qin Wuhua had only just finished his cultivation exercise for the day. However, when he saw Wu Ye still awake, he frowned and said. “It’s getting late now. Go to bed early.”

Despite knowing that Qin Wuhua was correct and he needed to rest, Wu Ye’s heart was still in a mess and frustrated. Very frustrated in fact. Thus, without looking up, he continued to stare at the movie that was playing on the tablet without seeing what was happening in the scene at all and said, “You go sleep first. I’ll sleep after finishing this movie.”

Seeing this, Qin Wuhua immediately snatched the tablet from him and turned it off. Sticking it in the drawer on his bedside, he coldly said, “Watch it tomorrow.”

Wu Ye dithered for a bit before capitulating. After all, he had hunted and killed zombies for the whole day, so he was truly tired. Still, he did not feel it was right for him to sleep beside Qin Wuhua after having such a dream. As such, after dragging it out for a while, he caught his pillow and awkwardly spoke.

“I can sleep on the floor.”

“What’s wrong? There’s a perfectly good bed for you to sleep on. So, what do you mean by sleeping on the floor?” Qin Wuhua asked with a frown.

Hearing the concern in Qin Wuhua’s voice, Wu Ye felt inexplicably guilty and tried to explain, “The weather is really hot, and the floor is cooler….”

“What nonsense are you saying? It’s raining outside, so how could it be hot? Hurry up and go to sleep.”

When his ridiculous excuse was seen through and ripped apart, the Second Young Master couldn’t help but blush a little, even with his thick-skinned face. He softly mumbled, “What’s reasonable about us two men sharing a bed?”

At this, Qin Wuhua looked serious as he frowned. He took the opportunity to touch his forehead as he asked, “You don’t have a fever. So, why are you speaking nonsense? If you don’t want to sleep with a man, then do you want to sleep with a girl? Anyway, you don’t even like men in that way. So, what are you scared of?”

Multiple imaginary arrows immediately landed on the Second Young Master’s knees, bringing him down to the ground, unable to get up again; metaphorically speaking, that is.

Unable to stop himself, Wu Ye retorted, all anger and sharp bite. “Who says I’m scared?! What am I scared of?! I’m going to sleep now. Leave me alone, and don’t disturb me!” Having said that, Wu Ye angrily drew the thin blanket over his body and cocooned himself — the rainy dark night at the start of autumn was rather cold after all.

Not too long after Wu Ye truly fell asleep, his slumbering body automatically rolled around, seeking more warmth. It was only when he rolled into a certain someone’s warm embrace that he stopped moving. At that, Qin Wuhua finally let out a bright smile. He then lightly pecked the other on the mouth before closing his eyes happily.

It shouldn’t be too long before he caught this little guy and could eat meat. Qin Wuhua thought, in bliss before he fell asleep.

Something in the air must have been messing with him, what with the arrival of autumn rain and his ‘spring’ dreams. Because whether it was the rain or the dreams… none of it showed any sign of stopping at all, ruthlessly messing up Wu Ye’s plans.

However, after four days of endlessly killing the zombies, Wu Ye managed to save up 112,000 points. And after distributing the earnings to the others, his net income rounded up to around 170,000 transparent crystals, among which were 1288 orange crystals. Because of the huge return he had gotten, Wu Ye couldn’t wait to prepare for their trip back to Lan Cheng Base on the fifth day.

First of all, to return, they must have a car since the one they used to come to Qing Min was already busted. Furthermore, it would be best if they got a big truck with sufficient space to hold everyone. As such, despite the fact that there were plenty of random private cars strewn on the streets, Wu Ye didn’t look much less take them. After all, none of them fulfilled Wu Ye’s requirements.

With that option crossed out, the only way they had left was to exchange with the system. Besides, the price of the regular big truck the system had wasn’t too expensive, costing only around 5000 points and 30 orange crystals. Of course, it could only be considered as not too expensive in relation to Wu Ye’s mental price when he compared it to the other goods from the system.

In reality, a regular second-hand big truck in Lan Cheng Base could be bought easily with a mere 2000 transparent crystals. A drastically cheaper price, but Wu Ye had no other option at the moment, so he could only comfort himself that he was buying a new truck. Since it was new, it was only natural that it was more expensive than the second-hand cars or trucks offered in Lan Cheng Base.

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