End of World Businessman

Chapter 47.1: The Second Young Master's Inner Conflict [1]

Author: He Feng Yan

Translator: HeXie

Editor: HeXie

Chapter 47.1: The Second Young Master's Inner Conflict [1]

However, the Second Young Master Wu was so startled by Qin Wuhua’s words that he rolled to the side, almost falling off the bed due to how surprised he was. Fortunately, Qin Wuhua’s reaction was very fast. Therefore, he was able to catch Wu Ye on his waist and pulled him up before he rolled off the bed.

“Let me go! Why is a big man like you laying your grubby paw on me, a man?!” The Second Young Master exclaimed angrily, bolting upright while pulling over the blanket to cover the space around his waist. Although it sounded like he was angry at Qin Wuhua, it was not actually the case. The person he was angry at was not Qin Wuhua, not fully at least, but himself. And the reason was because when Qin Wuhua’s arms were circled around his waist, Wu Ye actually felt a heat pooled downwards.

Wu Ye’s heart thumped erratically at that feeling and paled. It was simply too shameful.

Qin Wuhua continued to pretend as if he was innocent and did not understand the reason behind Wu Ye’s sudden anger as he said, “We’re all men here. What are you getting all upset about?”

However, in reality, Qin Wuhua did understand. So, when he saw Wu Ye’s angered and ashamed expression, Qin Wuhua almost couldn’t keep the corner of his lips from curving upward in mirth.

At Qin Wuhua’s words, the Second Young Master Wu immediately acted like a cat whose tail got stepped on, only just short of leaping up. He pointed at Qin Wuhua’s nose and interrogated him, “Who’s uncomfortable? Who’s guilty? You tell me!”

Faced with Wu Ye’s bristling, Qin Wuhua put on a helpless expression, acting as if he was a good guy AND innocent of anything he was accused of. “Alright, alright, I’m the one guilty here. Anyway, it’s still early, why don’t we just go back to sleep for a while more?”

The Second Young Master Wu, however, was no longer sleepy. He was just too angry that he almost grinded his silver teeth into fine powders. “If you want to sleep, then sleep. Lao-zi can’t sleep.”

As Qin Wuhua had accidentally got ‘lucky’ last night, he got so excited that he didn’t sleep up until now. Therefore, at this moment, he became really sleepy. Thus, afraid that Wu Ye would discover that something was off, he quickly closed his eyes to rest. And in no time, he really fell asleep, exhaustion catching up with his body.

“Damn it, he really is a pig.” Wu Ye softly muttered, careful not to wake Qin Wuhua up. However, Wu Ye’s eyes were inadvertently drawn to the other’s well-sculpted chest muscles and his well-defined abs. Then, his gaze trailed down at Qin Wuhua’s sexy mermaid line, meeting the small black underwear that he wore. There, he found some curled hair were peeking out from the side of the underwear, and his gaze moved even further down and ——

So… so big. Wu Ye thought, stupefied.

The Second Young Master then swallowed his non-existent saliva, letting his eyes travel downwards and took in the sight. The tight and long thighs had very clear and defined muscles, and combined with the dark malt-colored skin and the not-too-thick body hair, Qin Wuhua looked so sexy he messed Wu Ye’s cognitive faculty up.

The feast before his eyes caused the spring dreams to once again reemerged from the depth of Wu Ye’s mind. And he could almost see the gentle abandonment and passion in that pair of long, narrow, and sharp phoenix eyes. Furthermore, he could almost hear that clear and magnetic panting in his dream as well…

I, fuck, fuck-fuck, fuck-fuck-fuck, fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck.

At this time, inside the Second Young Master’s heart, there was a little version of him that was hugging his head while banging the wall. He believed that it must be because he hadn’t vented his desires for too long that he dreamt of that.

I wonder, should I find a woman and release my pent up desires the next time I return home? Wu Ye thought, unsure. After all, from young until now, he had only ever felt attraction and tender feelings for women who were gentle, obedient, and as pure as water. So, how could he ever feel anything for a rough guy?

Nope. Nope. Nopee. I must have been under too much pressure recently. That, combined with the fact that I haven’t had the time to release my pent up desires —— as well as that damn stupid film yesterday night… fuck it! If you have nothing to do, find some chores or tasks to finish! Why would you film some sex video instead of doing those things?! Because of you, lao-zi is thinking about stupid things!!!

Unwilling to swim deeper into the topic, he chanted in his heart, trying to convince himself. Lao-zi is straight, lao-zi is straight…

At that moment, Qin Wuhua suddenly turned around, causing Wu Ye to subconsciously turn to look at him. Only to get an eyeful of Qin Wuhua’s tight and perky butt that looked very sexy.

When his eyes caught that view, everything seemed to slow down into a crawl. Then, after a short three second, the mini-him in Wu Ye’s heart struck his head to the wall and died via nosebleed.

Thus, the next day, Qin Wuhua found that Wu Ye was hiding from him. Either consciously or unconsciously, he was trying his best to hide from Qin Wuhua. But this did not surprise Qin Wuhua in the slightest when he recalled Wu Ye’s dream last night. Connecting that with his strange behavior this morning, Qin Wuhua had a very bold speculation — was he Wu Ye’s partner in his dream?

Although it might not be the case, this speculation was still enough to make Qin Wuhua’s mood, which had been dark for the whole day, to brighten as if flowers were blooming in his heart. Thus, in bliss, Qin Wuhua would send every piece of meat he got as his portion into Wu Ye’s bowl.

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