Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 47.2: Ghosts Know who appeared after repeated calls.

Chapter 47 Part 2

The group of Celestial masters didn’t argue much longer. Now, the most important thing is to hurry and find a way to settle Ye Jingzhi’s physique.

Cengxiu-zhenjun said to Xi Jia, “Currently, Young Daoist Ye’s baleful energy is temporarily hidden within his body and won’t break out. However, in seven days, the baleful energy will erupt for the second time. The first eruption is the most dangerous. The second time would be much safer. Young Daoist Xi, we will lay down an enchantment for Young Daoist Ye so his baleful energy would not leave a meter away from him. However, in this period of time, we are all unable to get close and take care of Young Daoist Xi. Your Body of Extreme Yin does not fear the the Year Fiend. During this time, we will trouble you to take care of Young Daoist Xi, are you willing?”

Xi Jia gladly agreed.

Cengxiu-zhenjun spoke again, “It is not good to stay here for a long time. Finding a way to resolve the Body of Three Fiends isn’t something that can be done in one or two days. Are you going to Wu Xiang Mountain or somewhere else? This poor daoist will take you there.”

Xi Jia carefully thought for a bit and ultimately decided, “Can I trouble you, Cengxiu-zhenjun, to go to my house? My house is in S City.”

Next, Qishan-daoren and the head of the Jiang Clan laid down an enchantment on Ye Jingzhi’s body. These masters all went their separate ways. Some people went to handle the last remaining effects of the Hundred Ghost Parade, and they needed to report to the higher-ups and let the citizens who left Chang’an to evacuate from the earthquake to come back. Some people went to Shennong Valley to find a way to suppress the Body of Three Fiends.

Cengxiu-zhenjun took Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi to S City.

After arriving in S City, Cengxiu-zhenjun gazed at Xi Jia, sizing him up and down. Brother Jia cluelessly looked at Cengxiu-zhenjun, only to see the number one person of the Xuanxue world slowly stroke his beard. He smiled as he sighed, “This poor daoist is more than 10 years older than Fellow Daoist Yi Lingzi, but Fellow Daoist Yi Lingzi was always pressing down on our heads when we were younger. At that time, this poor daoist was still at the prime of youth and was unwilling to admit defeat. However, no matter what field, this daoist could not compare with Fellow Daoist Yi Lingzi. And now it seems that this poor daoist is still unable to compare with Fellow Daoist Yi Lingzi. Merely his foresight and bearing, this poor daoist is far below Fellow Daoist Yi Lingzi.”

After saying this, Cengxiu-zhenjun turned to leave, leaving a confused Xi Jia.

What did Cengxiu-zhenjun and Senior Yi Lingzi’s matters have to do with him? Why would he mention these things to him?

Xi Jia naturally didn’t know that after Cengxiu-zhenjun went back to Zi Wei Xing Hall that night, he called his proud disciple and said with a serious expression, “Nan Yi, Master has been too harsh on you all these years.”

Nan Yi saluted, neither servile nor overbearing, “This disciple does not think so.”

Cengxiu-zhenjun sighed ruefully, “Master doesn’t have Fellow Daoist Yi Lingzi’s foresight, being able to find his disciple a wife with a Body of Extreme Yin. But, Master now has Fellow Daoist Yi Lingzi’s bearing! Nan Yi, in the future, your dao companion does not necessarily have to be a woman. Master thinks that a man is also not bad.”

Nan Yi, “……”

Cengxiu-zhenjun, “What do you think?”

Nan Yi, “……This disciple will sincerely follow Master’s command.”

Cengxiu-zhenjun nodded his head in satisfaction.

This poor daoist’s disciple isn’t as powerful as your disciple. There’s nothing that can be done about that. Who could compare with a Body of Three Fiends? But this poor daoist’s bearing isn’t worse than yours. Your disciple can be together with a man, this poor daoist’s disciple can also! If Nan Yi likes men, this poor daoist absolutely won’t oppose.

Cengxiu-zhenjun was only casually saying and didn’t really give his disciple a death order. But after his beloved eldest disciple returned to his room, he thought hard for a long time and come to a conclusion, “……Master hopes for me to like men?”

Once these words fell, Nan Yi’s body stiffened. He himself couldn’t bear it any longer and rushed to go cultivate.

S City.

Xi Jia wasn’t aware that his relationship with Master Ye could have very possibly affected the sexual orientation of a straight man. He helped Ye Jingzhi onto the bed and grabbed a towel to help him wipe his sweat. After being busy all night, Xi Jia was just about to cook when he suddenly heard a meow.

Song Song leaned against a corner and looked deflatedly at its owner just like its empty stomach.

Seeing the little black cat’s miserable look, Xi Jia couldn’t help but laugh out loud. The day’s heavy mood finally dispersed a bit at this time. He picked up Song Song and petted Song Song’s soft fur. After giving Song Song some small dried fish, he went back into the room to take a look at the still unconscious Ye Jingzhi.

Wu Xiang Qing Li flew out from Ye Jingzhi’s pocket. In one moment, it made its way into Song Song’s paws. In another, it went to rub against Xi Jia’s cheek. Not long after, Song Song broke free from Xi Jia’s arms and chased after Wu Xiang Qing Li to play.

Xi Jia sat on the bed, looking at Ye Jingzhi’s pale face. After a long time, he gently smiled, “You’ll get better. I know, everything will get better. You’re such a good person, how could you be in trouble? Master Ye, when you get better, let’s go out and fun again, okay? Have you been to the sea? If there’s a chance, let’s go to Haicheng to have fun……”

According to Chequ-daoren, Ye Jingzhi only fainted due to the sudden eruption of the baleful energy. He was temporarily in a coma, and there was no serious problem. Probably after two days, he would wake up, so Xi Jia didn’t need to worry too much.

He sat by the bed, quietly talking.

After talking for a long time, he got up to close the lights and left the room. Standing at the doorway, he looked at the young Celestial master who was sleeping peacefully, and said earnestly, “Good night, Master Ye.”

At the moment the door shut, the large clock in the living room sounded the bell for midnight.

The past two days truly made Brother Jia really tired. Within three days, he first drove from C Province all the way to Y Province, and from Y Province, he went all the way back to Chang’an. Then, he had experienced the Hundred Ghost Parade, Qin Shi Huang’s disruption, and ran into the matter of Master Ye’s Year Fiend breaking through the seal at the end.

After simply washing and rinsing his mouth, Xi Jia laid down and fell straight asleep. He was so tired that he couldn’t even lift his finger.

Meanwhile at this time, midnight arrived, and the yin energy greatly flourished

At Shennong Valley, Qishan-daoren was researching for a way to settle the Body of Three Fiends. Right when midnight hit, his biological clock prompted his body to automatically take out his phone. Beside him, Chequ-daoren widened his eyes, “Look at what gossip! Hurry up and continue researching. At that time, Yi Lingzi was your friend in life or death and not this poor daoist’s friend in life or death. Now that his disciple is in trouble, you’re actually still reading gossip and not worried at all.”

Qishan-daoren’s heart was bitter, “This old man has researched all day, eyes are all red now, and didn’t even drink any water. This old man just took a look at some gossip subconsciously, and you are even caring about this. Yi Lingzi had perished together with the millennium drought demon. To this day, this old man has never forgotten that scene. This old man is only subconsciously reading gossip, how is this old man slacking off?”

Chequ-daoren said in disdain, “You have so many reasons. Alright, after being busy all day without rest, this poor daoist will make a bet with you. Guess what today’s headline for ‘Ghost Know’ is?”

Qishan-daoren took a break from researching and mischievously laughed, “You old chap, you clearly want to read gossip, yet you scold this old man.”

“Are you betting or not!?”

“Betting!” Qishan-daoren’s eyes rolled, and he said, “The matter at the Mausoleum is a major event. Although very high amounts of hits and comments can be obtained from Young Daoist Ye’s gossip, yesterday’s most important news is Qin Shi Huang. This old man guesses that Qin Shi Huang returning to the Mausoleum is today’s headline!”

Chequ-daoren laughed, “You old man, you have read so many years of ‘Ghosts Know’ and still haven’t even figured out their standard method. It’s true that Qin Shi Huang’s matters are significant, but what we read on ‘Ghosts Know’ are gossips. Young Daoist Xi is Young Daoist Ye’s fiancée, this should be the biggest gossip. You know?”

Qishan-daoren, “Heh, you old man, cut the nonsense. What are we betting on?”

Chequ-daoren, “Bet on your remaining flood dragon bone, do you dare?”

“Why won’t I dare?! This old man will bet on a rubbing of your Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon Lingshu Chapter.

“This poor daoist will definitely win.”

“What this old man has guessed is the correct one.”

Qishan-daoren wasn’t convinced, and Chequ-daoren also didn’t want to yield. Both of them didn’t say superfluous words and directly opened their respective phones. They confidently opened WeChat and tapped open that official account. And then……

Qishan-daoren, “……”

Chequ-daoren, “……”

A moment later, they both angrily said at the same time, “This old man/poor daoist cannot exist together with that ‘Ghost Know’ editor!!!”

Translator’s Addition:
Nan Yi: Master wants me to be gay. Urgently waiting online for help!

Translator’s Notes: Nonnnne~

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