Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 47.3: Ghosts Know who appeared after repeated calls.

Chapter 47 Part 3

At the same time, outside of Huaxia (there were quite a few young Celestial Masters who flew out of the country to seek refuge), many Celestial Masters excitedly opened “Ghosts Know” once midnight struck. The young Celestial Masters’ thoughts were pure, that they were really worried about Chang’an’s safety. The eyes of the great masters of the older generation all became red, just waiting for “Ghosts Know” to give them points.

However, whether it was the Celestial Masters who were purely reading news or Celestial Masters who were excitedly waiting for remunerations, they were all dumbfounded while reading today’s headline for “Ghosts Know.”

What the heck was this?!

On “Ghosts Know”’s headline, such a title was shockingly written——

《Middle of the Seventh Month, the Hell Gate Opens, Ghost Festival Shopping Holiday Welcomes You! Tian Gong Pavilion Huge Sale, 81 Coupons Waiting for You to Take! 》

Reading this headline, Chequ-daoren was so angry that his face was all green.

However much their Tian Gong Pavilion gave for advertisement costs, our Shennong Valley will double that!!!

Within a short minute after opening this lead article, the comments had exceeded two thousand.

【 Qin Shi Huang has escaped, and Chang’an is in a lot of danger. Who would want to read this kind of advertisement, do you know the severity of the situation!? 】

【 The headline has such an obvious placement, putting this kind of advertisement, “Ghosts Know” will be finished sooner or later! 】

【 AHHHHHHH simply the editor’s brain has a pit, this poor daoist will go read other gossip, you’re crazy! 】

Underneath this advertisement were all curses. Just like so many other readers, they were all guessing what the major gossip was that could be a headline on “Ghosts Know,” in the end, the readers were suddenly caught off guard by an advertisement, then those readers’ responses were very understandable——


In fact, these Celestial Masters didn’t know that in order to determine today’s three articles and one main article, the editors of “Ghosts Know” were so stressed that their hair all fell out.

In the past, the editors would bitterly go everywhere to find gossip everyday, but how could they provide so many interesting gossip to report on? The Xuanxue world had nothing big happening almost everyday. Only some fellow daoist of Tian Gong Pavilion had made a powerful magic weapon, or some great master of Shennong Valley had refined a furnace full of pretty good medicinal pills.

As a result, four months ago when Master Buxing had exposed that Hell King Ye actually had a fiancée, the entire Xuanxue world was in an uproar.

This was a huge gossip, ah!

Celebrity love affairs were absolute gossip!

It could be seen from this just how empty the moral lives of the Celestial Masters of the Xuanxue world were.

However, droughts kill with lack of water, and floods kill with excess of water. Today, the editors of “Ghosts Know” experienced a fortunate yet miserable day. When they found out that the Hundred Ghost Parade was something that Qin Shi Huang had caused, the editor-in-chief waved his arms: Headline!

But, this headline had only been decided on for a few hours when a group of Celestial Masters suddenly submitted: Qin Shi Huang said that Xi Jia was his son, Hell King Ye said Xi Jia was his wife!

The editor-in-chief was suddenly struck by this nice surprise: Change headlines! Change headlines!

After this headline had been decided on for a few hours, there was another scoop: Qin Shi Huang didn’t go back to the Mausoleum because he was lost, Qin Shi Huang actually likes playing with the reading machine!

The editor-in-chief suddenly had an ominous premonition.

Sure enough, next, wave after wave of big gossip submissions attacked “Ghosts Know”’s headquarters. At this time, the editors were already completely numb.

Before, they needed to go and find gossip everyday, searching to the point they nearly became bald. Now, so many gossips came in one day, just which one should be used as the headline in the end, ah!

Within these gossips, the only one that cannot be reported was the matter of Ye Jingzhi’s Body of Three Fiends suddenly breaking through the seal. The seniors of the Xuanxue world joined hands to seal off the news. Because if it were to be leaked, many Celestial Masters might fear Ye Jingzhi even more. If there was someone who harbored ill intentions and took advantage of Ye Jingzhi’s accident to plot against him, then that would be even worse——Of course, with the precondition that he could be plotted against.

Therefore, only three gossips were left in front of the editor-in-chief.

Out of these three gossips, using one as the headline would be letting the other two down.

After the editor-in-chief thought it over, became half-bald, the result was to charge Tian Gong Pavilion a large advertisement fee and using the Ghost Festival Shopping Holiday as the headline.

Expected or unexpected, surprising or not surprising, irritating or not irritating?

Tian Gong Pavilion had money. They could take out 500,000 points for the advertisement at once without blinking. And this advertising fee was especially worth spending. Underneath the advertisement headline were three articles of gossip, the Celestial Masters who didn’t understand were all of a sudden shocked to the point that their small dried fish fell.

《Men are silent, and women weep! Hundred Ghost Parade, chaos at the fake Terracotta Museum, Qin Shi Huang didn’t return to the Mausoleum was actually because……》

《Shocking!Hell King Ye’s fiancée is actually **》2

《Four Great Sects: Pooling wisdom for mutual benefits! Whoever could make Qin Shi Huang turn into a hikikomori for 10,000 years gets 100,000 points! 》

Just like Chequ-daoren had guessed, everyone in this “done for” Xuanxue world only wanted to read gossip and not news. The three articles, no one cared how Qin Shi Huang got back to the Mausoleum, and no one cared about the offer of 100,00 points. What everyone tapped on to read was about Hell King Ye’s future wife.

Within five minutes, the second article broke 100,000 views and 30,000 comments!

【 Holy shit shit shit shit shit shit……this poor monk truly cannot help but swear, holy shit! 】

【 I definitely haven’t woken up yet, I definitely haven’t woken up yet. How could Hell King Ye’s future wife be a man, how could his future wife be Ghost King Xi! 】

【 QAQ Why are Hell King Ye and Ghost King Xi a pair. They both make me tremble when I see them. Ghost King Xi can use his neck to break a high-grade treasured sword! He is even actually Hell King Ye’s future wife……They……They……Wuwuwuwuwu, us wild ghosts can’t live anymore! 】

【 Caught a wild ghost upstairs wailing, guessing it’s a girl.】3

【 Laozi is a real man!!! 】

At first, everyone’s gazes were focused on the second gossip article. However, the gossip for tonight was too much. The other two gossip also attracted the others’ attention very quickly. Seeing that Xi Jia could actually express send things to the Mausoleum, the Four Great Sects offered 100,000 points to look for a way to make Qin Shi Huang turn into a hikikomori. The Celestial Masters and wild ghosts rushed to give ideas.

【 This poor monk recommends 50,000 novels to Qin Shi Huan! 】

【 I have 3,000 soap operas all packaged to send to Qin Shi Huang! 】

【 You all go away for this poor daoist. This poor daoist is willing to unconditionally accompany Qin Shi Huang to play Kings of Glory, guarantee to carry him to diamond with no discussion! Parenthesis, this poor daoist wants 100,000 points, hehehe…… 】

This night was a sleepless night for the Xuanxue world.

No matter if it was Hell King Ye’s future wife, Qin Shi Huang’s poor sense of direction, or the Four Great Sect’s large offer, they all made the Celestial Masters and wild ghosts excited, chatting all night. The more views and comments these three gossips received, the more points “Ghosts Know” earned. “Ghosts Know” earned a great deal. The advertisement that Tian Gong Pavilion had put out also received great exposure. It was simply to everyone’s delight and satisfaction.

However, in the midst of gossip fervor, there was one person who felt so wronged, nearly to the point of tears.

【 Zhuzhao-zhenren: Editor, come out! This poor daoist had clearly gave a real scoop that time, you just had to say this poor daoist had gave fake news and even gave this poor daoist an infringement notice of 100,000 points. Quickly come out and compensate for this poor daoist’s 100,000 points. Also for psychological damage, loss of time, loss of mood……Anyways, don’t care, this poor daoist wants 500,000 points, quickly pay for damages for this poor daoist!!! 】

【 Ghosts Know: Senior Zhuzhao, isn’t this all a misunderstanding? 】

【 Zhuzhao-zhenren: This poor daoist wants 500,000 points, this poor daoist wants points, don’t want misunderstanding, want you to pay for damages! Want apology! 】

【 Ghosts Know: Senior Zhuzhao, 500,000 is rather too much. How about this, we won’t count the fine of 100,000 points and compensate you 10,000 points? Let’s consider this matter to be in the past. 】

【 Ghosts Know: Points have already been sent over. Senior Zhuzhao, confirm it. 】

Zhuzhao-zhenren, “!!!”

【 Zhuzhao-zhenren: You juniors are bullying too much! This poor daoist was wronged for 4 whole months, carried a debt for 4 whole months, you actually want to use this measly 10,000 points to bribe this poor daoist? Wishful thinking! This poor daoist wants 500,000 points. If you don’t give, this poor daoist will storm into your headquarters, are you giving or not! 】

The editor of “Ghosts Know” tried to persuade again:【 10,000 points is already a lot, Senior Zhuzhao. Also, you did indeed gave fake news, you said Ghost King Xi was Hell King Ye’s future wife, but you also said that he was a girl. Isn’t that fake? That’s about it, Senior Zhuzhao, don’t throw a small fit, 10,000 points is a lot. 】

Zhuzhao-zhenren was angry to the point his face turned green, shouting that he wanted to storm into “Ghosts Know”’s headquarters.
The two parties talked for a while, suddenly——

【 Ghosts Know: Oh ho, Senior Zhuzhao, you really want to storm into our “Ghosts Know”’s headquarters? 】

【 Zhuzhao-zhenren: Not giving points? This poor daoist will come over! 】

【 Ghosts Know: Then come. 】

【 Zhuzhao-zhenren: …… 】

【 Ghosts Know: Why don’t you come? If you don’t come, you’re a puppy, come on, come. The Celestial Masters of Tianji School are all not experts in fighting. You’re also not Hell King Ye. Hurry up and come, we’re waiting for you to charge in~ If you don’t come, you’re a puppy, woof woof woof~ 】

This time, Zhuzhao-zhenren really felt so wronged that he cried, “You’re such a bully!!!”

The editor of “Ghosts Know” was truly fearless.

For their “Ghosts Know” to grow this big, constantly exposing several senior masters’ gossips, how could they build up from nothing. There was support behind them! Not mentioning Zhuzhao-zhenren, even if it were 10 Zhuzhao-zhenrens, because the Celestial Masters of Tianji School were so squishy without the strength to truss a chicken, “Ghosts Know”’s security guards at the headquarters’ entrance could take on ten each.

Zhuzhao-zhenren had no outlet for his anger. He wanted to argue with “Ghosts Know.” Like a gangster, “Ghosts Know” gave Zhuzhao-zhenren 10,000 points again and kindheartedly said:【Senior Zhuzhao, don’t be pressing anymore. Our “Ghosts Know” is an evil tyrant that likes weaklings and dreads the strong. This isn’t something that you don’t know, you can give it a rest. 】

Zhuzhao-zhenren was so angry he closed his eyes, stomped his legs, and really fainted in anger

The heated gossip discussion lasted until the next morning. Xi Jia woke up groggily and suddenly smelled the scent of rice. The fragrance that belonged to congee entered his nose, making his finger twitch. His sleepiness completely vanished as he rushed to get dressed and run to the kitchen. When he saw the person in the kitchen, his body suddenly froze.

Xi Jia immediately said, “Master Ye, how are you awake? Don’t move, wasn’t your seal just removed, how come you’re cooking the moment you’re awake?”

Saying this, Xi Jia quickly went forward and grabbed the soup ladle from Ye Jingzhi’s hand. He scooped the sticky small-grained congee into the bowl and carried it to the dining room before turning around and preparing to take the side dishes that Ye Jingzhi had already cooked early in the morning. But when he had just reached the kitchen entrance, he saw Ye Jingzhi take the food and just so happened to look at him.

Their gazes met in midair. Ye Jingzhi looked at the young man in front of him with messy hair and had clearly just woken up. He tightened his grip on the plate and nervously lowered his head.

Xi Jia didn’t talk so he also didn’t talk. The atmosphere made him feel afraid. After a long time, as if he had accumulated enough courage, Ye Jingzhi looked up and said one word at a time, “I……I didn’t say anything before, you don’t have to worry about anything. Like this right now is good, like this is good……right now is very good. Jia Jia, I’ll cook for you……”

Xi Jia was promptly stunned.

Ye Jingzhi saw that Xi Jia didn’t respond and thought that he had caused complications because of his words so he became anxious.

This was the wife that his master gave him, but his wife had never said he wanted to marry him. When he proposed yesterday night, wife also didn’t promise him. If wife really didn’t want to marry him…..It’s no problem, really no problem. Right now was great, just like now, being able to be together was very good.

Ye Jingzhi remembered that when he was 7, the family across from him got divorced. One day, when he returned home from buying groceries, he saw a big sister who was only 5 years older than him crouching and crying in front of the door. He rarely interacted with other people. All of a sudden, he was very nervous and didn’t know what he should say. He could only tremble with fear as he walked to his own front door. But that girl was still crying, he thought for a long time before nervously taking an apple from his food basket and handing it to her. The big sister didn’t take it so he could only place it on the floor. Then, he rushed to open his door and go in.

However, right when he opened the door, the little girl suddenly cried loudly while saying, “You think everyone doesn’t know that your parents don’t want you? You think that you’re better than me? You think I need your pity? Your grandpa doesn’t want you anymore, your parents also don’t want you! No one would want you! Basically no one would want you!”

Not long after, the girl would move away, and the front neighbor changed families.
As long as they could be together as they are now, that would be very good. He was really content.

Ye Jingzhi looked down and didn’t say anything. After a long time, he carried the food to the dining room, wanting to act like nothing had happened. However, right when he reached the kitchen’s doorway, his hand was suddenly grabbed. Ye Jingzhi looked at Xi Jia in surprise. The nervousness and fear hidden in his eyes hadn’t completely disappeared. He was afraid that this person would also want to leave him.

Xi Jia raised his head and looked at those dark yet clean eyes.

After a good while, he reached out with both hands and slightly leaned over, resting his head on this person’s wide and warm shoulders and tightly wrapping around his waist.

“You gave yourself to me……”
Ye Jingzhi’s body suddenly froze.

Xi Jia gently hugged him and slowly closed his eyes, “You’re this great, so so great, and I can’t return such a precious gift. Ye Jingzhi, I’ll also give myself to you……okay?”

The Author has something to say:
Mirror: QAQ I have a wife now, wife is very good to me, so good to me!!!
C+: My family’s foolish Mirror, if I’m not here, sooner or later you’ll get cheated by someone.
Fuwa: ……refusing this bowl of dog food!

Translator’s Notes:
1 我让你丫的突然! Surprise – It’s getting really late and I can’t make any sense of it at this time. It’s something like surprise since it came suddenly. The middle part can be swearing tho. My brain was telling me, Surprise b****. XDDD Someone please correct my sleep deprived translation lol.
2 Here in the raws, the pronoun is ambiguous since it’s writtin in pinyin so you can’t tell if it’s he or she. I left it as **
3 Upstairs as in previous comment.

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