Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 47 Mount Gui (NPC)

Here’s a list of names, in case someone couldn’t remember them:

Level 8 team
张章 Zhang Zhang (leader)
富春 Fu Chun (chef) - dead
尤星 You Xing (young girl)
杜凤 Du Feng (older sister)
杜军 Du Jun (younger brother)

Han Yu (Real estate agent)
Jiang Yiran (college young man)
Qi Shan (young girl)

Because Zhang Zhang’s team didn’t touch the Chang snake at all, this kill wasn’t counted in their mission count.

Furball jumped back happily to Lou Fan for compliments but Lou Fan poked it and said, "You are too fast. It doesn’t count, no butter beans for you."

Furball: !!! So it’s my fault?!

You Xing's eyes shined brightly, she had never seen such an animal before, and it is so powerful. So, she couldn't help but ask, "Brother Lou, what kind of animal is this?"

Lou Fan spread his hands helplessly: "I also don't know. Its appearance is like this and moves so fast. We also couldn’t figure out what it is."

You Xing ahh-ed, feeling a little disappointed. But no matter how powerful this animal is, they couldn't bring it back to Lazuli. She had never heard of any animal that could be taken back to Lazuli. In the mission world before this, You Xing caught a very cute rabbit but couldn’t bring it back.

It's not uncommon to see strange animals in the mission world, but such obedient and powerful animals are very rare. But Zhang Zhang doesn't intend to find out further, he is more concerned about his mission.

"Lou Fan, it moved too fast, and the mission progress hasn't changed!" He said this with a sullen expression on his face. He despised himself deeply; he can’t even win against an animal.

Lou Fan thought about it for a while. Furball's movements are indeed too fast, and can just kill with 1 hit. Getting it to help is quite hard for Zhang Zhang and his team. With that speed, even Qin Tan might not be able to keep up.

"We’ll help then. Furball can come in the middle."

Wen Lang is the first to stand up, "I'll do it."

Jiang Dong and Chen Shuyang also said, "I'll come too."

The three of them got stimulated by Qin Tan’s words and wanted to improve their strength as soon as possible. Lou Fan simply let all three of them go. If they can’t bear it, Furball can go in anyway.

Furball: !!!

When the Chang snake came out of the hole, Wen Lang immediately swung the whip around it and ran quickly. After Jiang Dong also wrapped the bandage, the two pulled the Chang snake together.

Everyone realized that this Chang snake is much bigger than the previous ones, so Wen Lang and Jiang Dong struggled to pull it. While they are restraining the snake, Zhang Zhang and Du Jun attack together. The moment the chainsaw touched the snake's body, the Chang snake began to swing its body violently. Chen Shuyang took the opportunity to attack with his short sword.

The battle makes Lou Fan’s hands feel itchy, so he lifted his bow to shoot. He doesn't know why the spiritual arrows are not quite effective against the snake, so he used the phoenix feather arrows he brought. 3 arrows are notched to the bow and he shot out. With a kick on the stone wall, Lou Fan felt that his body is so light that he almost flew into the air and turned around in mid-air. The Chang snake came towards him with its mouth wide open. With a jump, Lou Fan stepped on the snake's head, with a phoenix feather arrow aimed at the snake's eyes...

"HISS..." Chang snake's scream sounded.

Lou Fan instantly landed lightly on the ground and he ran to Qin Tan's side in 2 steps. He pulled Qin Tan and whispered, "Qin Tan, something is different with me. My body is too light, and I don't feel anything when I jump up. I suspect it is the water from the pool just now."

Lou Fan couldn't be more clear about the changes in his body. He thought of the fact that the water he drank managed to sweep away his exhaustion, plus the black substance that floated out of his body after he came out of the pool - it must be the cause of the water in the pool. He couldn't even feel the effect of gravity now. At first, he felt that the gravity seems wrong and Qin Tan also told them about this before.

[Banana: If you guys still remember, the gravity is heavier in this heavenly mission world]

After calling Furball to help, the battle is over immediately. Lou Fan couldn't wait to let Wen Lang and the others take a dip so he anxiously wanted to go to the pool just now.

Lou Fan is leading the team anxiously, his pace getting faster and faster. He remembered the route just now, but after walking for a long time, it is still the tunnel. He didn't see the pool at all. Lou Fan lowered his body and grabbed Furball.

"Furball, I still want to drink water, can you take me to drink water again?" Lou Fan made a gesture of drinking water and raised his bottle, but Furball shook its head.

A bolt from the blue!

As if he missed the encounter with a huge treasure once again, Lou Fan felt that he has crumbled inside and is about to vomit blood.

Wen Lang puzzledly looked at Lou Fan, who is standing still and not moving. He asked Qin Tan, "What's wrong with Brother Lou? Why didn't he move?"

Qin Tan felt a pity in his heart too when he saw Furball shaking its head. He sighed, "It's okay, Lou Fan just suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, just let him rest for a while. You all can follow Furball and go ahead."

Wen Lang acknowledged with an ‘Oh’ and walked to the front. Jiang Dong glanced at Lou Fan, as if aware of something, but didn't say anything.

Lou Fan blamed himself, "I should have let everyone go down the pool, it's all my fault."

"I don't blame you. Didn't I tell you not to go down at the time too? If it comes to this, it should be my fault."

"I should have thought of this when that layer of black stuff appeared on my body."

Qin Tan held Lou Fan’s arms and looked at him deeply, "It's not your fault. Who knows what the water will do? What if our skin rots? Your assumption is unreasonable and not valid at all."

Lou Fan looked up at Qin Tan, his eyes full of sadness. He knew how much the rest of their team members wanted to become stronger. That’s why Lou Fan felt that it is all because of him that they lost the chance. Even if they could improve a little, the three of them would give it a try without hesitation.

Qin Tan: "There is always the next mission world, there are still many opportunities. Don't blame yourself."

Qin Tan's voice and words seemed to have a calming effect on people's hearts. Lou Fan's heart is settled, and his eyes became firm, "Next time, I will definitely not let the opportunity slip away." He glanced at the other members and said to Qin Tan, "But don't tell them first, or they will be disappointed."

After the team killed the remaining Chang snake within a day, the members of Zhang Zhang’s team felt incredible. At the same time, Zhang Zhang also blamed himself even more, feeling that Fu Chun died because of him. Otherwise, they could complete the task this time and return to Lazuli together.

Lou Fan obtained 5 stalks of Longjing grass, and Zhang Zhang also gave Lou Fan the 2 stalks of Longjing grass in his hand as agreed. Because the previous Longjing grass disappeared as a quest item, Lou Fan instinctively felt that the grasses are good stuff, so he accepted it without hesitation. He will wait until they returned to Lazuli to study it.

"There is something I haven't had time to tell you. When we were looking for you guys, we seemed to have found an exit." Zhang Zhang suddenly said.

Hearing that, Lou Fan thought to himself, is this something they left as a backup to make them help with their task? But for the sake of Longjing grass, Lou Fan doesn't plan to be petty with Zhang Zhang.

Qin Tan glanced at his watch and said, "Then, let's go out. We don't know where the exit is, so we’ll take your route just in case."

Qin Tan always thinks more carefully in case the worst happens.

"Team leader Zhang, are you sure you can still find the way?" Qin Tan asked.

Zhang Zhang became nervous for a moment. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and smiled unnaturally, "We have fluorescent powder, and we made a mark along the way."

Oh, it turns out there is something good. Lou Fan winked at Qin Tan and curled his lips. Indeed, how could the team that has been struggling in the mission worlds not have some good things to defend themselves? Lou Fan felt that their team lacked too many things for a while, so worrying!

Zhang Zhang and the others led the way, and Qin Tan’s team followed behind.

Chen Shuyang turned his head behind and complained to Wen Lang, "Brother Wen, I think this Team leader Zhang is a little unkind. He was so enthusiastic at the beginning, calling everyone Brother and being friendly. But in the end, he is still guarding against us everywhere."

Wen Lang looked at Chen Shuyang with an expression that says ‘you didn't understand’. He explained, "I'm telling you, you, we, are all lucky. Brother Lou, he is a good person; Brother Qin, he is reliable. If you meet someone else, they could have used you as bait at the beginning and threw it out to fish, and you won’t even know how you died. Unlike now, where you get to have weapons and equipment. Remember to burn incense and pay respect to God/Buddha when you go back.” After Wen Lang finished speaking, he sighed, "Not sure what good things we did in our last life. Probably, we saved the earth."

Chen Shuyang nodded, saving the earth is a bit exaggerated, but he must have done good deeds in his previous life. That or his grandmother blessed him from the heavens to meet Brother Lou. His spirit weapon is a book. If he is on a different team, who would care about him?

Wen Lang saw Chen Shuyang accepting his lesson, and continued, "As for Team leader Zhang, actually he didn't do anything wrong, everyone will hide an ace card in their sleeve. Like when we met the Black Scorpion team before, if we hadn't acted separately from the beginning, we might be pushed out to die as their scapegoat. However, Brother Qin and Brother Lou have high offense power, that’s why they won't be underestimated."

Wen Lang sighed old-fashionedly, "So, improving your strength is the most important thing."

Chen Shuyang listened to Wen Lang’s words and nodded, thinking about something as he walked.

Jiang Dong spoke out suddenly, "I didn't expect you to think so much."

Wen Lang: "What to do? I'm not very good with my strength so I can only use my brain."

"En, not too stupid."

"Hey, who are you calling stupid?"

"Whoever is stupid said it."

Following Zhang Zhang and the others all the way, Qin Tan’s team doesn't know how they could tell the difference. Anyway, after walking for about an hour, they saw another hole. The hole is so shallow that they could see the sky from it.

As soon as he stepped out of the hole, Lou Fan immediately stretched his body. He finally came out from the underground. It was so dark inside and he was using a torch all the time, making him feel like he couldn’t remember the sun anymore. Unexpectedly, the place where they came out turned out to be the top of the mountain. The wind whistled on the top of the mountain and the sky is covered with dark clouds, making the sky look terribly gloomy. Lou Fan casually lifted his watch to look at it, only to be stunned.

"Qin Tan." Lou Fan shouted, his voice changed a bit, "Qin Tan, look at your watch. Why does the time seem wrong?"

Qin Tan immediately raised his watch to look at it, and the rest of the team also looked at it. The next moment, everyone's expressions changed.

"Bro, Brother Lou, we have less than a day left?" Chen Shuyang's voice trembled a little because the watch indicated that there is only 23:45 left.

Qin Tan frowned and immediately said, "Go down the mountain to find the train station!"

Zhang Zhang's team also discovered the problem with the remaining time. Their expressions changed again and again. Hearing Qin Tan’s words, Zhang Zhang also immediately shouted to his team members, "Quick, quick, go down the mountain."

At this moment, Zhang Zhang didn't care about choosing a route or looking for a direction. There is only one visible road in front of him.

Grabbing Wen Lang and Jiang Dong, Qin Tan shouted at Lou Fan, "Lou Fan, take Chen Shuyang with you, go!"

Lou Fan responded and pulled up Chen Shuyang without saying a word, just running away.

Feeling the whistling wind blowing on his face, Chen Shuyang said, "So that's what it means to race against time."

Lou Fan: …

The gust of wind and rain came crashing down, causing their face to feel painful, but they couldn't care less about it now. Zhang Zhang pulled You Xing, Du Jun pulled Du Feng, and the four followed Qin Tan’s team as they ran. However, due to the influence of gravity in this world, they couldn’t run very fast.

Qin Tan and Lou Fan are not affected by gravity’s effect. The two pulled their teammates and ran as fast as if they could fly. Soon, their figure couldn’t be seen on the curving mountain road anymore.

Zhang Zhang gritted his teeth and ran but no longer saw anyone from Qin Tan’s team. He could only try his best to move forward along the mountain road. Fortunately, there is only one way down the mountain. The road curved here and there, he doesn't know where to go. At this moment, he only prayed that the end of the road is the train station.

Raw word count: 3074


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