I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 47 (Part 2)

Because of such a reminder from the system, when Mingxi saw Fu Yangxi again, she had an unusually nervous feeling in her heart.

And she couldn’t help but to allow her eyes to fall upon his thin lips.

Like a ghost, she imagined if there was any way she could kiss him by coincidence—?

Don’t characters in TV dramas end up kissing easily due to a fall?

But why is it that I will only break my leg if I trip on Fu Yangxi?

Am I not standing tall enough?

"Thank you." Fu Yangxi took the cheese and strawberry drink from the waiter of the milk tea shop. He put the straw in and handed it to Zhao Mingxi. Mingxi was still staring at him.

It was a bit hot today. Fu Yangxi didn't wear a jacket. The sleeves of his black sweater were rolled up, revealing enamel-like arms with beautiful lines. He was tall, his shoulders were broad and he was so very handsome. Many girls in line looked at him.

Mingxi raised her head and her gaze fell on his chin and lips. Her eyelashes trembled slightly and the expression in her eyes began to change.

"What's the matter?" Fu Yangxi appeared nonchalant and cold. He looked like he could go on a runway at any time with one hand in his pocket. In reality, he was panicking internally and wanted to take out his phone on the spot and start searching: ‘The girl said that she only thinks of me as her boss but she keeps staring at me. What's going on?’

Fu Yangxi was almost acting narcissistic again.

Control your thoughts.

He began to analyze rationally.

Is there something on my face or hair?

Mingxi swallowed and instantly became sober.

What am I thinking? It doesn't matter if we hold hands or hug or something, if I suddenly go up on my tiptoes, Fu Yangxi will run away in an instant. He will probably get upset and beat me up.

Mingxi took the milk tea and said, “It's nothing, it's just that there’s something in your hair.”

Sure enough.

Fu Yangxi was glad that he was not narcissistic this time.

The two walked aside.

Mingxi said, "Lower your head, I'll pick it out for you."

"Women are so troublesome." Fu Yangxi pulled a face, his expression saying, ‘I don't want others to touch my hair, but because you are the number one follower, I’ll let you touch it.’. He bent his head down ‘unwillingly’.

Mingxi held the milk tea in one hand and lifted the other hand to pick off a handful of colored confetti from the shop on his short hair.

She touched his hair while picking them out.

Boys’ hair is completely different from girls’ hair. It was short and stiff, very stubborn, a bit like a hairy golden retriever looking up with teary eyes at her due to its wrongly cut hair.

Mingxi couldn't hold back and touched it with her hands.

After she realized what she was doing, she quickly put down her hand and turned her head with a guilty conscience.

Fu Yangxi wore an impatient look, but the tips of his ears were also red and he, too, turned his head.

The air became humid and tense again.

Mingxi said, "The teacher will talk about the exam in the afternoon. He reminded us to go early so I have to leave in half an hour."

Fu Yangxi nodded and said coldly, “You have to get back, no delays.”

The two talked and started walking side by side in the direction of the hotel.

Suddenly, Fu Yangxi took out a candied haw. Mingxi wondered if he took it out from his school bag or something

Under the sun, the candied haws glowed with a shining luster.

He held it quietly in his hand and handed it over.

There was traffic outside the boulevard, but most of the noise was blocked by Fu Yangxi's tall figure.

Only silence and time were left flowing.

The candied haws were wrapped in clean plastic paper and there was a layer of newspaper on the outside of the plastic paper. The exposed top was wrapped in honey syrup and the red external layer was golden. It looked both sour and sweet.

"Here." Fu Yangxi placed one hand in his pocket and tilted his head to look at the traffic, as if he was simply handing it to Zhao Mingxi.

Mingxi was excited for a moment. “Where’d you get it from?”

“Sigh, the driver who sent me here bought it for his son and accidentally bought an extra one.” Fu Yangxi waited for Zhao Mingxi to pick up the candied haw and put his other hand into his trouser pocket triumphantly. With a disgusted expression on his face, he said, “It’s impossible for me to eat this kind of girly stuff, so I can only give it to you.”

Mingxi tasted one and chewed a few times. She said with her mouth full, “I’ll have to thank your driver. How old is he? Is he handsome?”

Fu Yangxi suddenly wanted to shake her shoulders. He said angrily, “What are you thinking? Xiao Li is already married!”

Mingxi: “...”

What was I thinking?

I didn’t think of anything!!

"By the way, thank you for your gift. I like it very much." Mingxi held the candied haws and said, "Maybe I should give you a gift in return first."

Mingxi was a little nervous when she said this and couldn't help licking her lips.

What she licked was naturally sweet syrup that was so sweet that it went straight to her heart.

"Oh, what is it?" Fu Yangxi felt that giving gifts back was a bit odd and he wasn't very happy, but since Little Mask insisted, he could only take it.

On the green road at the entrance of the hotel, at noon, the sun fell on their faces, leaving a warm sting.

Mingxi resisted the beating of her heart. She pretended to have simply rummaged through her jacket pocket and took out a crystal hair tie.

Dark black, glowing with the luster of crow feathers, crystal clear in the sun.

Of course, even so, it could be seen that it was a girl's hair tie.

Fu Yangxi thought that Little Mask wanted to tie her hair, but Little Mask asked him to spread out his hands. "This is a gift for you."

Mingxi's fingertips were on Fu Yangxi's palm.

As if a feather had swept over it lightly, Fu Yangxi's palm was numb.

Fu Yangxi: ???

A hair tie?

But his hair was so short that he didn’t need to tie his hair.

A girl’s thoughts are really hard to understand.

Fu Yangxi asked, “What is this?”

Mingxi felt that although Fu Yangxi has a bad and irritable temper, acting like a fried durian all day long and no girls would go after him, he was so handsome, so there must be many warblers around him— including the Little Flying Chess.

Although he wasn’t aware of his feelings yet and she wasn’t sure whether he liked her or not, according to Mingxi's habit of doing things, she must first get ahead of others and take an oath of sovereignty to include him in her own possession.

When other girls see him wearing a girl's hair tie, they will know that he belongs to another and will not get close anymore.

—Especially that Little Flying Chess.

"It's nothing." Mingxi deceived him vaguely. “It's just a hair tie. I think it looks good, so I took it to a temple on the mountain and asked for it to be blessed. You can put it on. Wearing it is good for your luck."

When Fu Yangxi heard that Zhao Mingxi made a special trip to consecrate an item for him on the mountain, his pale neck flushed pink. Although his face said ‘What kind of girly stuff is this? It’s a bit disgusting’, he still wore it on his right hand.

It was a bit girly indeed.

A tall boy of 1.88 meters wearing such a small hair tie.

But Mingxi couldn't help laughing and was in a good mood. It felt that without Fu Yangxi's knowledge, she had left the mark of ‘this is my possession’.

"Then I'll enter the hotel now. See you next week." Mingxi waved and entered the hotel.

"Okay." Fu Yangxi also raised his hand and waved. He had to act until the very end. “Hurry in, otherwise it’ll delay my actual purpose of coming here.”

After Zhao Mingxi entered, Fu Yangxi stood at the entrance of the hotel for a while and then walked back with the corners of his mouth raised.

After a while, a black colored car drove over.

He got in the car.

After getting in the car, the driver couldn't help but stare at the small hair tie on his right hand.

What’s going on?!!!

Is Young Master dating someone?!

"What are you looking at?" Although Fu Yangxi felt like wearing this gadget on his hand was far too girly, he still found it very precious. He quickly rolled his sleeves down to prevent Xiao Li from seeing it.

But after he pulled his sleeves down, he couldn't help showing off, so he pulled them up again.

With a proud face, he handed his wrist to Xiao Li and said triumphantly, “I know you want to see it, so I'll just show it to you. Did you know that it’s been blessed? You don’t have one like this, huh?”

Xiao Li: “...”

Oh, my silly Young Master.


The training camp was over quickly. Pu Shuang and the others didn’t bring Mingxi any trouble after that one incident. As the competition and training became more and more intense, all 21 people in the team worked hard. They did not have the time to engage in those crooked ways.

During the 10 days of training, the rest of the contestants have changed their impressions of Mingxi.

When she first came, they felt that she got the place through backhanded means and she was not well-known in the competition circle. Her participation in the Tournament this time was most likely just for show.

But they never expected that she could solve many problems in the training process, and her speed was not slower than that of Shen Liyao and the School Representative Team.

So these people began to look at her differently.

However, at this moment, these people have only changed their impressions initially. They conceded that she might have entered the Tournament with real skills, but they didn't think she could really achieve any results in this competition— After all, there was a huge number of professionals in the Hundred School Tournament.

Even if she was strong, it was only the level of an ordinarily smart contestant.

In this way, 10 days passed in the midst of the busy schedule.

The group set off back to school.

The day they went back to school was on a Tuesday.

The bus slowly arrived at the school gate. It was 10am, the time for the second period.

The students were all in the classroom. There was no one in school, with only a few teachers passing by occasionally.

As the group walked towards the building of the three classes, they met several students who were on duty from the Evergreen Class and the International Class who were taking out the trash.

Those on duty all looked over here and whispered to each other while covering their mouths.

Those who came back from the training camp felt a little strange— When they went to the training camp, their mobile phones were basically handed in, so they didn't know what happened in school.

Did we miss something?

As they got closer and closer, some of the people returning from the training camp couldn't help taking out their phones and going to the forum to see if something happened.

After some reading, someone whispered, "F*ck!"

"What happened?" someone asked.

“See for yourselves.”

Zhao Yuan was walking to the door of the classroom. She glanced at Zhao Mingxi who was going upstairs from the corner of her eyes, wondering how to defeat her this time. Is it useful to run away from home? I'm afraid I’ll have to do something before I run away from home.

She suddenly felt something.

Many people in the classroom looked up one after another. Their eyes were a little strange, with a kind of excitement of finding new, juicy gossip.

They were looking at—


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