Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 48.1: Just who is your fiancée?!!!

Chapter 48 Part 1

When these words fell, Ye Jingzhi’s face instantly flushed, standing at the doorway of the kitchen bewildered.

He carried a dish in his right hand, but Xi Jia was hugging his waist and holding him tightly. This made him unsure of what posture he should make. In a moment, he raised the plate up as if he also wanted to similarly hug Xi Jia, but he couldn’t hug Xi Jia while holding the food. Anxious, he didn’t know what to do.

The melodious warbling outside the windows softly rang, and the room was quiet.

Xi Jia leaned his head against Ye Jingzhi’s shoulder and could feel the other’s warm and wide chest. Since he was a child, his father instructed him to be independent and strong. After he was six, this was his first time hugging someone like this, the first time he held his heart before a person in exchange for the other’s sincerity.

It was this person who first gave his heart to him. Then, he could only respond like this.

In the quiet room, no one spoke, and the atmosphere was nice. Xi Jia hugged Ye Jingzhi’s waist, and he thought of a lot of things. He remembered the scene of when he and Ye Jingzhi met for the first time. He remembered when Master Ye had recited incantations later for him for 49 days. He also recalled the Mausoleum, the female ghost at the mountain village……

Too many things had happened during these four months. Now that he recalled them, he had just noticed that only a few months had past.

Xi Jia was still quietly reminiscing, but as he was recalling his memories, he suddenly felt that something was wrong. After a moment of silence, Xi Jia looked up at Ye Jingzhi, and he suddenly stunned when he saw the other person. Ye Jingzhi’s cheeks were slightly red as he was at a complete loss. Seeing that Xi Jia was looking at him, he said in a hurry, “I……I still have food in my hands.”

Xi Jia, “……?”

Xi Jia somewhat loosened his arms, and Ye Jingzhi quickly placed the food on the dining table. He rapidly returned and spread his arms, saying with some shyness, “Now……Now, it’s okay to hug.”

Xi Jia, “……”

The warm atmosphere that was built with great difficulty was broken by the EQ deficient Hell King Ye who didn’t understand honeyed words. Any romantic or appeal, they had all thoroughly disappeared.

Xi Jia couldn’t help but laugh out loud, and Ye Jingzhi looked at him in confusion. There was truly no way he could tell Master Ye, “According to the law of soap operas, we should have muah muah chu just now.” Xi Jia thought for a long time and could only head towards the dining table, “Let’s eat, let’s eat. But Master Ye, you had just woken up, you shouldn’t rush to cook. It’ll be okay if I do it.”

Ye Jingzhi, who was still obediently waiting for a hug, was instantly dumbfounded: How come not hugging anymore?

Xi Jia sat down on a chair. Once he looked down, he exclaimed in shock, “You’ve even mopped the floor?!”

Ye Jingzhi simply didn’t understand. Just now, it was clearly his wife that wanted to hug first. How come he didn’t want to hug again later? He felt so upset. After sitting next to the table, he heard Xi Jia’s words and nodded, “I woke up at 3 in the morning. I saw that you’re sleeping so I didn’t want to disturb you.”

Xi Jia was even more worried about Ye Jingzhi’s body, “I heard Senior Chequ from Shennong Valley say that you should be unconscious for one or two days. How come you’re awake when it hasn’t even been a day yet?”

Ye Jingzhi pushed the food in Xi Jia’s direction and said, “Maybe it’s because I have already been in contact with the Year Fiend a few times before and have become used to it.”

Xi Jia was suddenly stunned.

Then, Ye Jingzhi told Xi Jia what happened in the past few years and the few times the seal on the Year Fiend had stirred up.

“The first time should be four years ago when the Hell Gate of Fengdu opened. Among the younger generation of Celestial Masters, Fellow Daoist Nan Yi’s level at that time was no more than Fellow Daoist Pei Yu’s present level. Just relying on them, they absolutely couldn’t stop the 100,000 evil spirits from rushing out the Hell Gate. At that time, I had only unsealed Wu Xiang Qing Li for three years and wasn’t sure if I was able to attack and kill so many evil spirits. I could only go all out and stall for time until the masters of the older generation arrived.”

Xi Jia asked, “Unseal Wu Xiang Qing Li?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded, “Wu Xiang Qing Li is the magic treasure passed down to the sect master of each generation of Wu Xiang Mountain. Only they could use it, and it had always been with my master. Seven years ago when I was 18, I finally had the ability to unseal Wu Xiang Qing Li.”

Xi Jia had heard Ye Jingzhi mention it a couple times before. He had also guessed that Wu Xiang Qing Li wasn’t Master Ye’s exclusive magic weapon.

Ye Jingzhi continued to speak, “Four years ago, I was pushed into dire straits countless times by the 100,000 evil spirits. At that time, the seal on the Year Fiend somewhat weakened allowing me to hold on until the seniors came. Later, around 2 years ago, I had also sensed that the Year Fiend was nearly about to charge out. These past few months, the Year Fiend seemed to be more active. While fighting with Qin Shi Huang yesterday, I felt the seal on the Year Fiend weaken a bit more than usual, but I didn’t expect it to actually completely unseal.”

Xi Jia thought for a bit and said, “Cengxiu-zhenjun said that the seal should stay sealed for 25 years and last for another 4 years at least. Maybe because it has been weakened time and time again that it was able to suddenly unseal.”

The situation should be like so.

After understanding the whole story, Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi started to eat breakfast.

It had already been several days since Brother Jia had ate breakfast that Master Ye had cooked. During filming, Master Ye also wanted to make breakfast for him, but Brother Jia couldn’t get up. Everyday, he had to go filming at 4 or 5 am. He simply didn’t have the time to sit down and eat breakfast steadily. Now that he was eating this bowl of millet congee, Xi Jia’s eyes squinted in satisfaction.

Through the warm steam, Xi Jia could see Ye Jingzhi sitting to the side and quietly eating.

The world was beautiful and calm. This kind of life truly made people long for it day and night.

However, after eating, Xi Jia suddenly thought of a question right when he was collecting the dishes to wash, “Master Ye, you already knew long ago that the seal in your right eye would break sooner or later?”

Ye Jingzhi raised his head, “En, when I was 4, Master helped me seal the Year Fiend and then told me.”

Xi Jia asked, “Then, besides you, who else knows about this?”

Ye Jingzhi counted one by one.

Xi Jia slowly put the bowls and chopsticks in his hands down, his voice was tranquil, “Besides Cengxiu-zhenjun and the others, only you know about this?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded.

Xi Jia calmly fixed his eyes on the man before him. After a moment, he leaned over and hugged the other. Ye Jingzhi’s body immediately froze again. But this time, there was progress as he quietly wrapped his arms around Xi Jia’s waist. At first, it was a light touch. After he noticed that Xi Jia didn’t reject, he happily hugged his wife.

“In the future, there’s also me.”

The clear and earnest voice rang by his ear, and Ye Jingzhi raised his head to look at Xi Jia.

The sunlight of early morning shined through the windows from outside. The black haired young man lowered his head, quietly gazing at this man. After looking for a while, Xi Jia slightly smiled and said with a clear voice, “In the future, there’s me. Master Ye, if there is something, you can tell me, I will always be with you.”

The jet-black eyes suddenly widened. Ye Jingzhi firmly looked at the young man in front of him who was warmly smiling and nodded his head, “En.”

Xi Jia let go of him and continued to clean up the bowls and chopsticks. Brother Jia’s expression on his face seemed undisturbed, but in his heart, it was like turbulent winds.

Master Ye lacked experience in love and didn’t interact with others much. Likewise, how could it not be the same for Brother Jia?

Brother Jia had lived for 23 years. Even till now, he still hadn’t held a girl’s hand before and had never dated. Now that he was suddenly dating, he was also restless from the bottom of his heart. He didn’t know what he should do, and he could only think about wanting to treat this person even better every day.

If it’s dating, as long as he was good to him, then it was definitely not wrong.

It should be like this……

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Mirror: Wife, wife, I want a hug~

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