Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 48.2: Just who is your fiancée?!!!

Chapter 48 Part 2

Thinking to here, Xi Jia said without thinking, “In the future, let’s not hide anything from each other. Master Ye, if you have something that is making you unhappy, you have to tell me. Maybe I can make you happy?” When he reached the end, Xi Jia himself felt that these words were too funny and started to laugh.

How was Ye Jingzhi not happy right now, he was so happy that he could directly start flying.

Wife didn’t hate him. Although it seemed like he didn’t answer the proposal, wife said he wanted to be with him!

However, he also thought of something, “Jia Jia……”

Xi Jia turned his head to look at him, “En? What’s the matter?”

Ye Jingzhi hesitated for a moment before shaking his head, “Nothing.”

On the day Chen Tao went to see Xi Jia in April, it seemed like something really did happen. This matter, he wouldn’t ask anymore. If Xi Jia wanted to speak, he would definitely know.

Ye Jingzhi saw Xi Jia preparing to wash the dishes. How could he agree? He himself must wash them. Xi Jia couldn’t refuse him. After a moment of thought, it was decided that they would wash them together. Anyway, they could chat like this, and he could get a better understanding of Ye Jingzhi’s past.

Xi Jia rarely got to listen to Ye Jingzhi talk about the past. Ye Jingzhi had only talked about it once, and he felt very bad. He tried to worm out the facts as he washed the dishes, wanting to know how Ye Jingzhi had lived in the past.

Master Ye mumbled and wouldn’t talk. When Xi Jia had asked too much, he just lowered his head and said with a small voice, “My grades weren’t good……”

Xi Jia was stunned, “Ah?” What did this have to do with grades?

Ye Jingzhi explained, “When I was little, each time I passed by the neighbors, they would always ask me how I did on my recent tests and what rank I was in class. Most of my time was spent on studying magic when I was little. Senior Qishan helped arrange things for me to go to school. When I was little, all of my exams……I was ranked first from the bottom……”

Xi Jia, “……”

After quite a while, “Wait, I was only asking how your childhood was. I didn’t ask about your grades.”

Ye Jingzhi asked back in response, “But, when others asked me when I was little, they all asked about studies.”

Xi Jia, “……”

Master Ye was currently an expert at ghost hunting and caused the younger generation to tremble in fear. So what if his grades were a bit bad. He could hunt a ghost and get a Benz! Let’s ask, if you got 100% on the tests, could you get a Benz? Could you!?

Xi Jia could understand the reason for Ye Jingzhi’s bad grades. After all, Master Ye self-studied magic since he was a child and could now have such a formidable strength. Of course, he couldn’t simultaneously study both fields. He said in consolation, “It’s nothing, nothing. In those days, I also didn’t test well in the college entrance exams and didn’t get into the top universities in the country, only the normal 211.” Saying to here, Xi Jia’s heart skipped a beat.

Wait a minute, Master Ye’s grades had never been good since childhood, could it be that he never went to university?

Then, wouldn’t his words be rubbing salt on his wounds?

Xi Jia rushed to correct himself, “I’ve never cared about academic matters, and there are many faces of a person’s ability. Maybe some people are well-rounded with good grades, good looks, and strong capabilities. But, there are some people who might be good at exams or good at socializing. Like Film Emperor Fang, Fang Moting, he seemed to have debuted when he was in high school. His grades weren’t that high either, but his EQ is high!”

Ye Jingzhi nodded, “En, I’m not good at taking exams.”

Xi Jia let out a sigh of relief. He smiled and wanted to change the topic, but Ye Jingzhi continued to say, “I only went to college once to get my diploma. I also don’t know what is the use of putting it in the house, but Senior Qishan said that it can be taken to swindle a young girl later. Jia Jia, why can a diploma swindle a girl?”

Ye Jingzhi looked at Xi Jia in confusion. Xi Jia said in shock, “You went to college?!”

Ye Jingzhi immediately shook his head, “No. Ever since I could control Wu Xiang Qing Li when I was 18, I’ve always been ghost hunting.”

Only then did Xi Jia sighed in relief. He hadn’t come back to his senses yet when Ye Jingzhi said again, “But, Senior Qishan helped me enroll as a Xuanxue world special enrollment. Later, I tested for special enrollment, passed, and was able to get a diploma.”

Xi Jia widened his eyes, “Xuanxue world special enrollment?! What is that?”

Ye Jingzhi began to explain carefully.

The Celestial Masters of the Xuanxue world learned magic since childhood. In ancient times, it didn’t matter if you had no education. Anyway, there were plenty of people who couldn’t read. The Xuanxue world Celestial Masters could read at least (needed to draw runes). But now, just simply being able to read wasn’t enough for the Celestial Masters to integrate into modern society.

For example, you had to learn pinyin, or else when you’re typing on the phone, could it be that you would always use handwriting?1

Another example, you also had to know English, or else how could you communicate with other people while taking a business trip overseas to ghost hunt?

In order to solve this problem, worried that future Celestial Masters would became illiterate, the Xuanxue world always asked the young Celestial masters to study properly and make progress everyday.

However, in order to learn magic, the Celestial Masters didn’t have time to go study. Their learning system was entirely different from ordinary people. Others would study language and math while they would study the Eight Trigrams, Taiji, and Zi Wei fortune-telling arts. Others would study physics, chemistry, and history while they would rise early and go to bed late in order to draw talismans, draw talismans, and draw talismans again. If they were tested together, the Celestial Masters of the Xuanxue world would absolutely be worse than the regular students. Not mentioning entering college, they couldn’t even enter high school. They could only get a secondary school diploma and go to Lanxiang Vocational School in order to dig a hole.

Therefore, after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the higher-ups discussed, they decided to give the Xuanxue world another path.

You also had to go to the ordinary school entrance exams, but besides this, the Xuanxue world also opened their own high school entrance exams and college entrance exams. Unlike others, they test how well you studied magic. If you learned sloppily, you would scram. If you didn’t learn well and your magic wasn’t good either, you could review properly at home and participate in the normal college entrance exams. If you learned well, you would pass.

Xi Jia was already silent hearing this.

Among the younger generation of Celestial Masters, who would dare say that their strength was higher than Hell King Ye?

There was already a scary guess in his heart. Xi Jia expressionlessly looked at the foolish, meng, and obedient Master Ye before him and said with an emphasis on each word, “May I ask……Master Ye, from which college did you graduate from?”

Ye Jingzhi, “Tsinghua.”

Xi Jia, “!!!”

I can’t live anymore!!!

Brother Jia suddenly felt he was a bit unworthy of Master Ye.

Before, he felt that his looks weren’t that bad, but Master Ye was also very handsome. During filming, the director even wanted Master Ye do a guest appearance. At that time, they were equal. And the question of height……He was just a bit shorter than Master Ye, but it was just a little bit, his height was also 180cm!

As for money, Brother Jia completely didn’t dare to compare with Master Ye.

Not mentioning points, the entire Xuanxue world looked at Master Ye with red eyes. As for money, Master Ye dared to take a 10 million antique cup to drink wine with. With such boldness, the entire world would kneel down and call him father.

Thinking here and there, Xi Jia felt that he was only slightly better than Master Ye in academics and be a bit better at socializing than Master Ye. In terms of socializing, there was not much to compare between Xi Jia and Master Ye. They were both not good. As for academics, Xi Jia didn’t care about how high or low academic levels were, but he wasn’t as great as Master Ye. He also didn’t have money like Master Ye. He could only pull out this little bit of merit from a corner.

However now, Xi Jia looked up at Ye Jingzhi. At this time, in his eyes, a “Tall” word was engraved on Master Ye’s left face, a “Rich” word on his right face, and “Handsome” on his forehead.

Oh my god, handsome looks, highly educated, a lot of money, and the important points was his temperament was also very good!

He was a bit depressed and frustrated. At this time, Xi Jia suddenly thought of something, “Wait, Master Ye, you should be first in the college entrance exams among the Xuanxue world students during that time, right?” He didn’t believe there could be someone who was stronger than Master Ye.

Ye Jingzhi gently nodded.

Xi Jia was curious, “Then why was it Tsinghua and not Peking University?”

“While filling out the form for which college you wish for, Fellow Daoist Measurement said to me that their Tsinghua was better than Peking University. So I listened to him and selected Tsinghua.”

Xi Jia, “……”

Be careful of all the top students of Peking University drowning you with their spit!

In the following days, Xi Jia was exceptionally depressed. From time to time, he was pondering: Why would Master Ye fall for him?

Xi Jia couldn’t figure it out no matter what.

On the other side, Ye Jingzhi was happy to the max every day. Master Ye was able to not sleep for a month straight, but Xi Jia needed to sleep. So he used the time when Xi Jia was asleep to ghost hunt everyday. By the time Xi Jia was awake, he would be able to eat sweet and delicious breakfast when he opened his eyes.

Xi Jia kept on insisting that Ye Jingzhi was a patient and shouldn’t move around. Once these words entered Master Ye’s ears, it became——

Wife cares about me!

Thus, he cleaned the apartment even more happily, went out on a hot day to buy groceries, and happily cooked for Xi Jia again.

The two got along well, and nothing seemed to have changed. Besides already knowing about the other’s feelings, they both believed that they were dating. Xi Jia didn’t know how to date. Ye Jingzhi also didn’t know. Everyday, they chatted, took walks outside, and occasionally hold hands shyly. The feeling was very good.

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