Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 48 - Bathing

Chapter 48 - Bathing

“Niangniang, what brings you here?” Wang Gonggong was very surprised to see Su Yu.

He immediately whirled around and looked at the little eunuch beside him and said angrily. “How did you deliver the message?”

Su Yu hurriedly stopped Wang Gonggong from scolding the little eunuch. “I have something to see the His Majesty about.”

“This…” Wang Gonggong looked to be in a quandary and glanced at the closed gates of Beiji Palace behind him.

“Tonight, I’m afraid it’s a little inconvenient.”

The main hall was brightly lit, and the palace maids and imperial guards were all guarding the door. The Emperor was obviously inside, but at this hour, the so-called inconvenience… Su Yu's heart skipped a beat.

It was inconvenient to see him because someone else was there. His original excitement to copy homework was suddenly quenched by a bucket of cold water.

He was carried away by love these days. How could he forget that this man was the Emperor, besides him, there were also so many concubines. Although the Emperor did not seem to understand love before and was like an innocent child…

“Niangniang, are you all right?” Wang Gonggong looked at Su Yu with a worried face. He was startled when he saw the originally radiant face suddenly turn pale.

“Since it is inconvenient for the Emperor, then I…” Su Yu clenched the food box handle in his hand and turned to leave.

It was the beginning of autumn, the night wind blew on the forty-nine white marble steps turning them ice-cold. Su Yu slowly walked two steps and he could feel the temperature of the stones under his feet through his thin brocade shoes.

When he transmigrated, he actually felt very confused and helpless in his heart. Occasionally he delusionally thought about going back, because he felt that it was difficult to live here and he had few attachments.

Now that he had someone he liked, it suddenly strengthened his belief in living a good life here, which made him have unlimited expectations for his future life…

Looking at the bright moon in the sky, the mood in this situation was so bleak that it was really fitting for a poem…Su Yu froze for a moment, then suddenly turned around and returned to the front door of the bedchamber in two to three steps, pushing the palace door open.

To hell with the sadness of spring and autumn, Laozi bent for this cranky and nitpicking fellow, what else is there to be afraid of! If worst comes to worst I can go back to selling fish!

Su Yu angrily walked into the bedroom, the bright candlelight making him squint his eyes, just like the first time he stepped into this bedroom. When he opened his eyes again, the hall was empty and the Emperor was nowhere to be seen.

“Niangniang…” Wang Gonggong couldn’t stop him.

He watched as Su Yu rushed in and the guards quickly followed to drag Su Yu out, but just half a step in, they were immediately stopped by Wang Gonggong. “Quickly withdraw, don’t you want your life!”

The guards stopped at once, and Wang Gonggong no longer cared about Su Yu and hurriedly closed the door.

Su Yu stood in the hall for a moment full of doubts, where was the Emperor?

Looking around, he put the food box on the table and took two steps inside.

“Humm…” A muffled groan suddenly came to Su Yu’s ears. Su Yu’s heart skipped a beat and quickly walked to the place where the voice came from.

The sleeping hall of Beijie Palace was covered with velvet carpets and cushions of various shapes everywhere, so it was silent when one walked.

Passing around the muslin veil, near the bathroom, a man in bright yellow robes tumbled onto a soft cushion, his handsome face seemed to have a painful expression.

Su Yu was startled and hurried to help him. “Your Majesty…uh…”

An Hongche’s hand shot like lightning, without even looking, grabbed the visitor's neck, and threw him to the ground.

He turned his head back coldly, in his eyes was a fierceness that Su Yu had never seen before. Suddenly seeing clearly that it was Su Yu, the ferocious look was like winter snow under the scorching sun, disappearing in an instant.

“Stupid slave? Why are you here?”

Su Yu lay on the soft cushion and blinked. “You are injured?”

“Cough…” An Hongche felt uncomfortable and frowned.

“Didn’t I say that you are not allowed to come serve in bed?”

Su Yu was too lazy to argue with him. He got up and grabbed the Emperor’s arm to help him up.

An Hongche also obediently followed his strength to stand up, he seemed to have hurt his leg, so he stood up and turned sideways, clinging to Su Yu’s back.

“Zhen wants to take a bath.” Since the stupid slave has seen his disgraceful appearance, he might as well handle the punishment he was owed today to make up.

“Why didn’t you call someone to serve you?” Su Yu had no choice but to drag the koala behind him to the bathroom.

Obviously, he couldn’t walk anymore, and still, he drove everyone out, even Wang Gonggong wasn’t allowed to enter.

An Hongche buried his nose in Su Yu’s neck. He sniffed gently without speaking.

Making the koala sit on the soft couch, his hand undressed His Majesty the Emperor. An Hongche’s body was a little tense at first, then slowly relaxed.

Su Yu pretended to have seen nothing and just stripped the Emperor completely, just leaving a pair of short underpants.

The Emperor’s smooth muscular body was black and blue, and his leg was particularly badly injured. There was also a wound on his arm oozing blood. Su Yu sucked in a breath of cold air.

“How can you be hurt like this!”

Last night the Emperor did not ask him to serve in bed last night, this was still the case tonight. Was he injured in the hunting ground yesterday? Considering this, Su Yu felt very distressed, it was all to protect him and he even suspected that he favored others…

“Don’t flatter yourself.” An Hongche seemed to see what he was thinking.

He raised his hand and slapped the back of Su Yu’s head.

“Zhen accidentally hurt himself when practicing martial arts today.”

Su Yu was skeptical, who would accidentally hurt himself into this state by practicing martial arts? He was obviously beaten up by someone.

His Majesty the Emperor was stabbed by the look in Su Yu’s eyes and snorted coldly.

“Zhen was just itching for a moment and exchanged a couple of moves with Imperial Uncle.”

Imperial Uncle? Su Yu’s eyes widened, His Majesty called the other Wangye’s by their ranks or titles, but he only addressed the State Teacher as “Imperial Uncle”. That is to say, all the injuries on his body were caused by the State Teacher!

“The State Teacher…” Is really fierce, Su Yu paused and didn’t dare to say the second half of his sentence.

An Hongche pursed his thin lips.

“He was more hurt than Zhen.” Why is this stupid slave always thinking about the State Teacher?

“Your Majesty, beat up the State Teacher and injured him?“ Su Yu’s words were incoherent. Facing such a cold and noble beauty, the Emperor really had the heart to fight.

“Zhen has never lost a fight since childhood.” An Hongche smiled smugly. He then got up and took off his underpants and slid into the water.

Soaking in the warm water, His Majesty gave a comfortable groan and lay on the jade bed in the middle of the pool, lazily hooking his finger at Su Yu.

“Come here and wait on Zhen to bathe.”

Su Yu looked at his Majesty on the jade bed with his eyes wide open. The jade bed was so high that people could be half-submerged by the warm water when lying on it, and his chest was still exposed to avoid suffocating.

As a result, the slender and fit dragon body, half exposed and half hidden was fully presented in front of him.

The graceful muscles were covered by a layer of beautiful honey-colored skin, the broad shoulders and narrow waist, the long legs…

“Stupid slave, where are you touching!” An Hongche slapped Su Yu’s hand.

“Er…” Su Yu came back to his senses and found that he had stretched out his hand to the Emperor’s thigh and coughed drily.

“I was looking at the injury…”

His Majesty the Emperor raised his eyebrow and slowly leaned over to Su Yu.

“Why does Zhen think you are not looking at the injury.” He said, looking to a certain place between his legs.

“Don’t you have one too?”

“Cough cough cough…” Su Yu choked on his saliva and decided to stop this topic. He bowed his head and took a cloth towel to honestly wipe the Emperor’s body.

An Hongche looked at Su Yu’s face and then at his own body, suddenly revealing a smile of unknown meaning.

“In fact, it’s not impossible for you to touch it, you just have to let Zhen touch too.”

Su Yu raised his head stiffly and looked at His Majesty, who looked serious. Why did this person suddenly become bolder recently?

Before he knew it, a slender white hand had reached for Su Yu’s underpants.

Su Yu was startled and reflexively pushed him.

“Ugh…” An Hongche suddenly groaned and bent down clutching his belly.

“Your Majesty!” Su Yu quickly stepped forward to help him. Who would have thought that his hand had just touched An Hongche when he was pushed away by that person and he fell into the pool with a plop.

The water in the pool was not deep, but he fell into the water suddenly, so Su Yu inevitably choked a big mouthful of water and hurriedly struggled to stand up.

His Majesty the Emperor looked at Su Yu whose head was dripping wet and coughed non-stop and pursed his thin lips. He was silent for a moment, and finally only snorted without saying anything.

Su Yu wiped the water on his face, wondering what this man was up to again.

It was hard to finish the bath, His Majesty yelled that he had to take a bath for an hour, so he lay still on the jade bed. Su Yu ignored him and carried him out of the water like a sack and threw him on the soft couch.

“How can you stay for so long with so many injuries!” This person had an obsession with cleanliness, but you had to think about the situation, the injury on his arm would lose color after soaking for so long.

Putting on the middle coat, Su Yu casually wore a coat and walked out, but the Emperor caught him.

“Where are you going?” An Hongche frowned and held his hand tightly.

“Going to ask someone to find some wound medicine.” Su Yu looked back at him and saw a moment of panic in the Emperor’s eyes. He immediately felt strange and leaned over to look him in the eyes.

“It’s in the jade box over there.” An Hongche pointed to the stone cabinet not far away.

Su Yu couldn’t deny him, so he took the jade box and came over. There was a kind of gold paste in it, he touched it with his fingers and slowly rubbed it on the wounds. This time, the Emperor’s body was not so tense, allowing Su Yu to massage his body.

An Hongche quietly watched Su Yu’s movements, his thin lips once more pursed into a straight line.

“When Zhen is injured, Zhen can’t allow others to get close.”

“Then Your Majesty should apply the medicine himself.” Su Yu was so angry that he stuffed the medicine box in his hand to the Emperor.

This man was especially difficult to serve tonight.

“You are different.” An Hongche didn’t take the medicine box, he closed his beautiful eyes and motioned Su Yu to continue.

Su Yu was stunned, then he realized that the Emperor was explaining the act of pushing him into the pool was not intentional, but maybe he was just not used to it.

He knew that people who lived on the edge of life and death would be more aggressive when they are injured…

“I, how am I different?” Su Yu couldn’t help but raise the corners of his lips and the movements of his hands became more and more gentle.

This awkward guy can actually say such sweet words.

An Hongche grunted comfortably, lifted his eyelids, and looked at him.

“You are Zhen’s stupid slave, so Zhen allows you to get close to me. Oh, a little higher.”

Su Yu: “...” You really can’t hope this guy to sweet talk.

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

<The Fight For The Throne Is Always Full of Bloodsheed>

Little Fish: How did the Emperor become the crown prince?

Cat Gong (Licks his paw): Zhen has never lost a fight

Younger Brother & Prince A, B, and C: QAQ

Little Fish: How did the former emperor win the throne?

Father Cat(Transparent, licks his paws): Guaren has never lost a fight

Thirteenth Uncle & Seventeenth Uncle: QAQ

Additional friendship tips for Wang Gonggong

Little Fish: The Emperor’s habit of not letting anyone approach him when injured must be caused by wandering around the edge of life and death all the year round (Heartache~)

Wang Gonggong: When a cat is injured, it scratches everyone = =


Laozi -> this old master

Guaren -> imperial, humble, archaic I; we; "lonesome one" similar to the royal we; reserved for used by monarchs.

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