In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 48 - Boy Meets Sister

–Present time–


Daiki opened his eyes.

Did he fall asleep while sitting down?

As he tried to stand up, his body wouldn’t move.

“Hmm? …Woah!? What is thisss!!!”

Daiki realized that a rope tied his body to a chair, and felt like his eyes would pop out.

That reminded him, that the moment he was about to rush in, he had felt something like an electric shock…

“Oh, you’re already awake.”


When he turned in the direction of the voice, he saw a girl who looked younger than him standing there.

“Oh… I modded the stung gun to be pretty strong though. Maybe Brother is too strong?”

The girl was fiddling with a rectangular object in her hand.

“U-untie this!”


Daiki who was refused bluntly twisted his body and shouted,

“I’m not suspicious! I’m Daiki Oota…”

“Brother, are you possibly stupid?”


“If you make any sound, those will attack, you know?”


To be talked down by a girl younger (presumably) than him…

Well, he couldn’t do anything but stare back…

“Yui Ibuki.”


As he was taken aback, the girl continued speaking,

“My name. I’m 14.”

“W-why are you telling me?”

“Have you never been scolded for not given your name when others do?”

While saying that, Yui untied the rope around Daiki.

“I-is it fine?”

“Yeah. Brother is stupid after all.”

“If you had let me know beforehand…!”

“Ahaha! Are you mad?”


Daiki managed to suppress his anger.

“Do you have any companions?”

“0. I’m alone. At first, there were lots of them though.”

Saying that, Yui pointed to the door.

“N-no way, by zombies?”

“Zombie? Oh, do you call those that? You have sense, Brother.”

“I-is that so?”

“I lied.”


“Now, now, don’t get angry.”

While treating Daiki simply like a newborn baby, Yui gave him an explanation.

“Zombie? They didn’t become one. They only died when scrambling for food.”

“Were you dragged into it?”

“When they started killing each other, I hid myself. Most of the others died, and the survivors went crazy and went somewhere.”

“... You can sure stay calm, huh.”

“Hmm? Are you complimenting me? Or dissing me?”

“I’m complimenting you. My respected senior died, and I caused a lot of trouble to those around me…”

“‘Stay calm no matter what’“


“My older sister always said so.”

“Ohh. Do you have a sister?”

“Yeah. She went to a distant high school.”

“Are you worried?”

“Not at all. She isn’t the sort of person to die here.”

“Is that so… Oh!”


“I came looking for a private power generation!”

“For you friends?”

“To apologize actually.”

“Hmm. Since there is one, you could take it?”

“Is it fine?”

“Yeah. No matter how many machines there are, I don’t use them anyway.”


Daiki happily jumped up.

“...Calling me ‘Brother’, you’re such a child.”


Daiki ran toward Yui.

“Woah! I’ll escape~!”

As to not be caught, Yui also started running around.

While running around the small room, the rope tied to Daiki’s feet got entangled with Yui’s …


Miu approached the shopping center together with Takumi and Rei.

The barricade by the entrance prevented their intrusion firmly.

As he did that, Rei found an opened window.

“Let’s enter through here.”

“Then, let’s go.”

The three went inside to the men’s bathroom.

The door was left open.

When they left the bathroom while being wary of zombies, they saw an amazing scene spread out in front of them.

“What is this…”

Rei uttered unconsciously.

The inside of the shopping center was terrible.

A saw, electric drill, wooden hammer, chainsaw, layed out net, and thumb tacks, etc, were scattered around.

“What happened? …I’m worried abot Daiki.”

Takumi said while moving forward.

The two people continued.

“The last, huh.”

The three stood in front of the door.

“If he didn’t stay here, where else could he have gone, possibly…”

Have become a zombie and was wandering around the city.

It was something he didn’t want to think of, but the possibility was high.

Anticipating that he was inside here, Takumi pushed the door open.




Takumi, Miu, and Rei raised their voices in order.

Which wasn’t surprising considering that Daiki was pushing down a girl younger than him.


Daiki, noticing their presence, couldn’t speak.

Only Yui didn’t seem to be able to understand the situation, and she looked between the three repeatedly.

After the long silence that made it seem like time had stop, it was Miu who opened her mouth first.



“You… Were you a loliconnn!!!”

“You’re wrooooooong!!!”

Their screams echoed.

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