Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 48 Mount Gui (NPC)

Here’s a list of names, in case someone couldn’t remember them:

Level 8 team
张章 Zhang Zhang (leader)
富春 Fu Chun (chef) - dead
尤星 You Xing (young girl)
杜凤 Du Feng (older sister)
杜军 Du Jun (younger brother)

Han Yu (Real estate agent)
Jiang Yiran (college young man)
Qi Shan (young girl)

Qin Tan and Lou Fan dragged their teammates as they ran. At this moment, Lou Fan thought it was fortunate that he took a dip in the pool. Otherwise, with Qin Tan alone lugging all four of them, he would be exhausted and unable to run so fast.

Fortunately, there’s no trick or trap on the escape route this time. As they walked through the woods and saw a flat land full of holes, they knew that the station is not far away.

Qin Tan stopped and looked around, "Qi Shan and Jiang Yiran are not here."

Jiang Dong pointed to a tree not far away and said, "Look."

On the sturdy tree trunk, a severed rope is tied to it. That tree is the tree that they tied the rope to when they went down. The team walked over and Qin Tan checked the rope, his expression sank.

"It was cut off."

Lou Fan pursed his lips and didn't speak, that is an expression when he is furious.

Wen Lang growled: "It must be Han Yu that fker. Frick, don't let me see him again, I’ll kill him."

If this rope is the only way for them to survive, the result is obvious, they won’t be able to climb up the hole in the end. This is simply trying to let the junior team and the intermediate team die here. This person is too cruel.

Qin Tan looked around, "There are traces of fighting here. But don't worry about it, go to the station first."

Lou Fan nodded, "If I see Han Yu, I’ll settle the account with him. I've noted down this grudge."

The team continued to rush down the mountain again. They focused on their way and hardly stopped. When they got to the area where they got off the train, there is only 4 hours left.

There is no one around the station’s area. The team found a place to sit and rest. Running down all the way, even with Qin Tan and Lou Fan pulling them, the other team members are exhausted. They leaned against a tree on the side, panting.

"Who is it?" Qin Tan immediately called out upon hearing a slight noise from the bushes on the side.

Lou Fan swiftly draws an arrow with a bow and aims.

"Don't, don't, Brother Qin Lou." Jiang Yiran got out, "It's us."

Jiang Yiran and Qi Shan helped each other out from the inside and said as they walked, "Qi Shan and I didn't know when you would come out from the hole, so we got here first. We were still worried about when you would arrive, and now we saw you guys. It’s good."

The duo walked up to the team and sat down. Lou Fan asked, "Where's Han Yu? You fought with him?"

As soon as Han Yu is mentioned, Jiang Yiran got agitated, "I knew he is not a good person. After you guys went down, he rushed over and grabbed Qi Shan's knife. I stabbed a hole in him with my umbrella, but he actually endured the pain and cut the rope off. Then, he quickly ran away. Qi Shan and I lay at the entrance of the cave and shouted a few times, afraid that you guys haven’t reached the bottom yet, and fell down. We didn't hear any response so we think that you guys should be fine."

"Bah!" Wen Lang spat, "That fker."

Chen Shuyang also became agitated, "So shameless, how could there be such a person? And we don't owe him anything." He has never sworn since he was a child, usually treats people kindly, and has a narrow social circle. It's rare for him to meet such a person, he is really curious why there is such a horrible person.

Qi Shan whispered, "He stole my rope[1], it’s my fault that I didn't hide the knife well."

Lou Fan doesn’t know what to do with this kind of low self-esteem and timid little girl, he can only comfort her, "You are just a little girl. How can you be stronger than a big man? If he really wants to snatch it from you, you can't protect it.”

Jiang Yiran looked at the mountain road and asked, "Team leader Zhang, why haven't they come back yet?"

"They're still behind, they should be there soon."

3 hours later, with 1 hour left before boarding time, Zhang Zhang and his team members arrived panting heavily and staggering, as if they are about to fall down at any moment. The mountain doesn't look high, but they ran for hours without stopping from the top to the bottom. If they didn't come out early, catching the train would be big trouble.

Seeing everyone waiting there, as if he saw his own relatives, Zhang Zhang said, "I'm finally here, so exhausted. I say, are you running a bit too fast? Faster than rabbits, and in the blink of an eye, you guys cannot be seen anymore."

Lou Fan threw a candy into his mouth, "Team leader Zhang, if one doesn't practice this escape skill well, how can one escape for their life?"

Zhang Zhang and the others naturally didn't have the time to look at the broken rope. Now that Jiang Yiran said it again to them, Zhang Zhang almost wanted to kill Han Yu on the spot.

"Don't let me see that kid, or my chainsaw will serve him at any time." Zhang Zhang gritted his teeth.

After successfully completing the task and managed rushed to the station, everyone took a break to drink water and eat.

Lou Fan has something in his mind that he really didn't understand. Hence, he asked casually, "Team leader Zhang, I really don't understand something."

Zhang Zhang casually asked, "What is it?"

"It stands to reason that you are already Level 8 team. You have experienced so many worlds and are much more experienced than us. When you were in Qitong’s cave, why did you still take those things?"

Thinking of Fu Chun's death inside, Zhang Zhang's self-blame and sadness surged up again. He sighed and said, "This time, I got careless. I shouldn't be greedy, and didn’t listen to your persuasion, so Fu Chun..."

Zhang Zhang paused and changed the subject, "This is actually a saying circulated by Lazuli's seniors. It is said that things in the world of myths and legends are generally good things, and they definitely cannot be compared with ordinary gold and silver jewelry. The word ‘good’ here means they can be exchanged for a huge amount of points. Secondly, there may be things that improve one’s physique. Although our team has experienced several worlds, it was very difficult for us to survive every time, and there are almost no good items or equipment in our hands. We don’t have many points either, so I want to take a risk and get something, thinking that even if I can't improve my physique, it would be good to exchange more points for weapons. As a result..."

Hearing that, Lou Fan's guts are turning green with regret now. Why didn't he do his homework in advance? If they knew that things in the mythical world are hard to come by, they should drink up the pool water together. Then, they’ll go down to take a bath together. But now, they missed all the good things.

Zhang Zhang added, "Your quest items should have disappeared, right?"


"As expected, in every mythical world or a more mysterious world, quest items will be consumed."

"I see." Lou Fan nodded.

Zhang Zhang paused. After hesitating for a moment, he asked, "I want to ask, is the extra Longjing grass still there?"

Zhang Zhang gave Lou Fan 2 stalks, and they got 5 more after that. Adding up to 7 stalks, not to mention the one they got before both teams met, the junior team must have more than 10 stalks. Except for the 10 required stalks for the mission, the extra should be still here?

Lou Fan replied with a straight face, "There are 2 stalks left."

An expression that says ‘As expected’ appeared on Zhang Zhang’s face. He felt both envy and regret, why is there nothing special in the Chang snake that can be taken away?

After asking all the questions that can be asked, Lou Fan leaned to rest at the side with a sullen expression. Furball came out of his arms and stood on his shoulder, looking curiously at the people in this circle.

A ball of snow-white fur, just looking at it makes people love it. Jiang Yiran and Qi Shan have not seen Furball before, so now they are staring at it with sparkling eyes. Qi Shan is rather shy, so she just stared at it with a smile on her face, obviously liking it. Jiang Yiran is more courageous. He liked Furball with just a look, so he wanted to touch it and tease it.

"Brother Lou, what kind of animal is this? It's so cute and fluffy." Jiang Yiran said, reaching out to Furball.

Before Jiang Yiran’s hand could touch it, Furball suddenly raised its hackles. Making a loud noise, the hair all over its body stood up like thorns. Furball bared its teeth and then let out a dull low roar, the sound is like a large beast. Everyone got startled by the sound of it, and those who closed their eyes to rest swiftly woke up, holding onto their weapon and looking around. Lou Fan held down Furball and smoothed its fur so that Jiang Yiran's hand is safely protected.

"Furball, that's a companion, not a bad guy." Lou Fan took the fur ball in his palm and rubbed it, "Good boy, he's not malicious. Do you want butter beans?"

Qin Tan looked at the fur ball, and its fur softened under the comfort of Lou Fan. Unexpectedly, its fur is also a weapon, and it can be used as a thorn.

Jiang Yiran got stunned by the shock and didn't realize that his hand was almost in danger. He just felt that such a little thing could make a terrifying sound. The sound is like a muffled thunder blasting beside his ear, making him tingle all over.

Lou Fan smoothed Furball and saw the time is getting closer and closer. He is reluctant to part with it, "If Furball can't be taken away, it will have to be left alone again. I haven't seen any animals of its kind." It would be too lonely.

Qin Tan pressed on Lou Fan’s shoulder, "Every creature has its own environment to live in. It could survive by itself before this, and it can too from now on. If it can be taken away, it is the best. If Furball cannot be taken away, it can only be said that this is the rule of this world."

Wen Lang and the rest didn't know how to comfort Lou Fan, so they didn’t say anything.

Lou Fan remained silent, just kept rubbing Furball. Furball rolled around like a ball in his hand. The more he looked at it, the softer his heart became. He couldn't help rubbing his cheek against Furball and kissing it. Furball’s body trembled, and Lou Fan could even feel its happiness. It rubbed against Lou Fan with its soft fur.

At 10.00 am, the whistle of the train sounded on time, and the old train appeared out of thin air - it is time to get on the train.

Walking through the platform, Furball is still perching on Lou Fan's shoulder. Lou Fan is overjoyed, can he expect things to go his way? He got on the train with an uneasy heart, and yet Furball is still there, looking around curiously.

It did not disappear!

At this moment, there is still a minute and a half before the train departed. There is a rustling sound in the grass next to the station, and a figure jumped out like a rabbit and ran toward the train.

"Look, it's Han Yu that fker!" Wen Lang pointed at Han Yu and shouted.

Lou Fan didn't say a word and immediately leaned at the door of the train. Raising his bow, he shot an arrow. The phoenix feather arrow flew out with a swish, hitting Han Yu at the shoulder, who is running toward the train. Han Yu staggered under his feet and covered his shoulder with a hand. But he gritted his teeth and continue to run to the train. He managed to climb into the compartment in the last 10 seconds.

"Tsk, he is something." Wen Lang sighed regretfully. "With a hole in the waist and an arrow in the shoulder, he still managed to climb into the train."

As soon as one gets on the train, they couldn't attack each other. Han Yu lay on the floor panting heavily. He closed his eyes and felt that the wounds on his body are slowly healing.

"A cockroach that can't be beaten to death." Jiang Yiran looked at Han Yu and said angrily, "It really is ‘a scourge that lives for thousands of years.’[2]"

Being glared at by Qi Shan and Jiang Yiran, Han Yu simply looked at them and laughed indifferently. Frick that, he survived anyway.

The train started slowly and Lou Fan looked at Furball running here and there. He opened his mouth to laugh, and threw himself into Qin Tan's arms, "Qin Tan, Furball really is returning with us! That's great!"

Chen Shuyang is also happy and took out some chocolate beans, "Come, Furball. I'll give you as much as you want when we go back."

Raw word count: 3093


[1] Banana: Not sure if author typo-ed or Qi Shan has a rope as her spirit weapon, I can’t remember _(;3/
[2] The whole idiom is ‘好人不长命祸害遗千年’ which means, Good people don’t live long while scourge lives for thousands of years

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