Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 49.1: Can’t I be embarrassed?!

Chapter 49 Part 1

Xi Jia was completely dumbfounded.

He held an apple that was both red and large in his hand. Beside him was Charlatan Pei who was bitterly crying. In front of him was Master Ye with a sincere expression. Seeing his shocked appearance, Ye Jingzhi thought for a moment before picking another very large and even redder apple. He shoved it into Xi Jia’s hand again, “Of the two, I also don’t know which is sweeter. Jia Jia, which one do you want to eat?”

Xi Jia, “……”

Right now is really not about eating apples!!!

In an instant, Xi Jia became clear-headed. His first reaction was to look at Pei Yu and ask calmly, “Why did you say that I’m Master Ye’s future……” He couldn’t say that word out loud. Xi Jia spend a long time before changing his words, “Why would you say that Master Ye and I have that kind of relationship?”

Pei Yu stated it as a matter of fact, “I read it on ‘Ghosts Know.”

The sudden news made him lose his mind. Only now did Xi Jia remember. From the start, Pei Yu had said that “Ghosts Know” had published an article saying that he had that kind of relationship with Master Ye and even gave Pei Yu a fine of 100,000 for falsely refuting a rumor.

Xi Jia didn’t say anything. He directly placed the two apples onto the table, opened his phone, tapped on the news history, scrolled towards a week ago, and immediately found that article.

《Shocking! Hell King Ye’s fiancée is actually **》

Xi Jia after he finished reading the entire article, “……”

After thinking for a long time, Xi Jia couldn’t think of how he would have an engagement with a man; furthermore, it was an engagement with Master Ye. After he remained puzzled after much thought, he silently looked up at Ye Jingzhi. At this moment, Ye Jingzhi also noticed that something was slightly amiss. He earnestly looked at Xi Jia as if he wanted to find out what was wrong from his expression.


Xi Jia tried to calm down as much as possible and asked quietly, “Master Ye, since when am I engaged to you?”

Ye Jingzhi, “!!!”

Wife actually didn’t acknowledge the engagement?!!!

Ye Jingzhi was dumbstruck all of a sudden.

Next, in order to prove his engagement with Xi Jia, Ye Jingzhi immediately went back into his room and found the half piece of Mt. Tai stone that was well kept and preserved.

The contours of the milky-white Mt. Tai stone were smooth with a hint of crystal-clear radiance like a beautiful fish.

Pei Yu watched to the side, not understanding.

But, Xi Jia’s eyes immediately widened as he rushed to his own room and took out a blood-red colored Mt. Tai stone.

With a kacha, the two pieces of Mt. Tai stone slotted together, immediately forming a complete Taiji symbol.

Ye Jingzhi said, “Look, this is the token.”

Xi Jia was still in disbelief, “I-impossible!”

Ye Jingzhi was stunned and raised his head to look at Xi Jia.

Pei Yu immediately started to cause a ruckus at the side, “Brother Jia, you still won’t admit it right now, you still won’t admit it! At that time when I helped you deny the rumor, why didn’t you stop me? 100,000 points ah, you really want me to pay 100,000 points, it would be better to sell me. Selling me wouldn’t even be worth 100,000 points!”

Xi Jia basically didn’t pay any attention to Pei Yu. He picked up the two Mt. Tai stone pieces and kept on putting them together and separating them. No matter how he put them together, the two Mt. Tai stones perfectly matched and blended together. Xi Jia constantly muttered, “Impossible.” He kept on repeating the phrase as he put them together. To his side, Ye Jingzhi was quietly looking as his wife, somewhat dumbfounded.

……Wife actually still doesn’t acknowledge?

Master Ye was suddenly a bit hurt, feeling wronged at the side for a long time without talking.

After more than ten minutes had past, Xi Jia finally recovered from his state of perplexity. He first glanced at Pei Yu, and Pei Yu loudly yelled, “I can’t pay 100,000 points!” Then, he slowly looked towards Ye Jingzhi.

Xi Jia, “……”

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

Xi Jia, “……”

Ye Jingzhi, “!”

As the matter now stands, the evidence was arranged before him. No matter how Xi Jia didn’t dare believe, he could only believe it.

When Charlatan Pei was jesting just now, he stealthily exchanged the small and yellow apple in his hand for a big apple Xi Jia had placed on the table. Xi Jia didn’t even take a glance as he directly took the largest apple from Pei Yu’s hand and shoved it into Ye Jingzhi’s hand. He himself took the last remaining large apple on the table, pulled out a chair, sat down, and looked up at Ye Jingzhi.

“So……Master Ye, may I know just what is going on?”

In fact, everything was quite simple.

Nineteen years ago, Ye Jingzhi’s master, Yi Lingzi, and Master Buxing had a coincidental encounter and obtained two top-grade Mt. Tai stones. They were known as Mt. Tai Yin-Yang Unity Stones, divided into a yin stone and a yang stone. Originally, after Yi Lingzi obtained the stones, he had parted with Master Buxing and went home to see his disciple. However, before he had returned to G Province, he discovered Xi Jia when he had passed through S City.

In a moment of kindness, Yi Lingzi had given Xi Jia one half of the Mt. Tai stone to help shelter him from the yin energy.

The above was Xi Jia’s conjecture, but Ye Jingzhi wrinkled his brows and said in a low voice, “On that day when Master came back, he told me that it’s for me to find a wife. He even said that he had already given the other half of the Mt. Tai stone to them and that this is our engagement token.”

Xi Jia still didn’t believe, “I already can’t remember clearly. When I got the Mt. Tai stone, I was only 4 years old, and I don’t remember what the person who gave the Mt. Tai stone looked like. But my father had always said that the great master was kind-hearted and generous, didn’t want our remuneration, and gave us such a treasure for nothing in return.”

Ye Jingzhi, “……”

Xi Jia felt that something was a bit off, “Master Ye?”

Although it was quite hard to talk about it since it sounded like he was saying bad things about his master, but Hell King Ye was always fair and had never told a lie. He seriously said, “Master was always stingy and petty, he would never give anyone anything for nothing. Each time he gambled with Senior Qishan and Senior Buxing and lost, Master would poke voodoo dolls behind their backs for three days and three nights.”

Xi Jia, “……”

So, are we even talking about the same person?!

In order to make things clear, Ye Jingzhi contacted Master Buxing and Qishan-daoren.

Translator’s Addition:
C+: Foolish Charlatan Pei, you think you can trick me and get that big and red apple?

Translator’s Notes: None~ Semi-shorter chapter with 7k+ words in Chinese, so split into two parts.

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