Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 49.2: Can’t I be embarrassed?!

Chapter 49 Part 2

At that time, Master Buxing was the person who had accompanied Yi Lingzi to pick out the Yin Yang Unity Stones. He naturally knew about this engagement. However, Master Buxing had thought for a long time and could only give out one answer, “When Yi Lingzi and I met for the last time, he excitedly told me that he had found a good wife for his disciple and that their Wu Xiang Mountain would become even more powerful. Just this and nothing more.”

Qishan-daoren was truly the last person to see Yi Lingzi. At that time when they had gone to search for an old tomb with a party of five, only he had escaped. Qishan-daoren gave more information than Master Buxing, “Yi Lingzi said that he had a way to completely resolve his disciple’s Body of Three Fiends and even said that he found a little girl with extremely strong yin energy as his disciple’s wife. Eh, wait, Young Daoist Ye, isn’t your future wife Young Daoist Xi? When did Young Daoist Xi become a little girl?”

Brother Jia who was 180 cm tall and didn’t look like a little girl no matter how you look at him, “……”

Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi found a few more friends of Yi Lingzi when he was alive to inquire. Without exception, the information that they gave was not as good as Master Buxing and Qishan-daoren.

Up until now, regardless of whether it was Xi Jia or Ye Jingzhi, they both weren’t able to obtain an answer on this matter. The truth was buried with Yi Lingzi, distantly 19 years ago.

What was now in front of them was not the truth but rather, an engagement that had become a fact.

Ye Jingzhi was intently looking at Xi Jia without talking, but Xi Jia kept feeling that Master Ye was looking at him while feeling wronged.

However, Brother Jia’s heart was also bitter.

To this day, Brother Jia still remembered his father say countless times before his death just how selfless and devoted the great master who had given the Mt. Tai stone was. He praised that Yi Lingzi was a true hermit master and had an uncorrupted and noble moral character. Since he was small, Xi Jia had been imbued with this kind of thought: A true Celestial Master of the Xuanxue world was not selfish, someone who was a noble person, a pure person, and had morals.

Because his father kept on repeating it in his ear, when Brother Jia had recited the Founder’s 《In Memory of Norman Bethune》when he was in elementary school, he could recite it with his eyes closed and without wrinkling his eyebrows.1 Those were the words that the Founder used to describe Norman Bethune and used by his father to describe Yi Lingzi. It was obvious how grateful his father was towards Yi Lingzi.

Also because his impression of the Xuanxue world was like this since he was small, Xi Jia could still accept this selfless and devoted Xuanxue world after meeting the moral model, Ye Jingzhi. After meeting Pei Yu, his world view completely collapsed.

And now suddenly telling him that Yi Lingzi had given the Mt. Tai stone and even bound him with a marriage contract, he was simply not selfless and devoted.

Xi Jia’s first reaction: Thankfully, father doesn’t know……

The three of them sat in the living room, biting on apples and exchanging what they knew.

This was also Ye Jingzhi’s first time knowing that Xi Jia really didn’t know about the engagement. In fact, this matter also had a great impact on Master Ye. At first, he also didn’t believe that his Master would actually find him a man as his wife, but when he thought that this person was Xi Jia, he didn’t seem to feel that it was unacceptable. He was even quite happy.

At that time, Ye Jingzhi had thought: As expected of Master, this wife is really great.

And Xi Jia started to recall some words his father had once said to him. He himself really couldn’t remember Master Yi Lingzi anymore. He could only visualize the other party from his father’s narrative. However now, it seemed that his father’s image of the selfless and devoted master didn’t relate to Yi Lingzi at all.

However Xi Jia had thought instead, “Master Ye, according to this statement, I should have seen Wu Xiang Qing Li when I was small?”

Ye Jingzhi flipped his hand and took out Wu Xiang Qing Li, “19 years ago, Master had always fought alongside Wu Xiang Qing Li. If you have seen Master before, then you definitely have seen it before.”

The exquisite bronze die happily flew to Xi Jia’s side and rubbed against his face as if it was silently agreeing.

Seeing the scene of their family being happy and harmonious, Charlatan Pei who was biting on the small apple was unsatisfied, “100,000 points, 100,000 points!”

Xi Jia got up and headed towards the kitchen, “Master Ye, what do you want to eat?”

Pei Yu was muttering on the side, “100,000 points, 100,000 points!”

Once Ye Jingzhi heard that his wife wanted to cook, he happily nodded, “Anything is fine, I can eat anything.”

Pei Yu was still muttering on the side, “100,000 points, 100,000 points!”

Xi Jia cooked an extra bowl of millet congee for Charlatan Pei without much extra effort, keeping Pei Yu at home to eat dinner. After they finished eating, the dutiful Master Ye tidied up the bowls and chopsticks as usual and prepared to wash the dishes. Xi Jia smiled as he said, “I’ll send Pei Yu out the door.”

Ye Jingzhi nodded, seriously washing the dishes.

Xi Jia dragged Pei Yu who was still repeating “100,000 points” out of the room. Once the two of them left the room, the relaxed smile on Xi Jia’s face suddenly disappeared. Pei Yu was still repeating “100,000 points.” Xi Jia took him and entered the elevator. It wasn’t until they had reached the neighborhood’s garden did he heave a sigh of relief and wipe his sweat, “I was nervous to death.”

Pei Yu was stunned, “Brother Jia, what are you nervous about?”

Xi Jia took a few deep breaths, “If you suddenly found out you had a future husband, how would you feel?”

Pei Yu trembled all over, “I’m a man, what future husband, I could only have a future wife! Not right, Brother Jia, aren’t you already dating Hell King Ye? Now that you know that he’s your future husband, isn’t this perfect?”

“This is not the same.” Xi Jia raised his head to look at the kitchen window. There was a person inside seriously washing the dishes, calm and fine. He did not resemble the character of Hell King Ye that the younger generation of the Xuanxue world had spoke of. He explained, “My original plan was to properly date. Huaxia right now doesn’t allow same-sex marriages. As long as we’re together, we’re okay. But now, there’s suddenly an engagement……”

Pei Yu still didn’t understand, “Is having an engagement not good?”

Brother Jia’s face suddenly turned red, “I’m embarrassed, is that not okay?!”

Pei Yu had a big shock, “Brother Jia, your face can actually blush!”

Xi Jia, “……” Something’s wrong with you, why can’t someone blush!

In fact, Xi Jia really couldn’t accept this engagement all of a sudden. Not because he didn’t want to have an engagement with Master Ye, and also not because he didn’t want to be with Master Ye forever, but because…… he suddenly felt too shy!

Their relationship had suddenly become even closer.

They had only been dating for a week before the relationship suddenly changed from dating to engaged……

This this this……this is too embarrassing!!!

Brother Jia blushed and sent Charlatan Pei away, no longer talking. Looking at his appearance, Pei Yu slowly became serious. After a moment of hesitation, he asked, “I also didn’t expect, Brother Jia, that you would only know about the engagement today. However, it seems like Hell King Ye already knew about this engagement.”

Xi Jia creased his brows, “What’s the matter?”

Pei Yu thought for a bit and whispered, “Brother Jia, although I’m very afraid of Hell King Ye and don’t dare to talk to him, I have to say this fact, Hell King Ye’s moral cultivation far exceeds the rest of us. Even Nan Yi falls short by a big chunk. So Brother Jia, Hell King Ye has long known about your engagement, aren’t you worried……No, I’m only mentioning a possibility, you must not think askew. Really, I’m just worried that when you think about this thing in the future, you won’t be happy.”

Xi Jia suddenly understood Pei Yu’s meaning.

When he found out about the engagement and the moment he knew that Ye Jingzhi had already known about it, he thought of this question.

However at this moment, the pink on his two cheeks that appeared due to shyness had yet to fade, he turned his head to look at Pei Yu. The warm sunlight from the setting sun shined on his face, quiet and beautiful. He calmly asked in return, “How could I suspect him?”

All of a sudden, Pei Yu couldn’t respond in time, “Ah?”

Xi Jia said, “In this life, I will never doubt him, regardless of the matter or feeling. Because he is Ye Jingzhi.”

Master Ye was currently in the kitchen and obediently washing dishes when these words suddenly bored into his ears.

Master Ye who was being praised by wife to the point his entire face flushed red, “!”

Why would wife suddenly praise him! So happy!!!

Xi Jia saw Pei Yu off. Before leaving, he seriously apologized to Pei Yu and also stated that he would definitely find a way to pay back that 100,000 points. Pei Yu immediately said that he was just casually saying it and didn’t really want Xi Jia to pay back the points. But Xi Jia seriously said, “Although I didn’t know, this is essentially my fault, and I had mislead you. This couldn’t be blamed on you. How about this, at least let me pay back 90,000, okay?”

Charlatan Pei’s face was dripping with tears, “Brother Jia!!!”

Such a loyal Brother Jia, must brag for a lifetime!

Xi Jia slowly walked back to the neighborhood and slowly walked up the stairs. This time, he didn’t take the elevator. Instead, he walked up each floor one by one. By the time he reached his front door, Brother Jia’s face was a bit hot. He calmed down as much as possible. He raised his hand to press the doorbell, but just as his hand had touched the doorbell, he couldn’t help but place it back down.

Just like this, back and forth, Xi Jia wasn’t mentally prepared this whole time, how could he face his future husband.

Just as he was hesitating for the tenth time, the front door was pulled open with a swoosh.

Ye Jingzhi was still immersed in the state of being praised by wife, “Jia Jia, why didn’t you come in?”

Xi Jia, “I’m……I’m about to.”

The fact that there was this engagement, he was truly……En, very happy.

The Author has something to say:
Mirror: Wife praises me everyday, happy (/≧▽≦/)
C+: Suddenly got a future husband, completely didn’t prepare any mental preparation, ah!!!

Translator’s Notes:
1 In Memory of Norman Bethune is Mao Zedong’s (the Founder of PRC) eulogy for him.

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