Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 49 - Behind the scenes

Chapter 49 - Behind the scenes

His Majesty the Emperor, who had been applied the medicine, lay lazily on the soft cushion in the center of the hall and hooked the corner of Su Yu’s clothes with his toes.

“Stupid slave, Zhen is hungry.”

Sure enough, this fellow didn’t even eat to avoid being seen injured.If he didn’t come today, was he planning to starve himself?

Su Yu resigned himself to getting up and grabbing the food box and suddenly remembered that he had come to the Emperor for the homework assigned by the State Teacher.

An Hongche glanced at the contents of the food box and felt somewhat dissatisfied.

“Why is it so little?”

“Chen thought Your Majesty had eaten and so just made a bowl of fish porridge.” Su Yu brought out the white porcelain cup with fish porridge and a plate of pastries.

The Emperor still lay motionless on his belly, reached out and pulled the desserts plate, twisting a piece into his mouth.

Uncovering the soup cup and putting a bowl on the small table, Su Yu poked the Emperor on the shoulder and motioned him to sit up.

“Your Majesty, is the Kung Fu you practice ‘Inner Qi’?”

His Majesty turned over and leaned on a big resting pillow.

“Why do you ask?”

Taking out the <Fish Killing Heart Sutra> from the bottom of the food box, Su Yu scratched his head.

“The State Teacher is going to take an examination tomorrow, but I really can’t understand it. Could you please give me some pointers?”

An Hongche sneered, he put one hand behind his head and pointed to his mouth, obviously asking for benefits.

“Your, Your Majesty…” This guy actually understood this kind of taste? Su Yu looked at the pair of light-colored thin lips, which were glistening with water, swallowed his saliva, and leaned over with a red face.

“What are you doing?” A slender forefinger touched Su Yu’s forehead, keeping him half a foot away, An Honghce frowned.

“Zhen asked you to feed me porridge, what are you doing leaning over?”


After eating and drinking enough, he wrapped Su Yu in his arms and propped up his chin. His Majesty then picked up the book <Fish Killing Heart Sutra> to read.

“The so-called Inner Qi is the energy born from Inner Force, but anyone who knows Inner Qi can emit it out. The difference only lies in the size and usage of Inner Force, ba.” After flipping through it casually, An Hongche knew what Su Yu didn’t understand.

His graceful chin rested on his shoulder, it felt a little itchy, and Su Yu moved uneasily.

“Then how can one cultivate Qi? How can you use Qi on the fish-killing knife?” As a modern person, he certainly knew the magical Inner Qi in martial arts novels, but he couldn’t understand how to apply it to killing fish.

An Hongche didn’t answer. He took Su Yu’s hand, grabbed a jade pendant for him, and held his wrist.

“Give it a try.”

Su Yu didn’t know why, but he immediately felt a heat current coming from the place where the two were connected, gathering along the meridians in his palm, then flowing to his five fingers.

He tried to pinch the jade pendant in his hand, and with a “ka-cha”, the solid blue jade suddenly broke into two pieces.

His Majesty withdrew his hand and the heat current disappeared. Su Yu pinched it again but he couldn’t break it at all.

Su Yu took the Emperor’s hand and stared at it up and down curiously. It was amazing, it was like suddenly being filled with electricity, it was like divine help.

“Can I learn Inner Qi?”

“You?” An Hongche tilted his head and looked at him. “Ordinary people need to start practicing Inner Qi between the ages of three and eight.”

Then what’s the point of learning? Su Yu was choked for a moment, then he noticed that the Emperor said “Ordinary people”.

“What about people who are not ordinary?”

“Some people are born with Inner Force.” His Majesty smiled smugly.

“Such as Zhen.”

“...” Su Yu stole a glance at the “Dragon Head” resting on his shoulders, the proud son of heaven is really enviable.

“You just need to learn the part about killing fish well.” His Majesty slid down and yawned on the cushion.

“Are there really any fish that need to be killed with Inner Qi?” Su Yu skipped the <Heart Law Mantra> and went directly to the <Knife Skill Chapter>. He found that the knife technique inside was also very strange.

“En.” The Emperor replied vaguely, then turned his body sideways and encircled Su Yu’s waist, curling his long legs slightly and surrounding Su Yu.

“I saw a lot of fish that I have never seen before in the Su Ji Recipe Book, were they available in the previous dynasty?” The warm body heat around his waist made Su Yu slowly relax. He looked at the book and rambled to the Emperor, even forgetting to use his honorific name.

“Hmm.” The Emperor gave him face and replied again, and then, tired of Su Yu’s noise, buried one ear in the gap between Su Yu’s thigh and the cushion.

“...Qingyu, whose bones are as hard as stone, is separated from its flesh by picking its gills…”

Su Yu pulled out the <Su Ji Recipe Book> from his pocket and turned to the first page.

“Qingyu bones are put into the soup, simmered for three hours in a small fire and the flesh is roasted…”

Why do these two books look so much like a supporting textbook and an exercise book?

“Sauce, do you think this book is from the ancestors of the Su family and the An family…” Su Yu was stunned for a moment and suddenly remembered that he wasn’t talking nonsense to Sauce, but instead, he was talking to the Emperor. He immediately stopped talking.

After he didn’t hear the Emperor speak to him for a long time, he lowered his head and saw that An Hongche had fallen asleep at some point.

The slender eyelashes were like a small fan, casting a shadow, and the slightly raised corners of his eyes looked softer under the candlelight. Everyone says that people look beautiful under candlelight, not to mention he was a beauty, so it was hard to shift one gaze.

Su Yu boldly reached out and touched the Emperor’s beautiful eyebrows. His Majesty, who had always a cold face, looked very harmless at this moment, like a noble cat. Usually showing baring his teeth and claws, and after sleeping softly, he was like an ordinary furball, at the mercy of others.

“Hmm…” The sleeping Emperor was dissatisfied with Su Yu’s harassment. He raised his hand and waved it, then it was gently held by Su Yu.

Pursing his lips to suppress his laughter, Su Yu squeezed the Emperor’s hand. Suddenly remembering something, he brought the royal hand closer to him.

When he was studying Inner Force he saw something in the Emperor’s fingers, he just didn’t know if it was dirt or an injury.

Slender fingers with distinct joints, the soft palm was a healthy pink, however, there were very thin black lines hidden in the neatly trimmed nail seams. It was in almost all five fingers, which seemed to be caused by playing with ink but not washing it out.

Su Yu frowned, His Majesty is so big, how could he still use his hands to paint with ink? Is it like Sauce, dip in the ink and press a paw print?

Thinking of the Emperor himself childishly pressing his handprint in the imperial study, he couldn’t help laughing.

Sauce, paw print, the Emperor… Su Yu’s smile suddenly stiffened.

He looked at the Emperor’s hand, and then glanced at the peaceful sleeping face again, as if deep in thought.

The next day, the Emperor got up and went to court. Wang Gonggong took Su Yu to the Muchun Palace Hall in the front hall, he said that someone came for him from outside the palace.

Su Yu was at loss when the family of the concubine comes to visit, they would definitely go to the inner palace. Those who want to see him in the front hall must be an outsider and it was a man.

Thinking about the few people he knew, who would go to the palace to find him at this time?

“Boss, I trust you have been well since we last met.” Mister Yuan wore a dark blue cloth robe and looked very refined.

He didn’t look like a restaurant manager at a glance, but rather like a court official.

“Mister Yuan, how did you get in?” Su Yu was surprised.

Although Mister Yuan was a guest from Zhao’s Wangfu he was still a commoner, it was impossible for him to enter the palace casually.

“Boss forgot to take away the dividends last time.” Mister Yuan avoided the subject and took out a wooden box containing the fragments of the silver dividends and also several pieces of paper full of words and red seals.

“And the farm in the countryside has also been set up. This is the land deed.”

Su Yu took a look at the land deed, it was a hamlet in the eastern suburbs. The area was not large, but it was all fertile land and surprisingly there was also a pond included.

“Many thanks, Mister.”

“Niangniang is polite.” Mister Yuan answered quickly, with a very different attitude from before.

“The farm needs to grow chili peppers, if it’s difficult for Niangniang to find a domestic slave, it is better to leave it to this old man, ba”

Su Yu looked at Mister Yuan in surprise. He had asked him to help him with this task before, and although he did not refuse the attitude was neither warm nor cold, so he was too embarrassed to bother him. What’s the matter with being so eager now?

“You are His Royal Highness King Zhao’s guest and you have a busy schedule, I can’t bother you to always run around for this matter of mine.”

Mister Yuan smiled bitterly when he heard that.

“Truth be told, the Lord has already ordered that in the future all the affairs of Niangniang outside the palace will be entrusted to the rotten old man. If you have anything on your mind in the future, just instruct me. This rotten old man can go into the palace often.” Then he showed Su Yu his newly acquired palace entrance token.

“Why is Your Highness so…” Su Yu frowned. King Zhao treated him so well that it was beyond his acceptable range.

“Niangninag, don’t misunderstand me, my Lord it’s not King Zhao. ” Seeing Su Yu’s face changing, Mister Yuan had no choice but to get to the bottom of it.

“Who is it?” Su Yu asked. As a guest of King Zhao’s Wangfu, surprisingly he was actually not King Zhao's person.

“In any case, he won’t harm you.” Mister Yuan said vaguely.

“I heard that Niangniang wants to open a new storefront, what are the rules?”

Su Yu looked at Mister Yuan suspiciously for a long time. Seeing that he didn’t dare to say anything more, he stopped asking.

He knew that Mister Yuan was very capable, it was not easy to go out of the palace by himself, and it would be much easier to have such a person as a middleman. As for who is the person behind him…

There’s no need to be so mysterious, okay? Who else but the Emperor can get Mister Yuan into the palace casually and let Wang Gonggong act as a guide!

Su Yu was speechless, these people were so secretive, did they take him for a fool?

Since His Majesty gave him the man it would be a waste not to use him, Su Yu discussed his ideas with Mister Yuan in detail. He wanted to turn Xianmantang into a fast-food restaurant similar to Mcdonald's.

Each restaurant made the same dishes, his apprentices could also pass them from one to another as long as the ingredients were in his hands. As for the high-end seafood restaurant, since he can’t get out of the palace, he can’t open it for the time being.

The idea was there, as for the specific plan, he as a cook couldn’t think of it thoroughly. Mister Yuan patted his chest and promised that he would give him a complete plan within seven days.

At noon, Su Yu took a nap in Yexiao Palace.

The curtain was lightly closed, and the smoke rose in spirals in the incense burner. A fine hand gently held a silver spoon and put half a spoonful of the expense agarwood into the censer.


Muchun -> Twilight Spring

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