Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 49 Lazuli (NPC)

Stepping on the ground of Lazuli, the tired group of people finally felt more at ease.

Du Feng's severed hand has grown back, and she is swinging her arms freely. Han Yu, who got out of the train is also fine now. But he still remembered the grudge from the mission world and glared at Lou Fan with hatred.

Putting his hands on his hips, Lou Fan looked at Han Yu, "You still dare to glare at me? I’m already kind enough that I didn’t follow up to settle the account. If you glare at me again, I will let Furball bite you."

Hearing its name, Furball immediately snarled at Han Yu in cooperation. Han Yu recalled its low growl previously and immediately took 2 steps back.

It's a pity that Lazuli stipulated that the residents cannot hurt each other. Qin Tan walked in front of Lou Fan and looked at Han Yu indifferently. His eyes filled with iciness as he said, "You better pray that you don't meet me again."

Wen Lang's poker flutters at his fingertips, Jiang Dong's blade spins on his fingers, while Chen Shuyang can only mimic Furball and growl.

Han Yu is also very daring, he didn't respond to them at all. He just turned around and left. Inside, Han Yu is actually scared in his heart, but he looked calm on the surface. Du Feng mentioned to them before that one can't hurt anyone in Lazuli. With nearly 5,000 people in Lazuli, he doubts if they will meet again. Besides, he will definitely not be so weak the next time.

No matter what Han Yu did, everyone present took note of him. Once they met again, they would definitely not forgive him.

Zhang Zhang and his team are exhausted but Zhang Zhang still took out his team's equipment for Qin Tan’s team to pick. They had few things so all their belongings are brought together with them. At the moment, the number of things they have is so little that it’s pitiful. Qin Tan asked Lou Fan to choose. Lou Fan thought about it and then asked Zhang Zhang to take the glowing powder. This thing is good for marking. With that, their cooperation ended, and everyone returned to their own home.

Furball stood on Lou Fan's shoulder and looked around, feeling excited.

"Didn’t someone say that Lazuli doesn't have pets? Isn't Furball a bit ostentatious like this?" Lou Fan said. He had seen several people looking back at it.

"It's fine." Qin Tan said, he reached out to pick up Furball. Furball jumped into his hands quite naturally, and is placed on his shoulders by him, "It can look at it as much as it wants."

So spoiled? Lou Fan suddenly felt like he had drunk a bottle of vinegar (jealous).

Wen Lang pinched his nose and asked Jiang Dong next to him, "Eh Jiang Dong, do you smell the strong stink of vinegar?"

Lou Fan glared at Wen Lang.

Qin Tan laughed, "Furball is so fierce, what are you afraid of? It can just bite whoever comes to make trouble."

Lou Fan: … My Furball not a dog, a’ight?

Wen Lang, Jiang Dong, and Chen Shuyang went back to their own house. Because they didn't enhance their physiques, the sudden recovery of gravity and the consumption of a lot of physical strength when going down the mountain caused them to be so sleepy that they could fall asleep while walking. Both Lou Fan and Qin Tan are fine though and felt even better after the gravity returned to normal.

Back at home, Lou Fan put down his bag and immediately took out the Longjing grass, "I want to see how many points this grass is worth."

After Zhang Zhang said the items are worth a huge amount of points, Lou Fan couldn't help but want to know. Now he put the Longjing grass on the tray of the exchange machine, holding his breath and waiting for the display on the screen. Not sure if it is because the grass is too valuable, he waited for nearly a minute before the screen refreshed. Then, Lou Fan stared widely at the points displayed in the lower right corner, but couldn't come to his sense for a long time.

"Qin Tan, we’re rich!"

Qin Tan stood beside Lou Fan and looked at the displayed value. He is also a little surprised. He didn't expect Longjing grass to be worth 100,000 points, which is really a huge amount.

Lou Fan touched his head, "I think if Zhang Zhang knew that Longjing grass is so valuable, I'm afraid he would kill us all. Helping them to kill the snakes is a real profit, otherwise, we might just stupidly look for the way out after the mission is completed (and miss the extra grasses). Now that I accepted his glowing powders, it suddenly makes me feel a little sorry for them."

Qin Tan looked at Lou Fan with a smile. He obviously is not apologetic at all, how can he manage to say such a thing?

Qin Tan: "Next time if we have something good, give a bit to them."

Lou Fan: "Okay, we’ll consider that as compensation. It was not easy for them."

Lou Fan moved a chair and sat in front of the exchange machine, intending to study the items to be exchanged in detail. With 7 Longjing grass in his hand, he felt that he had suddenly become a nouveau riche.

"Go and wash up. Isn't it uncomfortable to be dirty?" Qin Tan began to nag.

"I want to do some research, I'm not sleepy yet."

"Even if you're not sleepy, you have to take a rest. Wait until you wake up, then we’ll talk about it." Qin Tan's attitude is tough.

Lou Fan decided to obey his boyfriend's words and agreed, "Okay, okay, I'm going to wash. You should also go back and rest early, we'll discuss it tomorrow."

Though the body is not tired, the spirit has been in a tense condition. After washing up with hot water, Lou Fan’s whole body became unbelievably soft. After washing, he went to bed and instantly fell asleep. Furball, who got ignored by Qin Tan, automatically jumped onto the bed and fell asleep next to Lou Fan's head.

Lou Fan woke up at 6.00 am the next day. He has slept for more than 10 hours, so his mind is a little groggy. After getting up, he went to the kitchen to pour a glass of water, turned, and walked to the living room. Suddenly, he stopped walking.

There should be a stalk of Longjing grass on the table, why is it gone now? Lou Fan put down the water glass with a slam and looked under the table, none! On the coffee table, none! On the ground, neither! He didn't see it anywhere, so he hurried to open his backpack and breathed a sigh of relief. There are still 6 stalks of grass in the box that he kept in the inner compartment. So where did the other stalk go?

It's obviously impossible for a burglar to break into the house. Could it be Qin Tan took it? Lou Fan thought about it and wanted to go upstairs to ask. At this moment, Furball jumped out of nowhere and jumped on his shoulder. Lou Fan turned to look at it with a smile, and his hand that is about to poke the fur ball froze...

On the white fur beside Furball's mouth, there is a sparkling red substance. According to his judgment, there is a high probability that it is - Longjing grass.

"Furball! Spit out my Longjing grass!" Lou Fan grabbed Furball and yelled.

Qin Tan quickly pushed the door and came in, "What's the matter?"

"Qin Tan, Furball ate the Longjing grass." Lou Fan immediately complained, lifting Furball to Qin Tan.

Qin Tan took Furball and smoothed its fur. He looked at it up and down, "Isn’t Furball looked alright? It is lively and well, jumping around. It shouldn't have any problem."

"Who is asking if it's jumping around or not?!" Lou Fan yelled, "My points, my points!"

Qin Tan: "Isn't there another 6 stalks left?"

Lou Fan suddenly realized something, "Wait, what did you say just now?"

"What did I say?" Qin Tan asked back, "There are 6 stalks left."

Lou Fan: "Not this. Just now you said Furball is fine, it ate Longjing grass and is jumping around energetically..."

"Yes, I said it."

Lou Fan instantly became happy and clapped his hands together, "Then, can I assume that Jiang Dong, Wen Lang, and Chen Shuyang will be fine after eating the grass? And maybe there will be some good changes in their body?"

Lou Fan has been brooding about not being able to let the other team members go into the pool. Now that there is hope, he immediately feels that this method is feasible.

Qin Tan pondered for a while, and asked Lou Fan, "Are you sure? You have seen the points that Longjing Grass can redeem. Many things we haven't seen before on the further pages have appeared on the screen, are you willing?"

"Why do you ask that?" Lou Fan said straightly, "I always want them to improve their strength. The overall strength of team members affects the survival of the entire team. I think you know better than me. As for willing or not, although it is true the grass can be exchanged for a lot of points, but no matter how powerful the weapons and medicines are, if the strength of the team members is not up to the level, the powered-up item/equipment is useless. As for these special items, I believe we will encounter them again in the future.”

After saying that, Lou Fan winked at Qin Tan, "Am I right, Team leader Qin?"

Qin Tan's hands felt itchy and he pinched Lou Fan’s face, "You're the smart one."

Lou Fan is delighted and he turned on his watch, starting to notify the other members. He couldn't wait to share this information. As for whether or not to try it, it is up to them to make their own choices.

Qin Tan saw that Lou Fan is happy, and added, "Tell them about the function of pool water first. Trust your companions."

Lou Fan nodded. In fact, he also thought about it and felt that he was just overthinking. If it were any of the other members who got the opportunity to enhance their bodies with the pool water, he would not take it to heart either.

Upon receiving the message, Chen Shuyang arrived first and said he is hungry as soon as he arrived. Wen Lang is the second to arrive, carrying a box of sandwiches he made himself. Lou Fan immediately picked up a piece to eat. Furball smelled the fragrance and stood at the side of the box. Lou Fan broke a small piece of the sandwich for it. Jiang Dong arrived last, wearing tracksuits and sweating, he should have just finished running.

Lou Fan sat on the sofa casually and called out, "Come here, we have a meeting."

"We just got back and there’s a meeting already?" Wen Lang asked. "Is there something special? I'm planning to collect information outside today."

Qin Tan sat next to Lou Fan, and Furball is squeezed between them. It looked like a family of 3.

Lou Fan thought for a while before saying, "It’s like this. Back at Mount Gui, didn't I soak in the pool for a while? After that, I found that my body is as light as a swallow and can almost fly. My physique has changed, I think It is probably due to the effect of pool water. After that, I wanted to find it again and let you guys soak in it, but who knew that I couldn’t find it anymore. I asked Furball, and it shook its head. That’s why we couldn’t let you guys enjoy this benefit too.”

After Lou Fan said that, he felt relieved, and suddenly felt much better. He waited for the members to respond but they didn't speak for a long time.

Lou Fan: "Why don't you say anything?"

Wen Lang: "Go on, don’t tell me you just wanted to tell us this?"

Jiang Dong: "I guessed it as we are going down the mountain."

Chen Shuyang: "No wonder. Brother Lou, you ran so fast that you are going to fly."

Lou Fan: … I'm being honest with you guys, and that's how you react?

Lou Fan is a little speechless. Qin Tan covered his mouth and chuckled beside him.

Annoyed, Lou Fan immediately changed the subject, "Of course, it's not just that. This morning, Furball stole a stalk of Longjing grass and ate it. But it's still fine and lively."

Wen Lang puzzledly asked, "What does it have to do with Furball?"

Chen Shuyang also didn't understand, "Brother Lou, Furball lives in Mount Gui. It should have eaten a lot of Longjing grass."

En, when he needs to talk to his team members, he can't beat about the bush and have to be direct, so that he won't be so tired. Sigh, feeling tired in his heart, what to do if he wanted to change his teammates now?

Jiang Dong immediately understood what Lou Fan meant, and said his guess, "You mean, Longjing grass as an item from the mythical world, it may improve our physique? And since Furball is fine after eating it, it means we can give it a try and eat it too?"

Lou Fan nodded, "Finally, someone is being smart."

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