In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 49 - Predator

“In other words, you didn’t push her down against her will?”


“So it’s like that, I’m glad. I don’t know what I would have done if you were a lolicon.”

“I’m not a lolicon!”

Sitting in a seiza, Daiki complained in tears.

That appearance was too pitiful.

“Then, how many are there with you Brother?”




“Y-you’re wrong! She did it on her own accord!”

“Brother is Brother.”

“...Well, as long as you weren’t forced, it’s good, I guess. We are 13 people in total.”

“Ohh. A lot, huh.”

“Well, with more people, it’s easier gathering supplies.”

“But, is it fine?”

“What is?”

“You have a leader, right?”

“That’s right.”

“...I don’t think everyone will follow the leader’s orders. It was like this here too.”

“Here, you say?”

“Every person has their own thinking. Therefore…”

Yui approached Miu briskly and whispered in her ear,

“You don’t know whether they have ulterior motives deep down, you know? Sister.”

“He, hehehe…”

Shinji closed the curtains in the room and heated up the iron pole.

When he pushed it against the zombie, the smell of burnt flesh filled the room.

The zombies didn’t feel a single thing.


It simply clumsily wriggled its body that was tied up.

“Fufufu, hihihihi… I’ll do this with Tooru too…”

At that time, the door opened.

Shinji turned to the door.

Sakura was standing there.

“You. Why did you come?”

“Well, I have something to talk to Senior about.”

“Talk about?”


Sakura smiled and headed for Shinji.

“Senior wants to kill Tooru, right?”


Taken by surprise, Shinji unconsciously dropped the iron pole.

“H-how did you…”

“Girls are sensitive, you see. It’s something like that. And your menacing eyes indicate it too.”

Shinji felt like Sakura who slowly came closer, step by step, seemed like an illusion of the unknown death approaching him, and stepped back.

“Oh, it’s okay. I won’t tell anyone else.”

“...You can’t guarantee it though?”

“I can. I’m Senior’s ally after all.”



Sakura moved to stand next to Shinji and smiled alluringly.

“I think that Senior Shinji is more fitting to be the leader than Tooru, you know?”


“That’s right. Senior is the student council president, so you have leadership. Besides, you’re attractive…”

Shinji gradually lowered his guard against Sakura coming closer.

However, he immediately tightened it.

“However, even if that’s the case, the current leader is Tooru.”

“The-re-fore. Let’s kill him?”


“That’s right. You had this plan from the beginning, right? Isn’t it fine to just kill him?”

“...If it got out that I did it, it’ll be inexcusable.”

“It won’t get out. Definitely.”

“On what basis?”

“Because I will kill him.”




“For my loveable Senior.”

Saying that, Sakura stuck even closer to Shinji.


“Hey, Senior. Can you help me?”



“If it’s something I can do.”

“Fufu, I’m happy… I like the way you say that. You’re attractive, strong, ambitious…”

Sakura brought her mouth close to Shinji’s ear.

“However, so stupid.”

Sakura bit the base of Shinji’s throat.

Shinji’s scream reverberated in the soundproof room.

“It doesn’t matter whether Daiki is a lolicon or obacon1, let’s return first. We obtained a private power generation too.”

“I’m neither a lolicon nor an obacon!!”

Daiki denied it as he and Rei walked out of the room.

Miu followed after.

Takumi and Yui remained in the room.

“Won’t Brother2 go?”


“Yeah. Brother sounds more fitting.”


Saying that, Takumi presented his hand to Yui.

“Huh? I will stay here. It would trouble your people too.”

“How can I sleep when leaving a girl who’s alive outside? We can provide for you too. I will bring you along even if you disagree.”

“Ahaha. I was confessed to!”


“It was a joke, joke! It’s worth it to tease Brother, huh.”

“...I won’t bring you.”

“Woah! I told you it was a joke! Bring me along!”


Shaking his head, he held out his left hand.

Yui grasped his hand with her right with a smile.

  1. Like lolicon is for young girls, obacon is for elderly women.
  2. This is lost in translation, but she says Onii-san instead of Onii-chan, which she uses for Daiki.

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