In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 6 - The Clubroom the Master resides in

*Master as in martial arts master


He caught a zombie’s neck with a powerful roundhouse kick, and the bones in the neck broke simultaneously as it fell down like the threads of a marionette had been cut off.

With this, the pests running rampant in the dojo were exterminated.

Takumi Toudou, third-year class 2, straightened his clothes.

This was the dojo of the karate club in the southern school building, his clothes were a karate uniform.

Takumi was the former club president of the karate club who had received excellent results from tournaments.

“With this, it’s become clean.”

The previously white karate uniform was dyed red from blood.

“Sigh. As expected, Senior is really strong, huh!”

A female student approached him.

“These guys are too weak though.”

Saying that curtly, he received the towel the female student was holding, and wiped his sweat.

“No! I could definitely not do that! That roundhouse kick!”

The figure of the girl who spoke as if it was something she had done herself seemed like that of a small animal.

The name of the girl was Hazuki Asagiri.

She was in the first year of class 3 and the manager of the judo club.

She had been the center of the boys in the judo club (aside from Takumi)’s attention who had been looking at her with intense gazes, but she hadn’t noticed even once.

“First off, we wait for rescue. Let’s block the exits.”


Going to the equipment room, they brought various equipment to the front of the door.

Soon after that, the door was vigorously opened and a male student entered.

“H-help! They’re chasing me!”

The male student raised his eyes to look at Takumi, a fearful expression on his face.

However, Takumi kicked the male student and knocked him down, then started to close and lock the door.

“Hey! Why!?”

The sound of banging on the door was heard.

As if not being able to hear the screaming, Takumi shut the door silently.

“Aaargh! Don’t come closer! Don’t come!!”

Even if he heard the screams, the hands closing the door never stopped.

Soon, the screaming voice stopped and nothing but chewing sound started to be heard. He finished closing the door.

“Oh, what a terrible expression…”

Hazuki also hardened her expression slightly.

There was only one reason why Takumi hadn’t let that male student in.

There had been traces of a bite mark on his arm.

“...Even though he knew he got infected, he would still force death on others for a brief moment of safety. What a shallow guy. He can’t even be called a man.”

He declared with a frozen expression, stood up, and started to head to the other exit.

The two of them knew.

After being bitten or scratched by a zombie, you’d entirely join the zombies’ side.

This was a fact they figured out from seeing disastrous scenes until now.

And another thing they knew was the human’s weakness when falling into a desperate situation.

It was either extreme egoism like the previous male student, or the inability to think at all.

There was no good future awaiting either of them.

It had been the same for the zombie that had been knocked down by the roundhouse kick earlier.

It was previously a girl, but she had been awfully domineering.

Continuing to hide the fact that she had been infected until the end, and after the sudden appearance of the zombie symptoms, a club member was taken out by her.

Takumi’s emotional state bubbled up and his anger welled up.

However, it immediately settled down.

Because he knew that anger only dulled one’s thinking.

(In this kind of situation, rescue might not come.)

Thinking that, he made a silent prayer to the dead club member.

“That reminds me, is Senior Kazuma alright?”

Hazuki said, suddenly coming to think of it.

Kazuma Aso in year three class 2 was Takumi’s childhood friend.

He was the captain of the baseball team, but his personality was easygoing and was the complete opposite of Takumi’s.

It might be because of this that their circle of friends could keep lasting until now.

“If it’s him, it’s probably no problem. He’s the kind of guy who won’t die even if he’s killed.”

“What an amazing trust!”

“It’s an undesirable but inseparable relationship… His life force is like a cockroach.”


“Around the time we were elementary school students, at a camp, he peeked into the women’s bathroom and was terribly scolded, but the next day, he brought a camera with him with a huge grin on his face.”

“Haha… How do I say this, it really sounds like a cockroach…”

Hazuki was also surprised.

(Let’s not die at this kind place, Kazuma…)

Takumi looked up at the ceiling as if he couldn’t sense Hazumi’s feelings.

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