Seven Days Escape Game

Chapter 5 - Lunar Day (4)

Translator: Jayre

On the way to the old auditorium, GuMeng saw BoYe biting on a lollipop and casually asked, “Where did it come from?”

BoYe pulled out the lollipop that was shaped like a heart, waved it about and said, “Candi happened to sit at ChunZi’s seat and this was at her desk. There were lots of chocolates and envelopes, it looked like she was very popular when she was alive. At the very least, she was a class flower.”

GuMeng smiled and said sincerely, “You even dare to touch ChunZi’s things……”

BoYe was unbothered. “No one wants it anyway.”

As soon as the doors of the old auditorium were opened, a wave of dust rolled out of it.

The grumpy uncle coughed hard and waved a hand through the dust in front of him. “What kind of place is this? Really terrible.”

The old auditorium was the place where ChunZi’s farewell ceremony will be held a week later. And as for being caught to clean, everyone was quite familiar with it.

ShuiXing stood far away from the doors and flatly suggestly, “The sooner we finish cleaning the sooner we can end, let’s split the tasks up.”

When it came to partnering up, many automatically distanced themselves a little and looked around, eyes more or less guarded.

Knowing that the male teacher was within the group, in that moment they felt that the people by their sides were problematic aside from themselves.

According to the rules of the game, with the consent of at least half or more of the group, everyone can ask Teacher XiaoYu for a name slip and offer the name slip to ChunZi. If it was the right person, the game would end early. If it was the wrong person, the game would continue, with the time limit being seven days.

For the voting, the minority had to obey the decision of the majority. As for what will happen to the person who was voted for, it goes without saying that there was a high probability that the person will be torn apart.

Those who were well versed with the rules of the games knew that in the game, one must not only be suspicious of those around one, but also know how to protect oneself. If one had offended multiple people, he would most likely become the scapegoat.

In the team, there was a man with black-rimmed glasses named XuXing. He called to the rest, “It has only just started, let’s not waste time doubting others and just form pairs. Who is willing to partner me?”

There were a few hands raised in the group.

Because GuMeng’s roommate did not say a single word and when asked there was nothing he knew, not even his name, many were unwilling to interact with him, feeling that this type of person was too suspicious.

GuMeng had no choice but to pair up with him.

After being divided into pairs, everyone started cleaning up individually.

BoYe took TangZhi away on an errand, and the two passed through the back stage of the auditorium and to the long corridor leading to the storage room. The distance was not short, and the sun was shining in through a large piece of glass, dust floating in the air.

There was an old piano leaning against the wall in the storage room. It was covered with a white dust cloth, and the other corners of the room were filled with props or debris.

TangZhi looked around and uneasily said, “Do you think there’ll be ghosts here, like in the dormitory?”

“Yes,” BoYe replied decisively.

He lifted the white cloth and let TangZhi sit on the piano bench with his back facing the piano, and then knelt down before TangZhi.

With one hand caressing TangZhi’s milky white thigh under the skirt, BoYe raised his eyes to look at him, his expression filled with meaning. “There’s a pervert.”
(T/N: 色鬼 means pervert, but 鬼 means ghost, so it’s kind of a play on words. Translated literally it means ‘color ghost’.)

“BoYe!” TangZhi knocked his hand off, face flushed red. “Control yourself, don’t always think of that stuff……”

BoYe lowered his head while at the same time pressing his hand down on the leg, his lips trailing up the exposed knee and sucking softly at the skin, leaving behind a trail of wetness.

“You wearing this uniform in front of me, I really endured it for a long time.”

“So shameless.”

“But I really like it……”

His voice lowered and became softer, until he reached TangZhi’s gray pleated skirt.

TangZhi placed a hand on the piano behind him which let out a dull and thick “boom”, while the other hand rested on the head under his skirt. He bit his bottom lip, and an unnatural flush appeared on his face.

“Baby.” The man’s wet voice called him.

TangZhi’s pale hands tightened as he grabbed the hem of his skirt. “En……”


At this moment, there was a slight movement from the door and TangZhi, sensitive, turned his head to look.

The door was opened with a slight gap in between. Through it, there was a man blankly looking at them, gaze fixed upon the pair.

“BoYe! There’s someone!”

TangZhi’s heart jolted, and he quickly pulled his skirt away from BoYe, pressing the thin cloth against his thighs.

BoYe’s hair was slightly messy as he raised his head. “Where?” He frowned unhappily.

“The door.”

The two looked towards the door, but there was no one there.

Meanwhile in the auditorium, after wiping a window clean, GuMeng found that the person beside him was missing. He looked around but found no signs of the man.

He could not help but worry that the fool running around would cause an accident.

Thinking about this, he hopped off from the chair and started looking about for the man.

Walking onto the stage and passing by the side door, he happened to bump into the man he was looking for.

“Where did you go?” GuMeng asked.

The man looked towards the storage room at the end of the corridor and said, “There.”

GuMeng followed his gaze and asked, “Did you find anything?”

The man paused for a moment before he nodded his head. “Yes.”

“What is it?”

“There’s a pervert.”


Not understanding what he said, GuMeng decided to see it for himself.

However, the man grabbed his arm when he passed by.

“GuMeng, you should control yourself here, don’t always think of that stuff……”

“???” GuMeng was confused, and his expression was filled with blankness.

The man grabbed his arm, and pulled him closer, looking at him condescendingly. “You wearing this uniform in front of me, I really endured it for a long time.”

GuMeng frowned, “Why? Do you want to hit me?”

The man looked him up and down and slowly said, “So shameless.”

GuMeng: “......”

“But I really like it.”

GuMeng thought about it for a very long time, and as he licked his lower lip, he questioned, “......Are you teasing me?”

The man nodded and asked, “Comfortable?”


GuMeng began to roll his sleeves down. It seemed like if this child was not beaten, he might not be obedient.

The man seemed to have not noticed that GuMeng’s face had darkened, and his tone of voice was pleasant. “GuMeng, I know what I’m called now.”

GuMeng took a deep breath, suppressing his anger. He decided that before beating him up, he should listen till the end first. “That’s good, what’s your name then?”

“Baby.” The man very sincerely shared his name. “You can call me Baby.”


Ah ah ah ahhhh----”

At this moment, a woman’s scream came from the center of the auditorium and because of the emptiness of the place, it was magnified many times, becoming more alarming.

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