Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 50.1: Can I kiss?

Chapter 50 Part 1

The engagement had completely reshaped Xi Jia’s world views. However, Xi Jia didn’t have the time to stress over this engagement.

Once he arrived home, Xi Jia started to think about how he should earn points.

Xi Jia’s first reaction was to go out and ghost hunt. One malicious ghost was worth one point. Supposedly, a malicious ghost had killed 100 people, then that would be 100 points. There were only so many malicious ghosts in the entirety of Huaxia. 100,000 points, how many malicious ghosts are needed to be caught in order to pay back the debt?

Then, Xi Jia thought about how he had once submitted two or three everyday things about the Mausoleum to “Ghosts Know.”

Recalling this, Xi Jia rushed to find “Ghosts Know”’s editor in order to tell them that this was real news and that he wanted to contribute.

Ten minutes later, the editor replied.

【 Ghosts Know: Fellow daoist, although your news is real, who in this entire Xuanxue world does not know that Qin Shi Huang and Qin San Shi like to play with reading machines in the Mausoleum? Fellow daoist, your news is out of date. 】

【 Xi Jia: If you didn’t say that my information was fake news at that time, how would it be out of date?! 】

【 Ghosts Know: Fellow daoist, here, have 10 points. Be good and play over there. 】

Xi Jia who had received 10 points, “……”

【 Xi Jia: Why wouldn’t you publish my submission? What I have written is all true! 】

【 Ghosts Know: Fellow daoist, such hurtful words, saying it out loud is not too good, right? 】

【 Xi Jia: Are you publishing my submission or not?! 】

【 Ghosts Know: With that writing style, dare I ask this fellow daoist, did your physical education instructor teach you language and literature? 】

Xi Jia, “……”

In a fit of anger, Brother Jia decided to never make a submission to “Ghosts Know” in this lifetime. In the future, if there really was some big news, let “Ghosts Know” regret it!

Giving “Ghosts Know” a submission was very unrealistic. Xi Jia thought for a long time and really couldn’t think of a quick way to earn 100,000 points. Ye Jingzhi didn’t know about his distress. These days, Master Ye seriously helped wife clean the house everyday, cook for wife, and happily take a walk outside with wife at night.

July in S City was hot like an oven.1 Generally, Brother Jia wouldn’t go out in this kind of weather, but now Master Ye was here. Master Ye casually drew a charm and placed it on the center of Brother Jia’s chest. It was even nicer and cooler than air conditioning. Not needing to turn on the air conditioning the whole day, he could save at least 800 yuan on electricity bills this summer.

The weather was too hot. In the neighborhood garden, only Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi were taking a walk.

The cacophony of cicadas rang from all sides nonstop. The setting sun had already fallen below the horizon, and only a sliver of twilight was left shining in the sky. Xi Jia absent-mindedly looked at the sky, thinking of how he should earn points. On the other hand, Ye Jingzhi took out one of his home-made popsicles from his Qiankun bag like he was performing tricks.

“Jia Jia, eat.”

It was clearly only taking a walk to aid digestion, but Ye Jingzhi would always bring delicious things each time. Xi Jia had already become accustomed to it. He took the popsicle, and they started to eat them.

After eating the popsicles, Ye Jingzhi took out an apple from his Qiankun bag. After apples, there were still bananas. After bananas, there were still pears……

The Qiankun bag that the Xuanxue world used to store magic treasures was stuffed with all kinds of tasty things at this moment.

Ye Jingzhi saw Xi Jia’s absent-minded look and slightly frowned, asking, “What’s the matter?”

Xi Jia returned to his senses, “Nothing. Oh right, Master Ye, you don’t need to go out to ghost hunt lately?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded, “It is nearly the middle of the seventh month. The yin energy in the mortal world is weakened. When it is the 15th day of the seventh month, it would erupt all together. Lately, the wandering souls and wild ghosts will increase compared to before, but the amount of malicious ghosts would decrease a little. It’s not a problem if I don’t go out to ghost hunt often. Nothing big would happen.”

Xi Jia nodded in understanding.

Ye Jingzhi spoke again, “Every year when the Hell Gate opens during the middle of the seventh month, there would always be a wave of malicious ghosts breaking out. Four years ago was the largest and the one with the heaviest yin energy within the past 30 years. However, on the basis of normal levels, it is fine for only Fellow Daoist Nan Yi to lead the other fellow daoists to watch over Fengdu’s Hell Gate. They would be able to cope with it. I will stay here……and keep you company.” Once he finished saying this, he sneakily glanced at Xi Jia.

However, Brother Jia simply didn’t take note of Master Ye’s bashful inclinations.

Right now, Brother Jia was still thinking about just how to earn money.

Points weren’t RMB. If you wanted to earn money, you could still earn them. A thing like points, there wasn’t even a way for you to earn it.

As Xi Jia was carefully pondering, Ye Jingzhi noticed that his wife wasn’t any paying attention to him and felt a little upset. But very quickly, he thought of another even more important matter, “Next week, I need to go to the capital for ten days.”

Xi Jia was stunned, “To the capital?”

Ye Jingzhi nodded, “En. The Celestial Masters Representative Assembly was postponed. Senior Cengxiu asked me to be present and said that the meeting this time is to discuss the Mausoleum matters. Jia Jia, this meeting isn’t fun. I’ll go alone and will be back soon.”

Upon hearing the Celestial Masters Representative Assembly, the first thing that came to Xi Jia’s mind was what Master Ye had once said——

『 The Chairman would also attend the Celestial Masters Representative Assembly every year. 』

Xi Jia, “……” The amount of information was a bit explosive.

Ye Jingzhi thought in his heart that the Celestial Masters Representative Assembly was not fun at all. He didn’t want to bring his wife there since wife would get bored. However, Xi Jia was thinking in his heart of how fortunate he was that he was ineligible to attend this whatever Representative Assembly. Otherwise, when he sees the Chairman at the meeting, how should he talk to the Chairman? Could it be that he would say, “Hello Chairman, your wife is so beautiful hahaha?”

That would be simply embarrassing.

The thoughts of the Celestial Masters of the Xuanxue world were different from normal people since they learned spells, ghost hunting, and exorcism from a young age. Brother Jia was a normal person. Since he was small, the highest standing person he saw was his university’s president at a provincial level. During graduation, Brother Jia was fortunate enough to have the president-dada personally turn his tassel. He had even took a group photo together as a commemoration.

Suddenly stepping over from the provincial rank to……That rank, Brother Jia really somewhat couldn’t bear it.

The two of them continued to walk in the small garden. After eating everything, Ye Jingzhi lowered his head to look at Xi Jia’s right hand that was naturally hanging by his side. His gaze stared silently at this hand as he stealthily reached out his fingers, wanting to hook onto this hand. However, right when he had just made contact, he shyly retracted.

Reaching out again, Xi Jia moved towards the side and just so happened to dodge it.

Reaching out once more, Xi Jia suddenly stopped, and Ye Jingzhi nearly ran into him.

Ye Jingzhi had yet to reaction when Xi Jia widened his eyes in pleasant surprise and grabbed ahold of his hand.

Ye Jingzhi, “!”

Xi Jia said, overjoyed, “Master Ye, I remember that you once said that at the Celestial Masters Representative Assembly, because you can’t bring in more than 10 kilograms, all the masters would have nothing to do once they get to the second half of the meeting, and that they’re better off dead. Say……do you think I can sell them yin energy portable chargers?!”

Ye Jingzhi, “Ah?”

Thinking to here, Xi Jia immediately went to make. He pulled Ye Jingzhi’s hand, quickly ran home, and rummaged through the many spirit stones that were left over from several days ago.

Four days ago, Tian Gong Express had sent them a large box. Inside were things to burn to send to the Mausoleum. In order to cope with the frightening Qin Shi Huang, the Xuanxue world had set up a “How to turn Qin Shi Huang into a hikikomori for 10,000 years” emergency group, short form “Shut-in Qin” group. The people of the Xuanxue world could still be considered generous. They provided magnanimous funds. In the future, when Brother Jia would burn things for Ziying, he completely wouldn’t need to pay. The rich people of the Xuanxue world would take out the money.

Everyone contributed generously over this matter.

The things that Qin Shi Huang wanted didn’t require points. Just spend some money, and they could be bought. Therefore, the big shots of the Xuanxue world spent money like water, each outdoing one another by fishing money out. During classmate gatherings, everyone had the demeanor to fight to give money. However this time, the great masters wasn’t just saying, they really especially especially wanted to give money.

【 Qishan-daoren: Young Daoist Xi, this old man had such a great relationship with Young Daoist Ye’s master. You are also in this kind of relationship with Young Daoist Ye, you should hurry and use this old man’s money to go and buy an Apple phone, use this old man’s money to buy novels! Take all of this old man’s money to buy! 】

【 Master Buxing: Amitabha, Young Daoist Xi, 5 million has already been sent to your account, please check it over. 】

【 Cengxiu-zhenjun: This poor daoist has sent 3 million over. If that is not enough, Young Daoist Xi, you can talk to this poor daoist at anytime. 】

Xi Jia, “……”

Could it be that the great masters of the Xuanxue world all have a problem with their brains? Having so much money that there was no place to spend them at?

Simply not!

Translator’s Addition:
C+: My debt has increased! How to pay it back fast! Urgent, waiting online for help!
Mirror: *stares hard at wife’s hand*

Translator’s Notes:
1 I might need to do a calender check on this later since I can’t remember if the story here has reached July or it has past and reached August (since the middle of the 7th month in lunar calender is usually in August or September.) Just in case I forgot to mention in the past, there are 2 different calenders here. Any month that’s not mentioned like April/May/June etc, it is the month in accordance to the traditional Chinese lunisolar calender.

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