Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 50.2: Can I kiss?

Chapter 50 Part 2

In order for these great masters to be willing to pay and put in effort, the Four Great Sects, “Ghosts Know,” Tian Gong Pavilion, and Tianji School joined forces to set up a fund for the “Shut-in Qin” group, and there were 500,000 points in it. Whoever contributed more would get more points, divided proportionally. When the day the group completed their objective (Qin Shi Huang really became a hikikomori), the points would be divided with everyone.

This wasn’t taking money from one pocket to another. For instance, Master Buxing was the head of the Great Wanshou Temple amongst the Four Great Sects; however, his points were his points, and he was not related to a sliver of the points that Great Wanshou Temple had accumulated on their collectively owned account for so many years. Master Buxing couldn’t directly embezzle the public funds. So if he wanted to earn those points, he could only honestly work hard with dedication.

It was reasonable to say that within these points, Xi Jia could definitely take the majority, but he couldn’t take these points at this moment. He could only look at it with envy.

Xi Jia had bought several of the most highly-configured smartphones using the money that the Celestial Masters of the Xuanxue world had transferred over and burned them for Ziying. The reason those Celestial Masters had transferred so much money over was because they thought Qin Shi Huang was a ghost, and the cell phones that he would use wouldn’t be able to be charged. So, it was inevitable for him to use one and throw one. Without a few million, he couldn’t play on the phone.

However, Brother Jia could give Ziying chargers.

Xi Jia wanted to return the extra money back to these masters, but those masters actually didn’t want it. They feared him like a ferocious tiger, fearing that he would not use their money.

Xi Jia, “……”

In this era, there are still people who would beg you to use their money!

Since that is the case, Xi Jia couldn’t use the money left over for himself. He bought the most comfortable round bed and all sorts of nice furniture and burned them for Ziying. Xi Jia already knew that the third level that Ziying constantly stayed in was always empty. For 2,000 years, Ziying had always slept on the ground and had never slept on a bed.

How was that okay? A huge pile of furniture must be burned and sent over.

Apart of this, Xi Jia even burned a few snacks and liquor. Although Ziying kept on saying that he didn’t like these things and instead hoped for Xi Jia to burn more books over, Xi Jia wanted him to understand the outside world more.

Since then, Ziying truly seemed to not be interested in snacks or liquor. However yesterday, he took the initiative to find Xi Jia and asked for him to burn some alcohol over.

Xi Jia was stunned, “Ziying, you like to drink?”

Ziying helplessly laughed and said, “It is not me that likes it, it is Father Emperor who likes it. Father Emperor said that this wine is not bad, just barely enough to have a taste.”

Xi Jia, “……” So it turns out that Papa First Emperor doesn’t attend to his proper duties and instead drinks wine and enjoys pleasures of life……

After a moment of silence, Xi Jia asked, “What brand of alcohol does Qin Shi Huang like to drink? I remember that I had burned a lot over. There was Yanghe Blue, Fenhe, Luzhou Laojiao……”

“It seems to be called Maotai.”1

Xi Jia, “……”

Papa First Emperor was worthy to be Papa Emperor, even picking the most frickin’ awesome one while selecting spirits!

Burning the liquor required Master Ye’s help. Otherwise, the liquor would directly start to burn and wouldn’t reach the Mausoleum as intended. However, when he learned that Xi Jia wanted to burn some Maotai, Ye Jingzhi taciturnly said, “That bottle was an exclusively made liquor given by the Chairman when I attended the Celestial Masters Representative Assembly the previous year. I never drink so there is only one bottle.”

Xi Jia, “……”

In order to let Papa First Emperor drink Maotai this time, the great masters of the Xuanxue world generously contributed and selflessly offered, delivering all the alcohol that had been kept at the bottom of their chests over.

Nevertheless, after he had previously burned yin energy chargers for Ziying, Xi Jia still had many spirit stones left over that could store yin energy. Ye Jingzhi drew a few runes on the white spirit stone, drawing the yin energy from Xi Jia’s body and placing it into these spirit stones.

The two of them immediately made ten yin energy spirit stone portable chargers in a burst of energy.

Xi Jia asked, “Master Ye, how much power is inside?”

Ye Jingzhi who didn’t have good grades, “Should……Should be a lot.”

Xi Jia thought for a bit, “How many Apple phones can it charge?”

Ye Jingzhi took a hold of one of the portable chargers and measured it. After a moment, he raised his head and said, “Probably around 5 or 6.”

Xi Jia’s eyes instantly turned red in excitement.

The chance to become rich was finally here!

There was no time to lose. That same night, Xi Jia asked Ye Jingzhi for help and placed those ten yin energy spirit stone battery packs onto Tian Gong Pavilion’s online shop. When a customer service staff in charge of classifying products had heard that Hell King Ye actually wanted to sell yin energy chargers, they were really amused as they turned to their co-worker, “Hell King Ye is actually selling yin energy portable chargers, hahahaha.”

The colleague also laughed out loud, “One a hundred year malicious ghost’s yin energy could only transform into one kilowatt. To be made into a portable charger, it would be better to sell the malicious ghost to our Tian Gong Pavilion, maybe they could still get a point.”

The customer service staff nodded, “Let me see how many points Hell King Ye is selling the battery pack for……”

Three minutes later.

“Holy shit! 88 points for one battery pack? Why aren’t you scrambling for it ah!!!”

88 was the number that Xi Jia had decided on after thinking for a long time.

The people of Huaxia all pay close attention to “fortune.” 100 seemed too expensive and 50 points seemed too little. Therefore, he chose the price of 88 in the end.2

An hour later, Qishan-daoren senselessly swiped through his Moments. With nothing to do, he tapped open Tian Gong Pavilion’s online shop and suddenly saw that Ye Jingzhi was unexpectedly selling new things.

“Oh? Could it be that Young Daoist Ye had refined some interesting magic treasures?”

Once Qishan-daoren tapped it open to take a look, both his eyes immediately shined. Then, he took a look at the price.

Not long after, Ye Jingzhi’s phone sounded, and he opened it to look.

【 Qishan-daoren: Young Daoist Ye ah, you said that this yin energy portable charger can charge 5 Apple phones and only weighs as much as a cherry. Is it true? This old man is already old and didn’t study much. Where did you get so much yin energy? 】

Master Ye never lied and seriously replied:【 It indeed can charge at least 5 phones. 】

Qishan-daoren was so excited that he couldn’t say the words out:【 This……T-t-this, Young Daoist Ye, seeing that I’m your elder and with our relationship, isn’t 88 points too expensive? How about this, this old man wants to buy 10 chargers for a total of 500 points, okay? 】

【 Ye Jingzhi: No, a total of 880 points. 】These are wife’s points, cannot be less.

【 Qishan-daoren: 600 points? 】

【 Ye Jingzhi: No. 】

【 Qishan-daoren: 700? 】

【 Ye Jingzhi: No. 】

Qishan-daoren, “……”

Young Daoist Ye has changed! He’s no longer the nice and cute and amiable Young Daoist Ye anymore!!!

In the end, Qishan-daoren honestly gave 880 points and bought those 10 portable chargers. However, right when he had finished buying, there were more people who wanted to buy. Xi Jia and Ye Jingzhi rushed to transfer the yin energy into the spirit stones and made 100 portable chargers.

The Celestial Masters who had bought the yin energy portable chargers all needed to attend the Celestial Masters Representative Assembly. These Celestial Masters were the great seniors of the Xuanxue world. Every one of them were affluent. Only they were able to buy the portable chargers that cost 88 points, and only they had the urgent need to buy enough portable chargers before the Celestial Masters Representative Assembly next week.

By the time Cengxiu-zhenjun had also finished buying the portable chargers, Ye Jingzhi raised his head to look at Xi Jia, “Besides me, there are 30 seniors attending the Celestial Masters Representative Assembly. They have all bought.”

Xi Jia gulped, “In total sold……how many points?”

Ye Jingzhi, “22,440 points.”

Xi Jia, “!!!”

Earned over 22,000 points in one night!

The spirit stones used to store yin energy only cost 1 point for 100 pieces. Xi Jia’s yin energy didn’t cost any money. The 200 portable chargers had actually cost only 2 points and earned over 20,000 points!

However, Xi Jia also knew that the reason his portable chargers could sell out was because the Celestial Masters Representative Assembly was drawing near. Afterwards, Qishan-daoren and the others absolutely wouldn’t buy these expensive portable chargers. But it didn’t matter, first catch a wave. With this method, Xi Jia already started to think about other ways to make money. Worst case, he would raise the price of the portable chargers for next year’s Celestial Masters Representative Assembly. See if you buy it or not.

Translator’s Addition:
C+: My time has finally come! I’m finally rich!
Mirror: Must sell them at 88 only!

Translator’s Notes:
1 These are all brand name Chinese baijiu. Maotai is considered the top and the national drink. I’m also not too sure about some brand names, I don’t drink hahaha. Fenhe might be referring to Fenjiu, a regional variation of baijiu. I’ve linked what I can find of them. Yanghe has an official international website, but I’m not going to link that haha.
2 The word here in the quotes is actually “fa” like the new years greeting “gong xi fa cai.” It is along the lines of fortune. “Fa” is close in sounding to 8 which is “ba.” Hence, 8 is a lucky number.  

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