Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 50.3: Can I kiss?

Chapter 50 Part 3

One week later, Ye Jingzhi left for the capital to attend the Celestial Masters Representative Assembly. Xi Jia coincidentally received a drama with very few scenes. It was only a guest appearance, and he only needed to stay with the crew for two weeks before he could come back.

The two of them left S City simultaneously. Because Xi Jia needed to film, it wasn’t convenient to take care of Song Song so Ye Jingzhi took Song Song with him.

On the day the Celestial Masters Representative Assembly started, Master Ye calmly placed a small black cat and his Qiankun bag onto the scale. The staff member called out in surprise, “Exactly 10 kilograms!”

Master Ye picked up Song Song, retrieved his Qiankun bag, and entered the conference hall.

For this year’s Celestial Masters Representative Assembly, besides Ye Jingzhi who had brought over 10 kilograms worth of items, the majority of the Celestial Masters’ things simply didn’t exceed 1 kilogram. Qishan-daoren happily sat next to Ye Jingzhi and said, all beaming, “Young Daoist Ye, heard you actually brought 10 kilograms worth of things this year. Nice nice, in the past you usually don’t bring much and carefully listened to the meeting. This year, why did you bring so many things, ah, and even a little black cat.”

Qishan-daoren reached out to play with Song Song, but Song Song used a paw to swat his hand away: You’re not good-looking, don’t want you to touch, meow!

Qishan-daoren, “……”

With Xi Jia’s yin energy portable chargers, all of the Celestial Masters entered the conference hall with beaming smiles this year. Especially Master Buxing’s group of monks. The people who cultivate Buddhism couldn’t fast. In the past, these masters simply couldn’t bring portable chargers in order to bring rations. Every year on the second day of the conference, the masters would blankly lean over the table and sleep.

It wasn’t the same this year. With the yin energy portable chargers, the great masters could finally play games!

After the assembly started, Cengxiu-zhenjun walked up to the podium and started to speak. The Celestial Masters surreptitiously glanced at the phones underneath their table, happily reading novels, watching dramas, playing games, and absolutely didn’t worry about having no battery. When Cengxiu-zhenren reached the middle, Song Song unhappily pawed at Ye Jingzhi’s clothes, and Ye Jingzhi immediately took out his Qiankun bag. Then……he took out a small dried fish and fed it to Song Song’s mouth.

Qishan-daoren who saw all of this, “……”

So it turns out that you brought 10 kilograms of small dried fish?!!!

Ten days passed by in a flash. Unlike the past years where they were better off dead, the Celestial Masters walked out of the conference hall with rosy complexions and bright spirits. Ye Jingzhi was walking at the very back, carrying Song Song.

The little black cat lazily slept in his arms. Ye Jingzhi slowly walked and when he reached halfway, his phone started to vibrate. He turned it on to take a look.

【 Xi Jia: I didn’t expect to return early. Master Ye, when will you be back? Will you be able to make it back for lunch? What do you want to eat for lunch, I’ll make it for you. 】

Eyes suddenly shining, Ye Jingzhi quickened his pace and passed over twenty Celestial Masters, and flew like the wind towards S City.

Flying home at the fastest speed, the rich fragrance of food hit his nose right when he opened the door.

Xi Jia had just set one plate of food onto the table when he suddenly saw Ye Jingzhi. He said in shock, “So fast, it’s only 11 right now.”

Master Ye put Song Song who was in his arms down onto the floor. Wu Xiang Qing Li very quickly flew out from his pocket and started to happily play with Song Song.

It seemed like the most simple and warm family. I’m waiting for you at home, I’m going back home because of you.

After Xi Jia placed the dishes on the table, he smiled helplessly, “I still haven’t finished cooking. Master Ye, didn’t you say you’ll be home around 12?”

Home was where the person was.

Ye Jingzhi firmly looked at Xi Jia. After a long time, he suddenly clenched his fingers as if he gathered enough courage and walked towards Xi Jia. Xi Jia looked at him, not understanding. His lips slightly parted, and his gaze was limpid. They looked at each other like this for a very long time. Ye Jingzhi’s line of sight slowly shifted towards the rosy full lips. However, each time he quickly looked away before he helplessly looked back again.

Xi Jia smiled, “Master Ye?”

Ye Jingzhi deflated in an instant. Face blushing, he turned and headed towards the kitchen, “I-I’ll cook.”

Xi Jia lightly chuckled. He rubbed his lips as he thoughtfully watched Ye Jingzhi’s flustered back and quietly uttered an “En.”

After they had finished eating, they went out to shop at the supermarket. When they returned, it was already evening.

Ye Jingzhi cut a large watermelon and scooped half out for Xi Jia to eat. He then carefully took out the black seeds from the other half, saving it for Xi Jia to eat later. Xi Jia finished eating his half of the watermelon, and Ye Jingzhi rushed to hand over the watermelon he had just finished scooping out.

Xi Jia didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He found the reddest and sweetest part at the center of the watermelon, scooped it out, and said quietly, “Master Ye, you eat this one.”

Ye Jingzhi was slightly stunned.

Xi Jia smiled, “It’s tasty, open your mouth.”

Ye Jingzhi subconsciously opened his mouth, and the sweet and tasty watermelon entered his mouth just like that.

Xi Jia saw Ye Jingzhi’s stupefied appearance, and he couldn’t help but lower his head and laugh. With each bite as he ate the watermelon, the light red juice adhered to his lips like sparkling crystals.

Ye Jingzhi couldn’t help but stare blankly.

Xi Jia didn’t sense Ye Jingzhi’s strangeness. He bowed his head and concentrated on eating watermelon. Suddenly, he heard a faint voice that sounded by his ear, “Can I……Can I ki……”

Xi Jia blanked, and he raised his head to ask, “Master Ye, did you just say something just now?”

Ye Jingzhi’s face instantly flushed. After holding back for a long time, he said in a tiny voice, “Can I……Can I kiss……”

XI Jia vaguely could hear a “Ki” sound, but he couldn’t hear anything else clearly. He set down his spoon and asked, “I still can’t seem to hear clearly. Master Ye, can you say it again?”

Ye Jingzhi gathered the courage. Right when he was about to say it loudly, the words reached the edge of his lips before it became a mosquito buzz again, “Can I ki……”

Xi Jia, “En?”

Ye Jingzhi lowered his head, “Can I kiss?……”

Master said that you need to treat wife well, and everything must have wife’s consent first. En, although he really wanted to kiss wife right now, he couldn’t kiss without wife’s consent.

He truly couldn’t hear Ye Jingzhi’s words clearly, and Xi Jia simply turned off the TV, “Master Ye, what did you just say?”

Ye Jingzhi raised his head and looked at Xi Jia. His ears were already flushed red. Only after holding back for a long time did he summon his courage and prepare to say it again. However, right when he had planned on speaking, a crisp doorbell rang.

They both turned their heads towards the front door at the same time.

Once the door was opened, Qishan-daoren emotionally looked at Ye Jingzhi and immediately said, “Young Daoist Ye, this old man probably has a way to keep your Year Fiend under control. In this world, only your master, Yi Lingzi, had a way to settle this problem, but 19 years ago, he ended in mutual destruction with the millennium drought demon at the old tomb. Now nearly 20 years later, we truly couldn’t find a way to suppress your baleful energy. That old tomb is on the verge of opening again. We can enter the tomb and see if we can find any clues on Fellow Daoist Yi Lingzi’s body!”

The Author has something to say:
Mirror: Master said that everything needs have wife’s consent first, can’t kiss whenever you want……
C+: Who said so? Master Ye, if you want to kiss, you can kiss. Do what you want to do, of course there’s no problem.
Mirror 【eyes sparkling】: Really?
C+: En.
A very long time later……
C+: You, don’t move!!!
Mirror 【Feeling wronged】: QAQ Wife clearly said I could kiss whenever I want, do♂what♂I♂want♂to♂do……

Translator’s Notes: None, yay~

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