Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 50 Lazuli (NPC)

"But this is just my assumption, it's up to you whether to try it out or not." Lou Fan continued, "I don't guarantee it will work. But even if it doesn't work, you shouldn't die... I think." The tone of the last sentence is spoken with a bit of uncertain guilt.

"I'll try it." Wen Lang stood up, "I'll try it first, and then let Jiang Dong and Chen Shuyang eat it."


Since Wen Lang has made up his mind, Lou Fan didn't say much and got Jiang Dong to exchange a bunch of first aid supplies, thinking of treating Wen Lang swiftly in case something happens. Next, he took out a stalk of Longjing grass from the box and handed it to Wen Lang.

Without hesitation, Wen Lang bit off the fruit from the top of the stalk. The fruit melted in his mouth, and a burst of liquid flowed into his body. It would be a lie to say that he is not nervous. Wen Lang tried to feel the changes in his body, only to feel a warm current flowing to his limbs, and there is a warm sensation in his lower abdomen.

The other members stared at Wen Lang and Lou Fan asked nervously, "How are you feeling, Wen Lang?"

Wen Lang shook his head, "I felt good, nothing has changed."

No change? Lou Fan looked at Qin Tan suspiciously.

Qin Tan pointed at the dining table, "Try splitting it with your hand."

Wen Lang walked over, raised his hand, and slashed down...

"Aiyo, my God. It hurts!"

Lou Fan: … His expectations were too high. It seems that they should exchange the grasses for points instead.

Qin Tan walked to the edge of the table and squatted down to check. He touched the legs of the table with his fingers. After looking at it for a while, he said, "Let the other two eat the grass too. It worked. The tabletop has a cracked line, and the legs of the table are broken."

Although Wen Lang’s change didn't have the expected effect like sending the sawdust flying, but for the average person, it is already very good.

Hearing that, everyone leaned over to look at the table. Lou Fan is even more delighted, he took out the Longjing grass and stuffed it to Jiang Dong and Chen Shuyang, "Hurry up, hurry up, you two eat quickly."

The two waited for a while after eating the grass and tried the effect of the enhancement. Their changes are similar to Wen Lang, but Jiang Dong is slightly better. Everyone is immersed in joy. They didn't expect that they still could improve their body after leaving the mythical world. Totally unexpected.

"Great, after this mission world, everyone has improved. Weapons have to be replaced, as well as medicines. I wonder if the points from exchanging a Longjing grass are enough." Lou Fan said while calculating, planning to check the weapon’s page later.

Hearing this, Jiang Dong asked casually, "How many points can Longjing grass exchange for?"

Oh right, they don't know yet. Lou Fan answered, "1 Longjing grass can exchange for 100,000 points."

(((Pfft!))) (spitting sound)

The 3 members choked and spitted out of reflex. Lou Fan jumped up quickly before narrowly dodging. He said with a disgusted tone, "What are you guys doing?! That’s so disgusting. You have to wipe it off for me before you can leave."

"100,000?!" Wen Lang exclaimed, "Did you read that right, Brother Lou?!"

"100,000?" Chen Shuyang pondered for 2 seconds before saying, "Is it too late for me to spit it out now?"

"100,000?" Jiang Dong said, "As expected from the things from the mythical world."

As the leader, Qin Tan stood up and said, "Since you have improved your physique, you have to get used to it. After that, you have to choose your weapon again. Also, remember to do daily training." He paused for 2 seconds and then looked at Wen Lang and Jiang Dong, "You guys pay attention to collecting news when the next mission is released. It's better to know more in advance. We were a little weak in this area before."

Now that their team is relatively wealthy, after the next mission is released, they can broadcast a request on the bazaar's electronic screen. This is also a way to gather information.

Qin Tan looked at Chen Shuyang, and before he spoke, Chen Shuyang immediately said, "I'm in charge of summarizing and analyzing. Brother Qin, don't worry. I guaranteed to complete the task." He now feels that his body is full of energy. His legs are stronger too and his waist doesn't hurt anymore. His entire person is so happy that he is about to fly.

Seeing the 3 members got to eat Longjing grass each, Furball jumped onto the coffee table and stretched out its small paws to take 1. Fortunately, Lou Fan quickly closed the lid with a snap.

"You are not allowed to eat any more. There are 3 left, 2 are reserved for future use, and the other 1 is for exchanging weapons and equipment." Lou Fan held the box, "We still have 2 spots on our team. We must take them in when we meet reliable teammates."

Lou Fan waved his hand, "Okay, you all go back and get used to your new strength. Come and choose weapons in 2 days."

After driving away the other members, Lou Fan took out everything he had and put it on the coffee table, ready to tidy up. Items currently in possession: radish flower, fish scale suit, small pearl, ghost whip, immobilizing amulet (the ones exchanged from Shi Zhen and Niu Xin), 3 Longjing grass, and glowing powder. Other members only have radish flowers, small pearls, and talismans though. It looks like a lot when placed in this way, but it’s not quite useful when needed, not to mention the quantity is not much. Still felt like they are too poor!

Lou Fan put a Longjing grass on the exchange machine again. Then he browsed at the weapons and medicines pages that were greyed out before. On the side, Qin Tan introduced to him which one is better. Lou Fan looked around and finally found that many good things can be exchanged, but they are not cheap. Some better weapons even cost 10,000 points. In this way, after everyone replaced their weapons, there are not many points left from the initial 100,000 points.

Lou Fan looked at Qin Tan with a pitiful expression, "So poor!"

Qin Tan leaned over, "I'll earn it for you in the future, it's all yours."

Lou Fan burst out laughing, "Why does it feel like being bought by a sugar mummy?"

Qin Tan pressed Lou Fan into the sofa and stuck their bodies together. He asked, "Who are you calling a sugar mummy, en?"

Lou Fan couldn't reply at all as he is busy responding to Qin Tan’s action.

After they left Lou Fan’s house, Chen Shuyang went back to his house. On the other hand, Wen Lang and Jiang Dong turned around and headed for the bazaar. They planned to go there first to see if there is any information to collect.

People are always wandering in the bazaar, and the former Wen Lang is also one of them. He will prick his ear and open his eyes widely to collect any hints of information. If he just edits it a bit, it will become his own information, which he can sell for points. He is too familiar with this kind of operation, but still, he couldn't find any valuable information by looking around.

Another method of selling information is by setting a marked price, putting a sign on a booth, and writing ‘Selling XXX's mission world information’, he also knows this. If someone really wants to buy it, he can't really say anything specific, just fooling around with what he knows. Walking encyclopedias like Chen Shuyang can do well here.

After walking around for a while, neither of them gained anything.

Jiang Dong stared at the electronic screen for a while, and said to Wen Lang, "The information on the electronic screen looked good, but we can't use it now. We can exchange it later if needed."

Wen Lang agreed with an En and said, "After the next mission is released, we can come here to register the request. Maybe there will be something to gain."

The 1st cooperation between Wen Lang and Jiang Dong ended, and they walked back together since they are heading in the same direction.

Before parting, Wen Lang said, "Get used to your new strength. Don't be weaker than me, and then hold everyone back."

Jiang Dong: …

What is this? A threat? Tsk, even when encouraging other people, he has nothing nice to say. Jiang Dong looked at the back of the person walking away and chuckled lightly.

For the next 3 days, the other members did not come to gather, only Qin Tan Lou Fan spent time together closely every day. Oh, it's just Qin Tan and Lou Fan fighting against each other and Qin Tan taught Lou Fan fighting skills, which is also close enough.

After Qin Tan abused Lou Fan in the training room, he comforted him with delicious food. The good food made them very happy, both someone and his fur ball.

This day, after dinner, the rain stopped and a rare sunset appeared. Lou Fan took Qin Tan to the lake for a walk. People in Lazuli are tiringly fighting to survive, and not many people have the leisure to take a walk after a meal and watch the sunset. There are no pedestrians on the road, only them two.

"Do we look like we're on a date?" Lou Fan hooked Qin Tan's fingers and asked with a smile.

"This is a date."

Lou Fan suddenly remembered something and asked, "Qin Tan, have you ever been in a relationship before?"

Qin Tan stared at Lou Fan, "No."

No? Then how are your kissing skills so good? Who are you lying to?! En, fine. Since he said no, then it’s a no. Lou Fan curved the corners of his mouth.

"And you?"

Man, he shouldn't have asked this question. Lou Fan answered, "I dated twice, but it is just to make sure I am different from others. I felt nothing from either of the relationship, really!" Lou Fan strongly felt that when he said 'twice', Qin Tan held his hand with quite some strength. The strong desire to survive forced him to explain.

"Oh..." Qin Tan stretched his tone.

Lou Fan immediately sensed danger coming from all directions and is in a hurry to run. But he got pulled by Qin Tan and slammed into his chest. The hard muscles of Qin Tan’s chest hurt his head.

Lou Fan is so blinded by the kiss that he didn't care if anyone is around. He found that he couldn't resist Qin Tan's kiss every time. Qin Tan’s aura is so strong that it enveloped him, almost taking his breath away. Probably because he likes Qin Tan too much, his entire person, including his body.

It is getting late. When they returned to the house downstairs, they saw Lin Man Man coming out of the house with a bag and a suitcase beside her.

"Man Man, where are you going?" Lou Fan asked curiously.

Lin Man Man is very happy to see Lou Fan. She walked quickly toward them, and said with a smile, "Brother Lou, you guys are back, that’s great. I'm going to Sister Tong Fei's place. They have selected several houses next to them and arranged for us to live together. Each of us will have a room, which is more convenient."

Lou Fan: "That's good, how's your mission? No danger?"

Lin Man Man is in good shape, "En, the sisters in the team take good care of me."

"That's good, come to me anytime if you need it." Lou Fan still treats Lin Man Man like a sister.

Lin Man Man is very moved. She nodded and said yes. After a pause, she remembered something, and said in a low voice, "Brother Lou, Gong Yi... I haven't seen him for a long time."

Gong Yi? Lou Fan still remembers that boy, but unfortunately, his spirit weapon is not very good, and he doesn't know what happened to him after that. It's true that they haven't seen each other for a long time since then, and it's possible that Gong Yi did the same as Lin Man Man which he just went to live elsewhere.

Lou Fan smiled reassuringly and said, "Maybe he is like you. Don't think too much, train hard, and work hard to survive."

Lin Man Man nodded firmly, "En, Brother Lou, Brother Qin, you must also do your best. I believe in you."

Watching as Lin Man Man dragged her suitcase away, Lou Fan walked towards the house with his head down. This world really makes people realize what is ‘living from hand to mouth’ and ‘things change over time’.

But when Lou Fan looked up and saw Qin Tan beside him, he suddenly felt hopeful and full of strength again. Everything would be fine.

2 days later, thinking that the other members should all be familiar with their changes, Lou Fan asked them to come and choose their new weapons. When the weapons are selected, Lou Fan only felt a pain in his flesh when he looked at the remaining points.

Lou Fan roared, "You guys have to work hard to collect equipment and make money!"

Raw word count: 3054


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