I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 50 (Part 2)

Fu Yangxi didn't sleep on the table as usual this morning. He was wearing his noise-canceling headphones while secretly scanning the forum behind Zhao Mingxi’s back.

Fu Yangxi had never stepped foot into the forum in the past, for he felt that the gossip was delaying his sleep. However, after seeing the scandals of Zhao Mingxi and Shen Liyao on the forum, he registered a random account which was a regular sight in the forum.

He was so angry that his heart hurt while he scrolled. But after a while he couldn't help poking in to find further abuse.

The direction of the wind seems to have changed a bit during this time.

Because the interaction between Little Mask and Shen Liyao had decreased, the group of gossiping people also spoke less about them. In turn, a small group of people began to gossip about him and Little Mask.

Fu Yangxi raised his eyebrows and tried his best to control his triumphant expression. He then lowered his head to open the posts about himself and Little Mask. While watching those people talk, the corners of his mouth rose to his temples.

However, he quickly became dissatisfied with it.


It didn’t matter if the amount of discussions revolving around him and Little Mask were minimal. He could let it go if there were a few withered posts like autumn frost after the rain.

Even these people’s imaginative scenarios of us are not as powerful as the ones between Little Mask and the guy with the surname Shen!

There are a lot of detailed stories with the surname Shen in it and there are a lot of pictures of them, but there are barely any pictures where she was in the same frame with me!

This doesn’t make sense!

Before Fu Yangxi could reminisce about the sweet moments between him and Zhao Mingxi, he had already made himself angry again.

His heart, lungs and ribs were aching. He quickly turned his head and glared at Ke Chengwen.

Ke Chengwen was writing his homework and felt at a loss.

Fu Yangxi waved his phone and Ke Chengwen understood. Quickly, with the pressure of the teacher on the podium, he took out his mobile phone, opened WeChat and glanced at it.

Fu Yangxi: "Look at the forum. I don't have a single photo with Zhao Mingxi! Why is that so? Aren’t I more photogenic than the guy with the surname Shen? Why did no one take pictures of me!"

Ke Chengwen dare not say that he had a girl who secretly photographed him on the first day of school three years ago, but before the next day, he had someone delete the photo and sent a lawyer's letter to the other party to warn the other girl. It scared the girl so much that she cried!

Young Master Fu, have you forgotten this incident that happened merely three years ago? Is your brain a paramecium?! Huh?!

Of course, Ke Chengwen only dared to roar in his heart. He honestly replied, “Or I will find a chance to find an angle to take a sneak shot of you?”

Fu Yangxi didn't want to show that he was satisfied with his answer, so he replied without punctuation, "Go and figure it out."

Ke Chengwen understood instantly.

What he meant to do was to contact the people on the forum immediately, clear the photos of Shen Liyao and Zhao Mingxi and delete the ones that should be deleted. If they can be forced to replace them with photos of him and Zhao Mingxi, that would be the best.

Ke Chengwen complained mentally, what is the difference between this and those fake companies forcing people to ship a certain couple?

But Ke Chengwen didn't dare to say this. He immediately carried out his orders.

After Fu Yangxi found something to do for Ke Chengwen, he then switched his focus back to the forum. He was still really unable to contain the fire in his heart, so he started a 300-round battle with a few people who insisted that "Shen Liyao and Zhao Mingxi were born to be together".

"What the hell are you talking about? Zhao Mingxi said that she doesn't like Shen Liyao anymore, can’t you understand human words????"

The four question marks represented Young Master Fu’s outrage.

After he finished sending it out, he realized that although Little Mask had personally said that she didn't like Shen Liyao, not many people seemed to know it.

This group of people on the forum didn’t know.

The whole school didn’t know about it, and they even continued to ship the two of them.

Fu Yangxi glanced sideways at Little Mask who had her head down, focused on the question. Then, he continued to stare at the pictures of them in the same frame on the forum. Thinking about it, he felt like a male junior now, and the kind that was unsuccessful, squeezing his head and racking his brains to get the upper hand. His heart felt so sore and so wronged.

But he couldn't force her to go on the forum to clarify things.

Mingxi was working on the questions when, from the corner of her eyes, she felt that today's Fu Yangxi looked a little lifeless.

As soon as he put on his headphones, he ignored everyone, lay on the table and buried his head in sleep.

The black short-haired hedgehog's head read ‘destroy the scum’ on every strand of his hair.

He was so tall and it must be really uncomfortable to sleep in the seat. Mingxi thought that if she had the opportunity, she must figure out why he always can’t sleep at night.

When class was in session, it wasn’t easy for Mingxi to ask, so she leaned forward on the table cautiously and asked in a low voice, "What's wrong? Did you feel bad about the money when you got up this morning? I knew it. I'll transfer it back to you."

Fu Yangxi: “...”

Her breath fell on his ears, causing his ears to go red. He thought she was going to say something, but in the end, he heard something that was pretty much equivalent to "Does your stomach hurt? Drink more hot water, I’ll go play my game first."


Mingxi only felt Fu Yangxi's mood falling lower.

She scratched her head, so should the money be transferred back or not?

Although most people in the Gold Medal Class were focused on learning and competitions, there was also a degree of discussion about Zhao Yuan.

Shen Liyao was absent-minded for two days.

He pressed his lips tightly. For the first time ever, he stared at his phone in class.

He was hesitant, wondering how to talk about this with Zhao Mingxi.

His family and the Zhao family were family acquaintances, so he knew about the relationship between Zhao Yuan and Zhao Mingxi since that day two years ago.

It's just that this incident was a scandal for the Zhao family at the time, so the Zhao family was unwilling to share it.

For the past two years, he pretended not to know, but was instructed by Aunt Dong to take care of Zhao Mingxi.

He pressed his finger on the text message box, but all his messages came back with red exclamation marks.

Only then did Shen Liyao realize that Zhao Mingxi had blocked him on all platforms in order not to have any contact with him.

As she said, if he no longer tries to enter her life, they can still be friends. If he uses Dong Hui to find Zhao Mingxi like the last time, she will remove him from her list of friends.

Then, is it really impossible to go back to how it was before?

For the first time in Shen Liyao's life dictionary, the word 'dissatisfied’ appeared.

After class, Ye Bai nagged next to him, “God Yao, help me check an IP. What kind of an idiot is this user 95835968 on the forum? They keep on forcing me to admit that Zhao Mingxi doesn't like you!”

“By the way, not a lot of people know about this, right? How did they know about this? Or did they imagine it?! It’s not the end between you guys yet, so how can the matter between you and Zhao Mingxi be left to them?!”

“In order to fight him for 300 rounds, I didn't listen carefully to what Mr Jiang said all morning. I’m so mad!”

Shen Liyao glanced at Ye Bai impatiently and ignored him.

Ye Bai also noticed that Shen Liyao was upset, so he immediately cowered and wittily did not speak unless spoken to.


All of the businesses in Ke Chengwen's family were taken care of by the Fu family. Thus, being friends with Fu Yangxi was practically a gift from heaven.

So he was always quite agile with his work.

At lunch time, he went to find a few persons in charge of the school forum and also took the opportunity to follow Fu Yangxi and Zhao Mingxi to the cafeteria as they walked side by side. Then, he took a few pictures of them in the same frame.

Therefore, during the second class in the afternoon, quite a few people found that many posts on the forum discussing the romantic tension between Zhao Mingxi and Shen Liyao had been completely deleted, just like the Internet crackdown, they disappeared simply and rudely without leaving a trace.

Many people immediately became displeased after a bout of confusion.

Is there any right to freedom of speech???

The people who shipped Shen Liyao and Zhao Mingxi also felt that their home was destroyed in an instant.

The fun of gossip in their high school lives was gone.

Especially Ye Bai, after 300 rounds of battle in the morning, he still wanted to continue attacking that big fool in the afternoon.

In the end, he found out that the place where he and the opponent almost fought was missing?

It's just gone?

What’s going on?!

When Ye Bai found that it was missing, he immediately approached Shen Liyao.

Shen Liyao also frowned.

After Fu Yangxi just finished complimenting Ke Chengwen's work speed, he couldn't help being sneaky. While behind Zhao Mingxi’s back, he faced the corner, logged on to his private account and took a look at the forum.

Seeing that the past photos of Shen Liyao and Zhao Mingxi had been deleted, he finally felt relieved and gave Ke Chengwen a thumbs up without looking back.

Then he began to search for new posts by Ke Chengwen with photos of him and Zhao Mingxi.

He pulled up the corners of his mouth triumphantly, rubbed his face and tried to make himself look normal so that Little Mask would not notice.

In the end.

He thought he would see a lot of "F*ck, what kind of visually pleasing couple is this!" "F*ck they match so well!" "F*ck, I'm shipping this couple!" —

But what he saw was "What the hell, the post with Shen Liyao disappeared and turned into such a few silhouette photos of the school bully?"

Fu Yangxi: …

"Who secretly photographed these photos with the school bully? How dare you take pictures of the school bully, are you looking for death? Did you think that the school bully has turned kind just because he dyed his hair black? And there is no sense of them being a couple even from the back!”

The veins on Fu Yangxi's forehead throbbed violently: You netizen, do you have such fiery eyes that you can even tell if a couple matches well together from just their backs? Should I give you an award to send you to the moon so you can see if Mars and the Earth go well together as a couple?

"Besides, the title is so misleading. It says that it’s a match made in heaven. I thought it was God Yao and the School Beauty, that’s why I clicked in to see it."

Fu Yangxi: Are you so blind that you can even click wrongly?

"The boy is too irritating and has a bad temper. He isn’t suitable for our little goddess."

Fu Yangxi: Why is she not suitable for me? I’m not that bad.

"I agree with the comment upstairs. Besides, he doesn’t know how to be considerate at all. Why are there so many cults now?"

Fu Yangxi's face had completely darkened: How dare you consider my match made in heaven with the Little Mask as a cult???!!!

Fu Yangxi forcibly held back his anger and tried to restrain himself from scolding these people.

But after taking a deep breath for three minutes, he still couldn't help it. Who the hell could hold it?

This group of people must be blind, right?!

He started typing frantically on the phone.

Mingxi didn't know what he was doing, she only saw that he hadn't slept all day. He was obviously addicted to the Internet, with two dark circles under his eyes. Also, he looked very angry.

As if he was going to make an appointment to fight with someone.


Mingxi felt like she had jinxed herself.

She had just felt that Fu Yangxi was going to fight with someone, then during the last physical education class of the day, while she was lazily completing a question in the classroom, she heard one of Fu Yangxi’s followers rushing in, saying that the boys in their International Class and the Gold Medal Class were fighting. It was because when they were playing basketball, there was a conflict and a fight started!

He asked the boys in the classroom to go down to help!

Mingxi stood up quickly. “What about Fu Yangxi?”

"Big—" The younger brother took back the two words that he almost blurted out, and turned it into, “Big Mingxi, please go down and persuade them not to fight anymore. Xi ge is now beating up Shen Liyao from the next class.”

Mingxi: “...”

What the hell is a Big Mingxi?

20 minutes earlier.

The venues of the Gold Medal Class and the International Class do not interfere with each other, and the basketball courts were also divided into two sides of the iron net.

But when Shen Liyao was playing basketball, he saw that Fu Yangxi, who was on the opposite side of the iron net, took off his coat and wiped his sweat, and he was wearing a small black crystal rubber band on his exposed white forearm.

Shen Liyao's hand movement stopped immediately as well as his footsteps and his heartbeat instantly accelerated.

He suddenly put down his basketball, raised his foot and walked across the iron net, all the while staring at the thing on Fu Yangxi’s wrist—

If he was not mistaken, wasn’t that something that used to appear in Zhao Mingxi's hair?

The closer Shen Liyao got, the more certain he was that it was indeed Zhao Mingxi's.

Did Fu Yangxi grab it by himself? After all, he was a school bully who could do anything.

Or could it be given by Zhao Mingxi—

No. That is impossible.

Shen Liyao couldn't describe his mood at this moment. He only felt that his string of reason that had been tense was about to break.

As soon as he walked over, Ye Bai, Yue Teng and the others were afraid of any conflict, so they quickly followed.

When these few people walked over, Fu Yangxi naturally noticed it.

Fu Yangxi had been watching Shen Liyao for some time. He had a fire in his heart for this enemy a long time ago. If it wasn’t because he cared about Zhao Mingxi’s feelings, he would have beaten Shen Liyao up the moment he came out from the School’s Information Department that day.

Shen Liyao still dares to come over now? Is he seeking death?

Fu Yangxi smashed the basketball in his hand to the ground and it bounced back three meters high. He folded his arms and stared at Shen Liyao who was walking over, his squinted eyes cold and arrogant.

Seeing Shen Liyao staring at the thing on his wrist, he deliberately moved his wrists to show off the thing on his forearm to Shen Liyao. The corners of his mouth curled up as he said coldly, "What? Looking for a fight?"

After rolling up his sleeves, he suddenly felt that Shen Liyao was unworthy of seeing them, so he pondered about it and pulled down his sleeves again.

Fu Yangxi felt that he was losing out if he let Shen Liyao stare at the things Little Mask gave.

He was furious. “What are you looking at? Look again and I’ll gouge out your eyes.”

"You snatched this from Zhao Mingxi?" Shen Liyao suppressed his anger. "It doesn't matter if you bully other girls, why are you bullying Zhao Mingxi? You even made her run errands and make desserts for you?"

Ke Chengwen who was next to him also hurried over with a group of followers.

Fu Yangxi was too lazy to talk with Shen Liyao on this point, but Ke Chengwen couldn't help but snort and explained, “Don't think that the Gold Medal Class can act so arrogantly just because you guys have a good academic score. Through which eye did you see that our Xi ge was forcing Zhao Mingxi?”

Shen Liyao lowered his voice, almost shouting, "Don't bully others just because you have money! Otherwise, why would she do this for you?!”

Fu Yangxi said coldly, “It has nothing to do with you.”

Shen Liyao always had a voice in his heart that he had forcibly ignored. But now, it was telling him that not only was Zhao Mingxi no longer in love with him, she also fell in love with Fu Yangxi.

Otherwise, why didn't she look back at him when she pulled Fu Yangxi away last time?

Thinking of this made Shen Liyao’s stomach clench.

And he doubts that Fu Yangxi might not know what it means to steal a girl's hair tie.

This person is too bad. Zhao Mingxi must not like him.

"I have known Zhao Mingxi much longer than you have," Shen Liyao suddenly said in a deep voice. "When Zhao Mingxi came here from Tongcheng, we met on her first day here."

He didn't know what mood he was in when he said such things. Maybe it was jealousy, or maybe he was hurt by Zhao Mingxi and the person in front of him, so he wanted to hurt the person in front of him.

Shen Liyao sarcastically said, “Do you know where we were on the first day we met, what she was wearing, what kind of weather it was or what was the first expression she had when she saw me?”

Fu Yangxi stared at Shen Liyao, his chest rising and falling, his fists slowly clenching.

"When Zhao Mingxi used to make me desserts, did you know her then? No, you didn't even know her. She didn't care about anything beyond the window. She only thought of me and didn't know who you were."

"Are you trying to die?" Fu Yangxi squeezed this sentence out from between his teeth. His face was like a layer of frost, his eyes were red and he glared at Shen Liyao with a terrible expression on his face.

Ke Chengwen, Ye Bai and the others watched as the two sides suddenly began to draw their arms, and the atmosphere became extremely tense in an instant.

"And your head of black hair, are you trying to imitate—"

Before Shen Liyao could say anything further, he received a fist in the face. Fu Yangxi threw him to the ground over his shoulder.

“God Yao!”

“F*ck, how dare you hit Xi ge!”

The two sides were triggered immediately, and chaos and war broke out.

When Mingxi ran over with the follower, what she saw was the two tall teenagers who had been forcibly separated and were still kicking each other to death with their long legs.

What in the world happened that they were fighting so fiercely??

Mingxi was taken aback. She didn’t even take a glance at Shen Liyao. Instead, her first glance fell on Fu Yangxi.

Fu Yangxi's long sleeves were slightly messy. His short hair was also messy. His eyes were red, like an injured little leopard. His fists were clenched and his knuckles seemed to be bleeding.

Mingxi was frightened. She immediately rushed over, raised her hand and touched her face. “Are you alright?”

Fu Yangxi was still staring at Shen Liyao, looking like he could kill him.

After confirming that Fu Yangxi's face was okay, Mingxi quickly lifted his clothes and took a look. Seeing that there was no bruise on his ribs, Mingxi breathed a sigh of relief. Looks like there’s just scratches on his knuckles.

Everyone stared at them as she lifted Fu Yangxi's clothes in public. "..."

"Let’s go. I’ll apply some medicine for you before the dean comes." Mingxi pulled Fu Yangxi and wanted to leave. Seeing that she couldn't move him, she said to Ke Chengwen, "Can you guys help him back to the classroom?"

When Shen Liyao saw this scene, his body was aching, but his heart was hurting even more. He said in a low voice, "Zhao Mingxi."

Mingxi realized that it was Shen Liyao who was fighting with Fu Yangxi over there.

She turned around and glanced at Shen Liyao.

If she didn’t look, she wouldn’t know. But now that she did, she was shocked.

Shen Liyao's mouth was bleeding and there were several shoe prints on his clothes. Zhao Mingxi, who was familiar with Fu Yangxi's dozens of pairs of shoes, saw it at a glance. They were Fu Yangxi's shoes.

There was also a bruise beside Shen Liyao's temple which looked worse than Fu Yangxi, much more miserable.

But... Fu Yangxi's fist was bleeding!

Mingxi didn’t realize that she was leaning so heavily in favor of him. She ignored Shen Liyao, tugged on Fu Yangxi’s arm and dragged him to the classroom. “You can explain the fight to me later. First, let’s get you patched up. Why are you still in a daze? We’re leaving! You guys, take the coat he threw on the ground.”

The group from the School Representative Team watched as Mingxi's gaze swept away from Shen Liyao. Her eyes just swept over him??

F*ck! She’s acting way too eccentric, right?

The people in other classes who were onlookers were stunned! Does Zhao Mingxi not like Shen Liyao anymore?

This is a clear case of dumping one and falling for another!

Everyone looked at each other, wondering if they were brainwashed before— How could we have said that Zhao Mingxi likes Shen Liyao?

In fact, the one that she actually likes is Young Master Fu, right???

As Fu Yangxi was yelled at by Zhao Mingxi, the little bird, who felt so wronged in his heart, was about to burst out in tears immediately.

But soon after, his arm was hugged by Mingxi and he was dragged to the academic building.

Warmth spread from his arm.

Fu Yangxi suddenly realized— Wait a minute, Little Mask, didn't you see how badly Shen Liyao was beaten by me?

Just now, when he saw Zhao Mingxi rushing over from the corner of his eyes, he thought that Zhao Mingxi was going to lecture him for beating up Shen Liyao! In the end, Little Mask only cared about whether his fist was scratched????

She didn’t care about the blood at the corner of Shen Liyao's mouth. Instead, she was worried about whether or not there were scratches on his hands, as if ‘if they are not treated in time, they will be healed automatically’?

Fu Yangxi: …


What’s going on?


Fu Yangxi watched Zhao Mingxi, who was rushing towards the classroom while pulling him, and his footsteps suddenly felt much lighter.

He lowered his eyes, licked his lips and tried to contain his happiness and embarrassment.

Forgive his speculation.

—To her, am I more important than Shen Liyao?

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