In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 50 - Result of Atonement


A shrill voice resounded in the conference room.

This was the impression Hazuki got when the girl grinning next to Daiki - Yui, introduced herself.

Hazuki hugged Yui firmly and rubbed her cheek against Yui’s.

“Sister1, it’s ticklish!”


It was enough for her to get a nosebleed.

Unable to just watch, Takumi pulled Yui and Hazuki apart.

“Hey, Hazuki. That’s enough.”

“Tsk. Yui, let’s continue later!”


Hazuki finally separated from Yui, and Daiki took a step forward.

“Uh, I got a little scared when Senior Jun and Senior Kazuma died. When I was told that the Senior who was close to me died so easily, I got scared because that could happen to me too. I apologize for causing trouble for everyone. I wanted to express my feelings, so I went to get a private power generation. I will accept whatever punishment.”

Daiki bowed his head.

As he did that, Tooru suddenly opened his mouth.

“I don’t think you need to be so worried?”


“Certainly, when someone close to you dies, that’ll happen. Besides properly apologizing, you even brought a private power generation we wanted. This matter is already closed. Is that fine, everyone?”

“Yeah! He brought Yui as well, so it’s OK!”

Everyone nodded.

…No, Shinji was a bit delayed in nodding.

“T-thank you very much!”

Daiki bowed even deeper.

(Dangerous dangerous…)

Alone in the conference room, Sakura was relieved.

After biting Shinji in the studio, he stayed without transforming into a zombie.

In other words, Shinji was simply a shell without a soul now.

He was a puppet who only moved according to her orders.

Outwardly, Shinji seemed to have degraded from being a human.

However, it was difficult to control a human completely.

Her orders had been delayed last time too.

She had to be on her guard to make sure that she wasn’t exposed.


Rei carried the private power generation to the room with the amateur radio.

“Ryou is responsible for this kind of physical job…”

Rei grumbled and heard a pained voice behind him.

“Then, do you want to take thisss?”


When Rei turned in the direction of the voice, he saw Ryou carrying a metal container of gasoline with a flushed face.

“Damn it!”

He placed the container on the floor with a clang and sat down on the floor like that.

“Too heavy…”

“Never mind that, let’s try it.”

“Connect the wires.”


Rei connected the circuit briskly and heard light footsteps.

“Brothers2, what are you doing?”

“Brother? I have a name that’s Ryou.”

“Hmm. I get it, Brother Ryou.”

“You didn’t change much though.”

Giggling, as if she recalled something, Yui said,

“Then, what’s this?”

“Oh, it’s a radio. Radio.”

“The one you can contact people far away with?”


“Ryou, I finished wiring.”

“Okay. Let’s give it a try.”

As they transferred the gasoline to the generation device, it gave off a sound and started.

“Hey, what’s Brother’s name again?”

“Huh? Didn’t I say it? I’m Rei.”

“Brother Rei is amazing!”


“Rei, you didn’t…”

“Tsk, you’re wrong! I’m not a lolicon!”

“Hmm. I’m fine with lolicons though~”

“Yui, don’t make it more confusing!”

“...It seems lively, huh.”

“Oh, Jin. Long time no see.”

Ryou started telecommunicating.

“Uh, did the supply procurement go well?”

“The supply procurement yes. We obtained a private power generation as well. It was just…”

“Someone died?”

“Yes, two people. We increased by one, so now we are 14 people.”

“I see… Here, one vehicle got an engine stall. We had to fight the zombies while doing reparations, and one person was done in.”

“I see…”

“Luckily, it was an elderly, so we didn’t lose out on battling strength, but they acted as a mediator in quarrels. A rift between the members appeared because of that.”

“Although there is nothing we can do from here, please hang in there.”

“Hah, I would never have thought that I would be cheered up by a high schooler. …That’s right, I can’t complain until I find a place to settle down.”

“Brother Ryou, who are you talking to?”

“Oh, a person in a distant prefecture.”

“Is that the new member?”

“Yes, that is right.”

“I see. I hope you will get along.”

“Well, since she’s a good child, it’s fine. I will call for the leader.”

Saying that, Ryou left his seat to call for Tooru.

  1. Here, Yui says Onee-chan.
  2. Here, she uses Onii-chan as well.

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