Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 50 - The Record of Agarwood

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Chapter 50 - The Record of Agarwood

As soon as the top-quality incense was put into the censer, an extremely strong fragrance wafted away in an instant, filling the whole room.

Su Yu, who was sleeping, did not know that a conspiracy was drawing close.

Yuluan Palace, main hall.

“Niangniang, isn’t this too risky?” The eldest palace maid next to Lu Guifei, that is, her dowry maid, Yulan, said worriedly.

Lu Guifei looked at her long fingernails, which had just been painted, and gave a sneering laugh.

“Whether it is successful or not has nothing to do with Bengong. What are you afraid of?”

“Ye Yuan was the one Niangniang worked so hard to get into Yexiao Palace, it would be a pity if she got wasted like this.” Yulan was still uneasy.

It was not easy to insert a pawn, what’s more, what Ye Yuan was doing was punishable by death, letting her inevitably feel sad.

“If it was not to use the concealed pawn, Bengong concealed her for what. ” Lu Guifei glared at the unpromising dowry yatou.

“Go outside the door and listen. Report any news immediately.”

After sending away the long-winded Yulan, Lu Guifei took a sip of tea and leaned comfortably on the imperial couch, quietly waiting for the good news.

If today is successful, the fish seller will die without a burial place; If not, she can get rid of that girl who acted heedless of consequences and maybe even drag the whole Marquis Changchun Residence.

Two days ago, the palace was under martial law. Cen Cairen listened to her father and brother and sent a gift back to Su Yu. She was stopped by the guards on the palace road, so then she turned around and left. When she returned to Chunhua Palace, the eunuch nearby said that it had a way of sending it out.

Cen Cairen, who was unwilling to worry about this, did not doubt him and handed the wooden box to the eunuch.

After that, it was not known whether the red sandalwood box sent to Yexiao Palace was the one Cen Cairen gave.

Yexiao Palace

Ye Yuan lit the agarwood, then quietly retreated and stood in the side room of the side hall waiting for the fragrance to disperse.

The agarwood was prepared with extra ingredients, it was not easy to get poison in the palace and Lu Guifei also wouldn’t dare to use it. This fragrance is not fatal, it just makes people sleep more deeply.

What she had to do was to take off her clothes and lie beside Su Yu when he was unconscious, that’s all.

The incense was sent by Cen Cairen, the maid was handpicked by Yang Gonggong himself, and Yang Gonggong was appointed by Wang Gonggong. From beginning to end, it had nothing to do with Lu Guifei.

Ye Yuan clasped her trembling hands. The life of her family members was in Lu Family’s hands, she had to act as Lu Guifei said. According to Lu Guifei’s plan, if she wanted to kill Su Yu, she had to take her life as well.

No one wants to die, and Ye Yuan was no exception, but this time, everywhere was a dead end, so she just wanted a quick death.

The scheme was flawless for Lu Guifei, but it was full of holes for Ye Yuan. If Su Yu wakes up and denies it, and then if they investigate the agarwood, she would surely be cruelly tortured and questioned. Rather than that, it would be better to…

Therefore, she added another medicine to the agarwood. As long as Su Yu was moved, she would really have something with him, and then she would look like she was humiliated and kill herself by crashing into a pillar, then Su Yu would be unable to argue.

Thinking about Su Yu’s handsome face with a warm and light smile, Ye Yuan gritted her teeth. This kind of death, it’s worth it.

And at this extremely dangerous moment, His Majesty the Emperor was enjoying the afternoon sun on the roof of Beiji Palace.

Summer has passed, and now the sun was no longer burning, but warm. The golden kitten lay lazily on the northern golden glazed tiles, almost blending in with the roof.

The warm sunlight baked the golden fur until it became soft and loose, taking away the dampness of the palace, and leaving only the smell of warm sunshine.

The fur on his back was almost dry, so His Majesty turned over, exposing his belly with white fluffy fur, and he flicked his tail pleasantly. The originally flattened fluff puffed up slowly in the sun, gently swaying in the breeze, just like a fine velvet blanket.

If Su Yu were here, even at the risk of being scratched in the face, he would certainly bury his face in it. It was the so-called, dying on the furry belly, one would be accomplished even as a ghost.

A little sleepy from the sun, His Majesty yawned and looked at the streaming clouds in the sky. The white clouds gathered together and made seemingly threatening gestures, reminding him of the baked lobster that he ate at noon.

It was a foot-long lobster, which was baked crispy on the outside and tender on the inside by Su Yu. The hard shell of the lobster was cut open and sprinkled with spices, and then he carefreely ate it directly with his hands, it was very tasty.

After licking his paws, there still remained the taste of the seasonings on them, and His Majesty suddenly couldn’t sleep.

Rolling over and jumping up to the roof ridge, he stood on the beast statue in the center.

The beast statue in the center of the ridge was used to bring peace to the house and suppress evil spirits. The roof of Beiji Palace was too high, so no one could see the appearance of the beast statue on the roof, and no one knows it was actually a statue of Taizu.

He looked askance at the “Taizu” who was a circle larger than himself, the golden statue was crouching with a deep expression, looking into the distance.

Learn the posture of Taizu and look into the distance, that was what every Emperor in Da’an Dynasty should do regularly, and also feel the imposing manner of his ancestors by Taizu’s side.

The golden glazed tiles were endless, and the amber cat’s eyes accurately found the roof of Yexiao Palace. At noon, Su Yu asked the Emperor for Sauce and said that he should be taken out to bask in the sun on such a fine day.

Naturally, he couldn’t find a second Emperor to play with Su Yu, so he could only say that he couldn’t find it at the moment.

Hmm, I don’t know what that Stupid Slave is doing right now…

His head itched a little so he rubbed against “Taizu”. His Majesty, who couldn’t sleep, decided to visit Yexiao Palace and ask the Stupid Slave to scratch him along the way.

Walking along the ridge to the edge, he jumped lightly onto the big tree next to the bed-chambers, and weaving back and forth between the trees, he easily jumped onto the roof of the Western Palace.

No one knew that there was a secret passage between the Beiji Palace and Yexiao Palace. Between the roof ridges, there was a finger-wide glass bridge connecting them. As long as you were a cat, you could easily pass through it, encountering little resistance.

However, the Emperor jumped onto the roof of the main hall of Yexiao Palace and stripped the tiles on the roof, wanting to have a look at Su Yu.

But to no avail, because the roof had been put together perfectly, and the soft furry paws couldn’t move it the slightest bit, so he had to stop. Jumping off the roof, he poked his head in through the window and went in.

The chambers were silent, and the curtains on the bed were gently closed. You could vaguely see Su Yu sleeping soundly.

His Majesty shook his tail and glanced at the white next that peeked out, and staring at those lips that were rosy from sleeping, he licked the corners of his mouth.

Jumping into the bedroom, a white light flashed, and the Emperor, wearing a white long-sleeved cheongsam, appeared out of nowhere. There was a slight smile on his lips and he walked towards the bed.

The closer one gets to the bed, the stronger the smell of agarwood becomes. The smile on An Hongche’s lips suddenly disappeared and he gradually frowned his brows.


The strong scent made the sensitive cat's nose very uncomfortable.

“Ahchoo, Ahchoo…” His Majesty sneezed several times in a row, waking up Su Yu who was fast asleep.

“Hmm, Your Majesty?” Su Yu was startled and looked left and right. In this empty hall, the door was bolted from the inside, how did the Emperor get in?

“Ahchoo, wretched thing, what the hell did you light!” An Hongche was so angry that he lifted the incense burner on the table and picked up the tea water on the table to put out the burning incense.

Ye Yuan, who was hiding in the side room, immediately turned ashen when she heard the voice of somebody coming in.

In Chunhua Palace, Cen Cairen did not know that a catastrophe was about to arrive.

On the palace road where the summons was sent, an unknown number of eunuchs and palace maids were standing in waiting.

In Yuluan Palace, Lu Guifei was still looking forward to it.

…A complex palace struggle, was killed by the cat’s nose…


Yuluan -> Jade Luan

yatou -> servant girl

die without a burial place -> come to a bad end

Taizu -> the first founder of the dynasty

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