Helping with Adventurer Party Management

Chapter 50: The Work of the Adventurer Guild

“Well, how are you going to handle it, Kenji?”


“I do not need do anything, I will continue to do tours.”


“Because, when I try to guide a fledgling adventurer,

The Guild’s staff is interfering!

I’ll guide you for free, say something!”


“Well, let’s see, customers will be back in a few days.”


I was soothing Sara, who was standing raging at the first floor of the inn.


The number of reservations decreased, but as there are some repeaters

I keep 2 customers per day,

The number of guides is also able to keep the line of ten people.


As far as I see numbers, there is no impact on management.


Two copper coins are paid every day for Sara’s operating compensation.


For the moment, the actual damage is only an annoyance to guild staff guidance.


Besides, the Adventurer Guild doesn’t know the needs of fledgling adventurers at all.

Anyway, it will fail soon.




My premonition quickly became reality.


Once the people who received the adventurer guild free guide service,

They returned to my service.

Because it was a good opportunity, Sarah is on the same seat,

I asked why they quit the free service.


“Even if it’s free, it’s free,

Just to be bought an expensive meal,

The material which I brought back was also bought cheaply, and it ended.

Nothing is supported. Especially, when I made a reservation. “


“Oh yeah, that bald old man, he looks great.

Because we cannot read the letters, we are left in the dark. “


With that alone, I understood what the adventurer guild thought and why it failed.


The adventure guild saw only my actions, and they started a tour for adventurers by

“The service where the country buys food cheaply in the shop”

They failed because I caught it.


The food shops designated as shopping destinations would also be raised by piggybacking.

It may have been connected with staff and even in rebates.


They must not have made a book for adventurers who cannot read characters.


That’s what the rotten guild office would do.


What I actually do is train the management of the adventurers.


I share and discuss the necessary preparations for that adventure.

Together, know each other’s preparation and expenses.

We settle the current recovery costs first and equally distribute the rest.


It is impossible to understand the value of invisible support, such as teamwork practice as an adventurer who has not been used by rural farmers


If you do not understand the essence, it will fail because it only imitates the form and not the service.


Well, the guild staff themselves cannot do such a thing, it’s natural that it cannot be understood.


You cannot give new jobs to those who did not do the job routines.


For a fledgling adventurer by the Adventurers Guild, leaving only such a natural lesson

The support quietly finished its service in a short time.


As for me, every time I see the bald man behind the window,


“How about the service after that? Let’s do our best for each other okay?”


I was happy to say hello with a smile, but it’s a shame.


I wanted you to work harder while having a little more deficit.

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