Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 51.1: Kiss.

Chapter 51 Part 1

Nineteen years ago, five Celestial Masters of the Xuanxue world with profound magic powers had entered an ancient tomb together. In the end, they were almost completely wiped out.

Xi Jia had long since read about this incident on “Ghosts Know,” but “Ghosts Know” didn’t write in detail. “Ghosts Know” only said that the number one person in the Xuanxue world at that time had died in that old tomb at only 72 years old.

If compared with normal people, this age was of course already quite old. However, the current number one person in the Xuanxue world, Cengxiu-zhenjun, was already 103 years old this year. Yi Lingzi’s strength was formidable and far exceeded his peers at that time. If he didn’t suddenly pass away, who knew what the current scenery of the Xuanxue world would look like.

No one knew more about the matter 19 years ago than the person involved.

Qishan-daoren deeply sighed as he recalled those matters. Now, they were in front of his eyes, “The ancient tomb was accidentally found by Fellow Daoist Lian Chen. 19 years ago, the country wasn’t as strong and stable as it is now. D Province is located at the border, and there would be some disputes all year round. Fellow Daoist Lian Chen found the ancient tomb strange and should be a Tusi tomb from the Ming Dynasty. However, at that time, there were already several villagers who had gone missing nearby for no reason. Before they disappeared, the place that they went to before was that tomb.”

Xi Jia wasn’t very knowledgeable about these things, but Ye Jingzhi asked, “The tomb turns out to be above ground?”

Qishan-daoren shook his head, “In a place 20 meters underground. But, D Province is different from a lot of provinces. There are many ethnic groups living there. They have customs of offering to their ancestors that are passed down from generation to generation. Even if the tomb is hidden underground, the villagers would all know.” Pausing for a moment, Qishan-daoren’s expression gradually became solemn, “Fellow Daoist Lian Chen noticed that this tomb was unusual. The five of us went to scout the ancient tomb and take a look to see if there was a malicious ghost haunting. We thought it would be a simple thing. However, after reaching the destination, we noticed that it wasn’t a malicious ghost haunting but a curse!”

Ye Jingzhi’s pupils trembled, “Vietnam’s black magic?”1

Qishan-daoren nodded his head hard.

So many years had past, and Qishan-daoren had always kept what happened back then a secret. Because this matter wasn’t only related to the fall of several great masters of the Xuanxue world, it was also related to two countries.

At that time in D province, Qishan-daoren and Yi Lingzi’s party got ambushed by the enemy, and the enemy had used precisely the black magic technique. Just that the enemy also didn’t know that the ancient tomb had a millennium drought demon.

Previously, Xi Jia had seen Thailand’s Kuman Thong. The child ghost was actually a child ghost with very shallow cultivation. Genuine child ghosts could kill incorporeally and control people’s minds. It was impossible to not be able to kill Fang Moting after so many tries.

Raising a child ghost was Thailand’s witchcraft. Vietnam had a witchcraft known as the black magic technique. The black magic technique was divided into three kinds: medicinal taming, flying taming, and ghost taming. Medicinal taming was the most common by using toxic things like poisonous snakes, scorpions, and centipedes to drill into people’s bodies and control them. It was very similar to the Miao’s taming Gu poison. Flying taming was much more complicated, and ghost taming was even more rarely seen.2

Qishan-daoren said, “It was a renowned black magic master who had used the ancient tomb to ambush us. However, he himself also never imagined that the ancient tomb that he had selected would have a millennium drought demon inside. So 19 years ago, he was also unable to flee for his life and died inside the tomb.”

Ye Jingzhi always knew that his master had died inside the ancient tomb in D Province. However, Qishan-daoren wouldn’t tell him the specific location of the ancient tomb or if his master’s remains could still be found. He only told him that the tomb was extremely powerful, that it was already sealed, and couldn’t be entered at all.

As if he could hear the doubts in his heart, Qishan-daoren said, “19 years ago, it was Fellow Daoist Lian Chen who had used a magic treasure to seal the tomb and prevented the drought demon from getting out. When Fellow Daoist Yi Lingzi had blocked the drought demon’s way, he died in mutual destruction with the drought demon. This old man was the only one to luckily escape before the seal finished forming. Today, after this old man finished attending the Celestial Masters Representative Assembly and arrived at Shennong Valley, this old man heard Chequ-daoren say that Fellow Daoist Lian Chen’s disciple had come.”

Xi Jia immediately thought, “His disciple can undo the seal?”

Qishan-daoren nodded, “Yes, each generation will bring forth new geniuses. That young daoist is only in his thirties this year and can actually undo the seals that Fellow Daoist Lian Chen had laid down when he was alive. Their Qianshan Sect is truly going to rise meteorically again.”

Ye Jingzhi didn’t care about these things. He seriously looked at Qishan-daoren and asked with emphasis on each word, “Senior Qishan, Master’s remains……is still within?”

Qishan-daoren immediately straightened his expression as he looked at Ye Jingzhi, “Of course they’re still inside the ancient tomb.”

Ye Jingzhi closed his eyes before slowly opening them again. He turned his head to look at Xi Jia.

Xi Jia had never seen Master Ye so solemn like this before. That was his master who had brought him away from the orphanage, and helped him seal his Year Fiend so he could live up till day. The person who had died when he was six didn’t completely disappear from his memories. A master for a day was a father for life. His master was his father.

“Jia Jia, I want to bring Master home.”

It was not in order to find clues to seal the Year Fiend, but to retrieve his Master’s remains and take him home.

Xi Jia couldn’t help but curve the corners of his lips and took a hold of Ye Jingzhi’s hand, “Okay, I’ll go with you.”

Xi Jia wanted to go to D Province with Ye Jingzhi. Qishan-daoren was opposed to it, but Ye Jingzhi had no objections.

Qishan-daoren, who didn’t know that Brother Jia could tear ghosts apart with his hands, deliberately pretended to have a look of disdain, his mouth smirking, “Young Daoist Xi, you are a normal person, and you don’t know magic. What if there is still a millennium drought demon inside that tomb, this old man won’t be able to save you!”

However, Xi Jia said, “Then, in the next few days when Master Ye’s baleful energy erupted again, who will take care of him?”

Qishan-daoren, “……” Spoken very reasonably.

Originally, Xi Jia thought Ye Jingzhi would also oppose it. But this time, Ye Jingzhi was very supportive and even helped Xi Jia pack his luggage.

Finally, Xi Jia couldn’t help but ask about this the next day.

Ye Jingzhi was in the middle of helping his wife fold clothes when he suddenly heard this. He was very puzzled and asked back, “Us picking up Master and coming back together, isn’t that ought to be?”

Xi Jia’s thoughts paused. After a moment, he said, “You’re not afraid that it’ll be very dangerous inside? Maybe there really is a millennium drought demon that hasn’t been discovered?”

Ye Jingzhi seriously folded the clothes and placed them inside the suitcase, “There aren’t that many millennium drought demons. Malicious ghosts being able to live to 500 years is already rarely seen in the world, and there are great opportunities. And even if there is a very powerful malicious ghost, Jia Jia is very powerful. Nothing would happen.”

Xi Jia didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

So Master Ye was very reassured with his skill in tearing ghosts apart with his hands.

“If something really does happen, I’m here, don’t be afraid, I’ll protect you.”

Translator’s Addition:
Mirror: I still haven’t gotten to kiss you yet, but I’ll protect you! ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)

Translator’s Notes:
1 The term is literally Tame Head 降头. Translation can be along the lines of cursing or black magic. Just by saying black magic in English, you won’t be able to tell country of origin since it’s a vague term. The origin of this technique may not necessarily be from Vietnam, but it spread from southeast Asia. Info taken from Chinese wiki.
2 Medicinal Taming, Flying Taming, and Ghost Taming are all literal translation names. Medicinal Taming are techniques for manipulation and control with use of Gu poisons or other medicines or pills. Flying (head) Taming is a technique where the user can “detach” their heads and control their target. Ghost Taming is subduing and taming ghosts. Info taken from Chinese wiki.

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