Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 51.2: Kiss.

Chapter 51 Part 2

The low and magnetic voice softly transmitted into Xi Jia’s ears, making his body shake. He looked down and saw Ye Jingzhi was still seriously folding clothes, carefully packing things, and smoothing out every corner.

He didn’t do anything deliberately. It was just that saying that phrase was very natural as if that was how everything was supposed to be.

When Ye Jingzhi finished packing everything, he raised his head, and there was a trace of a curve on the corner of his lips that was hard to detect, “Done packing, Jia Jia.”

In a split second, his heart suddenly shook hard. The moment Ye Jingzhi stood up, he was suddenly hugged by Xi Jia.

Master Ye, who was still in the stage of “couldn’t hold hands naturally, was suddenly hugged by Xi Jia like this. His entire person wasn’t okay. After quite a while, he slowly raised his hands and hugged Xi Jia back.

Xi Jia softly smiled, “If there really is a millennium drought demon still inside, you can’t beat it, and I also can’t beat it, then what?”

Ye Jingzhi suddenly wrinkled his brows.

In Hell King Ye’s dictionary, there really was no situation that he couldn’t beat except for Qin Shi Huang. Ziying truly couldn’t beat Ye Jingzhi, but Qin Shi Huang’s strength was great. Ye Jingzhi had previous fought with the First Emperor at the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda. Ye Jingzhi had risked it all, and even the Year Fiend’s seal was broken in order to save Xi Jia from the First Emperor’s hands——Although, Brother Jia wasn’t necessarily hurt.

However, in Huaxia’s entire 5,000 years, there was only one Qin Shi Huang. In this world, how could there be that many powerful malicious ghosts? Malicious ghosts with over 100 years of cultivation would be under Daddy Ling Xiao’s strict surveillance. Those beings that were able to escape Ling Xiao’s punishment were malicious ghosts that definitely had great destiny.

But, if they really couldn’t beat it……

Ye Jingzhi honestly said, “I will protect you.”

Xi Jia laughed out loud and raised his head to look at Ye Jingzhi, “If we both can’t beat it, Ye Jingzhi, how would you protect me?”

Ye Jingzhi thought for a long time but could still only say, “……I will protect you.”

Xi Jia was completely amused.

Master Ye felt very wronged in his heart. He definitely would keep wife safe. If he really couldn’t, he would send wife out of the ancient tomb even at the cost of his life and wouldn’t let anything happen to wife. But, how could Xi Jia know about his intention. He only thought that Master Ye was extremely cute.

Poor Qishan-daoren had only stayed in S City for one night and ate a room-full of dog food.

Qishan-daoren had long known that Ye Jingzhi’s temperament was good and easy to get along with, but when he saw Ye Jingzhi treating Xi Jia this well, he was still shocked to the point his jaw dropped.

Cleaning and cooking were the simplest matters. Master Ye doing them was very normal, and he could understand.

But why would you close the TV when your wife merely said he’s going to sleep?!

Your wife is going to sleep, but this old man isn’t, this old man still wants to watch TV ah!!!

——Qishan-daoren kicked the bowl of dog food.

The three of them rested for a night in Xi Jia’s home. Qishan-daoren slept in Ye Jingzhi’s bedroom, and Ye Jingzhi and Xi Jia slept together.

Master Ye already had the experience of “sleeping with wife.” Although he was still a bit shy this time, he was calm overall. However, the same couldn’t be said for Brother Jia.

When Brother Jia had slept on the same bed as Master Ye, they were friends at that time. And now? Not mentioning dating, they were engaged!

Brother Jia couldn’t help recall a questionnaire that Chen Tao had made to survey the current generation of college students’ attitude on pre-marital X. As Chen Tao’s best friend, Brother Jia naturally helped him fill out the questionnaire. Brother Jia was very open. He had answered the questionnaire a hundred times, and the age and gender were all different. The only things that was the same was the answer in regards to pre-marital X.1

“Agree. Why not agree? Purity gone!”

These were Brother Jia’s original words.

That was how it was said, but when it really came to his turn, Brother Jia was still nervous……

Once he got on the bed, Xi Jia got into the covers. With the air conditioning on, Xi Jia wrapped the blanket around him and pulled it to the top of his head. He said in a muffled voice, “I’m going to sleep. Master Ye, good night.”

Ye Jingzhi, “Good night.”

His mouth said he was going to sleep, but Xi Jia couldn’t sleep. He felt the bed beside him suddenly sink. It was probably Master Ye who was also about to go to sleep. Xi Jia closed his eyes and began to count sheep. When he counted to 150 sheep, he still couldn’t sleep. He closed his eyes tightly. On the surface, he was very calm, but his heart started to become jittery.

Immediately turning his body, he pressed the blanket underneath his thigh.

Xi Jia already knew that his sleeping posture wasn’t good.

However, in the next moment, Xi Jia closed his eyes and was about to continue to count sheep when he suddenly felt a warm hand grab ahold of his restless leg and gently place that leg back inside the covers before carefully and seriously tucking the covers in.

The other side fell down, and Ye Jingzhi put it back again.

There was no change in expression on Xi Jia’s face, but his heart surged suddenly. After hesitating for a long time, Xi Jia stretched his hand out of the covers. Not a second later, the hand was obediently placed back inside by Ye Jingzhi and properly covered by the blanket.

Xi Jia randomly tossed around two more times, and Ye Jingzhi helped cover him within a second. As if he didn’t sleep at all, he was always ready to cover him with the blanket, afraid he would be cold.

His mind turned with all kinds of feelings that couldn’t be told. Xi Jia struggled for a moment. Finally, he decided to open his eyes and fake just waking up. Who would’ve expected that at this moment, a warm breath lightly brushed by his nose.

As if there was something pressing close to his face, Xi Jia’s body suddenly became motionless, and he continued to close his eyes and pretended to sleep.

The strong male hormones quickly wafted over, and Xi Jia could somewhat smell it. That was Master Ye’s scent. It was neither cologne nor some fragrance of flowers or sandalwood. It was a type of very cool and light scent that wasn’t too flamboyant. It was steady and reserved. If one didn’t carefully discern it,one wouldn’t be able to smell it.

The scent lingered between his nose. He didn’t know what Master Ye was doing right now, and Xi Jia started to become nervous precisely because he didn’t know.

At this time, the hot breath slowly puffed on his cheeks and earlobes. With a hint of nervousness, Ye Jingzhi quietly said next to his ear, “Jia Jia, can I……Can I kiss?”

Ki…….Kiss?! What?!

His heart suddenly tightened. Xi Jia nearly opened his eyes, but he heard Ye Jingzhi said while minding his own business, “Jia Jia didn’t oppose it……”

Xi Jia suddenly felt that something wasn’t right. He wanted to open his eyes on reflex, but he hadn’t had time to open his eyes yet when a warm sensation lightly fell on his forehead. Ye Jingzhi kissed very lightly, very quickly, and only touched for a moment before withdrawing as if he had done something wrong.

Xi Jia didn’t think about opening his eyes anymore, his entire face became flushed.

Ye Jingzhi withdrew and repeated like self-hypnotism, “I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t do anything wrong. Jia Jia silently approved. En……silently, silently……”

Xi Jia, “……”

The sweet taste brimming in his heart was like he had eaten a candy. The stifling nervousness and tenseness in his heart was diluted by this sweet candy. Xi Jia lightly curved the corners of his lips and continued to pretend that he was still asleep. Maybe because his mood was very good, he really fell asleep this time. A dreamless night with someone by his side, everything seemed to become particularly peaceful.

The next day, the three of them took the plane together and headed towards D Province.

The Author has something to say:
Mirror: I really wanted to kiss, doing something wrong just this one time……QAQ
C+: My family’s Master Ye is really too cute!!!

Translator’s Notes:
1 X was originally censored in the raws. Should be quite obvious.

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