I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 51

As soon as Mingxi finished applying the medicine for Fu Yangxi, the dean immediately caught him with the pointer angrily.

The dean was flushed with rage and his neck was thick, staring at the boys in the International Class and the Gold Medal Class standing in a row in the office. His gaze was especially stern towards Fu Yangxi and Shen Liyao.

Fu Yangxi stood nonchalantly, still smiling slightly. He deliberately raised his right fist and dangled it in front of Shen Liyao to show the medicine applied to his knuckles.

The Gold Medal Class’ Ye Bai and his group were almost blinded by his waving. They are all roaring in their hearts. This is too irritating. He is bullying others just because he has Zhao Mingxi's love! Can’t he see that our class’ God Yao’s expression is getting more and more ugly?!

—At the same time, everyone had questions in their hearts, why was it that in such a dire situation, the person whom Zhao Mingxi didn't even hesitate to defend was Fu Yangxi?

Didn't she see God Yao's swollen mouth?

Also, even if Shen Liyao was not injured, it was Fu Yangxi that Zhao Mingxi dragged away from such a scene where everyone could see them in full view. She completely embarrassed Shen Liyao.

Was I not clear enough?

Previously when Zhao Mingxi said in the corridor that she no longer liked Shen Liyao, the boys in the School Representative Team had not yet realized the authenticity of her words. However, at this moment, Ye Bai and the others finally realized that maybe Zhao Mingxi was telling the truth.

And maybe, it was them who had interpreted it wrongly.

At first, they thought that Zhao Mingxi had transferred to the International Class out of anger, but maybe she really went for Fu Yangxi? They thought that Zhao Mingxi's series of actions to deliver desserts to Fu Yangxi were either to make Shen Liyao jealous or she was coerced by a bully like Fu Yangxi— But maybe, Zhao Mingxi was willing to do it.

The more these people thought, the weaker they became.

Especially Ye Bai, who discovered with horror that he was most likely the stumbling block that caused Shen Liyao and Zhao Mingxi to get to where they are today.


He swallowed with a guilty conscience and subconsciously looked at Shen Liyao who was standing next to Fu Yangxi.

However, Shen Liyao's face had already turned a sickly green and dark color.

Today’s Shen Liyao seemed to have lost all reason.

He even provoked and angered Fu Yangxi out of nowhere.

—This was not like him. It was something he would never do before.

So several people on the School Representative Team realized that the matter might have reached the worst outcome.

The current situation was very likely that Zhao Mingxi no longer cared about Shen Liyao, but Shen Liyao cared about Zhao Mingxi.

Oh no.

The dean was angry at Shen Liyao for disappointing him. He pointed to Fu Yangxi who was next to him and said to Shen Liyao, “It's normal for him to fight, but why did you want to participate as well? Shen Liyao, why are you, an outstanding student, also mixing around with him?!”

Hearing these words, Ke Chengwen and his group felt that it was not pleasant to the ears at all.

What do you mean? It's just another way of saying that their Xi ge getting into fights are commonplace while Shen Liyao getting into fights is just a fantasy.

Fu Yangxi was also extremely dissatisfied with this sentence. He glanced at the dean. “You should be clear that it was this person with the surname Shen who provoked me first!”

Fu Yangxi sneered while talking. He glared at Shen Liyao and retorted the words Shen Liyao had given him harshly, “Just now, when she applied medicine for me, do you know where in the classroom it happened and what was her expression? I said that you fought even if you can’t fight. Could you perhaps be imitating me?”

Shen Liyao instantly turned his head to look at him, his temples throbbing suddenly.

Seeing that Shen Liyao's face became more and more ugly, the two became more and more enraged, and the tension was about to escalate.

The dean quickly pulled the two away.

The dean roared, "So what's the reason for the fight?!"


In the classroom.

Mingxi was also asking this question.

"So what's the reason for the fight? To seize the basketball court?"

The follower who had seen everything was panting with his hands on his knees. He thought that Zhao Mingxi was going to blame the boss, so he quickly defended Fu Yangxi, “It was not Boss who caused the trouble first. It was Shen Liyao who came first to provoke him! He said something along the lines of how long has he known you and how many of your desserts he has eaten. Also, when he knew you, you didn’t even know who our boss was.”

Mingxi: …

She didn’t even know Shen Liyao anymore. Shen Liyao can really lie. How many desserts did she give him? She didn’t give him as much as she did to Fu Yangxi! Was pursuing someone the same as asking for life? Of course she could be lazy whenever she felt lazy with the former, but in the latter she was desperate to do it.

“Do you think Xi ge wouldn’t have gotten angry after he heard this? By the way, he also said that Xi ge dyed his black hair to imitate him. Although he was beaten by Xi ge before he could say it, I suspect that this was what he implied.”

The follower spoke incoherently because of his anxiety, but Mingxi understood.

Fu Yangxi and Shen Liyao were fighting because Shen Liyao said he had known me for a long time?

How hilarious. Just because of this?

If it was someone else, Mingxi would have thought that the other party was jealous about the fact that she liked Shen Liyao, hence why he punched him with a hot head!


That happened to Fu Yangxi. Why couldn’t it be Fu Yangxi who was jealous?

After all, although Fu Yangxi looked fierce and arrogant, he was not the kind of person who would fight casually without reason. It was unreasonable for him to be provoked just because the other party said a few words.

Suddenly, Mingxi’s heart skipped a beat.

She always felt that Fu Yangxi didn't understand anything about love and treated girls like boys. Everything, including mobile phone cases and scarves, were given to his followers.

But what if I was completely wrong?

What if Fu Yangxi’s words like "the breakfast is not for you, I’m just here to get my coat", "even if it is Ke Chengwen, I will let him live in my house too" were white lies?

A storm was occuring in Mingxi’s mind.

If the idea that ‘he’s jealous’ is true.

Then it seems like his previous series of abnormal actions can finally be explained.

That time when she mentioned the movie she had watched with Shen Liyao, he was inexplicably lost and sad. Then, he didn't want to watch that movie anymore.

For a while, he remained lifeless and his expression practically screamed ‘I’m dead and leave me alone’ all day. That was until she said in front of him that she didn’t like Shen Liyao anymore and he immediately became alive and well.

Also, his actions today.

Looks like they can be completely explained by his jealousy.


This thought jumped out of her head unexpectedly. The shock of it was enough to send Mingxi's blood instantly rushing to the top of her head. Something immediately opened, as if it had been torn apart in an instant.

Mingxi stared at the follower in front of her in a daze, causing the follower to shake his hand in front of her. She suddenly came back to her senses, swallowed her saliva and sat down heavily on the seat. Her heartbeat suddenly quickened and her face became hot.


After the dean was done reprimanding, school was over.

Fu Yangxi came out of the office triumphantly.

Shen Liyao was behind him, so he deliberately held his hand behind him, wishing to show Shen Liyao the medicine on his knuckles and pierce Shen Liyao's heart a few more times.

Shen Liyao was so angry that his face was pale, his fists remaining clenched.

Ye Bai and his party desperately dragged Shen Liyao away. They didn't want Shen Liyao to do anything irrational again.

At the back door of the International Class, Shen Liyao and Ye Bai were struck in the heart once again.

Zhao Mingxi was still in the classroom, obviously waiting for Fu Yangxi.

Ke Chengwen and several followers followed Fu Yangxi into the classroom, threw the basketball into the corner, took off their jackets and shook the dust that was kicked up by those from the Gold Medal Class.

As for Fu Yangxi, he swaggered back to his seat to pack his things.

He had been depressed for so long before, but today's mood could be described as victorious and akin to a bird spreading its wings.

He didn’t care about what the forum said and whether Zhao Mingxi used to like Shen Liyao before. After all, he was much more important than Shen Liyao in Little Mask’s heart.

But as soon as he looked up, he met Zhao Mingxi's somewhat inquisitive gaze.

Fu Yangxi became nervous for some reason. He subconsciously pressed his back against the wall. “Wh-What?”

It wasn’t too preposterous to say that he beat up Shen Liyao because he was looking for a chance to avenge his personal issue.

He was afraid of it being discovered by Little Mask.

"Don't fight anymore," Mingxi stared at him and said slowly.

Fu Yangxi quietly breathed out a sigh of relief. He pulled the school bag out of the table drawer, threw it on the table, shook it and complained, “Do you think I wanted to fight him? It was because the group of people in the Gold Medal Class deliberately provoked us. You know the kid with the last name Shen—”

Before Fu Yangxi finished complaining, he heard Zhao Mingxi say, “I think you look better than him with black hair. Don't listen to his nonsense, you look good in all colors.”

Fu Yangxi who was caught off guard: "..."

Ke Chengwen who was similarly caught off guard: “...”

What's going on? Why am I, a dog, who walked in with good grace, suddenly struck by such a scene?

Fu Yangxi blushed so hard that he turned into a tomato.

Mingxi said again, “And since when have I known him for a long time? It's only two years, okay? Suppose we see each other twice a week in two years, and it only lasts half an hour each time—”

Mingxi paused, picked up the calculator on the desk and quickly calculated. “Then the total time is calculated to be 104 hours."

"Now, if I were to calculate how long I have known you, it’s been three months! At least five days a week, 10 hours a day together, 600 hours!"

Mingxi said in a frantic voice, “Xi ge, don't listen to what he said about how I used to give him desserts. I guarantee that I definitely didn’t give him even a fraction more than I did to you.”


Fu Yangxi's movements stopped. The roots of his ears were all red, blending with the setting sun outside the corridor.

He tried his best not to show his pride, but he was soothed like a wounded leopard. The corners of his mouth and the hair on his forehead were all curled up.

“Do you think this is what I care about?” Fu Yangxi tried to remain calm, looking like he was saying ‘Did I with others for such a small matter?’. He said nonchalantly, “I didn't even hear what the guy with the surname Shen was talking about. I simply couldn’t stand the arrogance of those people! Got it?”

“Sure, whatever you say. Let's go.” Mingxi held back a smile.

She thought, whatever you say goes.

But I won’t believe you anymore. No matter how I look at it, I feel that you are jealous.

As Mingxi could finally understand what was going on, she felt more at ease.

She watched Fu Yangxi walk towards the door, the corners of his mouth almost up to the sky. He was still trying to pretend to be cold, but she already had a vague guess in her heart.

But she didn't dare to be completely sure.

So her heart was as if it was being eaten carefully by ants, it felt itchy and numb.

It felt as if a long-awaited green apple was about to fall in her hands. She was very excited, but because of her anxiety, she was not so sure.

Mingxi decided to wait.

She wasn’t 100% sure. She’ll have to test her theory out a few more times.

The answer to a question may have multiple solutions, but it does not mean that one of the solutions is completely correct.

Don't act rashly this time or you will be embarrassed.

She remembered the answer she searched last time— How to know whether a boy likes you.

The first was shockingly: ‘He will be jealous.’

Assuming that Fu Yangxi was in full compliance with this one, then she would have to see if he met the next few requirements.

The second was: ‘He will stare at you uncontrollably and think you are beautiful.’

Mingxi followed Fu Yangxi out of the classroom. She was staring absently at his back, thinking frantically, will Fu Yangxi think I’m beautiful?

How can I ask such a shameful question???

"Little Mask, you are about to bump into me." She didn’t know when Fu Yangxi turned around. He lightly tapped on her forehead. “Let’s go for a meal and then we’ll take you to the library, okay? Ke Chengwen said he didn't want to go home just yet.”

Ke Chengwen: …

No, I want to go home. It's as chilly as the cold winds outside. I just want to go back to a lonely corner to listen to single love songs by myself.

Mingxi came back to her senses. When she was about to talk, the phone in her pocket suddenly vibrated.

Mingxi made a gesture and picked up the phone first.

The red and happy color on Fu Yangxi's face had not yet dissipated. He placed his hands in his coat pockets, pretending to look at the scenery when in fact, all his attention was on Zhao Mingxi.

"She’s been found?" Zhao Mingxi's face changed as she held the phone.

The mobile phone in Fu Yangxi's coat also vibrated at the same time. It was a call from the person he sent out.

The same message came. Zhang Yufen has been found.


For Mingxi, it was Dong Hui who called.

The fact that Zhang Yufen and Zhao Yuan may have a blood relationship had caused a lot of trouble. After all, it was a scandal and it spread faster than any news. Many companies in their social circle knew about it, not to mention the Dong family, who had been following the news concerning the Zhao family a lot.

The Dong family had almost lost their tempers when they heard about it. Assuming that the nanny is Zhao Yuan's biological mother, then the exchange of children back then and Mingxi becoming an abandoned baby was all a premeditated plan?!

Dong Hui was anxious to go to the Zhao family’s house with Mingxi to get an explanation.

But Mingxi was concerned about her poor health, so she discouraged her. After all, they have just found her and re-retrieved her DNA for testing. It would take a few hours before the result will be available. If they were to wait, they would most likely have to wait until late at night.

However, Mingxi planned to go there in person.

She didn't want to step into the door of the Zhao family’s home anymore. But for this matter, she had to wait for the result for herself.

A car stopped near the Zhao family's villa.

It's getting dark.

Mingxi glanced at the door of the Zhao family's villa. It felt both familiar yet unfamiliar to her. She hesitated before saying to Fu Yangxi and Ke Chengwen, "Can you guys just wait for me here?"

The affairs of the Zhao family were muddy waters and the people of the Zhao family were also abominable to Mingxi.

The last time she was outside the police station, she was holding on to the idea of solving everything by herself, not wanting others to know too many details of her previous unhappiness.

Although she no longer classified Fu Yangxi in the ranks of ‘others', because of her self-esteem, she still didn’t want the person she liked to see those kinds of long-winded and teary scenes.

She didn't know whether Fu Yangxi could understand her decision.

But obviously, although Fu Yangxi may look prickly and arrogant, he could always detect her feelings about these little things and make concessions.

Sometimes Mingxi couldn't wrap her head around how he could understand her unexpectedly better than anyone else.

He knew that she was currently feeling embarrassed.

When he knew that Pu Shuang and the others had thrown her school bag during the training camp, his first reaction was to retaliate.

"Don't be afraid." Fu Yangxi followed her out of the car. He let out a mouthful of cold breath, raised his hand and messed up her hair. “Then I’ll be waiting for you outside.”

Mingxi said, “You can wait in the car. It's cold outside."

Fu Yangxi urged her, “Go in quickly and get it done with. The sooner it’s over, the better, right?”

After thinking about it, Fu Yangxi felt that messing up her hair wasn’t a good thing. It would be better for her to go in beautifully.

He quickly combed her awkwardly, took off his scarf and put it on Mingxi’s neck. Then, he tied a beautiful knot and said, “You did a great job last time. You didn’t cry. This time, it’s even more unnecessary for you to feel anything. You should just take it as watching a scene in a movie and seeing how the scene ends.”

"Yeah." Mingxi looked at him, and the turbulent emotions in her heart calmed down.

She has him now.

Mingxi’s heart felt full.

She turned and walked into the Zhao family’s home.


At this moment, the Zhao family's living room was in a mess.

Zhang Yufen was forced down next to the coffee table. She was found when she arrived in another city on a long-distance bus. When she was found, she tried to escape and bit an employee of the security company.

She was sitting on the ground, her hair all messed up. Her body exuded a stench as she did not take a bath for two days. She cried and cursed at Mr Zhao, “You are illegally detaining me! I said that I have nothing to do with Miss Zhao Yuan. How can you speculate without any basis?”

Mr Zhao turned pale. "Shut up! Then why did you run?"

Zhang Yufen cried and said, "I just wanted to go back to my hometown, yet I was arrested like a criminal! Is there any justice left in this world?!"

Zhao Zhanhuai said coldly, “Regardless, we have already sent the samples for the re-testing of DNA. This time I asked an acquaintance, so the data will be out within four hours. The truth will be revealed in four hours.”

Zhang Yufen's entire face was pale.

Everyone in the living room was anxious and apprehensive as they waited.

When Mingxi walked in, Madam Zhao, who was sitting on the sofa, saw her and stood up quickly. It could be said that there was a little bit of an overjoyed appearance on her face. “Mingxi, you’re back?”

Zhao Yuning, who was on the side, hurried to the kitchen and poured her a glass of water carefully.

Zhao Yuan could no longer be bothered with Madam Zhao and Zhao Yuning's enthusiasm for Zhao Mingxi. She sat on the corner of the sofa and stared at Zhang Yufen who was on the ground, suffering through every single minute.

I’ve already told her to escape. Why was she caught and brought back so easily?!

Is the death penalty coming, or will it all be a huge misunderstanding?

Mingxi said nothing. She walked to a corner and waited for the result to come out.

Zhao Yuning opened his mouth and placed the glass of water on the coffee table again.

Everyone's nerves were tense like strings.

Time passed by with every second and every minute.

The ticking sound of the wall clock in the living room was cutting through everyone's mind.

Mr Zhao couldn't help but to stand up and smoke. He walked around in the living room anxiously.

These four hours were undoubtedly very, very long.

The sky went from gray to late night.

Until Zhao Zhanhuai's cell phone suddenly vibrated. Like a deadly reminder, everyone who was present shuddered. Zhao Zhanhuai calmed down and quickly picked up the call.

Everyone couldn't hear what the other person on the phone said to him, but saw that his face became more and more solemn. The expression of a person like him who seldom got angry was so gloomy as he stared at Zhang Yufen that he could probably squeeze out the water from them.

He said to the phone, "Copy the report and send me both the original and duplicate."

Mr Zhao asked solemnly, “Is it compatible or not?”

Zhao Zhanhuai glanced at Zhao Yuan, then at Zhang Yufen on the ground, with all kinds of complicated expressions in his eyes.


Everyone's expressions changed completely when they heard this word. If the last trace of reason and calm was maintained before, then the string of reason was now completely broken.

Madam Zhao's complexion turned pale.

The whole living room was dead silent for about 10 seconds.

Then, Madam Zhao screamed, rushed over and slapped Zhang Yufen who was seated on the ground.

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