In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 52 - At the End of Madness

“Jun? Where are you?”

Swinging her hand and her unfocused gaze here and there, Sayo kept walking.

Her appearance was just like a zombie.


Miu chased her from behind and caught her hand.

“Senior, please pull yourself together!”

However, Sayo continued walking as if she hadn’t heard anything.

As one would expect, even Miu grew impatient and obstructed Sayo’s path.

“Please calm down. Senior Jun is dead.”

“Jun… is dead?”

“Yes. You should prioritize to rest right now.”




Sayo brushed Miu off as hard as she could.


Miu had to look up at Sayo.

However, Miu couldn’t move from the spot.

She had seen it.

Sayo had looked at her like she was trash.

“Why are you lying?”

This was bad.

She was losing her mind.

Miu unconsciously retreated, and Sayo was slowly approaching her.


She will be killed.

“Death will creep up on you without a sound.”

It was just like that.

The safe place was always a house built on sand.

The place surrounded by walls was no more than a prison.

“All liers should just die.”

Sayo straddled Miu from above and strangled her.


Even if she flailed her legs and arms around, Sayo didn’t move an inch.


She recalled the zombie strangling her on the day the world broke down.

At that time, Daiki had saved her.


She knew that there was no way she would be saved again.

Still, she couldn’t refrain from calling out.

Her thoughts coming to a standstill, like a broken down radio, she started ordering Daiki.

“Save me… Oota…Daiki.”

Her vision grew hazy.

Even her thoughts that kept calling for Daiki became weaker.


A sudden loud voice came from behind, and Sayo was flung off to the side.

She tumbled over, crashed into the wall, and stopped moving.

“Cough! Cough! Cough!”

As the sudden burst of air flowed into her lungs, Miu became aware of the situation.

“Are you okay!?”

Daiki was looking at her with a worried expression.

She had never thought a miracle like this would happen.

No words came out.

Only her tears spilled over.

“Ugh… Uee…”

“P-please don’t cry!”

Flustered, Daiki was thinking of ways to stop her from crying.

Miu thought that that appearance was adorable.

Miu hugged Daiki tightly.


“Like this… Let’s stay like this.”

“I-I get it, but…”

Looking for a place to put his gaze, Daiki looked in Sayo’s direction and noticed that she wasn’t there.

“Huh!? What!?”

Daiki slowly stood up, lifting up, Miu in his arms.

“It’s bad! Senior Sayo is gone!”

“...Let’s go after her.”


As Daiki started running, Miu tried to follow him, but her legs wouldn’t move.

She ended up sitting down on the floor.

“Are you okay?”

“Leave me be… Please go after her.”

Daiki hesitated for a moment.

“...Let’s go together.”

Saying that, Daiki carried Miu on his back.

“Wha? Huh!? P-please let me down!”

“I don’t think I can stop her on my own. Therefore, please let’s go together.”

“U-uhh… Am I not heavy?”

“No, not at all, you’re light?”


“I’ll take it as a compliment.”

Daiki started chasing Sayo as he carried Miu on his back.

“Jun… Jun…”

Intently muttering his name, she climbed the stairs while leaning against the wall.

Daiki’s tackle from before was quite effective.

Maybe her bone was broken.

“Ugh… Jun…”

Jun was dead?


What should, what should she do?

Just find another reason to live?

What was the value of her existence?

Besides devouring food, wasting water, and consuming daily supplies, what could she do?


There was no way she had a place in a world Jun wasn’t in.

She wanted to see Jun.


As she opened the door in front of her, the cold winter wind wrapped around Sayo’s body.

It was the rooftop.

“I want to see Jun…”

If she had no place in a world without Jun…

Sayo put her hand on the fence.

Wasn’t it good if she just went to the same world Jun was in?

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